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  1. how can atone ;_; Is that your real result? holy shit Link me that quiz I want to see where I fall right now
  2. Are you guys actual commies or are you just being ironic because if it's the former that would explain a whole lot
  3. That's honestly why I'm considering leaving, I flat out don't fit in with you guys and it gets more obvious every day. Feels more and more like there's just no room for me here.
  4. They're usually on the cutting edge of tech though, I think they were one of the first industries to start shooting in 4k
  5. on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want me to leave this forum
  6. Okay let me clear something up. I am in no way contrarian for the sake of it. When I said some of my posts are exagerrated, that isn't the same as fabricating my own views for the sake of being argumentative. The points I exaggerate and my underlying views are genuine. Just wanted to clarify.
  7. Seize the means of production Collectivize industry and agriculture Ban religion Destroy the family unit Send dissenters to the gulags Print your flag on t-shirts and sell them to college students
  8. Fill in a coloring book Watch the new Barney & Friends Suck on a pacifier Retreat to your happy place
  9. I'd respond but honestly I'm so fucking outnumbered here every time I post my opinions it's this massive ordeal. My point is I'm not changing, I'm not apologizing for having different opinions, and I think disrupting echo chambers is extremely important, which is a large part of why I am so argumentative.