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  1. *watching the NWS in Marseilles with Daisy in their hotel following their playoff semifinal win* Good thing there's an option to watch this in English. Otherwise, I'd be lost trying to understand things in French. Daisy: Well why didn't you take any foreign language classes in your high school? Fuzzer: I wish I did. Though my high school only had Spanish and German language classes so... Yeah, it wouldn't help here. *sees Great Plateau's 4-0 loss* Yeah, sending a B team to France while trying to complete for the NWS never works well. @Triforcemaster3 We beat Twilight Realm last season for the NWS.
  2. I wish them luck. Hopefully we get plenty of laughs from this.
  3. While that was going on in the Zelda sphere, executives from the teams in the Mushroom World gathered at the Firelowers headquarters in Mushroom Kingdom to celebrate the huge increase of teams in the region. "When this league started 15 years ago our realm had only the Watermelon Warriors as our representative in the NBL," the Watermelon Warriors owner said. "With fellow teams in MK, Sarasaland, Valley of Koopa, New Sink City and others, we are about to enter a true golden age for the Mushroom World in the NBL Premier League." He added: "All of you here don't realize it now but just think about the potential NWS appearances, the good chances for those matchups to be exclusively in our realm, and numerous opportunities to win the Miyamoto Trophy that are waiting over the horizon. The enormous clout our region has, along with our friends in the Triforce Kingdoms, will make other teams and realms green with envy as they try to beat us and could easily fail and get relegated. Our future is as bright and glorious now and we have the best chance to embrace it for a long time to come if we all cooperate on this ambitious quest to use our clout and huge media deals wisely and to our advantage." While the teams in the Mushroom World are busy celebrating, other teams and regions could easily have some problems going forward as mentioned earlier.
  4. We're close to races in England and Germany and we haven't had the Darkwater Beach Battle and Big Blue GP. Not good.
  5. Congrats to the newly promoted teams.
  6. YI is going to the NWS. Pencil them in already.
  7. First time I get put into a pressure situation like the last chance playoffs in all my time as manager of Animal Village and Sarasaland. Bring it on.
  8. Looks like we're in the playoffs at least.
  9. Still got a shot to make it. If it means playoffs then so be it.
  10. Nothing yet guys. Sure they got the lead first but it's ours now. Keep it up. Man, what did Daisy do to deserve the pain Iwata has caused us right now? Makes me wonder. Regardless, it's tied though. We can get it back. Tight game. BOTW Zelda sure is impressive on the mound. Still tight. Don't let up. On to extras. Winner faces the Shepherds. And we're done. What else needs to be said really?