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  1. Gonna be a fun night.
  2. Ok, so knowing that losing 2 games puts us out of the playoffs, what happens if the Coins split the two games tonight?
  3. How many teams per league are in the playoffs for the NBL Premier League this time given the huge number of teams?
  4. Gonna be fun tonight. Cant wait to see where we are in the standings.
  5. What's the numbers for the US? Still pretty impressive.
  6. Great job guys.
  7. What's going on here? Any news articles on this?
  8. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2017/06/the-sonic-movie-to-release-in-2019/ Of course this could change too since we know hardly anything about this one still.
  9. Good job Pokémon fans on opening REALLY old wounds. That's deep.
  10. Could the friendlies also be affected if this suit goes through and delay the playoffs?
  11. The Sarasaland Olympic Committee released a statement echoing TM3's stern warning to the 2018 Nintendo Winter Olympiad organizers, calling on them to not follow through on plans to have events in the Communist nation north of the 38th parallel, saying that "if these events do happen there, we have the right to boycott these Olympics in protest." Prior to tonight's Coins-Starfighters game at National Stadium, a Coins victory, the US anthem was played as well as a moment of silence was held for the sad death of Otto Warmbier a few days ago.
  12. A victory parade was held in Chai Kingdom in Sarasaland earlier today to celebrate that country's Group A victory last night attended by many cheering fans along the parade route ending at Chai National Stadium where a large rally was held in the stadium. "No matter what happens," Princess Daisy told the cheering crowd "this trophy is ours to keep and we are proud of our accomplishment," in which she hoisted the Group A trophy high in the sky above her head to cheers from the fans. Variuos companies that have sponsored Sarasaland also took time to pose with the trophy too in the celebration. It was announced that the trophy initially will stay in National Stadium in a temporary exhibit until the end of June after which the trophy will go to a display case in the main lobby of the Sarasaland Soccer Federation's headquarters that will be on permanent display for visitors to see.
  13. LOl on the year typo in the title. Fixed that boo boo.
  14. https://mynintendonews.com/2017/06/21/nintendo-of-america-metroid-prime-4-and-new-pokemon-are-2018-games/ And now we can start planning what games come out when for 2018.
  15. So which team in the playoff matches are the home teams and where are the matches played at?