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  1. It's the last Saturday of the month so it is time for a another.....Failure to Launch!!! Get ready to launch your foes with a bit more effort tomorrow night!
  2. It's funny that some mentioned that Toad's Turnpike and Choco Mountain were a challenge for you. (Aside this why from that origin why I detest Toad's Turnpike on MK8 but none more than Toad's Harbor) The first night this expansion pack release I played MK64 for a while and started at 150cc so I got reintroduced to the difficulty of N64's Toad's Turnpike. After numerous failures at that engine class, I wouldn't say I like Toad's Turnpike but I can now navigate it easier because of my reintroduction of failure time after time. Choco Mountain, I didn't feel the difficulty that much or at all. I do recall drifting to hard near the hill that falls you to the road to the hill like once but once I knew what to do there I was blast to blast remember how fun that course is. Also, did anyone used think the puddles and pond on the 2 Choco Islands were chocolate milk and not mud? It would always make thirsty for some chocolate milk after a race.
  3. Sounded like you guys had fun tonight with your trial run of 3 ppl online for N64. That's great to hear! I guess it helped that all of you were on the east coast maybe, lol? Even if you weren't geologically near by on the east coast. If there's any occasion to do this again, I would like to see with 4 ppl, whether that would be with me or 4 ppl from the US will go. I notice you guys didn't play Mario Tennis, I'm quite the player when that game came out and curious how the online will work with us. Good finding on the other online multiplayer games, tho. Hopefully, you guys got what you were looking for tonight and that you play MK64 online tomorrow, maybe or MK8DX battle mode. It appears we have enough ppl who have the NSO 64 at anytime to do online MK6 nights if we wanted when things seems lax a night or just to have an intimate night among 4 players. This is good!
  4. What's that guy's name again? Was it Maxwell? Also, wasn't there female counter-half as well? This character is also video game creation of WB, all of the characters starring in Multiversus are from WB owned shows mostly all from cartoons with the exception of Arya Stark.
  5. I've decided I am not going come on for this Thursday after giving it some thought. I hope you guys have decided what you gonna do and have fun whoever shows up.
  6. I think there's one or two reasons why this game is not on Switch; (before these thoughts, weren't a dealbreaker for me) not a lot of free-to-play games on Switch compared to other video game platforms. To me I think this has more to do with the IP's and it being free to start. The publisher probably chose what they though was best budget wise for platforms, which leads me to my next point; Smash monopolize Nintendo has the best platform fighter. Yes, just like there are other free-to-play games on Switch there's even less so platform fighters. (indie like, not like fighterz and the bigger like) With such a big saturation rate of Ultimate on Switch, compared to install base the publisher thought with the cost o bring to other platforms with their IP's won't be worth it to bring to Switch. Big leap in logic with that 2nd point for sure but is merely a guess on my part and I have no qualms that this isn't coming to Switch, even tho it seems so obvious because of Smash despite of it.
  7. Yes, to me if we fuse the good parts of NASB and Multiversus. I think we'll have a platform fighter with heart, character, care for the community with online updates and online functionality. Again, the only con to me is that Multiversus is free-to-play. Yeah, I am not phased that all the these brands seem to fly in the face of what Multiversus is going for but it is another take on platform fighter. We all can't be the same or like Smash, competition breeds better products for the consumer.
  8. Now if we can fuse what makes NASB with Multiversus (a little off balance as one is more focused brand then the other) I think I can get on board with this. It's just sad that less than 3 weeks out NASB died on Switch, can't say if Multiversus will suffer a similar fate but it has a few things on its side that might make it stand out more than NASB. That free-to-play is iffy at best, it will come down how this supported with characters and online functionality.
  9. Hey y'all, Scott here. Yeah, it's hard to say that the results this quarter wasn't surprising but nonetheless despite the aging Switch hardware it is still going strong thanks to the software and even more next year to support. As the say software is king.
  10. Hmm, we have to watch the development as this unfold towards the end of this year and early next. I hope this leads to a promising future for Smash officially support by Nintendo competitively.
  11. I wasn't gonna play last week, wasn't in the mood too but it is ironic that DST did it again where the time to play past over, lol. Yes, for tonight. I have to see who will actually show up next week, also it seems we don't have set plan what is gonna happen. Because who ever shows up may not have Mario Party Superstar or NSO 64. So it's looking like battle mode for MK8DX.
  12. Ramanas Park?!? This obviously replace the Pal Park in this gen to bring previous gen Pokemon this DP. So now it used as a way to catch some legendary Pokemon depending on the version you get and Switch Pokemon adventure games.
  13. Either I can't remember if I played a NSO game online ever or it's just been that long I can't remember but I can obviously say I haven't played any N64 online yet. If I were to judge how our Smash night connection it will be at best for NSO that is the worst for Ultimate. At worse for N64 online is probably as bad what is posted online with the audio lag and depending on the game input lag will vary between SF64, MK64, and Mario Tennis. They all vary with input lag and audio lag, I believe Mario Tennis has the least input lag online I heard and MK64 is the worst offender while SF64 sits in the middle of the 2 games. @TKrazyO: With that said I think it might be better to mention who come the the nights who actually owns Mario Party Superstars. (excluding I, I still don't think I will have the game by US Thanksgiving) Like N64 it will depends how much show up but I am not against trying MK64 online who ever has that and will be one. So yeah, in your same mention ask if they also have the expansion pack too. They have 2 weeks to get back and that's enough time to consider MPS or MK64.
  14. Beat the game yesterday. I can see why the prior game had such a following. I guess it also helps that this game was multiplat so the controls work for all and not like its predecessor. This is just me personally but there are only two times I had to go easy difficulty, the 2nd time you fought muscles and the very last boss. More so on the latter than former, on each instance I had the best pins and gear and I still came very close to defeating the boss but any AOE attack that hit a teammate I'm not controlling would get when the one I am controlling dodges the attack. That doesn't change in difficulty but going to an easier difficulty lessen the damage taken. That was a problem with the last boss that main part blasts you with AOE attacks while fighting its support attackers, especially in the 2nd stage of the final boss. You can't attack the main part until you attack the supporters first. On the difficultly I was on was a bit challenging to attack, dodge the main attacks and the supporter attacks. The supporter attacks were easier enough as it wasn't wide. What cheesed me that once I put it on easy those support attacker went down so easy. It makes me wonder how much was I attacker the supporter if they fell that easy and I just had to keep it up but dodging the main attacker got in the way too much. Other than that and I wouldn't say that is a difficulty spike, it's a great game.
  15. Finally a game I haven't bought. I would of back when it launched but hearing all those mixed reviews of the controls being a smidgen better than the original release turned me off from getting this release. Also ironic that I beat its sequel this week. As much as I like its conclusions I have questions about some aspect that I feel Final Remix can only answer.
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