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  1. So we lost to Celadon in the LCS. Oh well. The news of Daisy being playable in Super Maeio Bros Wonder will do more than ease the pain. And who would've thought we'd get Super Mario RPG remade today? Enjoy your reprieve Miners.
  2. 11th and 12th for Daisy and I in thr Big Apple. Not bad.
  3. Two out of three from the Shepherds. Good job.
  4. Daisy finishing 3rd and I finished 5th? Not a bad start.
  5. Good thing MK8D Booster Pack Wave 4 doesn't have a proper launch date yet, because it looks to have little extra besides an original track and the return of Birdo.
  6. Gonna need a Game 7 in our stadium in a few days? Great. And don't worry. I'm not rushing you on anything regarding Paldea whatsoever. Take your time.
  7. Got a win in thr Big Apple, which was crucial for us. Now let's take that critical Game 5 on home soil.
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