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  1. I can do raids till 10pm. (MK8 tonight at 10pm) Let me know, in the middle of one as of this post. Plus, does one set up Dynamax Adventure with friends, anyways? I see vid of ppl in them but never see how it is set up?
  2. Just caught Lunala and that's exclusive to Shield. Yeah, I think my theory is right and technically you can catch every legendary Pokemon that is available in-game for the Crown Tundra. As long as you your host is using another version. I have more than 6 Pokemon to go....doing some calculation..... I have 11 to go would of been 12 before Lunala. So yeah to those who want to catch all the legendaries in Dynamax Adventures, you can do it, go for it, if you don't mind going through one Dynamax Adventures after another.
  3. So I'm going through how many legendaries to catch in Sword, I have 6 left as of this post. Looking up exclusives on IGN Crown Tundra wiki, you can only catch Kyorge in Shield but a few days ago I caught one in the Dynamax Adventure in Sword. I confirmed this looking over duplicate legends in boxes and see the Lv.70 Kyorge caught in Max Raid den on 10/25/20. On surface level when have my box search for a certain Pokemon, it makes it easy to see what I caught with duplicates and all but when looking at their met summary tells me all I need know where the Pokemon came from. So is it possible that if someone from Shield host Dynamax Adventure you can catch legendaries that way? How else do you explain I have caught Kyorge from den where it would be impossible to catch in my version, unless you trade of course.
  4. This is funny, I can actually see each of the characters doing that in a Zoom call, lol.
  5. In all the recent direct madness, I forgot to post that my pins arrived today. Well there's the late October for me.
  6. I wish I can react more then once in post because that one deserves more.
  7. @Zora: Here's the gist of the controls of NHM in handheld: It's just like the PS3/360 version where all you swings are the X and Y buttons and Finishers are with the right stick. You use the both of the sticks to do finisher throws. As for tabletop, the only thing that is motion is how you position the right joy-con up or down from the console (this makes your attacks high or low) and you attack with the A button. Now for the finishers and finisher grabs, unless I am mistaken, you gentle swipe the right joy-con in the direction the prompt wants you to go. I'm not sure if you can just use the sticks to finisher but it would be nice to have both but it seem you have gentle swing for finishers. So right joy-con to set the position of the katana high or low, A button to attack and a gentle swing of the right joy-con to do finishers. That's about it.
  8. I have tried Control in both modes. I don't know if it is just me or the servers accumulating to my internet. In the opening cutscene, it appeared I saw very slight stuttering, not lag but stuttering. Seen it in both modes, it appeared it stop once I had control of the protagonist in performance mode and in enhanced graphic mode it stopped once I took a few steps. I was wondering around too much in the performance mode and I was cut right before I could see how the game handle action. So in enhanced graphic mode I went straight to the action to see how it plays. It plays fine with out no drop in connection, lag or stutter whatsoever. I might pick this up since it did well, in Canada the access price is $54.99. My internet speed is 1Gbps DL and upload is 30Mpbs, all on wifi no less. I will try NMH in handheld and tabletop now.
  9. Woot! For the last Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase, that was a banger way to go out. Definitely getting NMH 1+2, let's see if I qualify to play Control on Switch I am curious. BD II looking great, like that Part time UFO, I have Hitman on my PS4 but haven't played much of it. Just gotta see how Control works. Griftlands looks interesting. My path as not changed with Immortal Fenyx Rising as a game purchase on Switch. I'm gonna try this in handheld mode and see how this goes for Zora. I read all of the fine print before DLing, like I said curious to see how this works for me or not. Wasn't sure if anyone posted. Great list of QoL stuff they got from the feedback. Really looking forward to the release of this game next year.
  10. So what was leaked yesterday was true about a demo for this game. I want my hands to be fresh when playing this game so I think I can hold out till its release later next month.
  11. Yeah, I'm down and I call King Boo. @Surge135: I know tomorrow race is 200cc, if you don't mind for the theme of tomorrow to change it to mirror instead? That seems appropriately themed for Halloween, does anyone else concur with this suggestion?
  12. It is decided, I'll have dinner over her house for her birthday. So have fun tonight guys!
  13. I believe there was no demo for the original Hyrule Warriors. I can't say for any somewhat recent Dynasty Warrior games but there was demo for the Persona 5 Scramble game earlier this year (btw the western release was delayed to next year according to Koei Tecmo shows no TBD for for the west in their financial briefings, a few think it is delay for Age of Calamity) As for this game demo, I'm usually done for playing games before I actually buy and play but I think I have to draw a line here. I have only played Hyrule Warriors as Dynasty games so to me I won't be spoiled by that but I want the first time I play this game to be the game. Just want the first to be there and not a demo, tho I played this type of game before, strange to say that. I might DL the demo and don't play. I'm sure I won't suffer with it just sitting there so I'll be fine......
  14. My bad, y'all. When I ran into Dialga last night, I was getting a strange sense of deja vu, at the end of the battle. I was not given the option to catch Dialga. That's when it was confirmed and dawned on me. I caught Dialga before that was the deja vu I was experiencing. I went to investigate my dawning moment, I had caught Articuno and Landorous before in the den. I have no idea how I forgot but the Dialga moment made realize and want to see what I was missing was just misunderstanding on my part. I guess in someways, I was keeping track of what Pokemon I caught but on the other hand all these battle sort of blurred together and along the way didn't realized I caught the Pokemon in the den before. Mystery solved. Sorry for the alarm of cause here.
  15. No. Once I did a few regular Dynamax Adventures, (I don't know how many one has to do to have that surgeon guy say you can endless raids) I went to the surgeon guy and that's where I saw where you can't keep any of the Pokemon you catch. You can catch them but not keep them. To me I don't see the point of anyone doing that if they have not caught all the legendaries you can. You should only go to endless raids to test your mettle or once you caught all the legendaries. I have always talked to the women in the white lab coat every single time for the raids in there. But you bringing up this endless raids and not catching Pokemon, got me thinking. What if the modes are buggy that there are times were certain rules one is accidentally swapped for another? Sounds crazy but what else would explain 2 instances where I was unable to catch legendary Pokemon in a regular Dynamax Adventure.