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  1. I've been playing a few different games in battery draw power, the biggest one were BotW and FE:TH in handheld mode. (the longer ones) So a full charge from 10 this morning till now is about 7 so hours. Also add in the fact I'm still redownloading games from my eShop account. I did not change the default auto brightness, the general brightness or sound settings. I'd say that is quite the improvement in battery life with all that going on. Besides the titles, DLing background also draw a lot battery power too. Imagine if I on airplane mode 7hrs is good chunk of the day so I can see this going another 2hrs. This is actually living up to that 9hrs of battery life as advertised.
  2. Good thing I caught this now, my new Switch battery is about to die. Not much to say in how long it lasted as when you get new electronics it never comes with a full battery. It was at 40% when I got and is at 2% from this after noon. As soon as this battery dies, I resume the Ultimate DLC DL, which should be soon.
  3. @purple_beard: Any Ultimate tonight? I got the new Switch the better battery life. Let me know by 9pm because I'm redownloading my games and the DLC for Ultimate is a bit of away before it gets there. If you let me know by 9PM, I can stop w/e it is DLing currently to DL the DLC for Smash.
  4. It's funny that my last post coincide with me also trading in my old Switch with the new one. I got back the grey joy-cons. I'm not against the color per se but I prefer to have matching color joy-cons. I already another pair of joy-cons with are the neo blue pair so I do still have color joy-cons.
  5. If anyone purchase a Switch in the last month, (July 16th) you can ship that Switch and you'll receive the Nintendo Switch V2 in return. I do not think this is a limited time offer but Nintendo will check when the Switch you bought was purchased to make sure it was bought after July 16th but that is about it, proof wise.
  6. To add to this, you can increase the amount of adjucant when you raise your professor level. So you can add more characters who are weaker in level with stronger characters to gain experience. For and me my plus 4 with Golden Deer it is Felix, Petra, Catherine and Cyril.
  7. I just logged in now, good thing I just caught this now, lol.
  8. @purple_beardIt's been a while, any ultimate tonight? Pending if I don't get pulled in FE: TH, I'm almost done one house. Not that saying will make any difference from stopping in playing another house but I really want to see the end of this game. Let me know.
  9. The end is the best part. Seteth is the best doting fodder this game deserves. For real?!? What were doing at the loading screens?!? Did you walk away and did something else while the game loads?!?
  10. #MakeGoldenDeerGreatAgain. ------ For me and the Charm ball, I always had my eye on Petra and she won me the ball. I had lot of charm and maybe her too, not sure on the last part.
  11. Look here: https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/gameplay/pokejobs/
  12. We first need either Galarian form for Farfetch'd please and/or another evolution line. It just occurred to me, do these Galarian forms have gigantamazing forms as well?
  13. Ugh, Galarian forms. Every new region we go now is gonna have region form, how original. I'm not hating on the new life it brings to older Pokemon, it is that this just a lazy way to inflate the Pokedex (this outside national dex, I'm neutral on the subject) but here we go so this definitely thing going forward with Pokemon now. Just gotta accept it now. I don't the look of Team Yell but that is the most uninspired name for a team yet. They literally could of called this this team !!! and it still would mean yell in some degree. Top hat Weezing is something I thought never need but it fancy now, it fancy. Love the whole regional form line for Zigzagoon, that is just awesome. Also is this the first regional form that has new evolution line ever?!? Forget the name of the hangry look Pikachu but that is also cool. That and that corgi Pokemon are must for my team already. ------- I wondered if this was anticipated or pure coincidence? Like Pichi said these are superfans, you know the fans who go crazy during the FIFA cup kind. Makes sense with setting of the region.