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  1. @Shadow118: The game itself is $59.99, the fighter pass is $24.99 and Piranha Plant is $4.99, you add that altogether without taxes and it is $89.97. You gotta figure out the taxes on your end.
  2. Hmm, I'll admit the settlements North America is not Italy but I actually like the wood setting especially during the winter. I though was beautiful, and there's many ways to set up traps for animals and enemies as well. You're right about about the sailing being better in subsequent games. I have played Black Flag and felt it was better for sure. I have not played Rogue so I don't know how it evolves or is the same as Black Flag. All I'm saying is sailing had it start from there, it may not of been perfect there but sailing wouldn't be as it is if wasn't for ACIII is what I'm saying. The reason to port ACIII probably makes sense engine perspective. Any game after Black Flag (which was on Wii U too and PS4 and XB1) probably cannot run on Switch without some major tinkering to those gamse were sort of exclusive mess for PS4 and XB1 (I'm talking about you Unity). Morseso the last two games Origins and Odyssey. I think it's possibly to port Unity and Syndicate but that will take a lot work that is probably not worth for Switch. Switch is more than capable with some of this gens games running on it, as long as it doesn't have 4K visuals as exclusive thing and Origins and Odyssey is a no no.
  3. DLurkster

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Yes, I do recall that but you don't do that for every amiibo? Only ones you really fond of right? All the power to you if you that for every Smash amiibo. If I had my way I'd by a ll duplicate Zelda and Zelda Smash amiibo. I have double of the R.O.B the P2 for Bayo, Cloud, and Corrin. Villager one sealed and one opened. I lost track of how many Mega Man amiibo I own. And I didn't notice until a few weeks that I have two Majora Mask Link. I must of bought another one thinking I didn't, lol.
  4. I really don't get the hate on AC3, yeah Connor is bland and boarish but I thought the landscape and combat was great and that where the sailing got its start from. That title there was 3 AC game I'd play and I played the best AC titles before this one, those would be ACII and Brotherhood. So it takes a lot for me to play those titles first to call AC3 the weakest. Maybe I just see something different in that title that ppl just don't see. I don't if I should get this on Switch or PS4. Honestly looking at it on Switch I can see difference from Wii U but man something looked off.
  5. DLurkster

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Rub it in that you have 2 King K. Rool in the shot. That better better not be your brothers, I hope that's just a double dip. I wish I can be that... wait I am gonna have 2 ICs. We square for now.
  6. DLurkster

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Well, after chasing down what I could up in Canada, (missing the on PO months ago from other retailers) as I mentioned in post before EBGames (Gamesstop) only got a few amiibo of the trio everywhere in Canada. Also, they may not of come in the morning, some then or later in the day but very limited supply. The EBGames 20 minutes where I live only had 2 ICs, I went ahead got one of the IC there. (I'm going to give a good friend that is PO from BB) While I was there asked if there was any EBGames near by that had the other 2. I was in luck and these were 20 minutes east of where I live. ( I totally forgot there's a EBGames but it's a really dead mall and I don't go by there and simply forgot) They have 4 of each. Took a little long to get down there like 45 minutes because of rush hour. They only had on Piranha Plant, I took it and went on my way. So only got 2 of out 3. I'm not sort of mad at myself for today, I did all I could. Just wish there was more in-store and if I was back on my game to PO as soon as they appear online in Canada. I've check elsewhere online and King K. Rool goes for $60 online mostly everywhere on any Canadian website. After looking around for Japanese and US online retailers, get this at yesasia. The price is already converted in cdn so I know I'm paying $40 and $4.99 compared to the $15.99 at GS international shipping charges of $14.99 but that does not include the conversion I'll be paying that shipping which will cost more. I might well get this at yesasia, at most I save few dollars here, have to wait a few days compared 24-48hrs with GS. I think this is worth it in the long run for lack game with hunting these earlier and avoiding this mess. I'll be back on my game watching when the next 3 are up to PO. I'll be lurking for you Young Link, Ken and Isabelle. I know it's only a matter of days for the US PO to be up and another few more days for the Canadian. These 3 come out April 12, BTW.
  7. DLurkster

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    On my lunch I went to my BB and they did have them up, I asked and they don't have them. I check reddit amiibo Canada and at EBGames (gamestop) they just deliver the amiibo day of and it's first come first serve. From the sounds of it they borough very limited stock to each EBGames through Canada. Today in my area, I've seen a lot of ppl in stores in general, that has me concern for the mall near me that has EBGames near me. The only hope is that amiibo have been a hotspot to but from there. So despite the surplus of ppl I can only hope they did not buy any amiibo and there's still some after work when I get down there.
  8. That's definitely factor I consider but it was really low on the possibility meter for me and I hope it was not that. Unfortunate but honestly whenever the lines were done versus when DLC was decided, regardless everyone, the fans knew DLC was gonna be a thing so to not make a budget around this seems a little shortminded, imo.
  9. DLurkster

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Dammit, PB You're too quick. Post pics or you didn't get them. I PO IC from BB.com but have not received a notification that it shipped. I'm just wonder if I should just get the 3 amiibo at the BB across the street where I work, after work.
  10. This is what I want to go with as they did this with Mewtwo as well but back in Sm4sh it was not a part of guidance. He is and all the DLC from that game are now. If that is the reason that Piranha Plant was supposed to be in the based game then the guidance makes sense other than that if it was DLC why not do guidance for the other DLC character?!?
  11. I was just about to post this but looked through thread incase it was and it was. This is a tad disappointing, it makes in regards how the last DLC characters were handle what throws a wrench is the Piranha Plant had the guidance. I guess this was always in works to be like this. So is Piranha Plant not DLC or not? Because I don't why it get guidance and the other DLC character don't? The only I get this if Piranha Plant is not DLC. WHAT DA ACTUAL FUCK?!?
  12. Yeah, some mercenary is guy is showing me the ropes of some gameplay tips. Yeah, that's the area. ------------ Oh, the gargoyle at the start of Torna. Right before you meet Addam and Mythra. Hmm, I though that sounded familiar. That was my first boss fight in that game, I was so focused just getting through the battle I paid no mind to theme. But what a entrance for Addam and Mythra tho. More so for Addam, my first impression of him is that this man has a few screws loose but he's lovable for that.
  13. Hmm, you're right. I haven't heard that battle theme before. I was trying to remember where I'm in XC2, all I can remember last is that I'm inside a titan. So as you say you can only hear this early in the game and if you're underleveled. So I would hear where I am at in this game? I forget what level I'm at this point as well too. My fave from XC2 has to go to counterattack whenever I hear this in a cutscene. Such chilling nerve it possess. What I'm confused about this track, you know when it gets the the apex with the drums and the violins kick in. I swear unless I'm hearing things you hear them chime in twice in-game but it only chimes once here. I like that 2nd chime one.
  14. Best music in the game.
  15. Man, this is so easy for me who I'm going to be racing as that night. Too easy.