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  1. That said and it is true, arena set up with just 4 could get boring despite what lag could get involved. Waiting sucks but what can anyone do with that.
  2. Yeah, the battle arena can hold up to 8 ppl at time so that means if reach full capacity 4 will and the other 4 will have to wait till it's their turn to fight. I set it up that the 2 fighters that come in last will go in waiting for next ppl to fight. This will probably be constant because I have the arena open to public and not friends. As for Discord, it is optional but if want to join in, click the Discord icon on the top right-hand corner of Ninfora main page. If not registered, register and then find the SSB chatroom and the #SSB is for voice chat.
  3. I'm ready to go on tonight at 10pm. Sill a whatever theme. Still public on, no items, hazards on, and I'm turning FS meter on and amiibo functionality too.
  4. Don't be a tease, Kezay. You just not right when you haven't had your Snicker for the day. You feel better?
  5. I've been thinking about this series for a while and it is the first two Golden Sun games on the GBA. Those games were supposed to be one game anyways, why not remake it as one on the switch. To make this remake worth while, in the original games you played as the heroes in the first game and in the second game the antagonists. How about in the remake you choose who play as through the first two games. Camelot, who made Shining Force series in the second game had you play the bad guys as well. So why not with the remake you can play as the bad guys from the start till the end. Then that way you will see untold stories of why the actions of these guys were necessary. Combing these games as one is a great way to bridge the motives of each side and see new perspective that was previously unseen. Also with this remake, in the original 2nd game you couldn't go back to the world map in the first, now that area can be open. As for if the rest of the world being opened from the start, doesn't have to be as all the action mostly happened in the first world map. You can have cinematic play parts that weren't in the first game like the Mars clan and have maybe the town explorable and that's about it. I would like this so we can have a measure if Camelot would want to finish the series, last we heard they are very dishearten to make another Golden Sun game.
  6. I played some of demo haven't made to the boss yet but yeah, I've died twice in the desert but I feel it is because the that choosing each characters action based on speed is tripping me up. I default for fun when once I get how to damage the enemies. I blame TMS #FE and the round character/enemies indicating who will attack, lol. Also only does the enemies spawn fast, (which is not too bad to me) but they run to damn fast. Maybe because this a demo is why they are on the screen but we can hop they bring back random encounter back with frequency adjuster in the next demo before the game releases. I also suggest button for defaulting, like the shoulder button were used like that in Octopath Traveler, why can I use the left trigger to do that to make the battle go smoother and faster. Other than that I think that's the improvements they can make, that I played so far.
  7. Those were some action pack races. Despite what place I was in I kept getting some great items like stars to bullet bills to stars again. Got a super horn twice in row and a couple of crazy eights as well too.
  8. As sad as that is the US surpassing most case of coronavirus, this was inevitable with the population of a whole especially with lot of high densely populated cities, late to flattening the curve and last but not least some ppl just not social distancing and just staying home, unless you need essential needs.
  9. What if the the first minute of this video was reality? Would you be fine because of the world situation and just looking out for Sakurai's health?
  10. I heard about that but that's not too upsetting for the Bioshock collection as those are 3 huge games, sort of split on how they went about Boarderlands. The one to be really offended by is X-COM. Damn, I just hope outside of the DL they performance are worth this additional cost if anyone goes physical.
  11. Same here. It's not that I wanted nor expected more 1st party titles but outside the situation of the world; game dates were shown even tho they are ports of games ppl already probably own, its coming to Switch and the option is there to purchase it there, if you like.
  12. Glad some release dates were shared but what was missing and why this direct was a mini despite what was shared is Bayonetta 3 and No More Heroes 3. I think that about it Nintendo exclusive wise. As for any new Mario or BotW 2 news that has to be E3, if either will come out this year. Whether this Mario game is another 3D sandbox or another Paper Mario, (we are due as for some reason we get new PM games every 4 years?) even with that said I don't know how likely new Mario game is but outside of AC:NH, there isn't a lot of new games from Nintendo this year outside of a remake with Xenoblade Chronicles; which looks awesome and I'm getting that collection edition. So random thoughts: That Ninjala game looks like it was run 30 FPS, the running character looked so slow but it looks fun at least. Bravely Default II, looks really really good still sticking to the original art direction but now in HD, DLing that demo. I predict fall 2020 release, I was gonna expect a release date but with this demo, we are most likely not seeing this game to much later in the year. Love the good Job! game. A lot of confirmed ports from 2K and Altus, those weren't that surprising but are great additions to the Switch. I'm hyped for a ARMS character coming to switch but until we know more about the development, I'm less hyped than usual and I can't put my finger on it. If it does release this June, they can maybe easily get 3 of the 6 characters last 6 months of this year if the release them 2 months at time but with the state of the world and we don't know if those remaining this year are 3rd party we are luck if we get more than one character this year. I think that's about it for what I liked in the direct. Me too, I give it 7 out of 10
  13. Ryu came back I didn't kick him out but I did kick out 2 folks, one gwaking and other choosing stages advantage to win in dirty ways of camping; ala temple stage with DDD. I guess it wasn't a bad night, it was alright.