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  1. Yeah, Supermash is a day 1 for me. Also loved the Golf Story so I'm gonna love the follow-up Sports Story. Finally, I have had mixed thoughts on Dauntless because it seems like a Monster Hunter meets Overwatch. Sort of wanted to get in to Monster Hunter but feel to intimidated by it, as for Overwatch I like the visuals but I don;t play those sort of games. So the more I see of Dauntless the more I am warming up to it on Switch. I took the plunge and DL the game. My hope is that it translate me to playing a Monster Hunter game.
  2. This just came in today..... According to Amazon Canada, I PO'd this almost a year ago on December 20, 2018 and it came today. What a year for it to come! I PO'd the gold Shovel Knight from BBY I think sometime last week or something and says it will be here tomorrow.
  3. Oh wow, glad you realize where it got lost and when. Yeah, that is scary when you are hopping from store to store, especially when you're by yourself. Sure glad you have the game, enjoy!
  4. Honestly, I don't forget to turn Y-Comm on before starting a raid and I am lucky to get one other player. I feel because of my star rating why I don't get ppl. It seems where you are in the game badge wise determines the star rating. I only have 4 badges in both Sw/Sh, I think at most that can net me 3 stars. In rare exceptions I get ppl if it is Pokemon they haven't caught through normal means or isn't possible through normal means.
  5. Okay, Chuck Norris. I'll make the arena.
  6. @purple_beard: You up to play Ultimate tonight at 9pm? Might be the last time this this week for you.
  7. I've seen this taking taken the rounds around the net and didn't pay it any mind because we know it is a matter of time. I just didn't pay attention to the Super Metroid Remake.Tho, i have had plenty of opportunities to play Super Metroid, I have not had the honor to do so yet. Still really excited to play the trilogy.
  8. Well, I'm Canadian of course and tho we don't have Thanksgiving this Thursday, (that was last month for us) we do have Black Friday. I'm not shopping for anything too big this year so I don't have to be out super duper early. So that is a long winded yes, I'll be on Thursday night, I'm cool doing battles mode. Was it really a year ago we did that? We never did a battle mode at all this year?
  9. Have to see how tomorrow at that time goes. I'll let you know.
  10. @purple_beard: You up to play Ultimate at 10pm?
  11. It came out yesterday. I'll buy almost anything from Shin'en but that game is a little to rich for my blood. In Canada it is $25.99. Which is the most case for most indie games of this calibur. I want to pay the $19.99, so I wait for sales for titles at these prices where I can get it at $20 or less sometimes.
  12. I'm pretty sure we already shared a few stories, if we are to share it has to be ones we have not shared at all.
  13. It's funny you mention inconsistency XLW. In this video review by actual UK native. Like, I'm only 3 badges into the games but I'm enjoying myself but the points brought up in this video, (partial in my case and maybe soon to be) they are correct these games are inconsistent at best. Those best times to me is the gameplay we expect and the QOL of like Pokemon in the world, PC access anywhere. The low is can be the visuals expected on Switch not what we think GF can pull off. I'd say most of that is a contrast with the Wild Area. And I guess the varying performances issues. (they are non-existence or rarely happened to me) Other than that these games are okay if you are long time fan, can't say for ppl who dropped off or their first entry for Pokemon mainline games. That may be decisive for those to make that plunge.
  14. Shit today is the 5 years the day amiibo entered our life. I'm listening to that NVC podcast now.