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  1. I seen those missions too, I didn't wanna look or tackle the ones I can do so I did some and I still need 5 more as oppose of the 8 before. Also, I feel the more I do the more I feel that if like 2-3 away will seem impossible and why I tried. We will see if more come up, like 2 more coming up will help me with some I know can do eventually down the road. The mission about reading monthly newsletter, I've been already signed with Nintendo but all I get is survey email for game I recently purchased. I don't think those count toward a mission as their no. Has anyone receive monthly ne
  2. The 35th SMB anniversary Special Splatfest ended 4hrs ago and it was determined an hour ago that Super Mushrooms won it all. As I said I was a Super Star and from the very started I kept encounter other Super Star players, it was till early this morning I encounter consistent Super Mushroom player. From start to finish I would say I won 50% of Super Star matched and same goes for Super Mushrooms as well, and there's the end results that I contributed to the cause. I know better with Splatfest to keep going when you reach the max fan level for the side you are on, especially when th
  3. This Saturday I won't be on Smash because of the special Super Mushroom vs Super Star Splatfest in Splatoon 2. Unless I get tired of losing streak in the Splatfest and want to trade on for fun with Smash or another type of losing in Smash, I might come by. There's like 20% chance that might happen. So someone else have to host for sure.
  4. Call me gullible but I believe this twitlonger. I know ppl can say he posted pretty quick but say all of this 24hrs after his first one is very commendable and I respect courage it took say all of this. From how he felt he was drowning, that the accusations should of been reciprocated. (it is a 2 way street) Then again it sort of comes down to he said they said. So I don't know in this situation who is in the wrong with what was shared and what was withhold but I appreciate that Andre noticed there could of been a mix up with that, not backing himself up incase anyone says that is convenient t
  5. First 150cc race of 2021! I gonna change things up by playing with characters I normally don't play with and kart setups as well. I sort of did that with a character last week. I wanna see if I can get different results if I change what I think works for me in races.
  6. I just want PO physically but I can't seem to find it all that well in the US and of course no luck on Canadian websites. Just have to wait but this game is so beautiful. I wanna seem more I am looking forward to its release but all was show is what we know of Pokemon Snap take pictures, is there anything more. I'll try not to be let down if that's all there is but a pretty games isn't gonna dazzle me for long.
  7. Probably seen on Twitter but Andre responds in spectacular fashion. I can't say I agree that not saying anything at would better than this statement but there's nothing here that address the allegations. I don't know what to think of everything going on with GX, I hope with time he realize this sounds very empty with no regards to those who he called his 'friends' but if it took this long just to say this seems like a pipedream. I think this is it until he pushed to say something real because this isn't it, chief!
  8. I thought it odd the translation would be God Slayer Bowser from Fury Bowser in English As I said it was sick so I literally went with it despite my doubts.
  9. Since we're all going down memory lane... (and I am sure we did this 20th anniversary thread and any Pokememory lane thread involving Pokemon) My first Pokemon game was in Gen 2 with Pokemon Gold. I played the gen 1 Blue thanks to my cousin but I never owned the game so I don't count that experience as my own. Plus I don't have that much fondness for Gen 1 like I do for Gen 2 since it was all of mine own. I owned in total 2 GB, I do remember which one I played Gold on... should be easy one to remember which GB, it's either the LCD black and while not the the greenish tint on screen
  10. They call Fury Bowser in Japan God Slayer Koopa, that is so sick sick! Also, meant to post this for a while here but with SM 35th anniversary pin#2 mission most probably knew way from the start of the celebration or recently of the Splatoon 2 special SM 35th anniversary Splatfest of Super Mushroon vs Super Star this Friday to Sunday. I gonna be playing in it this weekend, it just makes sense to be a Super Star, so that's who I'll be on.
  11. Well Mario finally is getting the super in super saiyan, huh? What is sort of odd is that the Saiyans are based on monkey and for Mario is is cat, still cool and they both have tails. @alienboyva: Forgot about the 2nd pin set for a sec, it says I have 8 of the 15 missions done but I can't see how I can catch up with even a purchase of SM3DW + BF. Most of the mission expired and from what I can see there isn't a lot now I can do now as missions, hmm? I really want those pins. The rare times I am out I wear those pins on the jackets I wear and I get asked wher
  12. Shorter video than the one in the OP but don't know if the vid there just keeps going on and on and on.... I did suspect something was off when the new hires were brought into GX, I thought it was addition but later found out it was to replace the previous crew who went their separate ways. Little did I knew it was under pleasant circumstances. No matter how Andre continues to stay silent about this is not good, you don't want what happened with Smash players sexual allegations. The longer you wait the more to some you will be guilty of allegation and no one will believ
  13. The first player I picked was FE character Chrom, played him once and I think Roy was played 3 times after Chrom. As I recall you went straight to Sonic first, my assumption from your post below was to first play FE for 15-30 minutes. My bad on the when but I played and did the length from the start. You did play FE a bit later, tho you said to play FE characters you didn't say when even tho you said how long. Could of been mistake there, just stating what happened.
  14. GGs. Tonight was the double random stage/character selection with a side of lag.
  15. I remember about next week, Krazy. Well back with news later than I thought but I will be on time.
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