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  1. I think you might be misunderstanding? It isn't the Nintendo eShop on Wii U that's ending its service anytime soon, it's the Wii Shop Channel on the original Wii that is. So you can download Tropical Freeze again whenever without worrying about this.
  2. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    The official Twitter showed off today the aforementioned Ike promo from Nintendo Dream, featuring Ike as a Hero, wielding Ettard. He has another cost 3 from the third set, and by comparison, I wouldn't say this is either better or worse than that, it more depends on what you think you may need at the time. The old one offers a valuable one-turn range bonus, but for more raw power, this card gets the job done. By the way, that same issue of Nintendo Dream also has an interview with one of the directors of FE Echoes. There are plans to have that translated soon, so that may or may not be of interest.
  3. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    A proper look at the Black Knight SR, illustrated by Daisuke Izuka. He's spurred a ton of feedback because he is ridiculously strong. Like, I am talking Ridiculous. For starters he has abnormally high base attack, and is able to essentially double it upon initiation while he attacks the enemy leader. When he does so, he also completely wipes the opponent's playing field, instantly dismantling their army like a house of cards. All of this at a very low cost to perform, with no restriction on how many times you can do this per turn. All in all, Black Knight's going all in and making the TCG like he owns it.
  4. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    https://imgur.com/a/r3irm Gotta say I'm really pleased with what they showed off today! Series 13 is shaping up to be pretty appealing with all the new and returning characters they're adding. I think overall, I like the new art for Alfonse the most out of everything. I'm really partial to him and his more recent character development is something that has been drawing to me more and more, so seeing him in such a scenario where he's just casually reading a book, an activity you don't normally see FE protagonists do, is appealing in it own right. Just a real comfy piece of art in my opinion. I also think it's really cool that the new Ares tourney promo shows off his mom, since you don't actually see her at all in the original game, only from an old artbook. Pulling all that neat stuff from the annals of the series' history is just one of the many things I love about the TCG. Black Knight SR is very awesome looking, it might be my favorite one this set. The lack of S14 news is not as disappointing as it would normally be for me, because I think it lends a little bit of credence to the idea that it might be the fabled FE Switch set and they're not ready to delve further into it yet until the game proper is shown off elsewhere. So if we suppose the next livestream is in May (by that point I think they absolutely will talk about S14), perhaps the hot new game will already be the talk of the town by then...but that's just a theory. Edit: Forgot to mention Nintendo Dream magazine also revealed today that their newest issue includes a new Ike promo! Might be the only one for now.
  5. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    Amazing set of cards of Micaiah and Ike, as they appear at the very end of FE Radiant Dawn! The Ike we've technically seen before, but with alternate artwork. As said before, he is extremely powerful, capable of singlehandedly closing out games if the player has been properly setting him up. The Micaiah is all-new and should have another version yet to be seen. She supports Ike by eliminating the chances of self-supporting, disabling the notorious Mantle skill (belonging to the Black Knight), and allowing Ike to grow further at an accelerated rate. The end of all is here, and together they pave the way to victory! I am also in agreement that whether or not they say anything about S14 will be an interesting development. Will be tuning in as usual!
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  7. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    About the next tourney promos, I'm not sure what's going on with them. They actually just released the monthly tourney pages on the official site, but they're currently provisional and haven't revealed the cards yet. A bit strange since I don't recall that happening before. But to be sure, there certainly will be promos for next month. We get another SR reveal today, Ishtar from Jugdral! After three other sets of yellow, she finally debuts in the card game. She makes use of the mighy Mjölnir tome, manipulating the opponent's own bonds and gaining strength tied to how many of them have already been flipped down. Against decks which spend heavily on their resources, Ishtar brings down the thunder! I'll be able to make aside some time to watch a bit of this weekend's livestream. Looking forward to it! Wonder if there'll be any additional news on Series 14?
  8. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    A late discovery but one I'd definitely like to bring up. Going off this image I found (I think it's from a poster at Cipher Sai West?), Soren appears to be one of the cards in the upcoming tourney promo pack that should release next month. We can see it well enough to tell that it's an alternate to his new N card this coming set, but with a different illustration with him and Ike together. Very cool!
  9. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    The debut of Walhart and Excellus in FE Cipher this set brings in an important theme in mind: the reign of overwhelming power. To reflect Walhart's huge strength, his SR is designed to give him a respectable boost if he faces anyone up front, and capitalizes it by preventing anyone from trying to hide in the rear. Excellus, Walhart's advisor, is a support card who aids Walhart by maintaining keeping enemies up front for him to slay, though outside of this niche he isn't particularly outstanding. Overall, a good pair of cards who like to go together. Anyone who plays Walhart will definitely want Excellus too. Walhart might be my favorite villain in FE Awakening, so I'm pretty pleased with his FE Cipher appearance. Cool to see him get an SR too.
  10. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    A look at another pair of cards for Elena and Greil, this time depicting the other side of their fate. Focusing on Greil first, as the canonical individual who suffers grief by touching the medallion, it makes a lot of sense for him to get a card this way. Not really surprising it exists unlike Berserk Ike. He even plays a bit similarly to Vanguard Ike, with an effect that emulates Ike's Aether effect with no cost to it. The catch of course is that Berserk Greil is on such a rampage that he forcibly destroys himself and another ally at the end of each turn, so he can't last very long. As a parallel to Mist, Elena's new card comes with an effect to help ward off Berserk Greil's auto destruction effect, though not entirely since she can only protect one ally at a time (Greil destroys himself and one other). Overall though, I think Ike and Mist are more effective at what they do, but Elena and Greil provide another alternative that can be helpful for green decks utilizing more brutish tactics.
  11. Archer Appreciation Day

    Still think it's Python. Cordelia is my favorite archer to use in FE Heroes.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Spent $400 in the first year, nothing yet after that so far. I imagine I still will every now and then but probably not as much.
  13. Famicom Detective Club music is technically already in Smash, but through the means of that one Famicom medley that used like a few seconds of the opening theme. I know that hardly even counts, but it is a fun fact to bring up. I'm not sure I feel the same way about more music from it needing to get in, but it's nice to see appreciation for it since I'm a fan of the game as well.
  14. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    Two new cards for Sigurd have been shown off today, both illustrated by Mayo. Though Sigurd is the main protagonist in this story, he's taking a step back for this set. I really like what these two cards depict, they're actually supposed to be the scenes when Arvis gives him the Silver Sword and when Eldigan and his Cross Knights fight him in Chapter 3, both very memorable scenes, at least to me. Edit: Also a look at an ad for Series 13!
  15. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    Okay so it doesn't seem like that resulted in anything of note given that Cipher Sai's over now (though it's not clear to me what exactly was the surprise they were referring to). No big deal I suppose. In any case, we did get to see something notable after all! New Lyn artwork has been spotted. This is said to be for one of the tourney promos for Series 13 in July (not to be confused with the S12 tourney promos we should be expecting in April, I don't believe we've seen anything known to be from that yet). Of course, Series 13 is the set to feature FE Blazing Blade, so Lyn's appearance is not much of a surprise. Until then, Series 12 will be out in Japan later this month on the 22nd, preceded by another livestream next weekend on the 17th! Edit: I dug into what exactly the surprise was, and it was apparently gameplay footage of Tharja in FE Warriors. They also supposedly said it's due for release on the 29th of this month if I am understanding correctly. Again, not very relevant to FE Cipher, but I thought I'd help elucidate what they talked about at Cipher Sai.