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  1. After 4 weeks, we finally got around to the first Iron Man Smashdown Challenge of the year. Here are the results! Coming in first with 12 points is @Eliwood8. In 2nd place is @TKrazyO 7 points. In 3rd place with 3 points is DLurkster. Last place with 0 points is @purple_beard. Congrats Eli on the with the win this month and thank you Krazy for the stream. The next Smashdown is February 5th, (that is the Saturday after the next, coming up soon) post in advance if we gotta postpone that date. GGGs.
  2. So are they really finally all revived? It's been 7 months since Sephiroth killed the whole roster except, Kazuya as he came to the roster when these series of videos came out. (Wow, can't believe it has been 7 months since this whole series began) Questions; there's a clone of Isabelle? And why does Sephiroth sound like Gary from Pokemon? There are a few compilations of the fighters coming back, thru Pokemon, Space, Hyrule and Mario characters. Tho compilations contain most what went down they are buried in the same vids the compilations are.
  3. Well Pokemon in the hideaways are between levels 50-55 at current run of the game and for me I just grinded just one Pokemon on victory road at the time. As for statue setup for best experience earning, I don't they work like that, even any shiny ones you may have already found. All the statues do is boos the type of Pokemon you will see in any hideaway. For example you put down 2 shiny electric statues and 2 regular electric statues, you will 2x more electric in the hideaways. Of course as usual it depend how high the level of the Pokemon your facing, how evolved you are and if first Pokemon you have in front will get the most of the experience. So if there's certain type you are looking or haven't caught yet. That's what the statues will help you most with not so much or at all more experience earning.
  4. Neither him or his bro, what's your point? There would be a point if they were there from the start and Krazy came in 3rd overall despite missing one race as well.
  5. In what world does PB beats Kezay in overall score of the night?!?
  6. Well was this as predictable as it seems it will be the next release NSO Expansion Pack? I think we are getting new N64 releases every month.
  7. Yes, the 4 is back for the new year! And not a moment too soon before the first month of this year concludes!
  8. As Krazy said it will be a Smashdown this Saturday. I also recall you saying last week when we played PB, with Legends out next week that we should do a Pokemon theme. Since we can't do a theme this week, we will do one next week with the Failure to Launch Pt 4, I think we're at? Tho me being the stickler like last with SF, Legends is gen 4 spin-off so I would like to use only Lucario since he is from gen 4 and was introduced in Brawl after Diamond and Pearl released in 2007 and Brawl 2008. We'll see if I'm gonna do just Lucario, all the mons or not. As for players this Sat, I am like 90% certain we will have 4 players to play. Eli swung by last week to play with me and PB. I can't say the chances will repeat but we still have him and incase he doesn't we have Hyena. So I am sure we'll be fine as long as anyone will say they have last minute plans this Sat.
  9. That's unfortunate but it should go without saying that those were part of the problem, got to go. Unless Phil will those ppl chance ship up and change once Phil runs the show once the acquirement goes thru. As for those who were fighting the good cause, obviously those not in business, those ppl should stay but that is not always the case, the victims of course are gonna stay but I hope along with change in management, that they have better HR protocols for something like this to not happen again. Speaking of ppl losing jobs possibly, with Microsoft buying Activision for almost $70 billion dollars, there better be job security for those who are innocent in the harassment culture and if they decide that those protest and were the harassers can still if they follow new management standards and abide by them. This is obviously not perfect or real but those who want to change sure I would give them a chance but there's time between now and the acquisition, tho Xbox and Activision will operate separately, I don't exactly think this would be a good time not monitor the workplace environment to make a better judgment call who will stay and who will not.
  10. I don't think you have to worry about that, in the pecking order of major income of the 3 gaming giants with consoles, Microsoft is first of course, then Sony and Nintendo last almost dead last. Sony can't compete with the deep pockets that Microsoft gives Xbox, they can to at least a quarter but they have to spend smart and can't make moves like Microsoft, just like before Xbox gamepass was trying to compete for sales with Nintendo and Sony from a games and console sold. Each of these guys are trying to play at their best strengths, Microsoft with their money, Nintendo with their classic IP's and Sony trying to make AAA game blockbuster the few but mighty IP their own. Everyone of these 3 are trying to find their way, what they believe is a success and profitable, yeah it can be scummy in how Xbox is doing it but this is what breeds competition (and hopefully won't turn into a monopoly in the gaming scape) Nintendo still seems they are trying to figure out what gaming by services with their NSO and like this acquisition, I wish Nintendo all the best and luck in traversing this avenue for success. So yeah, how everyone of these guys are trying to measure their success, I wish them all the best and hope it breeds more competition, meaning better gaming experience for their consumers.
  11. I was wondering when this would release in January. It either was gonna be this week or next. Ah, it is nice seeing the Nintendo logo on that xylophone.
  12. Okay, seriously what is ppl damage of Hawkeye's haircut in Endgame?!? I thought it was alright, not downright terrible like mullet or something, like c'mon what's going on here?!? The names at the end were gold.
  13. So is this a FUCK KONAMI or just FUCK ACTIVISION situation? Like both their current circumstances are bad on different levels but imo Activision is worse by a little. Honestly, I don't see how Microsoft acquiring Activision will necessarily change their ways. Microsoft won't tell them what to do per se, they have their name present on anything they make and be exclusive on Xbox like Bethesda. They are not a morally corrupt company, yeah, some of their games are glitchy messes but that about it. Activision at its core of ethics and morals are corrupt as fuck. I can only hope that this acquire will set an example for Activision to act as business from Microsoft, as I said nothing will necessarily change with Activision within the company so I don't how I am suppose to feel about this turn of events.
  14. This guy....he gets 2 straight wins at the end of the night and he thinks he's the best at Smash or something. I kid, you earned those wins, PB. I have unlucky calls with Sephiroth and last night was one of them for sure, add in that I think I haven't had a match up with Corrin with Spehiroth and random element of items meant your favor to win went up exponentially.
  15. Ash Paulsen of Good Vibe Gaming retwetted that whoever came up with tagline with Kirby and the drill should get raise. That's good advertisement!
  16. Ah, I forgot to mention in that post, I would be for bringing in other fighting characters from fighting games but to me it wouldn't be SF would it now? So I will personally stick to the Ryu & Ken for the 30 mins and that's all, you can do what you want as I expect from you.
  17. Tonight is a normal night, next week if we ha e the ppl again. We will try for Smashdown, it will be the last attempt of the month if we don't have the players. And there was no theme plan Tonight either. SF 35th theme is fine. Also since I haven't played Smash in like a month or so, I wanna add something the fights. I'll be turning on all items on all and I will call it, 'itempalooza'.
  18. @DranSeasona: Intriguing. At those who said and posted here, have played more hours undocked than docked. Lol, was your docked play for Xenoblade Chronicles DE? For me to play games in handheld, it's got to be a in and out and a RPG, a short RPG one, maybe an indie like or sometimes just a indie game. I can't or for some reason can't play most or some games out of the category in handheld.
  19. Last night while going to the Move Tutor in Pastoria City, the said I didn't need to provide him with anymore Heart Scales. Was this always a thing in Pokemon up to the 4th gen? I know in S&S you just have the guy in the Pokemon Centre who just make Pokemon remember with any cost. I assuming I wen to him probably 20 times before he said I didn't need to provide Heart Scales. I dug up so many in the under ground, I have 20 from trying to dig up Mysterious Shards to catch the legendaries in Ramanas Park for the endgame stuff.
  20. Ah, I forgot about the Minish Cap of the question. (Minish Cap is my all time fave portable Zelda) And what Steve is correct, now when I look at the answer was so obvious why the Master Sword wasn't present and Minish Cap follows SS not to long after so alternate sword was required to beat the baddie here. Also, notice there's hardly a Zelda game where the Master Sword is present, Ganon is not far behind, with the exception of Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks (I look at Malladus separate from Ganon imo) Four Swords games and the first Zelda games (tho Ganon was obviously in those games but the Master Sword wasn't a concept till ALttp) Yeah, I had a feeling Golden Land was the Sacred Realm and in addition forgot Ganon going there made it the Dark World. That all makes sense and correct what Steve says there and pretty much with the Adult timeline after Oot with TP. I hope we helped you, PB....well more Steve but I hope I helped you too.
  21. Yeah, I pretty much share the same sentiments as Kezay and your style of art and distinctiveness. It's funny video games is a form of art and those who want look more into arts beyond video games, will find that we do have something to offer or share a comment. So no one should not doubt what they say about art if they played video games as long as they do. Yes, art is subjective but that still again shouldn't stop anyone from expressing they way want to express. I should know with a sister in art of the theatrics, literally. As for ppl commenting on paying you more is not only a compliment to art but what ppl expect of certain a calibre. You just saying that also means you are humble about your work as well. Once you get acclimated this community and such, I suggest to you put your best foot out there for your value of your art. Only you know the value of your self worth and what you produce. So sell what you believe its worth and it will all work out. Glad to hear you are doing well too.
  22. why does the flame look like ooze? I somewhat prefer Byleth chintzy flame for the amiibo. I never like it initially but it grew on me. Everything with this figure is great.
  23. I'll do my best to answer your questions, Steve can obviously correct if I am wrong more so you last question the Golden Land? I look at Impa disappearing that she finally fulfilled her purpose of sealing Demise. From when Link first met her in the present when she was old not her younger self, he has yet created the master sword nor sealed Demise yet. It is also this game we learned Sheikahs live long lives which is why in Breath of the Wild we heard of Impa 100 years ago before present game and she is old there. To me this explains the longevity of their kind and why she disappeared at the end of SS because her task to watch the corridor of time and have the hero seal Demise. You sort of answered your own question about they cycle happening again and again, as for the Triforce being constructed. The Goddess Hylia didn't create them in mind for who will be chosen. It just happens to attract individuals who carry those traits inherently. What matter is what Demise set in motion with his blood and the descendants of the Hero and Hylia reborn as a mortal. I don't there's much to think about how it was constructed, much less even less so why. Now when you say Golden Land, do you mean Sacred Realm? It's been awhile since I played ALttP, did the call it the Golden Land there? I'm sure it is not OoT they started calling it Sacred Realm. Heck in the ALBW they call it the Sacred Realm there. Well, I guess that;s all I can remark on that because I don't get what you mean by affecting or relating issues of Ganon with Skyloft, Golden Land and ALttP.
  24. This is a even bigger overview trailer than the Japanese one last week of 6 minutes, where as this one is 13 minutes. I'd say it covers a lot but not so much where you'd spoiled or still know more or less nothing about the game. Is anyone still on the fence with this game, gameplay not to their preference or graphic pending? That last is a point of contention for some but honestly, it's not that I was expecting better but I've been always alright with this artstyle. Plus, I seen no pop up Pokemon that I could see in the trailer, not like what S&S and the wild area.
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