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  1. I'm down for those themes First let's do the FE characters for like an hour then can mix other player to your playstyle if you want. Nah, I'm not or anyone I know is doing Halloween stuff. Everybody from the young to adults are doing them virtual or whatever up here. It is better with cases rising in hotspots all across NA, just seems smart to do like wearing mask and all. That doesn't excuse anyone from any putting costumes on kids and using the mask withe costume to seen your kids out unless it is really safe to but there will be other other Halloweens, kids will be for a little while and this norm we are in now hopefully won't be forever. Don't force kids to be exposed outside if they don't have to. Just my opinion.
  2. Almost wrapped up the Crown Tundra content. Just have to do the Dynamx Adventure and the Galarian Star Tournament, then I'll be done. Here's something I thought wouldn't happen to me so know the 3 Galarian Legendary trio Pokemon you have to catch as a part of Peony Adventour thing? So I'm finishing these legendary hunts with them and when I finally found one of them, Zapdos and I try to throw a Ultra Ball, the game tells me Box is full. I'm like come again?!? I run from the battle and check my boxes and they are indeed full, all 960 Pokemon full of 32 boxes with 30 Pokemon each inside them. Man I didn't know that all my bank transfers from Isle of armor and crown tundra cause my box to be filled faster than I expected. I think what contributed to the fullness was my multiple catch of the same Pokemon from max raid battle and catch the same pokemon over and over again on Isle of armor. I didn't do that much repeat catch on crown tundra. According to the last box and last slot, the Pokemon that took that spot was Nidoqueen. Never raised Nidoran female to that stage so I never caught one before now. So I caught that in the Giant's Bed in the Crown Tundra. So I went through all my boxes, releasing duplicate Pokemon depend on lower levels and duplicate abilities. I don't know how much I released but to me it still seems like I have a lot of Pokemon in my boxes so I still have to mindful what I catch. I eventually caught the Galarian Zapdos and Moltres. The hardest Pokemon to get in the crown tundra was definitely Articuno. The rest you can see and work around to catch but Articuno, you gotta ride all over the crown tundra and just see it randomly in place. Let's say your in the Giant's Bed, there's a lot connecting area from there, the graveyard, the 2 snowy place another giant place and the place where one of the regis are even if you ride thru all those place, there's no way knowing when it will appear so you gotta ride every nook and cranny multiple time till you might see it. Luckily when i eventually saw it, I was able to keep track of its afterimage trick to find the real one. If you don't gotta chase it down down again and hope you can figure out its trick. Sorry for the long post but my boxes full and that Galarian Articuno was a trip. Just had say how unusual that was. Just be mindful of Pokemon Boxes, I should of really seen this coming. If anyone had massive collection like did, watch out but even so still lookout when it looks like you are getting close to being full.
  3. Yeah, it isn't new about the animations but I was believer that wasn't everything why SW/SH came out the way they did. That was a small part. Seeing all the above makes me a believer with all the borrowed assets that eventually turned to SW/SH. Sorry, if that differs but it takes more than just similar animations to say that product is fraudulent in my eyes. That and you can see outside of crunch, it wasn't possible to put all those Pokemon in that game to be optimized properly so cut had to be made. To make sure a game runs fine, requires time. Yes, TPC have a timetable for releases, I don't know how they made the decision to cut Pokemon or the better question why they thought they could put in all those Pokemon. But ppl will just look at the surface of what was cut and not deeper into why this all occurred.
  4. I think you're right about not seeing single Joy-con in stores, you normally have to buy those online to get that. I'm sure if you look hard enough you can find single joy-con in stores. As for this drop in price is nice but I feel is a cover for the drift in joy-cons that Nintendo have not admit or address properly. Yes they have taken a step with free repairs and now this $10 drop for a single. These are all steps in the right direction but not exactly address in the issue of joy-con drift directly. I starting think, that Nintendo have secretly tried to fix it but won't say it because it will look bad and do all these other measures to minimize impact of joy-con drift. I can't say what I am saying is true but who honestly does not see anyone not trying to rectify this and if can't, I think anyone would try to cover that fact but with other means minimize this impact. Just a hot take. What I think Nintendo knew is that the small stick may become a problem but not to the extent, if they did I don't think they would or would not be trying now to resolve it if it could be done sooner rather than later.
  5. I knee from leaks months ago when Isle of Armor came out that the Tundra is south. When Isle of Armor came out, GF left all the fly points on the map to the tundra. You can only see them thru hacks and you couldn't obviously fly to it. Seeing it all filled out no is interesting now and seems much bigger than Isle of armor but at the same time small when all I could see was the fly points.
  6. See what I mean, I got mixed up again. Like I said I'll remember this stuff in a few months. Thanks, Krazy.
  7. Pokemon SW/SH expansion pass Pt 2: The Crown Tundra is now live!
  8. No, it's the regular 150cc. I checked I believe next week is 200cc and the week after that is mirror. (that week of mirror in the first week of November is Iron Man Challenge#3. It easy to remember the Smash nights events) Man I need to keep up with the dates of these events. I need a couple or months to get it settled in my head.
  9. Okay, I understand. I didn't know or forgot that SE did all the hardlifting with the DQ translations. With that said that makes more sense ontop of the Mother series being niche that the translation won't be worth it and be done by Nintendo. Thank you for that.
  10. Everytime I see this 3/31, my mind travels to Furukawa. He really is a shred business man, with his background international bank, worked with NOE and the Pokemon Company. I think he knows exactly what he is doing to make sure the fiscal year ending on that date looks overimmaculate financial wise. Why else as q coincidence that yeah their fiscal year ends there and you do the best within your means to make as much money but this guy is really making sure that he not only delivers the goods but outright smash the goal they want to achieve. I feel like if he keeps this up he will eventually burn the consumers he seeks to fill their pockets. That's just a wild take with all this limited time shit.
  11. I forgot about the nicheness of Mother fans, knew about how text heavy that game is tho. But how does that explain how some games from the DQ series have heavy text and they got official translations? I know it cost a pretty penny to get those done isn't the demand plus it might be worth it in the long wrong compared to Mother 3?
  12. I think this was leaked early this morning. EDIT: This article on Polygon have better coverage of this and a Twitter thread of this in English. https://www.polygon.com/2020/10/22/21528532/pokemon-sword-shield-leak-beta-prototype-early-build-cut-monsters-nintendo-switch-game-freak-4chan You can hear beta theme 2 the gym battle themes in the articles too. Apparently this beta was made in 2018, so that explains the Let's GO! and S/M elements. As Ultra S/M came out the year prior and Let's GO! came out the same year. Interesting.
  13. Pretty exciting news. I hope this doesn't take away from this news but does that mean Mother 3 have a chance of being translated for real or Itoi not gonna let Nintendo or who else to translate the game?
  14. I forgot in Ace's signature there's defective there. I sort of had a feeling it wasn't Ace from here. But either way I put it I wouldn't put it past him if did or not. All ppl have the game they want to play so if it Smash, cool. If not that's cool too. Sorry for summoning you.
  15. Bat and the beast ball, hmm? Let's see how that works on low with what I am gonna do character wise. I just hope it doesn't get to chaotic I can't remember what is what.
  16. Damn, this video doesn't trigger me. It actually makes me want to make a fuckin' course. Damn my foot short basement for recommended space to play. Dammit!
  17. Yeah and I got a theme of sorts. It's called sorta random win or lose with Steve. How it works is choose any character, if you win that match with that character you must play Steve once but if you lose you must play as Steve twice. It doesn't matter if you win or lose with Steve in the match(s) but you always play Steve once if you win with a character and twice if you lose with a character and repeat. Understand?
  18. I figured it was the spoiler part and the hint if vague would still trigger you. Yeah, I know that about you with Zelda in particularly and can't I help you with that. But those who aren't spoiler sensitive, I put the vids up there for them and in spoiler tags. I'll just post the vids and won't say a thing. Sorry.
  19. True, could of worded that better but should of just left it with a hint then. I didn't say who exactly. So are telling me were spoiled because of the hint or didn't like how I wasn't say but still did say something?
  20. Another short trailer. I'm not gonna say who is in this trailer but will hint that someone with Maracas makes appearance.
  21. This is funny and I am sure ppl already done this. Why haven't I done this?!?
  22. The off the hook poses are the exact same from the amiibo line but to say it came from there is a lie. It's just how the singers pose in game like the Squid Sisters before them. So now you have video game, to figure, to figure recreation. I like this regardless And the Bayonetta one too. The rest I know, the least Lyn but I would be lying if I said I was excited for the rest like Bayo and the off the hook ones.
  23. Maybe true tonight. I think I might be off tonight but that doesn't mean I won't put up a good fight.