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  1. Welcome to the club, DL! I mean, the MK club, but also the "No Switch yet" club. You aren't alone in that regard. V: Glad to see you back here though!
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Oh yeah. Was there anyone else on here that was voting Corrin? I only have a few friends in the game and never had a single one of my friend's units on the field the whole gauntlet, so I'm wondering if anyone else on here was helping fight for Corrin. The outcome was honestly expected considering I dont think I ever saw Corrin with the lead through the last round, but being only 600 million behind was surprising. Must have been a heavy Ninian lead and Corrin multiplier the last hour to keep it that close, since Corrin couldn't keep up without it.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Care to explain how Sigurd, a red unit, could be a counter for Reinhardt, a blue unit? I understand the combination of his legendary weapon and B passive make Rein's Dire Thunder do 50%/20% damage per attack as opposed to 100%/100% damage without those two skills. The thing is though, he's honestly in the same boat as BIke as a Rein "counter" if not worse because Sigurd can't counterattack like BIke but he's also got the weapon triangle disadvantage against Rein unlike BIke with the weapon triangle advantage. I am honestly not seeing how he's automatically a counter for Rein as I'd see him more as a "check": Sigurd may be able to bait and keep Rein from doing too much damage to your team, but you'll still need at least two units to actually ORKO him and any other enemy units that may have repositioned him away, otherwise Sigurd's bait of Rein is as useless as BIke in the discussion we had last week.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Finally putting in the effort to train Xander. What is a good skill set for him?
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Is anyone afraid of the potential 'Distant Defense 3' A Passive and 'Distant Defense 3' Sacred Seal putting an additional +12 on Def and Res for indirect attacks?
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes

    If you look towards the top of the screen when you go into the Sacred Seal Forge, you should see the word Create and some arrows similar to what you'd see if you have multiple teams to choose between before going into a battle. Tap on the left or right arrow and you'll change it to the upgrade part of the forge, allowing you to enhance the sacred seals you currently have. See the image below where I circled said arrows.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes

    But then what is the Inigo and Bike comparison for? Maybe Inigo can reach the repositioned ranged horse whereas Bike can't, but unless you have a reposition in the back for pulling him out of danger or a counter in the wings for the unit protecting Rein/Blyn, Inigo is just as much a lost unit as Bike in that situation.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Ok, but what unit can truly counter Rein and/or BLyn if there is a Xander lying in wait as well? If we are comparing BIke to Inigo, they both get run over by a Xander regardless of the situation, especially one where you take damage from the Rein or BLyn beforehand.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I could always use another Rein and BLyn check. I have BIke that I love to use, but while I appreciate the reliability of him for dealing with those units, it would be nice to have another good check for them in case of Arena Assault runs.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Bought orbs and pulled all four of the performing units. Azura is +Atk/-Def Shigure is +Res/-Atk Inigo is +Res/-HP Olivia is +HP/-Def Seems Azura was the only one with an optimal boon/bane, though the others could work I guess? Not as invested into these units as compared to others, just wanted them all since they are supposedly going to be limited units.
  11. Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    Same. I have a shiny standard ability Lugia and would love to get a HA one for battling purposes.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Oh hey, Takumi is in a banner focus again. Now I may have a chance of finally getting h- *Jaffar is also in the focus* ... welp, here comes another Jaffar for me...
  13. Pikachu event has started

    I feel you, man. I did eight of the original cap: one for me, six for friends, and a Japanese one just because. I have only done 4 Hoenn caps so far: one to keep, one Japanese, and two for friends, and already I wanna be done. But I know there are people that will want a specific hat down the road, so I am enduring this so I can make sure I have enough for anyone that asks for one.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Was knocked down below the tier-increase threshold, so did another Arena run just now. Just an easier way to condense my screenshots and caption them at the same time.