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  1. Hmm probably something else then if that's right. Weird that one won't show up!
  2. I wonder if the video won't embed because the publisher doesn't allow that specific video from being embedded on other sites. I remember seeing that as an option whenever I uploaded stuff. Pretty rare to find people do that but it is possible last time I checked.
  3. Good news, everyone. I'm happy to confirm that all gifts were able to be exchanged without a hitch, making this event a success! Thanks so much for participating in this year's event, I hope it was fun for all.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's just a marketing stunt, but it's still pretty funny.
  5. This thing was a good reminder that I've spent way too much time in Dragon Quest XI to have not finished it by now, since it was among my most played this year and last.
  6. Made my list and checked it twice! Starting today, a few of you may have something waiting in your inbox. And for anyone else, if you can't make your schedule, don't worry! As long as I can get something in, I'll deliver it whenever works best for you.
  7. Cautiously optimistic for this one since I was actually left disappointed with the first demo but this new one does feel like an all-around improved experience.
  8. Hi everyone. Here are some tips I've gathered for anyone who may be interested in gifting digital content or funds on the Nintendo Switch for another person who lives in a different country, since that's looking like it may be a common topic of interest. When it comes to either download codes (games/DLC) or prepaid codes (funds), they can only be redeemed in the eShop store they're meant for. However, download codes that would work for the US will also work for Canada and Mexico, as they all fall under "the Americas" as far as the eShop is concerned. Despite this, changing the coun
  9. They're finally doing the Calvard arc. It's been 84 years.
  10. Good stuff so far fellas. I'm happy to cooperate with everyone to make sure we get this done as it should! I'm posting right now to say that I've offered one exchange to be delivered a little earlier than planned, out of respect for a concern as to whether or not the gifts will be valid based on where the two participants live (US vs Canada), and anticipating accommodation if they may not. So in the event that someone here shows up with gifts a little sooner than the 21st, this is why!
  11. Good news, everyone! With sign-ups now closed, everyone who registered has been notified of who they're paired with! It was fun for me to organize responses and make sure everything was ordered correctly. Now comes the fun for everyone else to pick out gifts for one another! I'll do my best to make sure everything is delivered as scheduled.
  12. Yeah I know it can be reuploaded but it's still something of an end of an era. And it was definitely the wave around here when it got big a few years ago!
  13. I don't know who needs to hear this, but Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby is shutting down this week. Good night, sweet prince.
  14. Just a quick heads up that everyone who's signed up so far will be notified of who they'll be paired with starting tomorrow! We'll soon move on to the next part of the event.
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