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  1. Okey dookie. I'm only playing as Olimar the one time and over it cause I can't stand that guy. I mean I'm horrible with him, I literally can't with him.
  2. Is it actually fixed? Only play the night of update and watching anyone and pros play it seems be in the middle if it is truly better. Tho the consensus is there's less stutter so if anyone is playing wifi it is not that noticeable or tolerable. Stuttering differs from actual lag is. It's more like micro lag spike than lag that can last a second or more. Pretty much any sort of hiccup without the smash logo in the bottom right corner versus when it is there, that is lag. So I believe we're on the road for better performance so to speak.
  3. Sad to hear that for you and Art. I was gonna say that in honor of Pikmin 3 Deluxe announcement, I'll be playing as Olimar Mii racing outfit. It's the only reason I bought Olimar amiibo because of this racing suit and no other reason.
  4. A new month, means new memories to make this month. Do your best tonight guys!
  5. The Lego Mario cat and propeller suit will here tomorrow. The other Lego Mario stuff is still on backorder.
  6. Oh yeah, my nephews Lego Mario came in on Monday. Cool box, haven't obviously opened it because it's his b-day gift but his b-day isn't for another 20 days so he and I gotta wait till he opens it. He don't know he's getting I know he'll be surprised and will love it! Till then no show on the set but I have PO the propeller Mario suit and Cat Mario from Lego.com. I was late going to the website on Saturday and those were the only ones they had available to PO, rest were backordered and said it will ship out in 2 months. Not about that and the ones I PO'd are cheap at $13.99 a piece so no big to my wallet. The other I want I mean for my nephew are a bit pricey so it is sort of a blessing I didn't get them yet, lol.
  7. Nah, I'm good. Good luck on Saturday, in showing up. I think I remember hearing you might show up for the Saturday, am I wrong?
  8. @Ridley Prime: I missed that line in the online section. I read the first 3 points but yeah that line sounds like besides the stuff they fixed above that will will actually look into P2P connection issues. That is very interesting.
  9. I was so busy this morning I bypass this notification on my phone. Thought to look through my phone to find out it is this. Well Nintendo you have put us or me for the matter on roller coaster with delivery news this year. With a new Paper Mario and now this, that was a part of the rumored games to come out this year along with Mario 35th anniversary. From this point till the end of the year Nintendo, we Gucci now. Whatever you may show disappointing or not I will not doubt what you have to offer no more. This mean what was foretold will occur in time and we must have patience. I'll see ya in 3 weeks Nintendo for next news delivery, whether it be by tweet or direct. All will be revealed.
  10. Okay, PB. Will start at 9pm and whoever comes that will be great.
  11. I heard it was indefinitely. I had forgot when it was suppose to be completed and to hear it was 2023, sounds soon but with this delay who knows when it will be completed. It's not a matter of when they start because its obvious with the state of the world but when we first heard that these Nintendo Worlds were being built it seem like such a long time till we had our own on our continent. The wait will be agonizing now.
  12. Cool. Tho the arena on these nights will be set to friends only, it shouldn't be too much issue to gather few have come by here time to come to the arena. Like I said mention that person day of or week of night and that should get the word out of ppl here to fill up the arena. Either case with the streams Krazy does, if anyone asks we can make them join us if we feel short or whatever.
  13. Yeah, I know I make long winded post from time to time but this is sort of important about the doing the Iron Man Challenge every first Saturday of the month to keep things fresh. Friends only arena along with overall round wins to brag they won the challenge for the month. What do you guys think?
  14. Okay, I've been thinking about how to implement a Iron Man challenge for a more streamline experience and also where it doesn't out stay its welcome. We do this once a month, every first Saturday of the month and to ensure that the experience is streamline for all, we make the arena friends only. This makes it easier for us to to keep the rif raft out and to communicate with ppl who come on to these nights, like Surge, Eil, Marx, and Raikou. That way with all these guys we're friends with here and on Discord, to better state who is using which character on Discord. I'll make the arena up to 8 players that night only for friends so if anyone on Krazy's stream wants to hop in can either of us a FR to get in the arena, if there's room. Also to make for bragging rights and I should of done this last night, Not only will I keep track of what characters are used but who wins each round. The one who wins the most rounds of the challenge gets to brag for the month that they won Ultimate Iron Man Challenge on Ninfora! The next Iron Man Challenge will be on September 5th and we will call that Iron Man Challenge #1. We can all spread the word by mention here who wants to be part of the challenge and who available day of or week leading up to the challenge to give ppl notice. (That part is trial in progress of notice) So what do you guys think?
  15. I'd say was tonight was a resounding success of the Iron Man Challenge/Smashdown. I'm glad I kept track which character was being used but I'd say we all had some good memory of who was used, it was just remember when in the night to make sure who was used like me and the Miiswordfighter and Pac-Man being used by Eli tonight. GGs.