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  1. Now see here, I am fine with you throwing everybody off a cliff even Link. Put no one lays hand on my Pichu, you hear!
  2. The way I look at and I have said this several times, the audience for Melee and any audience beyond Melee but in this case we are talking about Ultimate. To toss a bone those who only like what little what makes Smash as it is, is wishful thinking. Tho, I am not that savvy at those techs in Melee. I'd be right there with you that Melee HD should have all those broken mechanics intact but Nintendo doesn't see 2 versions of Smash at the same time and again will go where the money is even if tourney, overall appeal is not what they care about necessarily. That is why they
  3. Ah, now I know why that end jingle sounded so familiar. It's from PKMN SW/SH DLC Crown Tundra, the tingle you hear when you stumble upon a clue in the mission based tasks in this DLC. That was really bothering.
  4. Making this a twofer post with Nintendo's stacked 2021 and a analysis of the BotW 2 trailer at E3 2021 by someone who lives and breath Zelda everyday. Here's a look at the redditer's Inforgraphic of releases.
  5. Yes, as RP alluded to ppl nowadays think 2D platformers should be budget priced. I also think that Metroid is not well know to ppl who are fans of the series so the Sony fanboys and such. I never really looked into if those saying it is overpriced is from there. I do not necessarily discriminate where unfounded comments like this stems from. It could come from anywhere.
  6. Ah, that's the same thing you said before I post we go all the fighting characters for while. That's how it usual is, I wouldn't think otherwise than to repeat like I didn't get something. We can do this too, even if and we're not doing fighting characters all night.
  7. I've seen this question making the rounds on the net for a few days. Tho, I think this opinion is minor, most who play Metroid titles are going to get this game no mater what. Where you stand with the $60 price of this game? ($79.99 up here in Canada)
  8. Well, I am still raring to go tonight. We can do PB theme with fighting game characters. The idea I had with the Starman for that special showdown (that is set to all items, when it happens) will appear here tonight.
  9. That's the crux, until we know it is some fact that not all stocks are known for a product a few hours before release day and what happens to partially paid PO after certain time. Your just like the rest of us, in PO online for in-store pick and PO in store, or even luckier to buy day as. It's one thing to make up the whole stock thing is not set in stone, another to hear about it but there's no tangible proof of what you hear. I know some just want to find a way by thinking outside the box but that is usually by oneself. You don't think outside the box by leeching off
  10. True. I was gonna mention if something is paid of in full, I don't how often or at all they release the PO. I don't know if it is different behaviour down there but as of late, maybe like 2014, we don't pay for our PO until day of release most of the time. So there's the rare occasion that some are paid in full. I pay in full before release if it is a game I really want but if I am not sure or forget about, it is just the $5-10 deposit. I've witness customers be asked on top PO'd if I paid in full. Like 90% of time it is no.
  11. Ha ha thanks but that wasn't the answer I was looking for and that question was for RP. As said I, we established Ultimate and Melee position of not getting each other ways, plus if it wasn't at that start, I said at the end of that post, if there's a Melee remaster. With all I said, why would I say there would be Melee HD? This is just hypothetical question and if they would modernize all aspects to Melee but kept the accidental techs in. I just cannot recall if Nintendo ever did something like that, all.
  12. Okay, this just sounds like as well, that if after 48hrs after game release day. It is free grab for anyone to get, most by coming in and buying. I would be weird to have a hold or PO something that recently PO something before. You be surprise how the above happened, it happened a while back I think with Piranha Plant amiib, day of I went to a few EBGames to see if I can buy day of and they said they have a few that ppl have picked up. There suppose to wait but I feel it is dependent on the manager and how they know certain product sells at their store. Like this one knew the hype
  13. That sounds too good to be true and little confusing to follow but I think I get what you are saying. Basically it just sounds like if you have friends who works inventory of that retail store, they'll tell you how much they are getting based on that and your availability PO or buy on the spot. You get any extras that are left over. Even if one didn't have inside information, that is near slim to happen or is possible. Yeah, I get asked before the pandemic, if I PO the game. Most time I say no and just buy, as there's a inventory of who PO'd a certain item versus those
  14. @Ridley Prime: I could see Nintendo patching out all those happy little accidents but unless I am wrong, has Nintendo every make remastered something and deliberately take away flaws that fans were okay with? Strange thing to say as most just in general when it comes to flaws and what it included in a remaster and/or remakes would want those removed. Yes, we established Nintendo doesn't care much for the Melee crowd but could they put that aside to bring the game to modern means possible but leave the happy accidents with those techs? I cannot recall in any means when I
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