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  1. Rest in Peace 2007-2018

    Yeah, I was a member but for I can relocate I was barely on there. I don't even remember when I became a member but I went by "Fella".
  2. Rest in Peace 2007-2018

    Huh, I still had the tab open for to see when the site will die. I think it may have been a week or two ago where I seen that the page no longer loads. It only took 2+ years to finally catch hint to die. I do agree what pichi said about the real RIP 2008-2011. NS2 was lit but it had it share of issues back then nothing perfect. My journey with NS2 began back in 2007 when I was 21 and named myself darklink2111, back before the pre-brawl hype. Took hiatus back in 2011 to 2013 where I returned and 3 years later boom, we had enough of CG shenanigans. I have mostly great memories of NS2 but despite that, I'm glad it can truly rest in piece.
  3. Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Nothing special. Just Waddle Dee.
  4. Hmm, I would like the crab divine beast for Zora domain. Loving the early looks King Zora, Horse god and some of the locales around Hyrule. It's so fascinating look at what if concepts for Zelda games before officially release. It's what make appreciate my Hyrule Historia and Arts and Artifacts, looking at this amaze at what came to be and what we missed.
  5. Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    Great, I was gonna come her and say I won't forget play Smash tonight but tomorrow night is a no go, any sort of gaming. So missed another night unless someone wants to join me. The hell is my NNID again....oh I remember it Acnologia. Damn I hope I got the spelling right.
  6. Oh the new user who joined us last Thursday is another fellow Canadian, eh? @DoubleGunzWhere do you hail from? I'm in Toronto.
  7. I've heard of this guy, don't know much about him. Though I've hear about this dispute so since I don't know much about the guy, I don't have opinion about title being stripped but seeing that this been gaming news for while the stripping of the title wasn't taken lightly. However this went down, it most likely was deserved.
  8. Didn't know you guys would miss me in the game, in Discord yeah I'm a hoot there. My thought is that I'm in back of the races most times so I imagined you guys wouldn't even know I'm there, lol. Again, that's not why I can't play just really busy of late, not much time to play video games. I'll be back once life isn't so busy.
  9. Like last Thursday, I wasn't on (sorry should said something) the same tonight. Just thought to have the courtesy to say I'm not coming on tonight.
  10. Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    I would if I could but my Wednesday nights are busy, it why I have done any MKDX8 on those night. On Mondays, I can make up nights I missed, I should of done that for this past Monday for last week Smash I missed. Lot of making up to do.
  11. Mega Man X Legacy Collection hitting Switch

    Tho, Capcom dun screwed up again with cart situation. The easiest way to get this game is to go digital but I know some want it physical so looks like we're stuck with stupid mandate for a while.
  12. Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    ^Oops. This totally slipped my mind and the funny thing is when I made that post, there was a part of me that thought I might forget. I must of forgot that I forgot, if that makes any sense. Plus I didn't even specified time, which would been the 9-10pm time, anyways.
  13. I am disappointed in the internet.

    Ppl should of seen by the topic maker, this thread was not going to be serious. This PB we're talking about, it's in his damn signature. No offense, PB.
  14. Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    Smash tonight?
  15. What AB said. I've said this before to surge to have fun but for him and what this game means to him, that is easier said then done. So I'll leave it at that.