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  1. Asked about TM3's actions against Wolf, Fuzzer had this to say: "What Wolf was doing to Daisy, Peach and I was very aggressive and intimidating driving that was making us very uncomfortable knowing what he was doing to save his own hide from relegation. Of course, it's great that he got taken out by TM3 but it earned him infamy in Venom has he has a Target on his back now, which isn't a good thing mind you." The head of the Sarasaland Security Task Force said this in a statement: "Effective immediately, all of our trained officers will be trained on how to deal with any Venomian terrorists that come to our country that plan to cause such harm to others, especially TM3, whether by arresting them or killing them in self defense. We do not tolerate such action against the founder of the NBL and it's many spinoffs and are committed to protecting him should he be in Sarasaland in the near future."
  2. Lost that series. One more set of games and then the postseason.
  3. Asked about the whole debacle of Luigi winning the title without a single win, Fuzzer was able to mention that such a situation has happened in NASCAR before. Twice in fact. "In 2013, Austin Dillon, grandson of NASCAR team owner Richard Childress, won what is now the Xfinity Series Championship without a single victory, which was the first time such a thing happened in the top three NASCAR touring series. It happened a second time last month when Matt Crafton won the Truck Series title with no wins. While this hasn't happened in the Cup Series, though it's possible given its happened twice, it wouldn't be popular on social media with fans who didn't like it when it happened." Does Luigi deserve the title though? "Yes. Although, and this is my opinion only, Yoshi should've been told that since it wasn't looking like he would win the title, he should've let Luigi and I go by him at the restart to have a proper battle for the title. Mind you, he needed Daisy, Luigi and I to not finish in the top 6 so he should've realized his chances were near impossible to clinch the title with the win. Granted, it wouldn't have been too much of a problem if Birdo didn't take him out in Mexico City so there's that angle to consider too."
  4. For the record, I'm not the one who's complaining here. It's from the perspective of the fans who didn't like what transpired yesterday I was speaking from that's all.
  5. While Fuzzer may be happy with another second place finish in the MKRA standings, some fans in Sarasaland and the US aren't all that happy about it. Why? Because of what Luigi doesn't have that Fuzzer does this season regarding overall wins as the latter has 3 victories compared to none for Luigi. One fan said on social media that quote, "the MKRA should disqualify Luigi from the title as he didn't even have one victory. Why he can win a title without a single win is stupid and will make the league look bad as their second ever champion is winless." Another fan suggested this for the future: "Entering the final race of any future MKRA season, you must have at least one victory to be eligible to compete for the overall title. Plain and simple." Others are saying that the league is out to get Fuzzer and deny him the overall title for seemingly no reason, though that idea got shot down rather quickly. "This is a bad look for the series going forward because it has to explain how a driver who didn't win one race wound up with the title because he raced well enough to earn several podium finishes and that doesn't sit well for many fans," another fan wrote. No one has commented on this yet.
  6. All right. Top two rows has all the championship contenders. Let's do this. Still early. Nothing too crazy has happened yet. Last 20 laps will be crazy. But Delta Sarasaland needs a flawless pit stop soon. This title fight rests on your shoulders guys. Bit behind others right now but the racing gods need to determine the dates of those leading right now first. This restart will be fun. Man, Luigi being a team player cost him dearly. Gotta focus on Daisy though. She has her second title unless something stupid happens. Yeah, I was NOT going to let Wolf get away with harming my girl once again. Final five laps could be a doozy. Not gonna let the Mario Bros get a chance to beat Yoshi. Gonna be crazy. Gutsy move there TM3. Green white checked racing to determine the championship. This is how we do it in NASCAR folks. Well Delta Sarasaland can't win all the titles. Crazy finish though.
  7. Hey we split the two games. Not bad. And man, that one ending in Command is an odd one Heck, while game is basically bad fanfiction in a video game and it's a good thing it's not canon.
  8. Reports are coming in that North Korea and the US could be going back to the days of threats and insults of 2017 as the end of 2019 draws near which has a good chance of throwing all the peace possibilities away, even if they were scarce and vague. This also means that possibility of an NBL game in Pyongyang looks unlikely, according to Coins manager and US native Fuzzer when speaking to the media today "We didn't have any concrete proof of North Korea really denuculearizing like they said they would in 2018. Trump and Kim may have had some nice photo ops but we really didn't see anything truly happen on either end. Since things didn't get to the point of normalized relations, and of course no plans for US economic investments there, I now see no point of the NBL having a series in the Hermit Kingdom because of bad things are about to get between the two nations." He added: "I have informed the NBL not to consider having any matches in the DPRK anytime in the near future for the next International Series in large part due to the lack of meaningful progress these last few years and the recent fears of the two nations going back to their threats and bickering."
  9. Not really a bad omen that we lost this one to MK given Daisy and I are facing Mario and Luigi for the MKRA championship because anything can happen on the track Still a tough loss though. (Peach and Yoshi are still with YI right?)
  10. Daisy, Luigi and I have the "easier" path to the title than the other three. Nice.