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  1. We waited so long for the story DLC and we find out it is coming out much sooner than anticipated. What happened to April?!? Even if this really side story to the 3 initial paths I want finish the 3 path. I just need to beat Edelgard and I'll be closer to finish my 2nd playthrough with BL.
  2. You know the part of the reveal trailer when Byleth comes back to Sothis and she rewards her. When I saw the three shinning color, why did I think it was SMT #FE characters tho. I think I would be more hype if Itsuki, Tsubasa and Touma Carnage form just dropped in. Even if it doesn't make sense I'd take it. But like some have been saying Byleth is not just anime sword user but they are anime bow, spear and axe user with not counter like Robin. Another thing in common with Robin is they are just as slow as Robin.
  3. Well Xander Mobus voices the announcer, Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Joker in the actually game. This game might as well be called Super Persona Emblem Bros.
  4. Thought to post this here. I know Sakurai said mostly nobody from Nintendo knew Byleth was the last DLC character of first fighter pass but how do you release this video the same hour when the presentation comes out, huh? Secret my ass but I looking forward to playing in a few weeks on February 13th.
  5. Also I looked to see if this is real in the vid and it is not someone must of photoshopped his pinky because the middle finger is up that's accurate but the pinky was in this exact shot. I slowed down the video to make sure, even tho it was not necessary to do so.
  6. I watched the reveal on my lunch break. Like Shadow118 I'm mixed too but the only difference is I played FE: TH and completed GD about to finish BL. So I don't know that tells anyone that where I stand is still unique that I'm happy for Byleth in Smash but at the same there's too many goddamn FE character. Nothing against the series and three housed is a great game but. I'm miffed by all of this that I am at the moment uncertain if I'll purchase the Vol. 2 fighter pass but we will see in the coming weeks and when I play Byleth if that changes.
  7. Yes they did. What's funny about all of this that even tho there are the ppl who are upset with this reveal. I think most of those ppl joke that Byleth would be character. That's what makes this all the more funnier than it should be, lol.
  8. I was thinking the same thing and was gonna put that in my last post but I wanted to make exception to that because the accent in the UK is unique. It's still English other than speaking English with origin of country language is not English like France. Just a observation not that it need to be there.
  9. There's been a rumor going about that relevance of amiibo is on the down turn more again. We knew Richter and Dark Samus were being made but I forget when we knew of their release date since then we have not heard of any more release date of amiibo despite it was confirmed that DLC amiibo will be made. Just like with the Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta I wonder if if will take a while to get over right issue and stuff before manufacturing them. I don't see them retracting their statement about DLC amiibo is not a thing regardless of amiibo relevancy. But there's no denying the relevancy of amiibo, I wonder if that will be factor for the future of amiibo moving forward this year following Richter and Dark Samus.
  10. GGs @TKrazyO, @purple_beard and @The Albraskan. Yesterday we mark that day as the last day of, 'we still have no clue who the last DLC fighter'. Let it be till morning.
  11. Hmm, it just occurred to me that every since Sakurai have been doing these video presentation, he always show the amiibo who release pretty soon. I should of seen that as the only constant about the presentation. As we all know Sakurai is really unpredictable so it is rare that keeps a pattern as obvious a that as a constant with him. This presentation should of been predicted before the release of the amiibo this Friday and anyone would be lucky but predicting the day is 1/16 so that is not so much a big odds to miss that tho.
  12. Nah, won't be on voice. I was only on it because of Krazy and stream really. If there's one person VC sure but if no one wants to that's cool with me too. Joining the chat and making arena.
  13. Yeah just chllin' till 10:30 when you are ready.