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  1. I was about to say, what about the new BPSP trailer, huh? Man, I gotta say everytime they show off the 4 gen remakes, it keeps looking better and better for some reason. Water while surfing looks awesome. And is that new ancient Pokemon for Pokemon Arceus Legends?!? Also more new stuff and Pokemon that I was already hyped for. We all saw the potential, the last showing got me onboard but I don't know what else can oversell me on this game already. Also, I think this game too is looking better as well.
  2. The above goes without saying but can be easier said than done to avoid rumor, it is up to any one person to no believe rumor, that is doable. All the same I heard the same thing, I am big KH fan so this would be a boon for me and just because it is a rumor I am not gonna put no faith in this in case it is true. I don't think I will be disappointed but I would be hurt but happy whoever the last character will be. Also, the same reason why I just kept this info to myself, that and anyone who's just on the net with games know about this rumor, as well.
  3. Funniest line in the video.... Sakurai: we don't Bayonetta to save the game? Nintendo:....Save? Truer lines never spoken at that time.
  4. Like I said on the MK8 night, I can't be happy nor excited for the remake Actraiser Renaissance, a game I never heard of, until that Direct. Now this inquiry is not to get the game but to separate the real fans of from the posers. I've being hearing on the net the remake isn't that good, I'm either hearing vague tales of how bad it is or no further elaborations beyond it sucks. So which is it and can anyone who is a definitive fan answer why there seems to be a disparity in how this remake is good or not?
  5. Hmm, I wonder how many songs we're gonna get with this last character? Depending on the party affiliation, it could be 50 songs or it could be 10-15. There are only 2 fighters that got more than 30 and that is Terry and Kazuya. So who are getting and how many depending owner?
  6. I'm gonna say this now since everytime there's no Saturday Smash, there's an ask for Sunday night one. I do not do Sundays. Remember that.
  7. These theories have been floating around the next since this trailer released at the Direct. If you haven't played Bayo 1 don't watch this, as it spoil this for you as this may explain why ppl think this is a different version of Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3. The new VA may be a clue to this, at least for the English version.
  8. Might as comment tho I won't be available tonight to play. That is all possible PB with the last Sakurai presents on the 10/05 but this prospect to play as this new characters hold the Metroid in the example I am explaining means that the character will come out the same day as the present or days or a day before the next Smash Saturday. I'm not one to follow patterns but I keep track of releases dates of presents and then release of characters. For example the last fighter of DLC Pack 1 Byleth was release 2 week after the presents, most release within that time with the exception of Banjo-Kazooie the same day as the presents. So depend how things go in the next 3 weeks we can do this; if there's not enough players for Smashdown next week, why don't we postpone that will the new character release? The week after that we can do the Metroid theme, still pending tho if new character is released the same week, the prospect of new character and Metroid theme is a go but it is looking like that may not happen. Just structuring plans accordingly incase somethings don't line up. How does that sound.
  9. Bruh, what?!? and how?!? Yes backlog but still how?!? You need to get on this and not to add more to your plate; that DLC expansion you also need to play as well. It makes the single player aspect in this game ask; I am a joke to you? I don't care what you need to do, if you or your brother have spare gold coins buy that DLC. Ya, don't have to complete off the bat just buy it. Ya, just need 2000 coins to get, unless you were saving those coins for something if not.....
  10. Yeah, I beat the game on Wednesday night and what ride that game is. Yeah, you encapsulate all what this game is Eliwood8. The ending is a trip and I am not gonna say no more than that but if we someday see the conclusion of that game, it would be amazing tho.
  11. I seen that. Now, the thing is of course you have to be NSO member to buy these of Nintendo but how does that work to buy a controller from another region? Controller are not region locked so that is not issue. I think what it comes down to like making Japanese eShop account, you must use that log into MyNintendo and purchase it there, where another hiccup is the address. It's been a while but I can't recall if I put address for my JPN account on Switch. I'll check that in the coming day to probably prepare if it is manageable to purchase the mega drive controller. I will definitely try.
  12. Ay caramba with my internet tonight. Tho this is the first time at least when it comes to Thursday nights the internet went out on me but this month alone went down 5 times including the one before the race and the 2 during the races. Yeah, probably should of called my ISP about earlier but you interrupt MK night and you draw the line with me. Which is funny because last month the internet in my area went down for a few hours and I was compensated for the time I was down and now this month this crap. Coincidental, I don't know but I won't let them know about but to straighten out my internet because this is weirdly unacceptable. Good races nonetheless guys.
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