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  1. With the Netherlands set to see the games Circuit Park Zandvoort hosting the Dutch Grand Prix next year for the first time since 1985, Heineken has been making noise now about possibly hosting an MKRA race at the brewery's home country stating that quote "it would be logical to have such talented drivers racing in our home country as we are proud of our Dutch heritage and would want to sponsor an MKRA event in the Netherlands as we are also the sponsor of the Dutch Grand Prix when F1 comes to Zandvoort next May." Also generating the support is Delta's fellow SkyTeam member KLM Airlines, the Dutch airliner and oldest airliner still around (having turned 100 this year) under its original name as well as local F1 Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen, the first Dutch F1 driver to have won a F1 race who's success and huge fanbase are why Formula 1 is racing in his home country next year.
  2. Delta Sarasaland officials were asked about Xander's suggestions for the 2020 MKRA schedule and any possible real world tracks being removed like Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca, and others save for Silverstone and Suzuka as nothing truly concrete saying that: "This list is really comprehensive and puts us in new gaming realms yes, but there are plenty of human tracks that could be dropped before even hosting a race, as is the case of Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca, but it's important to not jump to conclusions that this is the official schedule. It's just an idea and one that should get a good look at too."
  3. Well I got 7 points and Daisy got none. Solid work guys.
  4. Well they won this series. Hopefully the Savages don't get relegated with New Horizons being closer and closer to launch with each passing day and month.
  5. Rubber match tonight. And Smashville is not doing too good right now? Ouch. Man, those guys haven't been the same since I left.
  6. BRING OUT THE BROOMS! *does his customary sweeping of home plate as fans cheer on, clearly showing that his shtick had no signs of getting old*
  7. Another series win on this long hometand.
  8. Well nothing yet so far for Daisy and I. Oh man. Akari sure has a country on the edge of their seats right now. Give Ryota credit where it's due on helping his sister out big time at the expense of his fuel load. I wouldn't be too heartbroken losing to Akari tonight if it means getting a few more points than Daisy. Man,race control has a lot to sort out now. This will be crazy. Fifth place and more points than Daisy. Not bad. And not going after Dedede was a good call in the end.
  9. My salary allows me to get a billion of brooms, no problem. OK maybe not THAT many but if one gets cut down, I always keep spares.