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  1. Tonight was this for me: But I had fun still? GGs? That is all.
  2. True but I think it could go either way. The character could come out during the tournament and they don't ban or it could come out afterwards. I'm more leaning on the after. When it comes to Nintendo and releasing stuff, they wait till the absolute minute to do so and in these times now the excuse makes more sense and why I lean it will come out June 26th.
  3. A week late about this but I thought I put this up if anyone thinks they can win the codes for ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter pass vol. 2. There's a battlefly NA tournament for Ultimate starting May 30th and goes to Jun 21st. The weekends it's playing til June 21st: May 30-31, June 6-7, June 13-17 and June 20-21. As mentioned one of the prizes is volume 2 pass for Ultimate fighters pass, since the last day is on June 21 then I think the ARMS character has to be coming out June 26th. Why have tourney win the pass but first character releases before one can win one? That's the logic I'm going with the release of the character.
  4. How I missed this? Welcome to the World of Xenoblade Chronicles! Less than 2 days away!
  5. You know what, I'm just gonna accept this game as a modest visual fidelity overall. After watching a bunch of videos similar like this before this one, I have come to the conclusion that outside the gameplay being excellent there are still positives in the visual with its previous iterations. That and I think ppl who are just bandwagoning had too much expectations on the visuals of this game and I fell into that trap a bit. I'll admit it, I know the value this game offers and that is not lost on me but I made this visualgate blur my vision in what's really important the game itself. Come at me Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, I was lost but I now I really see you for what are a game and gameplay first.
  6. Tonight was a mix up with wins and loss but I felt good about those Byleth wins.
  7. I plan on getting Outer Worlds on Switch not because of the pedigree of these developers, now that I know more about the game I'm a bit more interested. Tho, I cannot lie like the Panic Button developers out there take their time to put out what is worthy of the Switch potential and prowess. Sometimes it's not all about what you get back financially but worth you put work wise.
  8. If anyone gonna be playing Ultimate 9pm, I'll be on with arena on the discord here.
  9. Not to derail this thread but there's another Nintendo delivery in June as well and that is the first part of Pokemon SW/SH expansion pass; Isle of armor. Tho rumors say and Nintendo have not yet confirmed no direct in June, if they are really doing these shadow drop announcements, is that is what we are going to expect for the ARMS character reveal and showcase and same goes for Pokemon SW/SH expansion pass release date? As of right now if you look up the expansion pass for Ilse of armor it says June 30th, rumors put it June 19th or June 26th, which are both Fridays. Typical releases for Nintendo and June 30th is a Tuesday of everyone else who releases games on so if we have that as indicator would that mean we could see the ARMS character come out in the first weeks of June around when E3 would of been then?
  10. Interesting when it comes to the comment section of this video because, this guy can be half-cocked but he's not wrong with a few titles on Switch, on would think their would be some mild improvements. But from the looks of the comment section it appears the concern of resolution shouldn't be a big deal because this is no worse how it was for XC2. Some ppl are making it seem like its worse than XC2 or in comparison to its original release the resolution is better. In either case depending what's important to you neither side is right or wrong. To me the only concern is if want to go with bad resolution is that Monoliftsoft should aim for better optimization by now but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they are saving it for a new new title not remaster of the same engine again. It's strange position, they could have room to improve but appears they did noting to much to modify the engine for this game.
  11. I DL'd but have not played the BS Collection on PS4 when it was free to DL like 2-3 months ago. If it wasn't for the Rabbids+Mario I wouldn't of played the game on the series so hearing that game lends it's play from XCDE and seeing gameplay, I'm on board to getting. It's no brainer for XC:DE. Since it wasn't brought up XCDE file size is: 24.3GB. Getting it digitally from what I recall I have about 20GB on my 500GB micro SD card gotta make some room. Also today the DLC for Mortal Kombat 11 is out today; Aftermath.
  12. First hour? I'd get that if want to play as Inkling but I see no point because of the Splatfest going on. I don't even count because it's just encore of the very first Splatfest for Splatoon 2 Mayo vs Ketchup. Thought that one was boring selection, I think their will more encore, I might enter one if they do guac and salsa now that battle worth fighting for. If it wasn't for that I'd being playing in that right now. So let's stick to 80's characters as long as one wants to, that includes Puck-Man too.
  13. I may of been gone for a week and change but don't say stuff you can't back up, PB. Meaning, what may change, really remains the same.
  14. Ty has it pretty much spot on for the future of 3rd party characters. As for reboots, replacement or who new to add; it's not that Ultimate is not even 2yrs old yet but we're counting before eggs from a chicken hatch as suppose counting chickens before they hatch. So pretty much we are talking about what the chicken (Ultimate) might lay in the future. (eggs=characters) That is too premature to do what if like that. I don't like speculation when it's for the sake of it and nothing else, it's irksome to me so some degree. And this to me qualifies as it. We all know what Sakurai might do next, that whatever we decide we will be confused by it at first as usual then realize it was for the best cause he's been at the helm for 21 years now so whatever he decides it will be the best for the series. Honestly I think a reboot is the last thing he'll do, as it was said here earlier, you only do that when a series wane so that is why it is last resort not because it will manage the loss of characters for next game to mitigate. That makes no sense to me, at best it will be a balance approach of replacement and new additions, while keeping mind of character legacy and relevancy to consider going forward. Honesty, I think that is how they will do it.