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  1. A lot of vid from GX going on and on about Wave 3. I went with this vid going over the biggest changes in Wave 3. Not too long nor not to short, just right to go over the changes that impact not only the wave, the tracks but MK8DX itself!
  2. So I was thinking more on the custom items thing..... Why don't we do every other first Thursday of the month (the Thursday where we have mirror mode on) and go in rotation by very first tourney member. In this case meaning, Surge who created this tourney would chose what items he wants to customize that Thursday, the next would be I don't know alienboyava, then PB, Kezay, Krazy, DL, CTK, Hyena and whoever was new after Hyena. Hard to keep track much less what I mentioned was by oldest member order. Once we cycle thru all the members it's back to Surge and we start all over again. Does anyone follow this? So it would go like this for example: Thursday February 2, 2023 is mirror mode and starting with the first member Surge, let's say he goes only mushroom only. Next up on Thursday April 6 2023 is alienboyva for mirror mode and let's say he goes for bananas only. Just keep going like that every other month and repeat custom items are alright too, till we go back to Surge and start all over again. Hopefully that was clear. Anyone let me know if this makes sense and is a cool idea to go for?
  3. Goddamn right! Do it, Surge, dooooooooo it! Also, that same rule can be applied to green shells only on mk8's Mario Circuit. Green shells are hell bouncing along the first part of that track, lol.
  4. Pretty neat guys, huh? @Surge135: if you feel changing up item balance in the tourney, maybe we should try this out. If it isn't too much trouble to go in there now again to make custom items rules.
  5. @purple_beard: I'm good for 9pm, that's is when I was gonna go anyways. If for some reason you or anyone doesn't show up, it's the usual chase for 3 stars run in grand prix single player. Kinda doubt the latter but, you never know.
  6. This video is probably nsfw so, putting it in a spoiler.
  7. For the Pawmi thing I get at least for that after you do the 1000 steps, why doesn't it evolve right after and not levelling up? But I guess that defeats the purpose the most Pokemon no matter how convoluted evolve thru levelling up and they wanted to keep that intact somehow? I dunno not excusable for the lack of clarity, I was wondering what else to do and saw that oh , you just level him after 1000 steps, okay? Going back to Legends Arceus, they did partner Pokemon battle good there. (I feel because the purpose of that game was to catch so that is why that feels so much better than S/V, that and Pokemon there just take you to a battle screen, not a automated thing in S/V) I concur with the EXP, to an extent, that extent is that if you receive the same amount EXP or close. There would be no point of doing regular battle of Pokemon or the avoidable Pokemon trainer battles. Auto battle means to and was for Pokemon drops, as you can rack up lot so they had to cut the EXP for some sort of balance. Again, different Legends Arcues where you got Pokemon drops from Pokemon and plant life. You even got experience based on the region your in, you get more. Honestly, they should of gave us half the experience you get based on your Pokemon level, you would normally get based on full Pokemon battles, not some measly less than quarter experience every single time and your Pokemon level. Waste of time for sure there. P.S. on slow battles with how they did Tera Raid battle to have everyone battle at the same time, I think that is why they took out set battles and took the option to turn off battle animations. Regardless how any feels on either, the option should always be the players choice to make, not for us. So yeah, that doesn't help what already feels like somewhat slowed down game in battle flow. All in all, like this gen itself you can't fully praise it without bringing up a caveat every time for the good it brings. (outside the obviously performance and bug issues) Like art, this experience is subjective in what enjoyment you value from this gen from the glaring issues and what seems to be rushed decisions not fully baked. Because if they were with good to great performance and bug-free, I have no doubt as I said this game would of been a high 80's metacritic score.
  8. I concur and is the consensus once the sort of knee jerk reaction to Pokemon S/V as a video game really says about itself. Tho, I have yet to beat it, still taking my sweet time getting thru this game, I knew from my first few hrs (sort of similar to Legends Arceus in a different way) that this Pokemon gen is the best gameplay experience for me since gen 5. Gen 2 and 5 are my fave gens. If it wasn't for the obvious Cufant in the room in that is the performance and bugs, this would be a high 80's metacritic score at least. It is said and you are not alone so I don't think there's no flak saying the gods honest truth of this game.
  9. Hate is a strong word in this context for me. Some of the test were more like a really to annoying. Akin them to the trials in gen 7 but to me those were done better. It seems every odd gen from 7, gym will come with odd tests before you officially tackle them. While even gens might not have tests before gyms. There were some tests for gen 8, the first one that comes to mind is herding those wooloo. So hit and miss in execution and if a gen will have tests, lol.
  10. It was meh for me, tbh but do see how that can appeal to some. Just love its evolved form, tho.
  11. So I randomly wanted to see if you can set a picnic ontop those scattered towers showered across Pladea, find out you can. I really thought they were gonna say, 'your to high up and you will fall' or something to that sort. Wonders never cease.
  12. Almost want to have a go? You said this in YOUR own MK8DX DLC thread: How's this going? I'm still up for Wednesday night. As I mentioned this is rare for me as I like to earn as many 3 stars offline in single player before going online but as I mentioned in that thread and here, Thursday night is when the game awards will be on so in make due for that I can play the DLC Wednesday night. Tho, I've heard that the game awards will be 2hrs long this year so if it finishes around 10p, (like maybe before 10:20pm) I could hop on to MK8DX night. We'll see.
  13. The 3rd Team Ironman Smashdown for the year has concluded and here are the results! It was a merry Christmas to team Eli with an astonishing 20 points! Followed by team DL with 2 points. Congrats to team Eli for this month Team Smashdown winner! And as always thank you for the stream Krazy! Next Smashdown is Jan 7th. The next Team Smashdown is on April fools of all days. (Not a joke look it up) We got do something special that will throw anyone into more chaos for that night? We have time to think of ideas, I'd love to hear them! GGGs.
  14. Finally got around to reading those reddit posts and the video timestamp ASJ confirms what pl thought what happened with the dropout of ASJ, Walter Jones and Thuy. Interesting. As for that motivational video by JDF a day before his death.... This is what I am talking about, how he would like to be remembered, man! That is just awesome as always! And just like I said about ppl you admire, they are ordinary ppl to first then anyone else. JDF said this in this video and it is so true and we forget and get so caught up with admiration that they like any other person out there on earth, just trying make our way in life no matter how good or bad thing happen in it. How to build a legacy and be remembered is important as he said, as long as your true to yourself and put yourself and surround yourself with positive ppl. Life is too short no matter what to doubt yourself or anyone else for that matter. Very powerful message, JDF! Very powerful indeed Tommy Oliver Power Ranger!
  15. Correct. Remember, Final Smash meter will be on.
  16. @purple_beard: How's tomorrow looking for Team Smashdown? I recall you said you weren't sure cause of shifts hrs or something? @Eliwood8: I'm sure you are coming but still will ask that your coming for Team Smashdown for tomorrow? Should ask earlier, if this is last minute to ask. Slipped my mind.
  17. Played the new patch and I think I am placeboing again. Played a short time but I swear this game is playing at a unlocked framerate now. I there's was a moment with my legendary and it was smoothie fucking and like 30 seconds later, it is back to it's random stuttering frame drops all of the sudden. It's to soon to assume they worked on performance issues or at all so again a placebo effect. Other than when I think it is the smoothest, still the usual random stutters and struggling to reach 30 at anytime. Also, clipping seem to be gone, maybe? Quest update: 4 badges, 4 titans and 3 bosses. Going to a gym, when prior was adding another boss and titan in the same area. Now I don't if I want to go to gym near where I am now or to the other side? I'm leaning to the other side, not dying to see what's out there but curious of the experience I will have out there. That and it seems I'm secretly avoiding it for some reason, lol.
  18. I have been wondering this as well....what is the point of the dorm if cannot decorate. The only thing you really decorate in this game is the picnic table. Cause you sure cannot decorate yourself fully. For every good thing with this game there sure are some head scratching thing like this that makes you wonder that they rush this out the door.
  19. Honestly, somewhat similar to Cyberpunk 2077 tho the developer must of felt really bad to release a game in a sorry state for the higher ups to apologize almost seem pointless, if you knew could fix it later. Well its better than not doing anything and still big of Nintendo (notice it s not TPC but I guess the publisher Nintendo had to share this news) to say they take feedback seriously but yeah. We'll see what these 'select bug fixes' will be and when and what performance issues will be taken care of. Speaking of bug fixes..... He listed a few, not all as there's a lot and when it comes Pokemon wiki, and discovery exploits. He's on it no matter passe it is. He has seen and experience all since he dives into this stuff. @Art_de_Cat: Which path you didn't complete, curious?
  20. Huh, they Smashified title music intro at start of a match in Smash in Splatoon 3 with the latest 2.0.0 update. I like that touch, it's great seeing the music title as the match starts. Now, just let us have place where we can play the games music in the game please? It was in Splatoon 2 via d-pad direction dance mini-game so c'mon.
  21. I haven't looked beyond this trailer for the reception online but I will say this, with every peek at this movie, this is getting better and better. And I was one of the few that thought nothing was wrong per se with the first trailer. Peach sounds great. Like the first trailer with Mario, we didn't hear much of DK, (if you count grunts) I can see the original look of DK from back in the day. From the brief scene of Cranky Kong he looks like he usually looks like but he came about in the Country series unlike the DK look we stuck with since Country. Hearing more from Luigi, he sounds great too.
  22. I am! Remember tonight is failure to launch meaning that characters will be harder to get off the stage. So play with heavy hitting characters, if you can. Also, a head up from 2 months ago Krazy suggested to make failure to launch is going from 3 stock to 2 stock. Keep that in mind!
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