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  1. I just noticed they made it so that you don't have to reinitiate the conversation with Sahara between each purchase. She just asks straight away if you want to buy something else. No improvements on nook tickets and bell vouchers unfortunately.
  2. I wonder if we will have new creatures to dive for, or if it will be the same set from new leaf. And if jellyfish are returning. I'm also curious to see where all of them will go in the museum and if there will be new specific aquaria for them or they all will fit in the existing ones. Especially the fish tanks in the right room could use some extra creatures in my opinion.
  3. Is Mustafa the first character with nipples?
  4. Is there anyone who has all the fruits and could let me visit to buy/trade some? I only have apples and oranges and would love to complete the set. Not sure what I could offer in return, but I guess we can work something out
  5. I would like to buy some if that's OK. I need the Ammonite, Juramaia (Not sure if you have that one, you listed it but without a number), and both Sabretooth parts. I'll have to figure out how to visit since it'll be my first time doing that. And more importantly when to do it, living in Europe and all. So probably the weekend will be best to find a time that fits for the both of us? Edit: Also, on my island I have apples and oranges. If you have any other fruit could I buy/trade some?
  6. Somehow, with only 16 summons in this banner including the 5 free summons, I managed to grab all three male units. All 3 have a speed boon which isn't ideal except for lyon, but I'll take it. The RNG of this game has hated me since Februari, so this felt like a nice change By the way, does anyone know what happens to your catalog of heroes when you compile a combat manual of a character that you haven't summoned yet? Does it fill in the catalog or does it stay grayed out?
  7. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Dixie Kong. But I'll be fine with whoever gets in. The previous dlc pack has proven to me that any fighter they add at least has an interesting/unique playstyle, which is the most important to me. I've given up hope on Isaac, or anyone from Golden Sun for that matter, but would still be extremely happy to see someone from that series make it in. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see another pokemon joining the roster from the latest Gen. More wishful thinking: someone from Professor Layton, Rhythm Heaven and/or Phoenix Wright.
  8. Spent almost all my orbs trying to get Bruno. Got pity broken 4 times before I pulled him. Twice on non colorless rounds by Palla and Marisa, twice by other colorless units (Sothe, Mikoto) At least the rerun of the previous spring banner gave me a bunny Alfonse on my free pull, whom I missed out on last year.
  9. I'm confused too... I'm looking forward to the fire emblem news!
  10. All of the new antagonists could be mythics maybe? And Alfonse's and Shareena's dad perhaps? Oh, and that random npc girl from the tellius games naturally
  11. I admit that of course I pick characters who I find at least somewhat attractive. I mean, who wouldn't in a game with over 300 characters? Some of my favorite male units are Abel, Saber, Lukas, Raven, (summer) Frederick, Kaze, Linus, Legault, Xander, Silas, Hector. I either enjoyed them in their original games or I find them attractive /think they have appealing artwork in this game. Some also look like plain friendly guys which I approve of (Abel, Lukas, Silas) Also Christmas Ephraim is adorable. I'll go spend all my orbs on any beefcake though if it mea
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