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  1. Outside of whatever titles anyone can think that will be a while till release the answers for the price and when is easy even with PS5 and Xbox Series. For price between $400 and $450 is the sweet spot. OLED is $350, which is $50 more than the Xbox Series S model. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series is $500. Not matter how powerful the successor is to the Switch you can't price that most think will continue the system hybrid of console and handheld of $500 or north of $450 at most. No one no matter how die hard Nintendo fan will buy a Nintendo system at $500. So $400 to $450 is how they gotta do it when the successor happens. As for when, that is easier too. The writing has somewhat been on the walls with MK8 DX DLC and Xenoblad Chronicles DLC expansion pass ending in December 2023. Not definitive of course but a good indication of when we start to see a shift. We have to see how next year shapes out with upcoming releases that year and any new releases yet to be shared will be shared. So depending on that late 2023 of news on successor or 2024 in general for sure. All what I say could be for naught depending on sales of Switch next year and how long Nintendo thinks and wants this Switch to last before the jump to the successor but not before it loses too much steam to the next one. That is why to me all this talk of Switch Pro or whatever is all too soon with the aging system now and how good it is doing in sales so to me, this thread has never been factual but more speculative. My opinion to me but the facst above to me seem so obvious with knowledge of the big DLC ending December 2023, is when we'll hear a inkling of some murmurs of the next Switch. Not even close when this all started, before yesterday or even now.
  2. Speaking of Splatoon, new peripherals and lack of charge. The first pro controller I bought for Switch for Splatoon 2 was the basic black one back in December 2017 not the Splatoon 2 one. The controller as of late have been having inconsistent charges holding. So I know what you mean about anything losing a charge, that's valid if you want to get a new system outside having a consistent charge and more to a new system. Wait or buy, that's your choice but a fix for controller wonkiness, is a little iffy. Also, go the Nintendo support about lack of charge, if you haven't already. I have and it helped but to know it seems to work temporarily, not sure what is happening for real with my pro controller of almost 5 years this December.
  3. I don't know what to make of this. Ppl will believe what they want to believe good source info or not from the past or was correct in the past. Just smh at what this announcement is doing to ppl, like it was already slightly unhinge but now with this its bring more ideas than present to that something is more likely now. Let sleeping dogs lie, I guess?
  4. I'm sure I said this before. I'm not sure why my V2 red box Switch is still in good condition when the came out OLED and now. (This Switch came out on my b-day month of August 2019 a month before the Switch Lite) Can't say obviously I took care of my Switch then others but I concur with PB unless you really need to get OLED, there's no point if your Switch is relatively fine (each their own) but getting one for operating fine Switch or some weird joy-cons or pro controller issue, won't fix the issue with whatever new Switch. Send it to Nintendo if you want to fix the controllers or whatever not a new Switch.
  5. See despite the skip over, this is just another SKU for OLED like red Mario Switch so this isn't a big deal. We can move along here. It's cool but nothing earthshattering.
  6. It's why during the first year of the pandemic, they announced and released Origami King and Age of Calamity 2 months before release. Lately and more so now Nintendo sits on titles to just release when they can or feel like. It's right to worry about XC 3 but I've been thinking it was all meant to happen and there's nothing to worry about all.
  7. This is all precedence and coincidence, the dates and possible system reveals. Tho, briefly mentioned, it could be something. I shouldn't weight possibility like this, it's probably a 50/50 chance of something happening. Like we hear of this with upcoming directs and this sort of thing results for a direct everytime. When ppl observe and enough time to notice this for Nintendo system announcements, (which I never knew till now) there's nothing stopping Nintendo from doing nothing at all and it all means nothing. (outside the money saved up for raw materials and such for this year alone) Since the delay of BotW 2 Nintendo been tweeting announcement, E3 was cancelled and Nintendo opted from their usual structure of no direct at the usual time in June. As I mentioned before we're in uncharted water with how Nintendo wants announce things for Switch coming this year 1st part or 3rd party. So honestly in how they operating more weirder than usual of their beating to the beat of their own drum, it is real hard to anticipate than usual what Nintendo will share especially a new system. Also, especially where I stand on currently and still about a new system from Nintendo. Just not happening and beating a dead horse, their sales momentum ,etc, etc...
  8. @purple_beard: I'll humor your thought of Zelda releasing with new Switch hardware with the the vid below. So many takes but still sticking with not happening or at least in the most Nintendo thing Switch Lite OLED.
  9. To each their own. Never played regular Warriors game just the theme ones starting with the first Hyrule Warriors. I feel since then and starting with Age of Calamity for better or worse Koei Tecmo Games have done a a great job integrating the word and mechanics of the game they model itself from. I feel they did the same with Persona Phantom Strikers, that to me is the most non-warrior theme game I played. You don't fight waves of enemies but very small clusters in mapped areas of P5. And with this iteration of FE warrior tho to you don't think it mesh well with the micromanaging, (then again you didn't like it in FE 3 houses) it fits that it took its own interpretation with training, class change, support convos and tea time being replaced with expeditions. If they copy verbatim, I would agree it doesn't mesh but for how the this story is told they can only implement the same nuances from 3 houses in different forms but your results will be same as 3 houses with training, class change, and support convos.
  10. Like Three houses before it, if you take the time to micromanage the school life the more the will reward for your efforts. Going out of the way to training, class change and support convo. Three Hopes have that to with the base camp for training, cooking and chores to boost support convos. On the war map if you complete all the land mission you get strat pts that can be used on the main mission at end of the chapter to recruit characters. As, I said like Three house, Three Hopes and what can do to make the experience easier is optional and depends if you like micromanaging and bring the best and completing all missions to get the most out of Three Hopes. But seeing you not use the mechanic with shield taking awhile to break, doing more missions just get more characters or stronger doesn't seem like it is in the clouds for you. So play at your pace and hope you get some enjoyment out the game, the way you want without tirelessly going thru the motions to complete all mission to get more characters or stronger. With more characters you won't feel like you're using the same 4 characters then complain they are to far when you switch, with more you can swap out similar coverage when you switch to characters for what you need in the moment.
  11. If you want to see the full release titles list for Switch 2022 outside the vid, here's the link to it: Full release titles list for 2022 Switch image below.
  12. Here's what they spent in FY2019 for raw material. They definitely spent more than double, the numbers are suppose to represent millions so in 2019 it was 32 million to in 2022 is 66 million. Still it is anyones guess what this amount of cash is for, I don't think either thought is wrong for inflation or saving once the chips shortage is over. Realistic to me, I think it is the latter.
  13. Don't even fault Nintendo and their durability hard-on in the Switch era. This was exclusively a FE thing first by Intelligent Systems but cool reference for this vid, tho.
  14. Pretty much and the nerve. There's a reason this is only being done in Japan, no offense to them but this would not fly in NA, not at all when you realize the sick cycle they are enabling. Disgusting!
  15. Oh, lol. I was so focused on what the heck is a counterattack in AOC so my mind didn't even focus on what the question was for Three hopes and why the shield won't break that easily, lol. Also, maybe it is just me but either I didn't mind it took a while or my characters...no they were never over level. I would say I had my characters use close to the rank weapon their class use. So to me it was no big and in some case I try to use the weapon triangle. So it's a combination of playing the theme Warriors game, don't mind overall breaking shields and I use the right weaknesses for the job at hand as well. Really pay attention to that last part. We all have a fave character but it will mean nothing if you can't break thru their shields. Yeah, pretty much what Eliwood8 said, to add to that like all Warriors game, the blacksmiths or on the weapon by default there's a skill or seal that allows the shield to be out longer, long enough for you to take advantage with the weapon triangle weaknesses in FE.
  16. Wow, I didn't even see that post of PB here. My bad. I do lurk to know what's up in my usual posting spots and didn't catch that. @TKrazyO: Good catch and reason for how you you'll stream going forward. I think you found a great balance between your PC resources and what is appropriate for the Switch as well.
  17. You did the thing and even tho it was highlighted in the trailer. You deserve an react for that.
  18. Might as well post this now. As most know, there most likely be a Smash this Saturday with 2 confirmed so far not be on, Krazy and me. That following week going into that at weekend, I will also not be on. That week I'm going to my sister's for my niece's first b-day. (It's on the weekend and took time off and decide to spend it at my sister leading to her b-day) That would be 3 weeks in a row I will not be on and the most at one given time as well. I will not be bring my Switch with me, I actually haven't since the pandemic started or just going out near by or whatever. I know me despite then or now with the pandemic, I'm gonna forget where I put my Switch at any time (tho I have case for it) in between when I game and to save myself the headache remember where I leave my Switch to sanitize, my Switch has only been dockless in my house since the pandemic started. With that said the following Saturday, I come back will be Krazy's cooldown stream on July 16th. We could do the Smashdown that following July 23rd. (pending anyones availability) Not trying to count my hens before they hatch here but I think for the first time since the Smashdown inception we go without doing one next month. But there's good news to that tho, in August the team Smashdown will commence. So tho I say we should forgo Smashdown next month, at least we have a fresh new team Smashdown for August. Well I hope you guys have in Smash this early part of next month. I'll see you guys on the latter half of July and next the Smashdown teamfest in August. And oh happy independence day when that happens for you guys. Our nations b-day is tomorrow as of this post. Have a good one guys and in Smash again early next month.
  19. Yeah, no big deal too. I was able to nab the SE as well. It wasn't particular hard fought like last time as I was constantly trying where as today, I was too busy to be attentive so I tried like 3 times and on the 3rd try this evening around 6:30pm ET. Waiting 40 minutes to the cart, I was able to get thru. The moral of the story kids, is to never try too hard in life, you will only be met with disappointment, if you try at minimum at your best, you will get somewhere and eventually (the keyword eventually) succeed. Just know today marks 3 weeks since the tragedy of 06.08.22. Never forget, my friends, never forget.
  20. I concur, I actually know all these games except Comix Zone which looks awesome btw. So great game selections all around.
  21. I concur possibility 2 is pretty much 3 but on a somewhat smaller scale. It's also a stop gap between another small upgrade to the next Switch. Tho the Steam deck have a Steam dock, I don't know what's in it or how powerful but right now there isn't any great examples of how to make a powered up deck for for upscaling 4K or DLSS. Also, I think more likely than not the DLSS will be in the Switch system itself than the dock.
  22. I follow everything after you said maneauver and I concur with that and the Switch Lite OLED. (Which I like to mention,I brought up before). Nothing more. Tho as you said the Switch is nowhere near the size of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, regardless, chipsets are still chipsets no matter how big the systems is so a Switch Lite OLED is reasonable to happen but I still highly doubt, with the environments of the chips shortage currently. You many be on to something with the shortage is what is cause the rise of R&D but it is not confirmed, that and at least until you look up the cost of R&D in 2019 sort make that argument irrelevant without that information. All and all everything about why the cost is high with the possibility of Switch Lite OLED is wishful thinking. It's alright to do but the landscape of the chips shortage between even consoles go beyond there so I just don't see any possibility again for revision of the Switch and again the Switch no contest is doing so well compared to PS5 Xbox Series, when it comes to sales. NPD shows that majority of the time since the Switch launch. Why again rock the boat, despite some ppl say it could use a revision I agree. It is better to just ride out the current success till it is viable to put a new one out there with a smooth transition, not like Wii to Wii U. We can pray it won't be like, we can pray.
  23. Video title is pretty self-explanatory. Last day of June so this is the last of these IGN first of Sonic Frontiers. Add this vid as well. Do most think it has been a rollcoaster ride when it comes to how the delivery of Sonic Frontiers news this month as well? Where do most ppl stand with this game now? Worse, better or it was never on the radar to begin with?
  24. Watch that vid too. I'm just glad you didn't take that vid as Nintendo's next Switch system is around the corner. Yes, it is curious the amount money put away for R&D is for 2022 is twice the amount in 2019 when the Switch Lite came out. (I wonder what number was in 2019, tho?) But as I mentioned before, tho Switch doesn't use the same in demand chipset of the PS5 and Xbox Series doesn't mean the Switch current or whenever the next one to come out isn't affected as well. So this could be business as usual for money for rainy day or the money to put aside for the cost of chipsets now going forward. That and with the success sales for now is still going steady, why rock the boat when they are fine for now and producing any new systems is gonna cost a lot right now.
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