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  1. There hasn't been a main Mother game anyway so why are we wanting a proper translation of Mother 3 anyway when there's a fan translation for it?
  2. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Oh wow. Should be fun.
  3. The Nintendo Baseball League

    What a comeback. On to the knockout rounds.
  4. The Nintendo Baseball League

    We can do this.
  5. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Down early guys. We can win this.
  6. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Well our ticket to the knockout rounds has definitely been punched. All we need to get one final win in group play. No pressure.
  7. http://bgr.com/2017/08/16/nintendo-switch-warping-dock-bending-problem/ Seriously, how did Nintendo not run tests to ensure this didn't become such an issue? Also, have they said anything about a fix for it?
  8. The Nintendo Baseball League

    All right. Another win for us. 2 more matches for us correct? Edit: That's indeed the case then.
  9. The Nintendo Baseball League

    In wake of the attacks in Barcelona yesterday, the Sarasaland Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the attack on "innocent civilians who found themselves in an act of senseless terrorism yesterday afternoon in Barcelona along the famed Las Ramblas walkway and also in Cambrils where one woman died in the foiled attack that was stopped by police." The statement also asked Sarasaland citizens traveling abroad to be vigilant and safe to avoid "coming back home in a casket instead of alive."
  10. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Back on our winning ways guys. Awesome.
  11. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Don't let them win it guys.
  12. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Tied against our former Sage Division foes. Keep it up.
  13. The Nintendo Baseball League

    The Smashville Savages announced that they are sending their thoughts and prayers to the 13 people killed in Barcelona when a van plowed into a large group of civilians and tourists, injuring 50 with the death toll likely to climb, also denouncing the attack as "an outright act of terrorism against innocent people."
  14. Could the bundle be sold in other stores besides Walmart in the future?
  15. The Nintendo Baseball League

    And our undefeated dreams are over. But that's OK because the lead in Group A is still ours.