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  1. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    Mareeta's card is finally shown. Wonder if she'll get SR?
  2. Video Games Finished in 2017

    Chrom's Games Finished 2017 Fire Emblem Heroes (February 7) Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (April 23) Fire Emblem Awakening (July 15) Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (August 20) Finally finished Fire Emblem Echoes on Hard Classic. Great game.
  3. Favorite Fire Emblem?

    The Archanean shield would be my favorite for a few reasons. I like its design and its integration into the gameplay of allowing Marth to open chests, plus the whole idea about it being able to seal away dragons if all the orbs are in place is interesting. I also enjoy the fact that it's become a bit of an iconic image for the series similar to Falchion, and how it sort of plays an important role in FE Cipher too, where its orbs are essentially used to represent a player's vitality.
  4. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    Here are the two Kana SRs I mentioned earlier. Though they are different cards, they function entirely the same as each other.
  5. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    Show just ended. Really enjoyed it. Not going to sum up the whole thing, but my favorite bits from it: - The two new original characters were revealed and are to debut in the TCG this set: Alice and Valjean. Alice is a magical princess and Valjean is her knight vassal. Not sure if this means anything but their starting cards are colorless and framed exactly like the FE Heroes characters. Perhaps they hail from Zenith and could appear in that game's story? - Ephraim, Garcia, Joshua, Innes, and the Bael monster were all confirmed for S11. The cards for the FE Sacred Stones characters will be purple and share the same symbol as the Elibe cast, but the cards are framed slightly differently to give them a Magvel flavor. The English name for the S11 booster is currently Glorious Twinstrike and will release December 7. We didn't see anything about FE Echoes or FE Warriors though. - S10 saw confirmations of Veronica, Iago, Siegbert, Shiro, and various characters from FE Thracia 776. Each Kana is getting an SR. This will also be the first set with dual colored cards, utilizing two symbols at once. The new Shigure we've seen before will be one of them, and so will the aforementioned Kana SRs. - S12 confirmed featured titles: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (green), Awakening (blue), and Genealogy of the Holy War (yellow). No other info beyond this. We should see its release early next year. Overall, a great show! Glad I got to watch it.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Even if you're not focusing Ninian as an attacker, I think both skills are good for her for different reasons. Fury buffs up her stats to be able to take non-lethal hits more easily, plus it works nicely together with Escape Route if you want to run that. Triangle Adept is also good so that it covers her Falchion weakness and better handle red units in general. If you're really committed to not letting Ninian do any fighting, I'd suggest Triangle Adept, but I agree Fortress Def is another solid option.
  7. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    Small detail but I like that Leif SR's second skill takes after the light of Zwei, which is actually a subject of very unknown background despite all the supplementary material released. So I think it's kind of cool to see it acknowledged again, though we'll probably never see it explained until FE Thracia 776 gets a remake. My understanding is that it's some kind of divine providence that guides Leif, though my guess is as good as anyone else's.
  8. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    New special marker cards for next month have been posted: Clair, Delthea, Roy, and Mist! I hope to watch the livestream as it airs this weekend. I haven't been doing so lately because I find myself too exhausted to stay up for it, but I'd like to change that.
  9. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    Oh god this is funny. Leif SR was the expected reveal for the end of this week, but Hans N steals the show and finally makes his debut in FE Cipher. Both are illustrated by Rika Suzuki.
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  11. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    Eyvel R and R+ revealed! Her status as leader of the Freeblades lets her easily come to the rescue of her fellow allies in the face of overwhelming odds, kind of like Conrad in the previous set. Unfortunately, she is destined to meet her hard fate as the battle goes on, so her use as a warrior is rather limited. Great art in my opinion.
  12. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    Yeah I did consider that myself too. I think it's very possible those two mystery characters could make their debut in FE Cipher shortly after their expected appearance soon. It'd fall in place pretty nicely. Disappointing that would probably mean my dream of the seasonal characters getting cards this set may not be realized, but there are always the promos. Also, if the masked character appears in FE Cipher, I'm pretty sure he'll likely go by the name Bruno since that's what FE Heroes has been calling him for a while now. We'll see though.
  13. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    The Order of Heroes join FE Cipher! Going by the card numbers, it looks like they'll only be getting a couple of cards.
  14. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    The two Kanas! The original tweet reconfirms that the primary theme of the FE Fates cards this set is the Heirs of Fate storyline, so naturally the two are leading here. I'm guessing the first 50 cards will be for FE Thracia 776? I wonder where FE Heroes is supposed to fit in. Maybe near the end?
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Summoning any five star unit will always reset appearance rates.