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  1. @TKrazyO: Sorry about that but I from the start of that night I was gonna announce that I was gonna take a break here then on the stream. Doesn't really matter where it was gonna be said but once I make my mind about something even just little, I stick to it.
  2. Oh wow what a coincidence that I would inevitable cause a domino effect for this weekend. I don't watch or follow wrestling so I had no idea that this was happening. A break is good once in a while, there's still next week and ofc Krazy won't be there next week. See ya in two weeks, Krazy.
  3. Pretty cool. I never had a interest in these 99 battle royale or played a lot of Pac-Man's games but I respect the Pac-Man longevity and where it is now. Looking forward for more from this and any battle royale I might be interested. I haven't played the Terris 99 (never been a good Tertis player) but that is still going and this Pac-Man 99 is not for a limited time? That would suck Nintendo is starting that shit again.
  4. I believe it was his decision to to take down the movie rent/buy from the online store as well. They sort of have the same message like no one actually rents or buy movies on the store. With the emergence of so many streaming services as of late, it doesn't make sense to compete and wast money offering that option. That makes a little more sense taking away the legacy store and the titles but in the end it's a business. Though it seems like this putz of a guy (forget his name) seems to be more focus on making a profit before asking permission from anybody before taking action. He might make co
  5. That would be the battery that powers on the console itself, the battery in question is like the battery you would find in watches, you know those two nickels thick silver looking batteries. Those batteries like the ones in some computers motherboards, they store their own time but what I don't get get why this fault will make it so when that dies in a PS4 why would digital games and disc game not work? Why must the trophies be dependent on that internal battery? Yeah, it is cheap and easy to replace the battery but this little inconvenient shouldn't be resolved like that, they sho
  6. Sony isn't the only one with that internal clock battery issue, I believe other consoles have that same issue, tho. I think its been widely proven with Sony's PS4 ATM. That is shitty too but to me is not as bad as the legacy online stores shutting down so imo. A battery dying is an eventuality, I can accept that but this by-product defect of video games not working because of it is stupid and archaic probably. (I don't want to speak out of turn for some reason if there's a valid reason for this but at present I don't see a reason for this entanglement of no battery=game over)
  7. Yeah, that is very shitty of Sony to not let developer who might be developing games for the Vita know...oh we shutting down the online stores...oops sorry. Like I get getting rid of something that no is not using all that much and is a waste of money and all but inform those who feel the Vita is of value to develop for first before making announcement like this. I don't if the shutdown is a few months right now to a developer that makes all the difference in progress of a game development or completion, this just simply throws a unseen wrench into their development and will have t
  8. The 4th Iron Man Shown Challenge have concluded! Taking the top spot with 10 wins is @Eliwood8 Followed by @TKrazyO with 6 wins Scoring a 3rd place win of 5 wins DLurkster And last with 0 wins @purple_beard Congrats to Eli for this months' Iron Man Challenger. The next challenges is on May 1st. ----- Heads up, I won't be playing in next week sessions. Taking a break to see if that will break a rhythm of not going at it week by week. Don't how long I'll do this or which Saturdays,(obviously won't do these on the 3rd Saturday of month) jus
  9. Yes, I recall you bringing up egg item for tonight and I'm cool with that but I realized there isn't egg items per se but food items is the next best thing but it doesn't sound that Easterly. Bunny hood sure if no doesn't mind some speedy characters. I'll have food and bunny hood on low that should suffice enough without change the usual matches for the Iron Man Showdown Challenge.
  10. I have a title for Krazy MK8 stream video. I will say on stream, it will be on par for night and what today it is too. It's just great to have mirror mode fall on today.
  11. This video is actually sad and I can admit now, I love Luigi more than Mario. There I said it!
  12. Will do. I thought I was the only one the site was not working for this past Saturday afternoon. I hope it helps as you said.
  13. My latest amiibo trio came today in the mail. The flames on Byleth looks really shitty. Like in comparison to Corrin flames and Mario. (Remember Mario was a Wave 1 amiibo, we come a long way but Byleth flames is just so bad)
  14. I agree the format went as well as it should. As for lowering time, to me doesn't make somewhat of difference if down by a minute or 2, like it two ppl are evenly match they may not be a KO and we still be just long saved by couple minutes. As for the stage selection, I sort get the contention but I brought it up twice leading up tonight over the course of the week and that is what we did last week. That is not turn that aspect of your tourney to my rule but just as you have seed and who will play as who when there's duplicates, the omega and the battlefield is to make sure match u
  15. Thanks, Krazy. If you can't do it, that's all good. We'll be saying out loud after each round who facing who, it will be up to us to remember who's facing who so it would help to have some visual. I'll do my best to remember who I am facing to make it easier. Also, I know you guys probably don't want to hear this as this tourney may run a little long, I maybe coming in late. I was talking with a friend and realized I have ate since 2pm so like 30 minutes I started into hour call I started cooking. I might at most be 10 minutes late, I'll be eating my dinner while playing as well to
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