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  1. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final score: Shines 0 Coins 2 Maxwell throws no hitter It may not be an actual NBL match but regardless, history was made at National Stadium as Maxwell threw the first ever no hitter for the Coins in team history tonight easily taking care of the Shines with only one lone walk preventing a perfect game from occuring.
  2. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    The Coins have announced a 2 game friendly series with the Delfino Shines for tonight and tomorrow with both games at Chai National Stadium.
  3. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    Delta Sarasaland officials have determined that one of the buttons to release the fuel nozzle front the fuel tank was failing to cooperate after the second stop, causing the nozzleto be stuck to the kart for much longer than normal. "The good thing is that we didn't leave with it still on one of the karts," the team principal told reporters. "Yes we're pleased with our finishing positions but are dissatisfied at how a surefire win was taken from us so easily die to faulty equipment."
  4. And here is the newest nominee for the "Worst Parent of 2018" list. On a serious note, hopefully that "dad" loses custody of his daughter for this.
  5. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    Top 2 spots for Daisy and I. Neat. And those 6 are over before their race began. Shame. *Delta Sarasaland team radio:* Guys, you've given me a great set up heading into the first pit stops. Don't touch a thing except for tires and gas when I stop soon. Team engineer: 10-4. Keep it going. Hope that crewmember is OK. I'm sure Fox feels bad too. Nothing like being out front with clean air to work with. Got no backmarkers to deal with, the kart is running smoothly and the road is clear. Just... perfect. *Delta Sarasaland team radio:" All right guys. Another flawless stop for us and then we should have a good shot at a win if nothing crazy happens in the last 20 laps. Team engineer: Copy that. Something tells me it could get ugly later on. Just be careful out there. 10-4. I'm not blaiming anyone on the team but those fuek hoses not wanting to cooperate. We can at least get decent points if we can regroup. Aw crap. Bombs could end it for us if we aren't careful Those 4 are likely to do something stupid soon. Just you wait. And that should be a fun battle. Solod finish guys.
  6. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Against any team? Or within the NBL Premier League only? The Coins are considering their opponent but details would be helpful.
  7. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    And there weren't any gamecasts for them why? Oh wait, no NBL team was part of it so it's a moot point to do it.
  8. "This guy are sick?" Is that as infamous in the history of bad Japanese to English translations as "all your base are belong to us?"
  9. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    Impressive list.
  10. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Plenty of time to even it up guys. We're not going to let them beat us so easily. Dig deep guys. We didn't come this far to be one game short of the finals. And 6 more chances to ruin it too. Get that first hit guys and go from there. 3 more chances to stay alive. All I can say it we were outmatched tonight. Oh well. And we will have someone other than an NBL team winning. Wow.
  11. The Star Fox appearance in Starlink Battle for Atlas to me feels like someone's Star Fox X human fanfic coming true.
  12. Gonna be worth the wait for a new AC game coming next year.
  13. Fuzzer1

    Hurricane Party for Florence!

    Being in a state not on the Atlantic Ocean means I have no worries about hurricanes at all.
  14. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Nothing yet guys. Keep it up. 2 more innings left guys. Do or die tomorrow. (I sure do love using that iconic line when needed. Fits perfectly when done right.)
  15. A DIY smartphone/pen holder https://nintendosoup.com/amazon-japan-reveals-pre-order-bonus-for-super-mario-party/ If anyone in the US wants this so badly, you can pre order Super Mario Party from Amazon Japan and they do ship worldwide. Here we go: