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  1. The story was on point! (I still want a traditional rpg tho ;_;)
  2. Doom 2016 was fun, I originally got half way 4 years ago from a library rental, but I went back recently and bought it on sale to play it all again. Glad I did. Waiting for the sequel to be cheaper.
  3. Mostly final fantasy 14 raids, but also whatever my friends want to watch me go through.
  4. I just remembered the horrible heart shape flower emote I made for ns2.
  5. Doesn't really have the same effect without orange talking over green in the same panel.
  6. https://www.pcgamer.com/genshin-impacts-kernel-level-anti-cheat-no-longer-runs-after-you-close-the-game/ looks like they partially fixed it?
  7. Friends list are currently really addicted to genshin impact....I'm not sure I'll touch it.
  8. Was a bit disappointed, was hoping for a little more info overall since most of it seemed like it was confirmed information already. Also did I hear that all the legendries are going to be appearing or just some? Didn't see arceus or darkrai .
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