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  1. Thanks. To be honest, I remember a lot of names but some of those I don't even remember what we've actually said to each other just that they were friendly. I tried to include as many people as I could so I even went back to Nsider2 to remind myself. I'm really worried someone I forgot isn't on the list. You Not sure, probably either a Pokemon trainer or an Earthmate Huh, that's weird I thought I added you to the list. Fixed. Thanks Blue! Love ya man! Oh man Shulk, I didn't realize you were still here. Thanks! Thanks Grim! I do, but he's not coming out. He's mine now.
  2. Thank Doc! That's a good question. I've watched many movies over and over again, I'm kind of autistic weird like that. It'd be hard to pick one but I guess if I had to it would be Shattered Glass since that's the one that comes to mind right now. I really like movies where it turns out a good chunk of what we know was fabricated by a character in the story. I also like watching A Beautiful Mind over and over for the same reason. Didn't like The Usual Suspect as much though for some reason, maybe it's cause we never know how much of it was fiction which just drives me crazy. Also, I'll also mention really dense animated films. What I mean is animated films that don't just look stunning but also there's tons of stuff in the background you don't catch first time upon viewing like in Megamind or Coraline.
  3. For some reason I thought my tenth anniversary was today. It actually was last friday, whoops, oh well. I joined Nsider2 on November 3, 2007, I never recorded when I joined Nsider (but I believe I was 13 at the time) and I've been on Ninfora since, well a year ago when it was created. So I've been with this forum for awhile. I never got to do a proper 10th year anniversary on Nsider, and that was always something I wanted to do, which I guess I messed this up by doing it so late but whatever. Not sure what to do with this but I guess doing a AMA was the best option since I never did one on here and it's what all the cool kids do right? Also, I think I'll make a list of people I've enjoyed talking to over the years. I may forget a name or two so I may edit this as names come to me: Youngster Joey Blue.Frog Deku StrawberryKeiki Cryptic SatoshiKyu Kirbymeister2 Katsie AGES Doc Brown Mystery Ninja Tyranogre Art_de_Cat The Guardian Mew Melee Girl Grimlock Chronic Olimar Cajun Scrippy Gold Necro Weaver Red Eh_Steve Iridium Luna SNESFanatic Awesomemov (Sorry if I put two different usernames for the same person, or if I forgot your name, it has been 10 years and so many usernames have changed its hard to remember who's who.) And for anyone who wants to talk to me off Ninfora Discord: Yellow#6045 My steam username is coolcatkim22 Add me if you'd like to! So, without further ado, ask me anything!!!
  4. Have I ever called anyone a feminazi? Do people calling feminists feminazi make it okay to call other people nazis? I mean either you're saying it's okay to stoop down to their level, or somehow you can see why calling someone a feminazi is wrong, but not see why calling someone a nazi is wrong, which is baffling to me.
  5. Implying it isn't already?
  6. I think it's not just political discourse, it's a matter of people not able to handle other opinions. There are some people on this site who are like: Arguments here never go: "I disagree with you, here's my reasons why." They go: "I disagree with you, here's my reasons why, and you're also an asshole for having that opinion." And who the fuck wants to deal with that? Might as well talk about nothing because that's the only thing that won't get you lambasted by the group. There's like no respect around here and there's someone here who actually said "Respect has to be earned not giving" and that's the same bad attitude I see from a lot of people here. You see, you have to make people want to earn your respect first, if you treat them like garbage from the outset nobody will want to earn your respect, and then we just end up with people who despise each other and causes people to leave. Which might actually be what some people want around here because you're not pursuing anyone by being rude to them or have five people at once explain how wrong they are. So, the feeling I get from this forum is it wants to be a small isolated group, which is weird because I thought it wanted more people. Honestly, I don't know what this forum wants anymore, but let me know what it is if you know. Also, calling people nazis doesn't help either. I mean, you might as well be calling people witches, because I mean, shit, if everyone says I'm a witch then I must be a witch, right? Get the stake ready to burn me on. Argumentum ad populum, eh?
  7. It stopped because anyone with dissenting opinion learned to either shut up or leave.
  8. Digimon is a spin-off of Tamogotchi. In either case, doesn't matter, battling monster had been around a long time before either Pokemon or Digimon. In other news, finished my latest challenge. Make a live dex using only one version (Pokemon Yellow), completed it just a couple hours ago. Not sure if I want to transfer it over to Sun and Moon though.
  9. Wow, what good timing. My new battery came in the mail today.
  10. Nope, just tried it, doesn't work. Guess I'll just play on my GBA until the battery arrives.
  11. Saw the back of my 3DS was bulging so I rushed over to the dollar store to get a screw driver. I knew my battery needed to get replaced but I hoped it wouldn't get like this. Does anybody know if I can still play my 3DS without the battery so long as I keep attached to the charger?
  12. Trying contacts for the first time, eh...
  13. Legal Definition of Terrorism: "the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives". In short: not every psycho with a gun is a terrorist. And in this case, we don't know his motives so he can't be called him a terrorist unless we find some evidence that shows his intent was intimidation. I honestly do not understand why people act like being called a terrorist is worse than being called a psycho. They're both awful and mentally unwell.