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  1. I rerolled once because I didn't get any 5-star anything. I rerolled again and got Xainfried, and no other 5 star stuff. But yeah, I mostly agree. I wasn't planning on rerolling dozens of times, but I at least wanted to feel like I got *something*.
  2. I reset three times. This time I got: Ezelith "Give Me Your Wounded" "Luca's Prank" No 5 star dragons though. Do I keep? I have no idea what's going on.
  3. Items that weren't in SSB4 that could be brought back: Fan Parasol Red Shell Flipper Cloaking Device Barrel Cannon Cracker Launcher Depending on how crazy Sakurai is, all of these might be brought back. Who knows. I would laugh if Sakurai re-added the feature from Melee where sometimes generic enemies like ReDeads and Octoroks would spawn from crates.
  4. I don't know about having a "Mario Kart Ultimate", but I do wish they'd more consistently add characters to the MK roster as opposed to dumping them. I dunno, I guess I just feel like it should be easier for characters to accumulate in a kart racer roster than a fighting game. The fact that SSBU is going to have 70 characters with diverse moves, tons of animations, alt costumes, and all of that is nuts. The idea that Mario Kart 8 had to cut characters in order to add the Koopalings seems silly to me, especially given the amount of copies Mario Kart sells. I dunno. I feel like it takes l
  5. Well yeah, I was simplifying my description of Alph as a separate character. There are other things you could do. You could change the values of his physical attacks, or his clobbering Pikmin attacks to have slight changes in strength or speed. Some of them should remain consistent with Olimar, since...for example...if they are throwing a Red Pikmin at an opponent, it wouldn't make sense for Olimar's Red Pikmin to do more damage than Alph's Red Pikmin. A Pikmin is a Pikmin. If they are swinging a Pikmin at an opponent, you could have some wiggle room there since there would be potential
  6. My overall impressions of this game so far is that Sakurai is a madman / wizard who is going to probably destroy the world by making this game too awesome. Between giving Ganondorf his sword, giving him his Ocarina of Time design, giving Zelda her A Link to the Past/Between Worlds design (which I didn't even know I wanted), bringing back every veteran including Snake, giving Ike both his Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn designs, adding Ridley, giving Pokemon Trainer a Leaf alt costume, and a ton of quality of life improvements, and somehow bringing back a metric fuckton of stages while updat
  7. I never wanted SSE to return. IMO, it has basically no replay value and just isn't very fun. My understanding is that Sakurai and his team spent a lot of time and resources creating that for Brawl, and I always wished they had just gone with something more simple like Melee's adventure mode and added more characters instead. The best part of SSE, the cutscenes, live on...in the form of the newcomer reveal trailers we get, and they are way more hype and stylized than what the SSE had. Part of the problem for me is that doing an SSE properly would be like Kingdom Hearts levels of effort.
  8. There's no Nintendo related stuff before 12PM EST, right? Tournaments and Treehouse and stuff is all after?
  9. No. I slowly updated my religious beliefs and what I thought god was (Catholic Christian, generic Christian, generic theist, higher power) until I came to the conclusion "You know, the thing I believe in is so generic and abstract, I basically don't believe in it at all", so I just became an atheist. And everything makes a lot more sense that way, to me. Aside from that, I don't believe in prayer, souls, the afterlife, divine plans, or any of that jazz. Sometimes I even get weirded out when people pray around me or sincerely reference god, just because the idea of religion has become s
  10. Control in Goldeneye 007. Stop dying Natalya you fucking idiot. Work FASTER.
  11. As far as "last minute purchases", I bought Fluidity (haven't finished yet, but seems interesting so far) and Excitebike: World Rally (only 16 courses, not too hard to S-rank. Can't unlock all of the bike colors though, because they required online). I was considering getting: ReBirth series (Castlevania: The Adventure, Gradius, Contra) - I'm kinda surprised Konami never released this on other platforms. Blaster Master Overdrive - I beat Blaster Master Zero on Switch and liked it a lot. Not sure if I should get Overdrive. Art Style series - I've heard they are fun, but a combined 30
  12. Yes, they will also be DLC. The two characters might have some expanded relevance due to the comics. I'm not really sure. Both Mighty and Ray actually originated in SegaSonic the Hedgehog, but Mighty made additional appearances in a couple other games.
  13. Related to this, they're putting animated shorts on Youtube in the style of the Sonic Mania intro:
  14. Ray the Flying Squirrel He was an obscure character only used in an arcade game called SegaSonic the Hedgehog.
  15. This is essentially how I feel (except I include Wolf in that). Part of why I actually wanted a SSB4 Deluxe on Switch...I was hoping it would include Ice Climbers and Wolf...probably not Snake, because reasons, but if it did that would have been cool. SSB4 would probably totally replace SSBB in my head if it had those characters. Now I just hope SSB5 is a new game AND scratches that same itch. -- I'll give it to Brawl, that the trailer still sticks in my head as one of the best reveal trailers. That said, I wasn't video game news savvy when Melee was annou
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