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  1. Sure wish the servers would’ve held up as I was wanting to try it. :/
  2. Just for my records, these are the games I beat this year!
  3. I’m guessing this is from my Secret Santa as it had no note attached. Funnily enough, it’s the same shirt I got last year for Secret Santa.
  4. Ordered the things for my person and it should be there tomorrow.
  5. Yay! Now you know why you had a friend invite on Steam. XD It's a fantastic game with even better music!
  6. I’m guessing this is from my Secret Santa as it had no “this is from…” on it. 😝 Thanks! 😎 Futaba and Mona are the best. ❤️
  7. Just a heads up, if you all have Steam games on your wishlist, be sure to make your Steam Wishlist public so we can get an idea on what you want, especially with winter sales coming up.
  8. Bought the new Imagine Dragons album that came out today.
  9. My first time beating a Fire Emblem game (Awakening) was on Casual and, to be honest, that mode was the sole reason I bought that game over the other, permadeath-only, games. I don't really have the patience or ability to wrap my head around trying to keep everyone alive and the notion that if you run out of characters, progress halts and you straight up cannot continue (I assume it's that way). I say go for Casual and if you find it too easy, try again on Classic. The most important point is to play the game in a way that you get enjoyment out of it.