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  1. Sarasaland may have finished third in the 2020 NWC, but early reports from fans who attended the final three matches may make them feel like they've won. Health officials have stated that fans arriving from Nigeria and Cameroon didn't show any symptoms of the coronavirus but are undergoing 14 day quarantine procedures out of an abundance of caution. "The fans who attended the matches made sure to follow the guidelines that were in place and from what we've seen, no one has tested positive," health officials said at a press conference earlier today. "The fact that fans could attend a sporting event in the human world in the day and age of a pandemic that were in right now is a small step towards hopefully returning to the human world without any restrictions, whether in the NBL, MKRA or the 2021 Confederations Cup in New Zealand or the 2022 NWC."
  2. Good start guys. At least we can get third place. (So with Qatar not hosting the 2022 NWC, who won the fan vote?) And another goal. Not bad. Still lead Johto by a goal at least. Don't let them tie it. A much needed insurance goal has come. Good job and keep at it. Third place wouldn't be bad for the defending NWC champions. GHZ better hope that move didn't cost them. No one to blame but themselves if they lose. What a time to be in the Sonic realm eh? May not have won the NWS, but a VGWBC and NWC win aren't bad either.
  3. Early action but nothing yet. Got the lead but be careful guys. Don't want any ejections and red cards bed te the final match if we get there. Down a goal but not out yet. Keep it close. Good job tying it back up. Now let's get that ticket to the finals punched. So Green Hill Zone is back in the finals. Now to see if we face them again. Fight for it guys. If it takes extra time or penalties so be it. Ok guys. 30 more minutes to get a winning goal of else we go to penalties. Do what you have to do to win, aside from doing anything stupid that gets you ejected that is. Well, no Dragonzamasu for the final or third place game. At least we're still in it though. Daisy Wario Waluigi Totomesu Tatanga No repeat for us. Get ready for the third place game then.
  4. I'm not got at predicting bets, by my money is on Japan. It is the home of Nintendo after all
  5. Still nothing yet guys. Keep it close. What a team effort guys. Keep up the good work. Up 2-0 as we head into the locker rooms at halftime. Fans really love it. And there's the dagger! Can't believe Daisy was left open, but we'll take it We are in the semifinals. Flawless victory guys
  6. The fans from Sarasaland who filed the lawsuit initially Wednesday night released a statement just now calling the decision to allow fans of the 8 remaining teams to see them in the NWC "a win for common sense and decency," adding: "Many of us who had meetings with our legal representatives prior to filing the lawsuit came to the conclusion that pushing for a full capacity allowance was out of the question given the pandemic in the human world so we knew that we wanted some fans to be able to attend. The fact that we as fans of those competing can at least attend one game depending on how teams do on the pitch going forward is wonderful and we do intend to follow the guidelines put in place to ensure we don't bring the disease back to our worlds." The statement also said that had the NWC been in a developed nation like the US or anywhere in Europe that is still dealing with high cases of the coronavirus they quote, "would not have done such a lawsuit because of the high number of cases in developed countries, especially if this was in the US this year."
  7. King Tut mask is now a DIY recipe, tripping is back, and we may get a luck system in the future, and possibly see Katrina return: https://www.polygon.com/2020/7/30/21347910/animal-crossing-new-horizons-acnh-tripping-bad-luck-king-tut-diy-how-to-get-katrina
  8. Man, who expected Master Hand to value human rights over the almighty dollar that is the upcoming World Cup being in Qatar in two years time?
  9. SSF officials released a statement following the postponement of the NWC quarterfinals to Friday, calling it "a smart move to allow all parties to work for a reasonable compromise. We recognize that a full capacity crowd is not in the best of interests due to the coronavirus pandemic which is why we want crowd limits that could be reasonable to ensure social distancing guidelines can be implemented in Nigeria and Cameroon, who have done great work in these tough conditions. We find it unfair that fans weren't allowed to attend initially and hope that they can support Sarasaland, and those of the other 7 remaining teams competing, in the remaining rounds."
  10. With matches taking place in empty stadiums due to the coronavirus pandemic, many fans aren't happy with the governments of Nigeria and Cameroon not allowing them to attend due to the virus. Some in Sarasaland are threatening to sue the ambassadors of the two host nations for failing to given them assurances to see their team play and are demanding an injunction to allow fans to attend the final, should Sarasaland reach that far, but the suit could easily be a class action case with fans of other teams wanting to join. The complaint states that "the two nations, NAFA, and the NWC made no efforts to allow fans to attend at all when negotiations took place. Stupidity over a virus that isn't killing people in high percentages has replaced common sense and if fans see their team in the NWC Final, it will feel tainted on account of no fans in attendance. We seek to have this mistake overturned before it's too late." Update: More weight has been put on this lawsuit as not only are the Sarasaland Soccer Federation joining the plaintiffs, but the other respective FAs of the seven other teams competing and also adding NAFA and the NWC organizers as defendants saying in a joint statement that "fans are the lifeblood of sporting events. To have them taken from us and having fake crowd noises on TV broadcasts is inferior compared to what we've had for years with noise coming from crowd themselves at the games." The leagues are asking for a limit of 20K fans for the semifinals, third place and final, saying they plan to follow the social distance rules that are in place very closely.
  11. Should've allowed fans to come. Everyone's in a 14 day bubble to begin with so why not have the teams bring supporters? Then again, that probably wouldn't have been a smart move anyway given the current situation these days.
  12. Moving on to the knockout rounds with another victory, albeit a close one.
  13. How many fans were allowed to make the trip to Canada? Surely, the NHL would be smart to allow some fans of the various teams to attend the games too right?