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  1. You don't know how funny this is in reference of this game.
  2. The only thing I agree with Bowser puns (if you can call them puns) is anything relating to Bowsette. Never liked how that blossomed like it did. Anything like Doug Funny "Doug" is acceptable but I hope Bowsette will fade from memory.
  3. PB brah, go back to the previous page and you will see where this iconic image is from gamewise.
  4. Well here's my answer to my last question from this post. https://gonintendo.com/stories/333672-nick-chavez-becomes-nintendo-s-new-senior-vice-president-of-sales
  5. It took a sec to register the above image in mind and....we can dream but I'm trying real hard not to expect too much from this tweet DLC wise.
  6. DLurkster

    Smash Saturdays Returns! Joker theme 4/20

    Yeah, I plan to play. I'll host, got all out theme to go with Joker.
  7. @The Krazy One: Funny that all the highlights of you winning but that's okay. I'm glad you were able to save those replays before the 3.0 update.
  8. Ah, this is a reported thing: https://gonintendo.com/stories/333374-rumor-joker-s-final-smash-may-be-causing-softlock-issues-in-smas
  9. I feel like that was Joker's way of showing off (the show's over) his FS. I really thought for second it was suppose to do that too, lol.
  10. Oh yeah, Katana Zero comes out today, gotta get that.
  11. This and I agree with your assessment of those character mentions do not help a lot but everything else you mention with neutral b, side b and down b is how you should play him. Love his up air is like Sheik and I love sheik.
  12. I don't want it to be but E3 is still technically spring so we might get the release date of Cadence of Hyrule there and around that time.
  13. As much as I want Cuphead, I want to get physical copy of the game. I just really want this game physical so I'll wait for that, whenever it releases.
  14. This has been bothering me that I could remember the name of this remix battle theme of for XC2 before that update fix the voices in battle drown the music. I think it's a great remix to the original. Best lyric is MEEEE!!!!
  15. I while getting ready for work this morning I was finally able to DL update and DLC Challenger pack. On separate not I though, I started to play classic mode with Joker and this happened.