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  1. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Well look at this.
  2. DLurkster

    Mario Tennis Aces Review

    Double fault, nice one. Tho, I've seen the varying opinion of braking rackets, (this is the whole durability of weapons in BotW all over again) this game has a sub genre in it with this breaking blocking special or return zone shots and that is the fighting genre. Yes, like any fighting game or certain genre, there's a learning curve. This is no different. I think it is to forget that this arcade sport game but it also has elements of fighting aspects. So, I'm not asking to forgive that but to recognize it as part of this game, that's all. Other than that great review.
  3. I'm playing the best both of my worlds: Toadette riding the BotW setup. Love it!
  4. DLurkster

    Filip Muicin (Nintendo editor) got the axe at IGN

    Internet gets tired?!? Once in blue moon, I would of said that but that's really really rare. Something new will take its place even if it's not game journalism related. That's how the internet works. Yes, we never forget but fatigue is rare breed when news that takes new spin everyday or so appear new and interesting.
  5. DLurkster

    Filip Muicin (Nintendo editor) got the axe at IGN

    Ah, that would explain why does not know what an apology is. Joking aside, something big in gaming journalism has to knock this out of the away because this keeps getting worse for Filip as days go on here.
  6. DLurkster

    Filip Muicin (Nintendo editor) got the axe at IGN

    Hold up, wait a minute?!? Mans, actually copy and paste a job template from a website on his Linkedin proflie. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WITH THIS GUY, THE FUCK?!? How is this real right now, not that it is not possible but this is for real?!? How much worse can this get, I think there's still more to come. Seriously this guy couldn't make a genuine resume for himself. How far does this go back if something like this was copied?!?
  7. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    A look at the sub menus for Smash Ultimate.
  8. DLurkster

    Filip Muicin (Nintendo editor) got the axe at IGN

    That's the thing you never challenge internet (in general too) when claims of tabuu in the journalism world is the worst when there's no going back or hiding once more proof comes to the surface. Like he brought this on himself and I have to believe the stuff being found is not kick while he's at his lowest, it just discover the truth, the origin and how far does this go with him. Most are probably finding this stuff to demean and what he claims his family (please stop harassing the guys family not cool) But yeah, like I said he brought this upon himself. He was sure his way writing reviews is the way it should be done looking at other resources and then forming his opinion. That's straight from his response video. I think somewhere he deluded himself to think this okay and why are seeing so much of his previous work is plagiarized, add to the fact that he was so confident to issue that challenge. Those are the only two reasons why I think he what he did and issue a challenge to see if there's anymore where that came for. So I think at this point we should not be surprise any review he produce is not his own, not to add in the fact with IGN will be looked at disdain but as we can might imagine, it is not easy as it seems to work at IGN. So add that fact of pressure on this guy and his now reveal penchant for plagiarism, all this makes sense but is not right. This video here from DreamcastGuy explains all this pressure and why he might went this path and got just got caught this time. You can see how torn he is for his friend angry and sad at the same time, especially when he thought he really knew despite getting this dream job the pressure of the job. This isn't the YouTuber I mentioned earlier in this thread where I first heard of Filip, it was from SpawnWave. He and Filip were small time around before the launch of the Switch he is the one that said check out this guys channel, I did and subscribe to him and thought he had a lot passion for Nintendo and was cool But like DCG, you never really know someone, huh? Oh yeah just like DCG, SpawnWave his friends with Filip but unlike DCG he did not speak often with Filip often to really know what he had to endure at IGN. Nonetheless, regardless how you feel, where we see news of him still popping up. I just don't how he can turn this around, even doing proper apology now or down the road. I don't think anyone will take him seriously or how he can come back in the industry in another. Wishing him all the best in what he might pursue next cause he really is gonna need it.
  9. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    New music for the day, well sort of.
  10. DLurkster

    Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    Yup, I know. I seen it twice today. Haven't forgotten look forward to the change with this character setup.
  11. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Part 2 of Translated Smash Ultimate website. I don't why I didn't think translate other languages for fun, I've been for most day trying to find something to post her from translated Japanese but with other languages translations open so many funny translations possibilities.
  12. DLurkster

    Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    Cool, I'm open book tonight. I don't mind the late start. And thanks for the heads up on the time.
  13. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I saw that too. I should seen that he would get excited for that. And like anything we want to be a thing in tourney, I feel this has chance to be a main stay then what was trial and error with custom moves.
  14. DLurkster

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    In Youtuber Maximillion comment section to his reaction to the latest Smash direct. someone said, Video Games: The Games. What I bold above seem to relate to that.