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  1. Even if this wasn't a Smasdown night, I want to stick to similar themes. Bats and baseball don't have much to to do with the tomfoolery that is April Fool's. We have the tricky items like Bumpers, Stopwatch and Franklin's Badge. Add in no percents and this really sets a tone of what not to expect to some degree like April Fool's to an extent.
  2. I missed the Wal-mart one this morning and I got there within 10 minutes. Sold out. The BBY one within 20 minutes and it was still in stock (I think they had more stock, Wal-mart came back and sold out again) Also, no FOMO why I got this and I rather get as a trade, there just won't be any to trade the day it sales. Tho, I would like answer if I should PO but I was left with no choice with how I know the stock works with these things. Man, selling my V2 Switch just have to see how that goes.
  3. Pretty much. I knew the reason this game was taking this long was because some crazy new mechanics, well here they are! Like the original game, its physics had to be constantly tested. These mechanics had to be thoroughly tested to make sure no bugs popped up. This concept seems limitless but because of that a lot of testing had to be done to make sure nothing glitchy happens. So cool how this turn out and their hard work is gonna pay off.
  4. My opinion but despite how these JC look to you I think they are better than the Skyward Sword pair. (and I really like those JC too) I don't see to me how the Skyward Sword JC look better than these but to each their own. Yeah, there was some symmetry (if you can call it that with Skyward Sword JC with the sword symbol and shield symbol around but those JC were two different colors in another way than these JC) Skyward Sword JC. But these ones are just on another level when it come to the intricacy of the controller and color, to me. I get why it is like this. So as you said you don't get it so that is a part of the reason why you don't like these JC, to each their own again.
  5. Pretty much happened, you can't really spoil something that you are simply expanding previously on like the mechanics of this game. I believe I said, I have reason to get this but in recent weeks of playing my V2 Switch of 2019 portably. Thee battery isn't what it used to be, it's probably been like that a while and it didn't helped that the system was always in the dock when fully charged too. That said, I also said this is not a bad looking system but my Switch is fine and I don't need multiple systems. The battery not as good as I remember, has shift me to get this. Tho, I don't play portable often, it's still worth it to get. (There's something off with the controller, too much going on with the black, gold and the white. If it was gold and white or gold and black but there's something weird going on that I am not vibing with that controller) I want to trade in the Switch I have now for this system. Would that even be possible in how hard it will be to get?!? Do I just sell my older Switch once I get this OLED system all up and running? What should I do?
  6. I tried this out and there wasn't anything outlandish that shouldn't be. I'll say this, the one match I played with teams was a different kind of fun, I have yet to experience in Smash, probably more without the percents. It looks weird not seeing it, just as the match is about the start but like 3 seconds, I'm so focused on the match I forget it is not there.. It goes to show where one mind goes in Smash, I know we probably still experience from time to time but we definitely experience the very first time playing Smash, 'where's my character on the stage?' I feel no matter how long you played Smash, there are things we pay attention more or less in the match like hazards, items, cooldowns, hitboxes, wind up, go to moves, time, and stock. Anyone can list what they monitor more than the other but this is what I am talking about, when I mentioned the percents were gone than a few seconds later, I'm just back in the fight, fighting. This Saturday should be interest to see how the matches play out with this and these items in the mix at high. Like I said, it's a different kind of fun.
  7. Well, went to the eShops of the 3DS/Wii U, one last time. (less than 20 minutes from this post till finito time) I know the Wii U sometimes share same theme songs for the shop but both of them are playing the same song. One echoes from the right and another from the left. Tho, I play my Wii U like maybe 2 twice a year at most, I am surprised by my 3DS case guard looking crusty. It' so crusty the once somewhat clear case is almost as yellow as my Majora's Mask N3DSXL. Not sure that would happen in time or it the system being close to yellow made it happen. The reason I am surprised, I play my 3DS a little more than my Wii U. Like I recall playing my 3DS this past summer and Fall for Pokemon related stuff, how did I not notice the crustiness there? I'm sure it was there and maybe I just ignore to notice it, maybe? Oh shit, this is closing down too. I get what you mean. The 2 heavily bought stuff I got in the was the badges from the Nintendo Badge Arcade and then the fucking themes. I have so many. I like to match the badges I got with the themes I get. It really sells the atmosphere I was in with a game series love and everything EDIT: So, I counted how many themes I have, i have 107, lol. Yeah, I knew I had a problem but daaaaammmmmmnnn. And my overall badge total is under 1000 at 960, lol. Man, I took for granted what I bought to decorate my 3DS, huh? Yeah, it's no wonder with the 10 theme shuffle, every time I close and open or leave the main menu and come back it would shuffle thru 10 of the ones I chose it to go to. How did I every decide on the 10 now out the over 100 themes I have?!?
  8. What game are you talking, that 10 minutes is enough in BotW like game? Maybe 20 minutes but no one wants to to show 20 minutes of game, no matter the length. So 10 minutes is a good comprise, of course what is shown is vital not to spoil but enough to maybe go over some game mechanics we seen in trailers so far. That pretty much what we may see. I guess me be a big Zelda fan I want more but at the same time I can predict what can be shown in that time. Even so, if you only played BotW and no Zelda game, 10 minutes is not enough for how big TotK. Again, still comes down what they show that is absolutely vital to show in that time.
  9. I got Radiant Historia Prefect Chronology a few years after it was released on 3DS. A great game, great combat, great story and great flow to the story. I've yet to finish it. The 3DS/Wii U eShop closes 5pm PT/8pm ET tonight, BTW.
  10. I think since I got my Majora's Mask 3DS handheld in 2015, I had 32GB and over the year and I think sometime after the Switch launched, I think that 32GB is nearly full. So tho, I get the FOMO of not getting what ppl think they need to get till its no more but I guess I just had the time before this point, that I got what wanted out of 3DS, so I made my peace with the 3DS eShop closing down. Don't get me wrong it's sad and tho I get it, one can't get sentimental at the times or now what we're gonna missed with 3DS/Wii U eShop closing down tomorrow.
  11. *E. Gadd chuckle* So when you mentioned to me last night Krazy, that you couldn't credit me the money for Runbow. I went to purchase Runbow but I see it says it is purchased so I went to see if I purchased. I couldn't find the game. Looking into it more deeper, the reason I couldn't find like I usually find games is because for some reason Runbow was archive or deleted off my system. Stuff removed on Switch goes in the 0mb, as in removed. Switch files start from the highest to lowest. Once you get thru the lowest file, all the games you removed is next, I hardly go that far unless I intend to install it back. So I found Runbow there and install it back. One thing I am trying to figure out this game can't be very big so why was it removed for, room? It can't be but whatever it is inconsequential what matters is that I have Runbow so yeah I have Runbow, lol.
  12. So I was thinking about this for a while for the Team Smashdown items and it came to me; stopwatch! I recall for a theme I think before the new year of this year, I was thinking what symbolize time and anew and the stopwatch came to mind. The stopwatch works here be tricky that some of the time it slows your opponents down but in rare cases it can slow the user down and all your opponents move at regular speed. This think came to mind of think of something like Majora's Mask making your controls backwards or spear pillar with the legendary Pokemon who do that to you. This kind of time manipulation with stopwatch and when the user might slow down instead of your opponents, is a sort risk/reward. Especially with the items on high for the bumper and Franklin's Badge. That said, tho I think all those items with stopwatch on high, I will test these parameters out and I just report here how it went, I don't think a vid is necessary to show how the results went.
  13. @purple_beard: I haven't heard anything from similar to Eli but he thought he got back to me and I am thinking this the same with you? As I, Initially said I didn't hear what some said what their availability is for April Fool's night? Could be that you don't have a definitive answer till close to the day, that is fine but at least let me know that. I will give me time, if we need another player and tho Eli said to postpone the next following week. As I said in the quote above I really want to to play this special Team Smashdown, it just wouldn't be the same to play any Smashdown this month. That's where I stand. Let me know you status, PB as soon as you can for this Saturday. Thank you.
  14. That's true but the reason why digital games aren't cheap (not just this one) is because in order to make sure there's parity between retail video game price and digital, the price must always be the same. So the retail price will always reflect what digital price will, it's a retail business law that states it to be so. Exception to this case is if either side of retail is having a sales, one price can stay what it usually is and other can be some percent off. The only time both retails prices go down is holiday sales like Christmas time. And about the cheaper cost to put on digital it goes further, yes money is saves but only to the publisher and not the consumer when it comes to what you mentioned with medium media (carts and discs), packaging and the piece of the pie they pay retailers to sell inventory. I think you know this because of this the publisher don't get all the profits so with how that goes, and rising costs in development, it's no wonder video game prices gone up and the expectations of sales projection is higher than it probably needs. But you add in all those factors from what publishers pay retailers and I see why hings are out of wack. Just because I see it and understand doesn't necessarily I agree but everyone is trying to make a profit fairly where things are just rising in the most grossing entertainment business out there. So things are gonna be like this for a while before things get better. It is also why, Playstation and Xbox are going for a digital future with their consoles and had these options. They are slowing going for this future because it is a lot better for their pockets to go digital as I mentioned, us consumers just won't see like the publisher are going about saving when putting games digitally.
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