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  1. Wknder why Chris Pratt is the only one mentioning the film? Did the other cast members have longer NDAs than him? That said, it'll be nice to finally have some first footage and voice lines to go over to know if the cast was a good idea or not.
  2. Swept West Oak City in their stadium and won our C-Stick Cup first round match? Good week guys.
  3. BRING OUT THE BROOMS!!! *sweeps home plate with his iconic broom for the first time this season as fans cheer on*
  4. Good job against Hyrule yesterday but right now, the world is mourning Her Majesty's passing. RIP Queen Elizabeth II.
  5. Split the doubleheader with Zebes? Not a bad way to start the season.
  6. Hometown victory and Daisy finishing third? Great.
  7. Got to the round of 8, but Bions was better than us. Oh well.
  8. Sometimes it just takes one goal to move on, and that's the case. Good job.
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