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  1. Fuzzer1

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    Man, home team has won all the games so far in the ECF.
  2. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Got the win and the series. Great job.
  3. So what’s the point of downloading it if it’s not live until June 1st? And we have no idea who the other characters that could be unlockable in the demo are yet.
  4. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    With a race in their city on July 15, Mushroom City is considering closing the city streets used in the course to regular traffic saying that “even without rain, the fact that drivers have to deal with regular traffic that could eliminate them is unfair and ruins their race as a result as was evident last night, combined with the heavy rain.” The Public Roads Ministry is also making such considerations and is considering some sort of fines for Toad’s Turnpike’s organizers saying that “the first 30 laps were dangerous even with reduced traffic and led to unnecessary eliminations with drivers getting hit by the road traffic. The race should’ve been run with no traffic last night regardless of if it was raining or not.”
  5. Fuzzer1

    Custom colored Switches about to hit in Japan

    Could this eventually be sold globally too?
  6. Fuzzer1

    No Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for Switch

    Well that’s good to see them do a 180 and have them on the Switch.
  7. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    And we have a rubber match tomorrow.
  8. Fuzzer1

    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Great job tonight.
  9. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    The head of the Detroit Grand Prix Committee took part in an interview with Saraslaand’s MKRA broadcaster STN during the extended yellow expressing disgust at what was happening tonight: ”This is just ridiculous. When you watch an IndyCar race from Long Beach or St Petersburg, or an F1 race at Singapore and Monaco, the streets used are closed to road traffic for a reason. Karts and regular cars don’t mix well and the rain tonight made it worse.” When the announcers asked if there was any traffic during the Detroit F1 races in the 80s, the head organizer said: ”Not at all. Those roads were closed for good reason. Imagine if drivers like Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Martin Brundell, those guys who raced on the streets in the 80s had to deal with the traffic the MKRA drivers had to deal with tonight. We could’ve had horrible deaths, especially if one of the drivers rammed into the back of a passenger vehicle or semi truck. You didn’t have HANS devices back then so you’d be dead instantly. We plan to ensure our streets used for the circuit are closed to traffic on race day to avoid such a debacle that happened tonight.”
  10. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    The mean streets of Detroit are helping me tonight. But of course, I could see my night end due to a collision with a car just as easily. Better hope the MKRA has really good insurance policies for damages to the other cars on the road tonight. Uber Lawyer vs Delta Sarasaland? Gonna be fun. And this is why cars aren’t allowed on a temporary street circuit unless it’s tow trucks and medical vehicles. Oh it’s on, especially with no annoying cars to deal with. Or we could be biding our time until something stupid happens to the current podium. Smart move. Gonna be fun. Glad you didn’t wreck. Let’s finish this fight. Well that’s a shame for Krystal. Oh boy. Gonna be an epic finish. Top 10 finish for both of us. Good.
  11. Fuzzer1

    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    Going to be fun especially with the traffic on the road. If regular cars were on the track during say, the Monaco Grand Prix for example, it would be bad. Wonder why cars are allowed on street tracks during Mario Kart races?
  12. Fuzzer1

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    Come on. Cavs-Warriors is the modern day Lakers-Celtics Finals matchup. What’s wrong with watching an iconic NBA Finals matchup once again?
  13. Why they use the Ice Climbers in Smash but not give them another game, I’ll never understand.
  14. Fuzzer1

    Bioha7ard is coming to Switch...

    True. Wonder how long it takes to localize a MegaMan game by comparison, given there’s not much to translate anyway?
  15. Fuzzer1

    Bioha7ard is coming to Switch...

    So, why isn’t this playable in the US and Europe? Capcom sure dropped the ball on this one.