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  1. 4 wins in a row in NBL play! Keep at it, even if this streak ends tomorrow.
  2. Well we lost in the C-Stick Cup, but we swept Mayahem, so BRING OUT THE BROOMS!!!
  3. Well, regardless of what happens tonight, we have the series. But, do go for the sweep if possible guys
  4. Good job in the first round of C-Stick Cup play.
  5. Good job guys. Mayahem will be looking to even the series so be ready.
  6. Looks like Daisy is the one to try to catch Kirby, but at least I'm third in the standings.
  7. Gonna need another rubber match.
  8. Another rubber match needed then. Good try guys.
  9. Finished in 9th place and got points and gained some ground on Kirby. Not bad.
  10. Another series is ours. Good job.