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  1. I'll be on tonight.
  2. Finally, this game is coming out. It was suppose to come out the first month the Switch came out or so and since then there hasn't been much as in updates, until recently and now this news. This is great news and I'm really look forward to finally playing this title.
  3. DLurkster

    Nintendo Download: Game. Set. FUN!

    Game. Set.FUN! Not one of your best download header titles. I get it but no. I'll be coping Mario Tennis Tomorrow. Can't wait!
  4. DLurkster

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    For those like me who didn't PO on time time to get the Wayfinder edition of this, it is back on stock on Amazon.com. https://www.amazon.com/Octopath-Traveler-Wayfarers-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B07BC326XK Though, this is the us version, it still ships to Canada. I just went ahead get this here. Just have to see what the taxes will, I already see what the import will cost (which is not bad) but this will be worth it, just based how close we're to launch. I'd paying $90 dollars just for the game up here in Canada, so what's another $40. (which what I think it would cost to get this edition in Canada anyways)
  5. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I watched the vid, PB. What I found intriguing about the column is that idea for for Smash Ultimate materialized around dec 2015, a few months after Iwata passing and months before the release of last DLC for Sm4sh. Man, I can I Iwata smiling down on us from heaven that gave Sakurai the courage to take on this development. In a weird way, tho we may have never had Smash with Iwata, his passing still did not deter Sakurai to make the most ambitious Smash ever. Thank you, Iwata and thank you Sakurai. You honor us with all that you do.
  6. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    With all the stages and characters coming back to Ultimate, this is the same with Music? I ask because since Brawl each stage have a MyMusic section but what I want to focus on is the battlefield and Final Destination stages past music on that stage. We can see the music name of each song what of Smash game it came from, like; Final Destination (melee). So when music for Battlefield and Final Destination for Smash for Wii U is displayed, what would show? Would it be Final Destination Super Smash Bros. or would it be Smash 4? I'm curious what will be shown as the name for that song. @EH_STEVE I don't know what man that isn't doing that with Zelda's new look in Ultimate.
  7. I heard in Gameexplain review that the story mode can be completed in 3 hrs, that's probably why. And I believe with the footage I seen with what you do to go from stage to stage beating certain number enemies, rackets and only have to set games against CPU opponents. But I guess is how you finesse it, if can be longer but this varies on your skill level. Also, all of the scores of this game is not complete because of the online and to most like MK, it is all about the online so. I see the scores going up by one point or so with the revised review on Friday with online update and proper environment to really test the online.
  8. True since MKDS, they been splitting cup between new and old but I don't look at that as the evolution to the Ultimate version to MK. As for how the content coming in those bi-monthly releases make since with new racers then bring back all the races. I would not like to see that with the karts, this would be perfect for new courses as if this is ultimate version there would be no reason for retro or new courses cause majority will be old courses anyways. So this make more sense for those to be released slowly like that than all at once or asking and waiting for new stuff.
  9. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Okay, this vid reminds what you're describing. Yeah, it does the back forth like you and I mentioned but I see that it follows whoever his near. And oh yeah remember the indiscrimination of the red shell. It's funny all I remember is the back forth and not really the homing. I know that's what they do but all I remember is the back and forth. Also, green shells only go back and forth unless it bounces from stage steps or close quarter wall. What we call back and forth is different because I don't call green shells bouncing off walls as back and forth. I don't want to shot red shells down completely but again with the stage in Smash now I just don't know how that will work stage with wacky layouts and transitioning stages as well.
  10. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Oh, in the original Smash I know that's what the red shell did so basically it did what the blue shell does in Smash 4 follow player? Wow, I cannot believe I'm asking this. I really don't remember the red shell in Melee. I have to see vid in this action, I don't doubt I just need to see this for myself.
  11. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Wait the red shell was in Melee?!? Are you sure it isn't just the original? And even it returns, why would anyone want it back it just went back and forth in one area of the stage. Plus with how dynamic stages are in Smash, it would even make it more pointless to.
  12. I don't count MK8DX as cannon for series of a whole so I look at the next MK as the one and possible only coming to Switch. As for the Ultimate route, I'd like it but with the last iteration of MK thrown in characters not featured in MK, does this Ultimate version not only bring back ever racer, course, mode and more characters not normally found in MK? As much I'd like the above, if feel you can't please everyone once you go the Ultimate route. The next Smash game is a dream but there's still the few would like more, so the more we get with MK, the more ppl want even more. At some point line as to be drawn in what we really want in Ultimate version of a game. Plus, the folks who make MK is different than brain child of Sakurai, they just cannot compare in how content those two series bring out. So I kind of doubt we will even get a Ultimate. Again, I'll like it but it just does seem feasible with history of the series so far.
  13. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Wanna place to see how all the characters play in Ultimate, here's a vid of them all in numerical order courtesy of IGN.
  14. DLurkster

    CONFIRMED Pokemon Switch coming soon

  15. DLurkster

    FORTNITE now available on Switch!

    Sony's real reason for no cross-play with Nintendo Switch. http://ca.ign.com/articles/2018/06/19/fortnite-cross-play-block-is-because-of-money-claims-former-sony-boss