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  1. The Nintendo Baseball League

    BRING OUT THE BROOMS! *sweeps home plate to cheering fans*
  2. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Seeing the new Star Wars movie with my brother at 9:30 tonight at the AMC theater in Great Lakes Crosisng in Auburn Hills so go on without me tonight.
  3. The Nintendo Baseball League

    The series is ours. Good work.
  4. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Get ready for Game 2. Great job.
  5. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Curling indeed has 4 players per team.
  6. Pro Sports Thread: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS other

    That is if it gets the OK from antitrust agencies.
  7. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Get ready for the second game.
  8. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Lost to Kongo Jungle. Oh well.
  9. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Now we need Peach to win for a royal trifecta next year. Better change the MKRA schedule to acknowledge the two new tracks added.
  10. The Nintendo Baseball League

    All right Daisy. You won the party finals and got Sarasaland 2nd place in the team competition. Nice. In other news, Delta Sarasaland Racing Team became the first time to announce its driver lineup for 2018 in its application sent to the MKRA announcing the following two drivers: Fuzzer Princess Daisy The team also said in a statement that with two races in Sarasaland as home races “we look forward to having an opportunity to win a race or both in front of our fans next year and are excited about the new season.”
  11. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Wonder why the bonus stars haven’t been announced yet? Cant wait to see what the tracks are.
  12. The Nintendo Baseball League

    As fans eagerly await the winner of the Toadstool Sports Spectacular top ranking MKRA officials are also on hand and the event, reportedly to announce plans for 2018 going with an F1 style schedule from March to November, though officials are tight lipped about details when pressed for such info by the media only saying that “everything will be announced soon.”
  13. The Nintendo Baseball League

    So everyone has a star and Kirby seems to have the coin star locked up but we’ll see.
  14. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final round now. (How could we have two eighth rounds?)
  15. Here’s an article saying that Hawaii Senator Chris Lee is planning a bill to bar anyone under 21 in Hawaii to purchase games with lootboxes without proper ID, much like the average drinking limit: https://kotaku.com/hawaii-state-rep-is-drafting-bill-barring-minors-from-b-1821136540 Pretty ironic since this is the 50th State in the Union trying to be the first state to not allow anyone under 21 to buy games with lootboxes in them.