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  1. Haddaji is under investigation according to Nintendo: https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/2018/11/19/nintendo-russia-yasha-haddaji-investigation/ Edit: And he has alcohol problems and used 1-2 Switch as... A DRINKING GAME WITH BOOTH GIRLS?! https://segmentnext.com/2018/11/19/nintendo-russia-ceo-allgendy-offered-toilet-water/ Yeah, he's not gonna last much longer.
  2. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Good idea. But yeah, kinda hard to plan one wedding when you aren't aware of plans for the others. Better hope you and Zelda let out the details soon so Daisy and I can plan accordingly.
  3. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Ever since their engagement earlier this year, plans for Fuzzer and Daisy's wedding have yet to really surface, specifically the date, location, guest list, you name it. And there's a good reason the Sarasaland Royal Family has been tight lipped on details. "We don't want to upstage TM3 and Zelda's wedding," Daisy told reporters. "The Hylians haven't said when those two tie the knot, and Fuzzer and I want to attend their wedding and vice versa with ours. Once we have their info figured out, we can plan our wedding accordingly." "Of course I want to support his impeding wedding to Zelda," Fuzzer said to reporters. "He's the NBL commisioner and a friend of mine and I want to be there to wish him luck and hopefully have him attend my wedding to Daisy as well, provided we don't schedule it during their honeymoon that is."
  4. Fuzzer1

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Palutena's Guidance is coming back and this one is about Daisy and pokes fun at the whole "Peach clone" debate. Oh and Pit gets roasted at the end.
  5. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Got the series win guys. Good job.
  6. At least it's coming to the US so that's a good thing... right?
  7. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Rubber match tomorrow. Good job.
  8. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    Dang. Banjo put Ford in a tough pickle. Hopefully, Kazooie is a bit mature than Conker.
  9. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Ouch. Got blanked tonight.
  10. The petition is asking NOE to remove him. But regardless, such bad actions should get him fired.
  11. And here's a change.org petition in Russian (will need Google Translate to read it in English) asking for the CEO to be fired: https://www.change.org/p/спасите-nintendo-россия-от-её-генерального-директора-save-nintendo-russia-from-it-s-general-manager
  12. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/11/russian_nintendo_ceo_caught_ranting_on_official_live_stream_as_management_breaks_down First of all, yes there is a Nintendo of Russia. Second of all, according to a ReviewTechUSA video about this I just watched it's not doing too well and the CEO isn't popular in Russia at all as among other things, he only allowed Pokemon Let's go Pikachu to be sold there and not Let's go Eevee as well. And then there was an official live stream earlier this year where he was calling out other people for some reason. Edit: here's the ReviewTechUSA video I was talking Bout where I first heard about this:
  13. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    As the engine supplier of the now defunct Target Theives, Honda has announced it will also sponsor one of the three new teams that emerge from the upcoming MKRA promotion series joining factory sponsored teams by Chevy, Ford and BMW. No word yet on who will be the third sponsor for 2019. Update: Hertz Rent-A-Car has announced it will enter the MKRA and be the third sponsor for the three new teams that will take part in the 2019 MKRA season.
  14. Fuzzer1

    Spyro: Reignited Trilogy discussion.

    So why did they not release it on the Switch? Talk about lost revenue from Switch owners.
  15. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    It was an epic celebration of sorts for Delta Sarasaland today as the team celebrated their impressive accomplishments this past seasons with 6 victories combined between Fuzzer and Daisy, the constructors title AND the drivers championship won Hy Daisy. "Our investment in this team has paid off in spades for us," CEO Ed Bastian told reporters. "To be able to accomplish what we did in our first full season is impressive and we look forward to continuing the support for years to come." Daisy wasn't just getting congratulations for her title win though as the execs from Delta also congratulated her engagement to Fuzzer that happened in July following Sarasaland's NWC title. "Getting ready for next year can wait until January," the team principle told reporters. "For now, let's be proud of what we accomplished this season and worry about 2019 later on."