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  1. You don't say huh.....There was that one match where I was Kirby and you were Little Mac, I believe you confirmed to me that the last second lag of Kirby's down A got you, if I recall. But yeah, overall good games.
  2. The Smashdown Iron Man Challenge for this month concluded, here are the results! In first place with 13 points is @Eliwood8. (I checked, this is first with 13 points, highest he had was 12 on some nights) In 2nd place and appeared to down but not out with 5 points is @TKrazyO. In 3rd place is DLurkster with 4 points. Last place with no points is @purple_beard. Congrats to Eli for this month Smashdown challenge winner. Thanks for the stream as always, Krazy. Next Smashdown is on Saturday June 4th. Closer or not to that date, just mention if any of the above will be away. GGG.
  3. I'm gonna be honest, I didn't even know Jimmy Neutron father's name was Hugh. I really think I never knew till now. Like who the fuck is Hugh Neutron, till I saw him in this trailer then I knew who Hugh was. I guess there's a reason for Hugh over Jimmy for a weird surprise factor, nice picks with Jenny and Rocko. Something mid-modern and retro.
  4. Thanks everyone for the reply back! So we Smashdown this Saturday, I appreciate you Hyena for the possible sit in for a 4th player. I can't forget you!
  5. New Trailer! A look at the Faerghus characters, it's them in their grown up look. Slyvain looks weird with that scarf, everyone else is pretty good. Random drops of the kingdoms till release or 2 more weeks of this and more random information till release. Can't wait for this game.
  6. @TKrazyO, @purple_beard, and @Eliwood8. Checking up if Smashdown for this Saturday is still on? This Saturday and the last of this month are the only times we can play Smashdown. Krazy will be doing his cooldown next week. Anyone let me know we need to postpone to the last Saturday, in case we don't have 4 players this Saturday. I believe Krazy and PB will up and I asked more primarily for Eli, in the post above this one states it might be tricky. We are 2 days from that date and I like to know where we all at from here to plan accordingly. For the incase, the other non regular players probably won't make it so @TheBarkinHyena can you fill incase we either don't hear from Eli or he says he can't make the night? Thanks. Not enough players we play like usual and hope the last Saturday works for all us regulars here.
  7. https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/nintendo-64-controller/ It's flashing on and off but it is in stock. So if find trying to cop difficult, it's not only the ppl there trying to get the controller but the site is going under maintenance too. A insult to injury there. GL. I got mine on the Canada website after some trial and error.
  8. This Indie direct didn't have much that I wanted play but I like the that crab game, (and I'm not into soul like games or rouge regenerated dungeon crawlers), a demo for Card sharks is out now and Soundfall seems interesting to me. (I'm usually not into rhythm games but the cutscenes and overhead view of gameplay battle mechanics is something I may want to try) Other than that like some of these indie directs to me, the last one was fire to me and this one wasn't for me. The one before the the last fire one, that one too wasn't for me. It is off and on when one does it for me and then doesn't. I wonder if its gonna be like this as pattern so going by that the next one will be fire for me?
  9. Thanks for the heads up, Krazy. Ha, this time prepared well in advance somewhat unlike Spider-Man: No Way Home, where I saw that at 10pm at night on Thursday. I got Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness for 6:15pm. So it's before you, PB on Thursday night. Well at least we'll both make for MK8 night, that is what matters here, not who is seeing the movie first. ------- But gotcha, no Smashdown for this Saturday. Hopefully things are looking good for next, if not week after that is the 3rd Saturday and Krazy won't be on for that and with only 4 weeks in May next Saturday or the last are our only options. So we good for next Saturday?
  10. How is that built different?!? I thought it was meant literally, not that thin cardboard thing that blocked NFC signal of the base of amiibo to scan to a controller. (As most know if they been buying amiibo from the start from Smash 3DS/Wii U, the quality make and build has been improving. From the start of the Ultimate amiibo to even the start of the DLC for Ultimate with Joker as well. Min Min is cut from the same cloth of quality I have seen in the DLC Smash amiibo) If a thin cardboard constitute as a built material to the actual amiibo, I don't know what is a built material anymore. (sarcasm) Outside of observation comment, this is good news for collectors, if this whole time being buying 2 amiibo; one for use in any number of games and the other for just collecting purpose. I've been in the former camp for years. And out of all the amiibo I collected over the years, there's very few I double dip for but there's a few I only bought the one and have not opened. This is great news going forward for those who want to live in both worlds of use of amiibo and keep in package, at least for any re-release amiibo or new release. Who's to say any amiibo you see will be like this and that anyone with a Switch can just walk in any store with amiibo and scan a amiibo. Now that I say this aloud, this makes sense why they had those thin cardboard blocking NFC signal of the amiibo. I wonder why Nintendo forgo those thin cardboard all of sudden? To save money maybe? Either way as I said great news and I might going forward with any new Smash DLC amiibo keep in the package, Min Min could of been the first for me of Smash DLC fighter pass 2 to break in, oh well.
  11. Well after a tug of war of when this amiibo would come; on Thursday it said it would come the day of release Friday, then Friday, it said Monday. At around 11:30am this morning I get knock at my door and it's my amiibo. So I am just gonna call this 2 days late from release. Also, not sure if I mentioned this; no matter the retailer deliver from for Nintendo the deliver never come on the day of release, BBY, GS, or Amazon. I have noticed like maybe the shipments are late cause why else I am waiting a day or 2 for the package arrive. Never issue on time if it is not from Nintendo like Playstation games, on time. Another example I ordered something from BBY earlier last month came day of, just regular electronic device, nothing video game releated. (tho it not being video is not the point, just that Nintendo product just ship late in general) Anyways, here she is: Time to go train her!
  12. Change of plans, my outing happened a hour later. Meaning now so that means I won't be back till 11:30pm. So I could come back imma write off the night. Anyone let me know for next week if we need to postpone for next week Smashdown. Sorry guys for tonight, things went out of my hands that I planned for.
  13. I suspect you haven't got your Min Min amiibo yet or there would of been a post from yesterday. Mine won't come till Monday. Even, I had the amiibo or not, saw this theme coming up and and not up to doing it. Tonight is the last Saturday of month so it's Failure to launch, I'll be adding FS meter on. Curious to see how the weaker FS will work with harder to launch opponents. Also, a heads up. I am going out for a bit and I probably won't be back till 10:30pm the latest, could be earlier but to be safe saying 10:30pm. I may even end earlier at 12:30am or the usual 12:45am. Just have to see.
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