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  1. @XLW: I like His World but that seem like a easy pick and the fist bump for Sonic Forces, 100% that song should not be that good for Sonic game like that. I think in a few years that will have its day like His World.
  2. I first heard that right there song in Brawl and thought WTF is this. I have heard of Sonic Rush and hadn't played it before Brawl but the song is catchy after a few listens.
  3. Stress, huh? You better bring all that you can, I'm not holding back as usual.
  4. @purple_beard: You up to play Ultimate at 10pm?
  5. This is my favorite. There's two versions of this song, this one and this Crush 40 one... I like the songs Crush 40 sings for Sonic but I like the the other version better. It just sounds like it as more soul, like I can hear the turmoil in the of the woman voice with what she is saying with lyric statement. Something about Crush 40 though it sounds more brutal sounds sterile than the other versions. Which version do you guys like more, the one with the women or Crush 40?
  6. Played the first 2 hours of this game and before playing I watched the review by Gamexplain and they did not enjoy the game. Afterwards, I read here and getting different feel so as I said after 2hrs. I can see the pros and cons from myself and I am in the middle but I am having fun. Where I thought I was running into trouble is when you are fighting against your green haired rival. I died against him 3 times and each time had him down to 1 heart when he beat me then I realize the problem is when I 'all break' I either didn't have any idea or dazzit attacks to do a 'chance turn' properly. You can break all their dazzit to score a actual hit but you must follow-up with 'chance turn' to continue damage and end the battle for good. So when I faced my first monster I won on my first try and in doing so I realize the fun in this game is to think methodically. (I am good at and enjoy) So pretty much if you can wrap your head over the combat and are patient you will like this game but if those don't sound like fun, you may not enjoy the game. I believe that is really the pro and the con of the game.
  7. Cool, I'll be in the chat around that time then.
  8. Everybody ready to Tokyo Drift tonight? Who will be the DK (Drift King) tonight?
  9. I was out Saturday night but I'm up to play Ultimate tonight at 9pm. I will be on handheld, tho.
  10. I watched a video on YT about the reset thing and it seems pretty nifty to me and pretty much what gbwy and surge says is accurate. But I may or may not have to do the reset in life sort for me anyways. I'm a lucky being, getting Peach as my first driver, no particularly high-end character but what are the chances getting that as your first driver?!?
  11. That's okay, I have a lot of thing to watch on TV and I was gonna handheld but I'm cool for tomorrow.... Ah I just remember I'm gonna see movie tomorrow. I should be back in time for 9pm or latest 10pm, I'll let you know.
  12. @purple_beard: I'm back home and I'll be ready to play at around 9pm.