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  1. Added you. Same here, that I have the basic plan for now. I've seen a lot vids where you can deposit lots of Pokemon in to Sw/Sh but before the expansion pass just doesn't seem worth it depending on your premium subscription. Like because of the 100 and so moves removed from the latest gen the Pokemon you caught in the pass their moves are not usable. Yeah you can use the guy in Pokemon Centre replace it but if you set your Pokemon with specific moves for certain strategy, that honestly just throws a wrench with all the effort of raising that way, imo. I hope the 200+ they add back they bring back some those removed moved, with how the metagame is now is balanced with Pokemon and the moves but with Home now and 200+ that will change the meta and they must make changes to accommodate that, right? Plus as I said can do the moves from Bank to Home and then Sword and will take care most of the work of sorting Pokemon and adding moves but with 200+ coming, I have to do that all over again. So I'm fine with the basic for now pay for 3 months with the first and do all that I can there. I don't like doing things half-assed.
  2. I have added everybody here, anyone who have posted their code can add mine: PTJWUUXGYXLS.
  3. Nah, that won't work. As I said this NBA All-Star is the Weekend. Tonight is the Actual All-star game. We can do tomorrow night.
  4. @The Albraskan: You pretty much listed all the robot I would know for Nintendo. I would choose Ray MK II but I haven't played Custom Robo game. So I have to settle with R.O.B. I have built a relation with it that if the it were no more all of sudden I would feel sad. So yeah R.O.B. is my fave Nintendo Robot. 2nd place goes to Chibi-Robo, like alienboyva says, he's adorable. He was the first Robot I thought of when I think Nintendo, anyways. Also agree with Al the Divine beast as Robots but as someone who loves the Zelda series my bias should of chose them but like I said I don't see them as Robots. I obviously like their pilots more than their beast and there's particular pilot I like more than the other Champions, can any guess who that Champion is? P.S. Kezay starting the thread with a, 'yo, what up?' I thought I never see the day.
  5. Almost forgot to post here to update about tonight. I'll be over a friends' place to watch the Skills contest for the NBA-All Stars. Could multitask there but I rather do that in the comfort of my home. So not tonight.
  6. Here's a video on how Pokemon Home function with premium function when you do Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home @Art_de_Cat: You said app store so I provide the app store link. For some reason I had that trouble too find it on Google play, no matter how you type to search, it finds everything Pokemon and not Pokemon related. Like what is up with that? @DranSeasona: That where I got app store link through a tweet at Serebii, also sent you FR on home. Heads up I have not used Home, still have the basic, I won't get premium until the first expansion release in June. Might as well add from now, as I'll be adding tons more during that month.
  7. Since tomorrow is Valentine days, why don't go with setups with either red or pink in them tonight? @alienboyva you can be Kirby of course. To me it will be like any other day with my love Toadette but in kart she deserve the prancer, with the parasol and those white wooden wheels. How lovely for someone as lovely as her. <3.
  8. Huh, not about the destination but the journey. Hmm.. the friends we made Reggie, Miyamoto, Iwata, Kamiya, Musada, Koizumi, Trinen, Ishihara, Ohmori, and Sakurai. Those are the ppl I can name at the top of my head that have been in or host directs of all kind. The power of friendship is growing with me once said these names. Nice!
  9. Here: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/pokémon-home/id1485352913 https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/pokemon-home-switch/
  10. GF make this game exclusively for the Gameboy Color. I'll buy 50 copies.
  11. What I don't like is that there's a short wait period after putting the moving key before you can transfer the Pokemon game and I guess through Bank. (not shown in the video) Like Derrick says there's no progress bar to show what happens after putting the key. I'm not sure they will remedy but if most complain, I can see that being remedied. Also, Grand Oak is my fav professor now.
  12. First 15 minutes just Sonic themed? Okay I guess that makes sense, it would be pretty boring with those limited parameters. Oh wait the NBA-All-Star weekend is this weekend. Hmmmm...I might have to play portable that night.
  13. I agree with Kezay and will go with PB thoughts if there's no direct this month, then next month as to be for sure. By that point it is 3 months to E3, and directs at it's usual length of time between direct is 3 months pretty much since the passing of Iwata. I just can't recall the last time we had a direct in March, it must be over 2 years now. Since 2013 we usually have direct to start off the year in January. I believe everybody remembers that direct for better or for worse. Withe promise of the games that were shown but the worse part was some won't see release till 2016. So it would be really odd now to see a direct in March, if the rumor of 2 directs this month don't happen. One general and on AC variety. With news that Nintendo has not booked exhibition for this years ES has ppl thinking they are backing out of E3 too. We all don't know that like this direct drought, everything happens in due time and there's reason as well. Just gotta wait and see.
  14. Wow, I thought this game is 32 yrs old but that's based in Japan. The reason I was so sure is that date of date game when it came out NA said 1988, that is the same year my younger sister is born. I guess as kid I paid more attention to that date despite after 1988. That is so weird I thought 1988 is the year it came out in NA, lol. I feel so stupid for 30 yrs I thought this.