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  1. Hey, it's better than not having one right?
  2. Surprised that there wasn't anything regarding Mario in some capacity that was announced. Then again, what could they release given what we have from that series already?
  3. BRING OUT THE BROOMS!!! "sweeps home plate as fans cheer on for the second home series sweep in a row*
  4. Well it's great to have you back YD, even if it's not in the daily grind of the NBL managing circuit that is.
  5. Tough loss guys. No points for us today.
  6. Must've wanted those who got the new AC and Doom preorders from them taken care of first.
  7. First time I get to do this in 2020; BRING OUT THE BROOMS!!! *sweeps home plate as fans cheer on, as is tradition for a home sweep*
  8. Got the series win guys. Good job
  9. Quick question: Is it possible to zoom in and out while doing a pattern in the design app like in NL?