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  1. Actually it's the Washington Football Team since Redskins was retired last year in wake of the unrest after the death of George Floyd.
  2. The better team won. Can't say much more than that.
  3. We need to win tomorrow to force a game 7 or else its over. Time to thrive under pressure guys.
  4. Two more wins. Hopefully they can make this a series at least.
  5. Don't expect this to be an easy walk in the park for us guys. Got a good feeling this NWS won't be easy.
  6. Merry Christmas to everyone on behalf of the Sarasaland Coins
  7. If the Chicago Cubs could win the World Series after being down 3-1 and winning three straight games four years ago, then what's stopping us from getting there with a similar comeback? Good job.
  8. Not out of it yet guys. We need to win tomorrow to force a game 7.
  9. We're down, but not out guys. We can do this.
  10. If we want to face MK or YI, we need to win at home. Good thing this isn't an impossible task.
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