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    What are you listening to?

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    Do you believe in God?

    I'm pretty sure God is real. I'm polytheistic, more Gnostic views mixed with Taoism and a tad bit of Paganism. Who the fuck really knows though, I'm pretty sure we're just supposed to live our lives. It's how we choose to live it and how we respond to circumstances ourselves that determine the fate of universe. Not everything can be controlled though, like If I'm in a rush to get a pack of cigarettes at the mini mart and a Pregnant lady is waddling very slowly in front of me to the door I have to assess the situation maintain patience and order and humility even if I myself am in a Rush. The universe is sacred it cannot be changed. All that is to come is done and all that was before is done and will come again. Life is one big globe of Insanity.
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    Thanks man, things are looking brighter but there's still trial and tribulation to be had I wouldn't exactly call myself unrepentant more of than I know who I am what I can and can't change and do have control over I haven't acted upon it, and I even have done quite a bit to try and help victims of sexual abuse. Damn that's cold bbg
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