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  1. Avatar is the Fire Emblem of Nickelodeon.
  2. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6914-tourian-n4a-chat-thread-october-2021/
  3. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6593-planet-wisp-n4a-chat-thread-september-2021/
  4. You're asking about Girls X Battle, but it's also in English and as far as I know she's only used in the advertisements; she doesn't actually show up in the game.
  5. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6296-santa-destroy-n4a-chat-thread-august-2021/
  6. One of my favorite threads from the old country was about the fact Skyward Sword having a restroom ruined the whole game for them, because it meant Link spends his whole adventure not using that toilet and probably smelled awful.
  7. DBZ Kai aired on Nicktoons for a few years, so maybe Goku actually has a chance here.
  8. Even without the silhouettes it's already safe to say there'll be Avatar content because you can spot a stage themed after an air temple in the trailer.
  9. The reception to this game has been entertaining and I hope it translates to the game itself actually being decent. It'd be a shame if it turned out to be mediocre and wastes the potential this has. Whether or not it'll be better than Smash, I think as long as it's a Nick version that doesn't suck it'll be enough to satisfy everyone. I personally don't recognize any of these company names and find it curious this needed to be exclusively announced by IGN... To me that might suggest the names involved aren't particularly notable enough to be made as a selling point, so that's something I'm a little wary about. Fall 2021 is only a few months from now so it'd be nice if the pre-release period could have its own hype cycle too, with character reveals and such.
  10. I can't believe Great Ace Attorney is almost here.
  11. Bayonetta 3 is about to be the very last game that comes out for the Switch.
  12. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5869-the-links-at-mushroom-kingdom-n4a-chat-thread-june-2021/
  13. It's not impossible for them to still do it now, but I feel like "SNES Remix" would've been a great follow-up to NES Remix on Wii U/3DS.
  14. For complex reasons, I deliberately had my calendar set one day forward and forgot to set it back. I really did think today was the 14th.
  15. Oh damn we actually posted a new chat thread at the same time. Uhh you can have this.
  16. Hopefully I'm not the only one looking forward to the remakes.
  17. I had a very similar experience a while back. Someone who had followed me for years was dead certain I was an old friend of his from the NSider days who he used to run podcasts together. He figured I never responded back to any of his messages over the years because he thought I felt "too cool" for him after gaining a big following (when in reality I was just too confused to make any correspondence). My mood was struck one day and I finally broke the ice with him so we could straighten things out. His mind was blown when he was convinced he was following the wrong guy all this time. It turned out he had remembered the name wrong and never realized sooner.
  18. They're planning to take down the Balan Wonderworld demo really soon for anyone morbidly curious enough to try it.
  19. I've actually been replaying BotW lately too and it's been fun rediscovering the whole world while approaching it differently. It's still really good to play!
  20. Shareable seals would actually overcomplicate the existing unit management system, which is supposed to be quick and easy to use. With shareable seals, you'd subject yourself to going through extra steps to simply equip a seal, because said seal may already be somewhere on a different unit in the same team as the unit you're trying to equip the seal to. Because we know they'd never let you have two of the same seals on the same team, that's why the Squad Ace seals exist. And not just regular teams, there are also the special teams (reserve teams, brigades, raiding parties, and even Mjölnir's Strike defense) which are all independent from the 20 default team slots you'd have to comb through to make sure there are no two instances of the same seal on any team. This would also stop you from even adding a unit to a particular team with the seal, so there's now more work involved. The alternative would be for the game to specify which units already have the seal and on which team as you try to equip it (or add a unit to a team), and let you edit them then and there, but that's just further micromanagement and leads to other decisions you'd have to make on the spot (i.e., do I want this other unit to give up the seal?) that in the end isn't worth the trouble of shareable seals. The closest we have to it is My Summoner, but they're vacuumed in a way that it doesn't present any issues because they're only usable in Mjölnir's Strike. I think it's a bad idea and I hope they never consider it.
  21. The thing about NSider that takes me by surprise every time is remembering it was only around for four years. It technically started much earlier with Loudhouse/HTS/etc. but the NSider forums as we know it didn't actually run for as long as my memory tries to recall it. For perspective this very site has been active for just as much time.
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