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  1. As far as "last minute purchases", I bought Fluidity (haven't finished yet, but seems interesting so far) and Excitebike: World Rally (only 16 courses, not too hard to S-rank. Can't unlock all of the bike colors though, because they required online). I was considering getting: ReBirth series (Castlevania: The Adventure, Gradius, Contra) - I'm kinda surprised Konami never released this on other platforms. Blaster Master Overdrive - I beat Blaster Master Zero on Switch and liked it a lot. Not sure if I should get Overdrive. Art Style series - I've heard they are fun, but a combined 3000 Wiiware points is kinda a lot, so out of all of these I probably won't get these. I really don't have a lot of WiiWare titles. Mostly just the two I bought recently, and Dr. Mario Online Rx. I have a lot of VC titles though, several of which I first played on VC, like ALttP, SMRPG, Kirby's Adventure, and StarTropics. I probably won't be buying any more VC games (for Wii or Wii U) until Switch rolls out whatever its successor will be.
  2. Yes, they will also be DLC. The two characters might have some expanded relevance due to the comics. I'm not really sure. Both Mighty and Ray actually originated in SegaSonic the Hedgehog, but Mighty made additional appearances in a couple other games.
  3. Related to this, they're putting animated shorts on Youtube in the style of the Sonic Mania intro:
  4. Ray the Flying Squirrel He was an obscure character only used in an arcade game called SegaSonic the Hedgehog.
  5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Ten Years Later

    This is essentially how I feel (except I include Wolf in that). Part of why I actually wanted a SSB4 Deluxe on Switch...I was hoping it would include Ice Climbers and Wolf...probably not Snake, because reasons, but if it did that would have been cool. SSB4 would probably totally replace SSBB in my head if it had those characters. Now I just hope SSB5 is a new game AND scratches that same itch. -- I'll give it to Brawl, that the trailer still sticks in my head as one of the best reveal trailers. That said, I wasn't video game news savvy when Melee was announced. Otherwise I'd probably think it was the best.
  6. Games you wish they made

    My understanding is that, yeah, it was a remaster, except not as good because they censored more of the dialogue.
  7. I don't mind a couple more third-party characters being added, but I would prefer they make some degree of sense, although what makes sense is constantly challenged. Out of the ones we have so far: Sonic - Rival-turned-ally. Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. Several exclusive titles. Sonic does well on Nintendo platforms. Mostly makes sense. Mega Man - Most of the classic series started on Nintendo systems, plus the Mega Man X series, plus a couple other Mega Man series. Ryu - Street Fighter II was the 5th (9th, and 21st) best selling game on SNES. Pac-Man - Is Pac-Man. I don't really know that Pac-Man is heavily associated with Nintendo in particular, but he's Pac-Man. Cloud - Cloud is probably the weirdest one. Final Fantasy as a series started on Nintendo systems, with FF1-6 all being released on NES and SNES, but Cloud in particular was from the first Final Fantasy game exclusively NOT on a Nintendo system. Still, he's almost definitely one of if not the most recognizable/well-known Final Fantasy character, so as a series rep, he makes sense. Snake - Doesn't have the best case. Metal Gear did not "originate" on NES, like some people mistakenly claim. The first Metal Gear was released on the MSX, and then a modified port was released on the NES. This version is not "canon". Snake's Revenge, the sequel to that port, is also not canon. Aside from that, you have Metal Gear: Ghost Babel for the GBC (not canon, but well regarded) and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes...a remake of MGS1 exclusively for the GCN. Other than that, Snake is very much a Sony-based character. MGS1, 2, 3, Portable Ops, 4, Peace Walker...all originally exclusive to Playstation. The best defense I can set up for Snake is that...the crossover makes sense from the other end. Metal Gear crosses over with a lot of games. Snake appeared in Dreammix World Fighters. MGS3 had a mode that crossed over with Ape Escape. Peace Walker had missions that crossed over with Monster Hunter. A couple different games had Assassin's Creed crossovers. Twin Snakes had Nintendo easter eggs in them. If Snake returns magically, I think that's great, but I'm not holding my breath there. If I had to pick third-party characters I thought would be natural fits for Smash, they would be: Simon Belmont - Castlevania. Classic Nintendo series. Not a Nintendo-exclusive franchise, but has enough to were it makes a ton of sense. A protagonist from Dragon Quest - Another series that originated on Nintendo consoles long ago and is heavily tied to Nintendo. Lesser extent: Rayman - Origins and Legends were great. Bomberman - I am not a fan of Bomberman personally, but again he does have a long history with Nintendo. Banjo-Kazooie - I don't expect this to happen, but if it does, fuck it. Ryu Hayabusa - Ninja Gaiden. Another series heavily tied to the NES. Crono - Huge SNES title, people love Chrono Trigger. A monster hunter rep - I don't play this series, so I don't know if there's a monster hunter class that exists as kinda like a "mascot" or what. Leon Kennedy - A long shot, don't expect him, he's just more of a "If it happens, that's probably fine" thing. RE4 originally released on Gamecube, and is one of the most well-regarded titles on the system. Pete/Sara (Harvest Moon) - I know there is some fucked up shit going on with this IP, so I don't know how likely this is. A Shin Megami Tensei rep - Like Monster Hunter, I don't really know what the best way to pick a character from this series is. Long-shot indie reps: I favor Shantae. She's adorable and has four games, and has seniority over Shovel Knight, although Shovel Knight is also cool. Out of all of these, I only really might expect Castlevania or Dragon Quest. I wouldn't really expect Crash...but who knows...I didn't see Cloud coming by a lightyear, so anything is possible.
  8. Yeah, but Famicom Detective deserves more than a 3 second clip. My logic is if Shaberu DS Cooking whatever nonsense can have a track in Smash Bros., Famicom Detective can.
  9. Famicom Detective Club music or bust. The game has a killer soundtrack. Soundtrack by one of the main composers of the Metroid series. Title: Danger: The Girl in Back: Staff Roll: Fan cover:
  10. I would say Samus will at least look like her Samus Returns design. But yeah, I want skins for characters too. I don't know if I'd expect them to make all of Samus's suits model-accurate (though that would be nice), but I'd at least like the Fusion Suit to be model-accurate since that is her "latest" appearance timeline-wise. Other: Ike - PoR Ranger. The design that was used in Brawl. They could also give him his PoR Lord class or his RD-Vanguard class, but having at least his Ranger class would be nice. Marth - Classic Boxart design. Mostly as a goof/retro throwback. Bowser - Dry Bowser, or Husbando Bowser. Ganondorf - Ocarina of Time Ganondorf. As a small detail, they could include a short-hair (pre-timeskip) and long-hair (post-timeskip) variant. What are they going to do with Ganondorf's design anyway, since he wasn't in BotW? Wolf (if he returns) - "Classic" variant. Could be Star Fox 64 or Star Fox 2. Or, I guess at this point his Star Fox Zero design would be pretty close to 64 too. Wii Fit Trainer - Wii Fit U variants. Captain Falcon - SNES art variant Mario and Peach also have more options from Odyssey, so take your pick there.
  11. I purposely tried to be conservative. Yeah, I knew they cut some characters between games, but then I also knew there were clones in the mix that took less work than full characters, so rather than account for all of that nonsense I just went with net increase. I could have even guessed like 12-13 new characters, but I wanted to keep my expectations relatively low, so I went with 10ish and am sticking with 10ish for now.
  12. Strange. For me, Brawl is the least memorable, largely because Smash 4 has essentially "replaced" it in my brain. As in, Smash 4 felt like what Brawl should have been to me. Brawl's main draw for me at this point is Snake, and to a lesser extent Wolf. If they HAD come out with a SSB4 Deluxe, and just included Ice Climbers and Wolf (no expectations of Snake coming back ever), Brawl would probably be completely replaced.
  13. I have no idea what the roster size for this game will be. I'm just going to list some numbers as food for thought. Not going to make some argument based off of number voodoo or anything, because I am not a game designer and even if I was have no idea how their workflow operates. SSB64 - 12 SSBM - 26 (counting Sheik as separate), 14 increase SSBB - 39 (counting Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, and the Trainer's Pokemon as separate), 13 increase SSB4 - 51 (counting Miis as 3 characters) + 7 DLC = 58, 12 increase (from SSBB -> SSB4 base roster) If we assume that SSB4's roster just gets copy-pasted over (DISCLAIMER: huge assumption, massive oversimplification), and add in the Inklings, we have 59 characters. Let's even say Ice Climbers are shoe-ins, making it 60. My ****guess**** would get around a 10ish increase in the roster. (DISCLAIMER AGAIN: I am a dumb hooman and am not an expert on video game design; I just play them, and I am not setting this number as my expectation to be disappointed by.) I don't think SSB5 will hit 70, at least without DLC. It's possible, and if they do...damn, I'll be amazed, even if the number is padded out with clones or something. My reasoning, if you want to call it that, would be that SSB4 is pretty damn solid in the gameplay and graphics department. I don't see a need to completely overhaul the game, like from SSBM->SSBB, or even as much as SSBB->SSB4. I would be satisfied with them using SSB4 as a base, making modest improvements, adding new stages, and largely focusing on new characters, while remixing some of the classic characters and maybe providing some (non-other-character) alt-costumes. I don't need Subspace Emissary 2. I don't need custom moves to be brought over. (Give Palutena the best four of hers, and dump the rest). I also expect a focus on online features, given that they are probably going to use this to promote Switch Online. This is my ideal scenario. It's probably still a lot of work for Sakurai and his team, and as I said, I don't mean to make it sound easier than it is. It's more "I hope them doing things this way allows them to add enough new things to earn the 'new game' label without having to cut much of anything from the previous game." That's largely why I wanted a SSB4.5 first; I was nervous that if they did a "true sequel", they would have to cut things, so I wanted a SSB4 Switch version that had everything before moving on to a proper sequel. But if this is a new game, it is what it is, I'm just hoping Sakurai can magically do both.
  14. I'm sure the CSS is something Sakurai thinks about after he determines how many characters there will be in the main roster, not before. Given how he just slapped the "bonus" clones onto the end of the CSS in SSB4 instead of having them placed with their series. In any case, I doubt it's a huge concern to him, and not something that should be thought of as a limiting factor in any way. It is silly to be like "We COULD have 68 characters, but how would that look on the CSS? If it's ugly, we should just not do that."
  15. There is no such thing as a "roster slot". Sakurai isn't going to be like "If only I had made Dark Pit an alt costume, or if only I had made Sheik a transformation of Zelda, then I could have put in King K. Rool, but alas, nothing can be done, for I have run out of roster slots. Please understand."