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  1. I don't know. Splatoon on Wii U still had weapon updates up to January 2018, I think. There were no more Splatfests or updates beyond the game turn 2 years old in May 2017. That game came out in May 2015. I assume that is what they are going to do with Splatoon 2, new weapon combination sets that weren't previously grouped together.
  2. No, at this point if I feel a connection with character in Smash, I buy their amiibo that is all. That's what happened with Peach, DK and Pikachu. I was wrong to say they don't suit my playstyle so buying their amiibo just affirms that. P.S. small part in getting amiibo I never thought I'd get does slowly complete in getting *all* the Smash amiibo.
  3. I told @purple_beard that I'd get this amiibo the other night. And ho and behold:
  4. I'm curious, when was the reset button for you? To me I believe it is gen 5 because of it's story and no catching any previous gen Pokemon until post game, also reusable TM's.
  5. I'm seeing Shaft at 7:30pm tonight. I'll be back in time for Ultimate at 10pm.
  6. Ah great everybody is reporting what's amiss with the upgrade. I didn't see anyone post this but I might as well: Wildflower brought up that the next topic does not show up at the bottom of the page and yes that is a bother to me so thank you. *Ahem* But yeah wildflower name, I can't tell if she is offline or online. Please fix that soon as well. Thank you.
  7. The only substantial from that video (almost anyone could translate the Hylian text by the way) the swirling text. If the words "Ganon Seal" actually means that the only Ganondorf that was not seal is the reason for this seal by all means I'll be on aboard but I agree with Kezay the connection with crack neck is weak to me to be the solidarity connection. Like I said the Ganon Seal is significant if there's something there that will actually confirm the time beside the neck thing then I'll be behind what timeline it will be. I'm still in the camp that Breath of the Wild is in the downfall timeline despite the contradictory of other Zelda elements that pop in that game. To make a timeline split it in 3 and then you make a game that it's story only from 100 years ago. It's no wonder Breath of the Wild either has no placement or it's combination of all 3. This latest one about I just can't get behind it.
  8. I don't know, I couldn't breath all of 4th quarter and I'm hyperventilating right now.
  9. Just so I can keep my focus and have level head tonight, I won't be on tonight to race. I thought about this today and decide to watch the Raptors second chance to beat the Warriors tonight at 9pm. The game will finish around 11:30pm but by 10pm the game will be in the 2nd half and I don't want to miss a minute. So have great time tonight guys, see ya next week!
  10. Another theory video. Revelations @ 3:36, all 15 Sheikah Towers are entry points one giant dungeon underground. If it ends up being entry point to several that is fine too. Basically this all stems from the Shrine to enter them you take elevator underground so the Sheikah Towers may have similar function. Seeing that they all rose from underground as well. That brings credence to dungeon(s) underground. Goddam this is genius!
  11. ^You gotta be kidding me?!? I come home and it is already over. This has been strange E3 for me but Nintendo delivered, someone had too.
  12. Yay, we got to leave work early and I actually to watch bit more of the stream live on the last day of E3. They are showing SRPG Jim Henson Netflix show to video game. I gonna be honest never heard of this show and I like SRPG but with no attachment with this show, I can't really latch to this game.
  13. I feel it's combination of cost of production but that there's so many games to showcase. Weird to say that because if that was the cast it would be as long as last year. Ppl say and it is accurate that Nintendo games last year were not as bombastic as 2017 1st part blockbuster wise. This year there were so many game some games don't have release dates and some delayed later this year or into the next. I feel they made a cautious decision to not to only save on manpower but on cost with the 2 birds and one stone with too many games=cut time to showcase=saved cost. Why would they not do that when they know we will wait for those release regardless their release status. I'm looking at you Bayonetta 3.
  14. Limited Run Press conference. I never realized that they make a lot physical release for the Vita, damn. What games did they show again? If I have to think about, that's not good meaning nothing caught my eye. *quick run back at vid* Hover is Jet Grind Radio, so that's a maybe. Dark devotion looks interesting. I would get Freedom Planet but playing it once on Wii U is enough for me. Those 3DS games from Atooi is cool even I never bought any of his games. And yep that's about it.
  15. Also, I noticed this yesterday and today but is it just me or the Treehouse live stream are shorter? Yesterday they finished 5pm EDT and today at 5:30pm EDT. In their local time that 2pm, they start at 9am PDT. I swear they used to go to like 5pm PDT and 8pm EDT. So what's going on with that, am I going crazy or am I right there's a change?