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  1. Alright, you can keep it then And I'm not interested the fake, Redd never has 4 real pieces of art at the same time so I wouldn't need to look at it, either.
  2. Yeah I can, was looking through some things in storage but I can open up and give you a code in a bit.
  3. I have a 346 turnip price today. I'll be around for a bit but I unfortunately won't be around all day, only for another 3 1/2 hours and I'll be doing a few things inbetween.
  4. Ok, got it I see a ton of DIY's here I'd like to check but I can't see the names of any of them :O
  5. I don't believe I am, if you want to send me a message with a Dodo code I can stop by to pick it up. My Switch FC is in my profile, though, if we need to mail anything in the future. Up to you
  6. Do you have the Quaint painting still? Redd is on my island today with a real Moody painting (I already have) if you need that one. All others fake.
  7. That's one I need, that's why I was asking about it Let me know tomorrow when you get it if we can arrange something?
  8. Have you decided what you'll do with it (if you'll hold on to it or sell it or whatever) when you get it?
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