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  1. Won the series against Narshe yesterday and beat Helidor tonight. Nice job.
  2. Beat Narshe yesterday, but lost to them today. Oh well.
  3. Won the series against New York. Good job.
  4. Daisy and I are only separated by 3 points? Neat.
  5. Split the first two games against New Yprk. Not bad.
  6. 11th and 12th for Daisy and I respectively. Not bad.
  7. Beat GP on Sunday but lost tonight. Oh well.
  8. The series is ours, albeit with a close win. Good job.
  9. Gonna need to win the rubber match guys.
  10. BRING OUT THE BROOMS! *sweeps home plate as fans cheer on*
  11. Good job guys At least we aren't MK right now. Someone's gonna hit that panic button there soon if things don't improve.
  12. Gonna need a rubber match against Koholint guys.
  13. Flanking my fellow Americans on the podium be finishing 2nd? Awesome.
  14. Good job getting the win on my 29th birthday guys.
  15. Got the series win against MK. Good job guys.
  16. Good job last night Now to go for the series win.
  17. 9th place for me and 10th place for Daisy. Not too shabby.
  18. Lost a close one to MK guys. Get back at them tomorrow
  19. Amd the series is ours. Good job.
  20. Split the doubleheader with the Savages. Not bad.
  21. Upon realizing that the name was said with one extra o by mistake, Fuzzer1 sent an apology to Rhea blaming it on 'a stupid assumption when seeing the team name,' and has also asked Coins management to ensure that the proper spelling of "Fodland" is correct going forward. He added: "My actions in saying the team name wrong are truthfully uncalled for and should our two teams meet again, I will make sure that the correct spelling and pronunciation are used going forward."
  22. BRING OUT THE BROOMS!!! *sweeps home plate as Foodland supports boo him and try to pelt him with rotten tomatoes, but fail due to the distance between the stands and the field*
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