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  1. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    So I just realized for the stage Mushroomy Kingdom the alternative stage world 1-2 (the underground) is not in Ultimate. Not only that but it was not present in the 3DS version as well. I would of love to see that stage in HD, too bad.
  2. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    The only exposure I have to lvl 9 CPU is in training mode. They are tough, they feel just as tough as the challengers. I've unlocked all characters so I can't compare right now if that is true. But imaging fighting 7 lvl 9 cpu. I mention this because to make my amiibo training go faster. I've been fighting all them and I win like 90% and fighting just one lvl 9 CPU is kinda hard. So I can't image facing of 7 lvl 9 cpu might be like.
  3. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Thought I share this. It's a wireless match with a co-worker on Thursday on our lunch break. I'm Chrom.
  4. Stuff like this can't be a rumor if was from a distribution centre and that many copies. I heard about this few hours ago, thanks for the head up tho. Like seriously, this is more than month for the Japanese release. Do they know if this is English or Japanese version that was released?
  5. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    So I tried out the portable music player for Ultimate, and it seems to favor sex more for it functionality audience. (Unless you where cargo pants all the time) There's no way any man can listen and carry the switch unless you carry an satchel, phanny pack or a murse because you cannot listen to music and carry this thing in your hands. You'll look stupid. And tho women have advantage of putting the Switch in purse, if a guy manages to find something to carry the Switch in, the shoulder buttons to carry-on will restart the song you are on over and over. The 3DS was better as a music player for Smash 3DS because it was small enough to fit a most men pockets and the shoulder buttons didn't get in the way or rewinding music because there was no function so why is this so for Ultimate?!?
  6. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    It was rumored by BB that amiibo do so but that is not true. PB confirmed that. All amiibo just give you spirits and snacks.
  7. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Yeah, it is a first they show the character that received changes from Sm4sh. Here's the complete notes: Source ------ I actually like the Inkling, like Ty says they really play like how they represent Splatoon and that's cool. Only Sakurai will make sure characters feel like they come straight from their series. Out of all the newcomers that I instantly bonded with is Chrom surprisingly I say that because I don't like most FE not because there's a lot of them but I don't like their playstyle. weird to say when Chrom himself plays like half of the FE characters in the game. Ike, Roy and Marth. I think because I tried out all the FE chars throughout the years it could of been anyone who wields sword from FE to have a moveset of 3 chars in the game for me to instantly bond with him. That just so happens to be Chrom, tho why do Lucina and Robin have their victory fanfare from their game Chrom is like Marths' and Roys' is odd. The disrespect is still real for Chrom in this game.
  8. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    To my recalculation the update notes didn't mention the characters that received changes in Sm4sh. If they are showing character that received changes that's step-up from Sm4sh. Yeah, too bad they don't show what those changes are.
  9. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    So apparently this live now and I also received my Let's Go Eevee was delivered to me as well. I'm not surprised by update but I thought they said the Let's Go Eevee would be coming tomorrow? Is it because this based on Japanese time? If so that makes sense. I'm just finishing of my replay conversions into videos, I don't to lose the playback of these videos before I update. Fortunately I got the notice without prompting to update of course if I don't, I can't go online. I better update as soon as I convert my replays into videos.
  10. With the craziness of Ultimate, I almost forgot about this tonight. (I honestly don't recall how I remember) So with last week with so little folks attending last week , wanna take another whack at player as your favorite Smasher?
  11. That's their MO. New Super Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros. Wii New Super Mario Bros. 2 New Super Mario Bros. Wii U Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DSi New Nintendo 3DS New Nintendo 3DSXL New Nintendo 2DS They clearly don't care or they are oblivious to these naming schemes.
  12. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Yeah, but that is one of the slowest ways to unlock characters. I actually unlocked Mii Swordfighter pretty early on because I took the top path, that took me to a little forest and to the left of there little village (Tom Nook kids are) and fought and unlocked Mii Swordfighter, just slightly north of the village and in cave like structure. When I was down to my last 4 to 5 characters, I went ahead and just created the rest of the Miifighters.
  13. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Nah, mine worked even when I plugged it out when it was partially charged. On a somewhat separate note, because I own Pokeball Plus and if you want experience everything with the GC adapter, all the slots are used up on the Switch. I plugged in the USB-A to USB-C charger that comes with the Pokeball Plus at the back. (which is USB 3, indicated in blue) I thought the charger wouldn't work but it does. Not so much for charging or pairing the controller. So I had to plug out one of the USB for GC adapter to pair and charge that controller. Just keep that in mind you cannot pair or charge Switch pro controllers from the back.
  14. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Under games and more>Mii Fighter>create. Make your Mii Swordfighter, Gunner, and Brawler. Boom bada bing, you unlocked all characters.
  15. DLurkster

    Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    @purple_beard: We doing this tonight at 9pm? I can go as long as we need tonight, I'll host and make the battle arena. I'll make sure to look at the options careful to craft optimal experience.