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  1. Cryptic

    Dragalia Lost

    I rerolled once because I didn't get any 5-star anything. I rerolled again and got Xainfried, and no other 5 star stuff. But yeah, I mostly agree. I wasn't planning on rerolling dozens of times, but I at least wanted to feel like I got *something*.
  2. Cryptic

    Dragalia Lost

    I reset three times. This time I got: Ezelith "Give Me Your Wounded" "Luca's Prank" No 5 star dragons though. Do I keep? I have no idea what's going on.
  3. Cryptic

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Items that weren't in SSB4 that could be brought back: Fan Parasol Red Shell Flipper Cloaking Device Barrel Cannon Cracker Launcher Depending on how crazy Sakurai is, all of these might be brought back. Who knows. I would laugh if Sakurai re-added the feature from Melee where sometimes generic enemies like ReDeads and Octoroks would spawn from crates.
  4. I don't know about having a "Mario Kart Ultimate", but I do wish they'd more consistently add characters to the MK roster as opposed to dumping them. I dunno, I guess I just feel like it should be easier for characters to accumulate in a kart racer roster than a fighting game. The fact that SSBU is going to have 70 characters with diverse moves, tons of animations, alt costumes, and all of that is nuts. The idea that Mario Kart 8 had to cut characters in order to add the Koopalings seems silly to me, especially given the amount of copies Mario Kart sells. I dunno. I feel like it takes less work for them to add a character to Mario Kart than it does for Sakurai to add a character to Smash Bros. Perhaps Mario Kart is forced to spend its resources elsewhere, and that's why it has to cut corners on the character roster, but even that seems odd to me. But I am not a game designer. I can't really armchair game design.
  5. Cryptic

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Well yeah, I was simplifying my description of Alph as a separate character. There are other things you could do. You could change the values of his physical attacks, or his clobbering Pikmin attacks to have slight changes in strength or speed. Some of them should remain consistent with Olimar, since...for example...if they are throwing a Red Pikmin at an opponent, it wouldn't make sense for Olimar's Red Pikmin to do more damage than Alph's Red Pikmin. A Pikmin is a Pikmin. If they are swinging a Pikmin at an opponent, you could have some wiggle room there since there would be potential for Olimar to be stronger than Alph, or Alph to be faster than Olimar, etc. Another option could be to change the order in which Olimar and Alph draw Pikmin. Maybe Olimar could draw them in a specific order, whereas Alph is random like in Brawl. And then as we both said, obviously give Alph Rock Pikmin. And as I mentioned before, give Alph the S.S. Drake as a Final Smash because it just doesn't make sense for him to use the Dolphin. Maybe the S.S. Drake is slower but causes a different size explosion, or launches enemies at a different angle. There are different things you could do that hopefully wouldn't affect the balance too much. Personally, I'm OK with Alph being a Dark Pit, where he's damn near the same. I just as a rule don't like it when character B is an alt costume for character A. Koopalings can be an exception to this, if only for the sake of grandfathering them in and there being no good way to make them separate from Bowser Jr. now that they do exist. Alph, there is easily a way, so if Sakurai has time to do it, I think it would be good. Especially given that Alph was considered to be made into a clone for SSB4.
  6. Cryptic

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    My overall impressions of this game so far is that Sakurai is a madman / wizard who is going to probably destroy the world by making this game too awesome. Between giving Ganondorf his sword, giving him his Ocarina of Time design, giving Zelda her A Link to the Past/Between Worlds design (which I didn't even know I wanted), bringing back every veteran including Snake, giving Ike both his Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn designs, adding Ridley, giving Pokemon Trainer a Leaf alt costume, and a ton of quality of life improvements, and somehow bringing back a metric fuckton of stages while updating the assets for non-N64 stages, it's like he read my mind. Hell, I never even wanted Daisy, but with so much positive shit thrown at me during that Smash Bros. information blowout, I was excited for her. "Fuck yeah, Daisy, I'll play as her, sure! She still uses Toad, that's kinda weird. But oh well!" There are only a handful of things I'd request on top of what he's already done, and I feel bad for even asking any more since he's done far more than I'd ever expect him to and made me extremely happy, but these are the things: 1. Give Samus her Fusion Suit as an alt-costume. -- The palette swap has always been nice, but I feel like the Fusion Suit is worthy of its own model. I think it would be good for Samus to have her most iconic design (the Varia suit) and her most canonically-recent design (the Fusion Suit, since Fusion is the latest game in the timeline; it could even have an orange palette swap based on the end of Fusion). The non-Varia Power suit would be another good option, but I would totally be content with Varia and Fusion Suit. I don't want to ask too much of Sakurai. 2. Give Ganondorf his Twilight Princess design as an alt-costume. -- I am absolutely hyped Ganondorf has his OoT design. I was never a fan of his TP design, because he seemed old and fat, and much less intimidating. His OoT design is much more menacing. He's young, muscley, full of life, and ready to murder. That said, I never wanted his TP design removed. (Especially given that the OoT Ganondorf and the TP Ganondorf are literally the same incarnation...as is the TWW Ganondorf. Ganondorf doesn't reincarnate nearly as often as Link/Zelda/Impa do.) I just wanted another option. So if Sakurai can add the TP design back as an alt-costume, that would be super. If not, I'll totally take what I can get here and be happy with the amazing OoT design. 3. Make Alph a real boy--an echo fighter. -- Honestly I'm shocked Sakurai didn't make Alph an echo fighter...he still seems to be an Olimar alt. I just figured that since Sakurai had intended Alph to be an echo fighter in SSB4, that he would naturally become one in Ultimate. And who knows, maybe there is still time. Give him Rock Pikmin instead of Purple, and maybe Flying Pikmin instead of White, change his Final Smash to use the SS Drake instead of the Dolphin, and call it a character. -- For anyone keeping track, these are the stages that AREN'T YET confirmed to be returning: So that is 84 stages confirmed, 34 stages unconfirmed (including either/ors for Flat Zone 2/X and Pictochat 1/2) -- For another list, if you assume that all stages that appeared in Smash 3DS and Wii U are coming back, this is what remains: And out of those, I feel like some of them are shoe-ins. Brinstar Depths due to the remix, Fountain of Dreams due to popularity, and Mute City (Melee) based off of nostalgia. And from there...hell, I think Sakurai is just going to add all the stages if he can. I really think he's lost his mind. I'm tempted to call that he's going to all every Final Destination and Battlefield form from past games (including N64, which didn't have them playable in versus) along with Meta Crystal. I really don't want to get my hopes up, but Sakurai has just been blowing away my expectations so I don't know what to think anymore.
  7. Cryptic

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I never wanted SSE to return. IMO, it has basically no replay value and just isn't very fun. My understanding is that Sakurai and his team spent a lot of time and resources creating that for Brawl, and I always wished they had just gone with something more simple like Melee's adventure mode and added more characters instead. The best part of SSE, the cutscenes, live on...in the form of the newcomer reveal trailers we get, and they are way more hype and stylized than what the SSE had. Part of the problem for me is that doing an SSE properly would be like Kingdom Hearts levels of effort. It would almost have to be a massive, separate project unto itself. You would need fully realized worlds based off of each series, as opposed to the approach SSE did where they had areas that were vaguely themed like the featured characters' worlds. Eg: You had a jungle, but it wasn't DK Island. You had a castle, but it wasn't Archanea or Crimea. You had underground base, but it wasn't anything from Metroid. The only actual fully-realized location was Halberd. You'd also need to actually try to properly present the personalities of all the characters, which given we have over 60 now, would be nearly impossible. In SSE, almost all of the characters were very simplified versions of themselves. They felt like automatons, who just did things because they are living trophies based off a character who behaves in certain ways. "Beep boop, I am Marth, I guard castle because Fire Emblem has castles, boop bop". Really though, one thing that I think would have went a long way would be if they at least had more enemies from different series, like Smash Run does. Having a bunch of generic made-up enemies with a few Mario enemies thrown in was strange. I prefer Melee's approach more, because it's less resource intensive and it doesn't pretend to be more than it is. It's more arcadey, and even though it still has some of the theming issues SSE has (the "Underground Dungeon" isn't especially Zelda-like...it's pretty generic), it doesn't pretend to be some grand epic where worlds collide. It's taking you through a quick 20 minute tour with themed challenges. At my most nostalgic, I view the SSE as an interesting experiment that gives Brawl something unique. I won't lie, despite my having a lot of issues and preferring that it be cut in favor of adding more characters to Brawl, I do sometimes get nostalgic for it. So I get where the sentiment of bringing it back comes from. I just don't think it's feasible add it in a way that gives the concept proper justice. And if they did try to add it, I don't think they'd be able to do "Everyone is here!" AND bring back over 80 stages from previous games, and to me that is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more worth it.
  8. Cryptic

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    There's no Nintendo related stuff before 12PM EST, right? Tournaments and Treehouse and stuff is all after?
  9. Cryptic

    Do you believe in God?

    No. I slowly updated my religious beliefs and what I thought god was (Catholic Christian, generic Christian, generic theist, higher power) until I came to the conclusion "You know, the thing I believe in is so generic and abstract, I basically don't believe in it at all", so I just became an atheist. And everything makes a lot more sense that way, to me. Aside from that, I don't believe in prayer, souls, the afterlife, divine plans, or any of that jazz. Sometimes I even get weirded out when people pray around me or sincerely reference god, just because the idea of religion has become so foreign to me, I forget that people believe it. (That is not a dig at any religious people; believe what you want, I guess. It's just the personal dialogue that happens in my head when I encounter those situations. Like "Oh yeah, this is a thing people do, I forgot.")
  10. Cryptic

    Games with that one bullshit level?

    Control in Goldeneye 007. Stop dying Natalya you fucking idiot. Work FASTER.
  11. As far as "last minute purchases", I bought Fluidity (haven't finished yet, but seems interesting so far) and Excitebike: World Rally (only 16 courses, not too hard to S-rank. Can't unlock all of the bike colors though, because they required online). I was considering getting: ReBirth series (Castlevania: The Adventure, Gradius, Contra) - I'm kinda surprised Konami never released this on other platforms. Blaster Master Overdrive - I beat Blaster Master Zero on Switch and liked it a lot. Not sure if I should get Overdrive. Art Style series - I've heard they are fun, but a combined 3000 Wiiware points is kinda a lot, so out of all of these I probably won't get these. I really don't have a lot of WiiWare titles. Mostly just the two I bought recently, and Dr. Mario Online Rx. I have a lot of VC titles though, several of which I first played on VC, like ALttP, SMRPG, Kirby's Adventure, and StarTropics. I probably won't be buying any more VC games (for Wii or Wii U) until Switch rolls out whatever its successor will be.
  12. Yes, they will also be DLC. The two characters might have some expanded relevance due to the comics. I'm not really sure. Both Mighty and Ray actually originated in SegaSonic the Hedgehog, but Mighty made additional appearances in a couple other games.
  13. Related to this, they're putting animated shorts on Youtube in the style of the Sonic Mania intro:
  14. Ray the Flying Squirrel He was an obscure character only used in an arcade game called SegaSonic the Hedgehog.
  15. Cryptic

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Ten Years Later

    This is essentially how I feel (except I include Wolf in that). Part of why I actually wanted a SSB4 Deluxe on Switch...I was hoping it would include Ice Climbers and Wolf...probably not Snake, because reasons, but if it did that would have been cool. SSB4 would probably totally replace SSBB in my head if it had those characters. Now I just hope SSB5 is a new game AND scratches that same itch. -- I'll give it to Brawl, that the trailer still sticks in my head as one of the best reveal trailers. That said, I wasn't video game news savvy when Melee was announced. Otherwise I'd probably think it was the best.