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  1. Spent almost all my orbs trying to get Bruno. Got pity broken 4 times before I pulled him. Twice on non colorless rounds by Palla and Marisa, twice by other colorless units (Sothe, Mikoto) At least the rerun of the previous spring banner gave me a bunny Alfonse on my free pull, whom I missed out on last year.
  2. I'm confused too... I'm looking forward to the fire emblem news!
  3. All of the new antagonists could be mythics maybe? And Alfonse's and Shareena's dad perhaps? Oh, and that random npc girl from the tellius games naturally
  4. I admit that of course I pick characters who I find at least somewhat attractive. I mean, who wouldn't in a game with over 300 characters? Some of my favorite male units are Abel, Saber, Lukas, Raven, (summer) Frederick, Kaze, Linus, Legault, Xander, Silas, Hector. I either enjoyed them in their original games or I find them attractive /think they have appealing artwork in this game. Some also look like plain friendly guys which I approve of (Abel, Lukas, Silas) Also Christmas Ephraim is adorable. I'll go spend all my orbs on any beefcake though if it means we might be getting higher percentages of males in the future. I doubt it though.
  5. I'm weak and decided to draw an entire additional round to see what I get. Wanted Hinoka but got Elise and Sakura. Spent 25 orbs total and got three of the four characters. Played the game since it was released and I have never been so lucky on my draws. Weird.. I'll probably need to spend 100's of orbs on the next one now to get even one of the characters.
  6. My free pull gave me nothing, and had to do a second round of orbs because I didn't like the first round. My first paid orb gave me Ryoma. I'm done with this banner now
  7. Probably just some non important characters that I like until halfway results and then pick my favorite out of whoever are in the lead and stick to that
  8. At least the free Camilla will finally make me able to create a Camilla emblem if I ever wanted to. She'll be my number four since I didn't care enough for the previous two. Do you guys think we'll see another laguz banner soon? We didn't get any cats/lions/dragons previous time. If so who do you think are the most likely? And what about the animal transformations from Fates? Think they have a chance?
  9. I would have been ok with this banner if Camilla were a different fates male character. Xander, Leo and Takumi have bathing suit outfits already, but they could have easily gone with a non lord character like maybe Saizo / Kaze / Shiro / anyone else. It just baffles me that IS thought we needed a sixth Camilla... I guess I'll just be sniping for blue with green as my other option
  10. Just sent a couple of friend requests in the game, if anyone would like to add me, my code is 3094 0702 4801 :)
  11. Around 200 orbs spent targeting blue orbs and all I got was my 11.5% pity rate broken by a Genny +at/-res in a round with no blues who I already had gotten previously. (white orbs being the safest bet with two out of three options being new characters for me) So what do I do with her? Merge her with my other Genny +sp/-res? Give her wrathful staff to another healer? I have a 5 star +hp/-res Sakura, a 4 star neutral Priscilla, a 4 star -sp/+def Clarine and a 5 star Lachesis unknown stats as of now
  12. How is +def -res for Ike? Just pulled one of those. And which skills would be good for him?
  13. Baten Kaitos comes to mind here. I remember I loved it, that it had pretty worlds, interesting characters, a card battle system... but that's about it. No clue about the story whatsoever. Wasn't there also a sequel? I can't remember if there was and if I played that as well..
  14. Seems like I triggered a shitstorm. Oops. I'm sorry guys, I won't do it again.