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  1. Boo hoo, but anything Google have no business making (to be clear cause Google is good with some stuff) usually goes the way of the dinosaur. At least they have the decency to refund all hardware and games you bought from Stadia, how smooth it will be is beyond me. Hope this part goes well.
  2. TBH, I am more excited for the removal of the gacha mechanics. I am really curious in what way it will be completely gone or it will remain in a real small way. Part of mobile games, I don't like (I would say some to most) is the free to play with microtransactions. In the few times I have played mobile games the most in total of all mobile games combines is $20. That's nothing to someone spending $20 for the first time on one mobile much less one they really like and spend $250 to $1,000 of dollars on. To each, their own but not me. That's not to say I never suffered with that kind of impulse, Nintendo Badge Arcade, anyone? I'm sure I spent hundreds of dollars there. I'm sure it is under $250 the most I ever pay for pay to play anywhere...ever. I can't say it will be the last but that was a while ago so who knows? Either way, looking forward to the gacha being possibly eliminated and battle mode. Two great welcomes to this mobile game.
  3. Yes, how did you all feel when you first saw written dialogue for Isaac in Golden Sun: TLA? It was a shock for me when I first seen this coming up on almost 2 decades ago. I was really taken back not that Isaac would be in the sequel of Golden Sun but to speak was quite the surprise. Tho at the time, I should of knew Isaac would speak here as Felix barely spoke at all in TLA, as opposed to Golden Sun he did. Also, at the time Dragon Ball GT was starting to air on TV and when I seen I Isaac speak, to me he would sound like Kid Goku but with a slightly deeper voice. Imagine a slightly deeper voiced Kid Goku saying these lines: The memories of Isaac in TLA were the fondest in that house after the Jupiter Lighthouse. At the time, it seem like so much was going on and I am just a mere witness of this event unfolding before my eyes. Was Isaac speaking in Golden Sun: TLA a shock for you as it was for me?
  4. Cool. I knew this was coming but we didn't know when. I can't remember the last time I played MKT (not that I was waiting for this mode) but I might give this a try. Like with most mobile games, if I have a passing interest, I play for a while and then suddenly drop off for whatever reason. Now and again I hop back to mobile game because maybe of a even but very rarely randomly for no reason. It's just the way with me and mobile gaming. No matter how much interest I have I never stick around long enough and say, 'yeah I can play this anytime I want'
  5. Check your email for those who have PO'd the Special Edition of this game, the 2nd part are being shipped now! I didn't see it yesterday but, I got a notification that mine shipped.
  6. @TKrazyO: Without thinking the solution would be to extend the time of the match but that is not good for long session our nights are and you streaming. That said, I see no reason why 2 stock is not viable. 3 stocks as been a staple of Smash since Brawl and depending how the match time and players over the years with Smash and its iterations, those option changed or hardly. In this case with launch power down from 1% to 0.5 that makes a difference with how many stocks and the minutes in it. So going forward Failure to launch will be 2 stocks, I feel this is more interesting in this format than a regular match of 2 stocks, it goes by so fast and if one is not careful your game is done but in Failure to launch that same feeling is there sort of but because of the launch rate being lowered your gonna be in the match longer so this works out. When I first test out this mode, I knew and I remember saying most matches will end in sudden deaths, I was okay with it but after a few Failure to launch is where you can see that some adjustments can be made. Thanks Krazy, for the suggestion. As you know I said I have announcement I would like to share this Saturday, it relates to above and more with online nights. I'll share this before we start the Smashdown.
  7. I don't blame you. If I had Splatoon 3 I would play as much as I can...well Smashdowns would be the exception. Splatfests is where that differs, tho normal those are near the end of a month. So that would be the only times I won't play Smash on weekend.
  8. ......Anyways before the Pokemon presents last month there were swirls of rumors for Pokemon S/V, (I avoided, mostly) one them was for a new kind of Diglett. It wasn't gonna be a regional form but like a different species. Well here it is, Wiglett. It sure lives up to its name.
  9. Is @purple_beard & @Eliwood8 going to be on for this Saturday Smashdown?
  10. Hmmm, I know 3rd party ports suffer from the Vaseline effect on Switch, it is not so much smur blur but fuzzy that it looks blurry resolution wise.
  11. I see what your getting at, I'll add more why I think pro is not priority. Similar to anarchy battle ranks like past ranked modes in Splatoon, they go by letter grade. With each iteration of Splatoon they have better implement ranks not so much I feel with the pro in Splatfest. I haven't played the pro in the demo Splatfest of Splatoon 3 but I believe they go by power level. To me when first brought about in Splatoon 2, it seemed archaic in how at very moment of lost your power level dropped so dramatically and raising it didn't take a win to bring up but multiple wins. At least that's how it felt to me so I'm sure if anyone else felt that and after awhile ppl just stop doing pro in Splatfests. As I said, not sure if the above is how it still is, if so Nintendo left the power level scaling alone and for Splatfest in Splatoon just rewarded more points for modes ppl actually play. So I don't think despite getting ppl to play Splatoon 3 and pro in Splatfest it is a priority for ppl to play pro. Tho it now seems to be bringing another issue of balance of points so maybe like the few things for change, how important points deployed will be a part of the changes to come in tandem in how import tricolor turf wars will be.
  12. Never thought of it like that but I kept calling Grub food so maybe that is why. Also when it comes to Big Man choices he doesn't care what it will be called. He's all about the meme status. I see your point about the pro should be more of a priority over clout but the way I look at and maybe Nintendo does too, not a lot of ppl play pro. Pro was started in Splatoon 2 and maybe from there they realized not a lot of ppl play pro as they once did in Splatoon 2. That is my thinking why clout is worth more than pro. Regardless of any changes they will make with the points, clout earning more or prop, I am game.
  13. The results are in.... Congrats @TKrazyO. @alienboyva, and @Art_de_Cat on your Team Gear victory. I can say this, tho if I were in this Splatfest I would be grub but that said I am glad the most sensible thing to bring to a deserted island won. So we got sensible ppl out there and not chasing the meme.
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