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  1. Chrom

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 14

    The official Twitter has shared the first three cards of the new set: those of Chrom, male Robin, and female Robin. I'd like to preface this by saying I immediately noticed that the cards do not have their card numbers as they used to on their sample images. This started happening last set and I guessed it was because they wanted to keep things secret and more of a surprise with their reveals. Then later on I wondered if it had anything to do with the season icon that also started showing up, but I'm thinking that if it's still happening now, that can't be why. Mildly disappointed personally as I preferred seeing the card numbers, but I can understand why they're temporarily omitted. Chrom's new card doesn't provide him with any options to boost his own attack, instead it doubles as a healer card, with the only drawback being that the card has to be a cost 1 (healers typically don't have this specific restriction, or if they do it's something else). I think it's perfectly fine with what they're trying to do with it, it's supposed to support other cards while being viable enough in its own right. Male and female Robin work similarly. They're not as strong as Chrom but they have magic granting them extra range. If they support in battle, they can move a different enemy unit to a more favorable position. What sets them apart is that male Robin is more aggressive, he can get more copies of himself as he defeats enemies, while female Robin is further suited for moving enemies and is able to move anyone else at will.
  2. Chrom

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

  3. Chrom

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 14

    Just a quick summary of what to look forward to. Intelligent Systems has just finished hosting their yearly anniversary event, the FE Cipher Summer Party tour, in the interim between the last set and this upcoming one. Now they'll be providing updates via Twitter to help promote the upcoming booster next month and keep fans' interests in check. They'll also be broadcasting a livestream event via Niconico this coming weekend and another shortly before release to provide more news that way. This will be the second of the four sets of Season 4 of FE Cipher. There will be cards of characters from Awakening, the Tellius games, and Birthright, so those particular colors in the card game (blue/green/white) will be seeing support. There will also be new Tokyo Mirage Sessions cards, specifically as blue ones. At the Summer Party, we learned that they will be releasing promo cards of Bunny Lucina from FE Heroes and female Corrin as she appears in the Crown of Nibelung manga starting in October. This will also be the set where the special tournament Celica promo will finally see distribution (because we already know its card number starts with P14). There will be a new mechanic implemented in the TCG this set involving a completely new place to set your cards on the field called the "Mugen Area". It's not yet known what it's used for but we already know the upcoming cards will make use of it in some capacity. I'm personally looking forward to learning how it works and seeing the TCG continue to develop as a game.
  4. https://fecipher.jp/ The Fire Emblem Cipher Trading Card Game (TCG) is a collectible card game based on the Fire Emblem series by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Though it has only been available in Japan and there's no word on an official English release, it is regularly updated with new sets and rules which keep it interesting for fans to talk about. Series 14 is the upcoming expansion releasing on September 27, and will include one new booster pack featuring characters from the titles Awakening, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Birthright, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. The focus of this topic is on this particular set, but is also open to having any other discussion pertaining to the TCG in general. Getting Started Despite the TCG only being available in Japanese, there are a number of resources made available by fans in English which provide information on what you need to know in order to collect the cards or even how to play the game. The best source, in my opinion, is the wiki guide written here, though you can also refer to the information on the official site linked above, albeit in Japanese. Basically: New collectors who want to own specific cards of their favorite characters should get an idea of how much they individually go for at the local retailers and try to buy/trade for them within the second hand market (fellow fans in various communities). This is generally more cost friendly than the easy route of buying them off online retailers like eBay, Amazon, or TCG Republic, so you can get a lot of mileage from doing research and knowing what's out there and at what prices. If you want to import sealed starter decks, boosters, or sleeves, I recommend buying through AmiAmi. New players can try owning any of the available starter decks to help them with learning, which are ready to play and are all suitable for introducing the game. Online simulators with English translations of all the cards are out there too! The one shared on the wiki is pretty popular, although I personally prefer playing with FECipherVit. New sets are released every few months and new promo cards are regularly distributed during the interims through various means (events, magazines, etc.), so there's constantly new stuff to glean over. If you really like the art, know that many illustrators of the card artwork tend to publicly upload the full illustrations via Twitter or Pixiv, usually after the release of a new set. Some might not be available though. Card Sets Series 14 will be out on September 27, but there have already been hundreds of different cards released since the TCG started in 2015, with each set focusing on specific groups of Fire Emblem titles. For a full list of cards, you can check them out here, or search the wiki. Series 15, which will feature New Mystery of the Emblem, Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, and Conquest, will release later this year! Basic Rules In Fire Emblem Cipher, two players wage battle against each other using their army of characters, with the ultimate goal of claiming victory by defeating the opposing army's leader in combat until they can no longer be sustained by their five orbs. Each army's deck needs at least 50 cards to engage in battle, and unlike some other card games, running out of cards to draw from your deck just means you have to replenish your deck with all the cards left in your retreat to continue the battle, meaning the victory condition is all you have to focus on. Game Flow Each turn consists of these actions in the following order, which are divided into their own phases: Drawing a card from your deck Adding a card from your hand to the bond row Deploying units from your hand to the battlefield Attacking enemies, activating skills, or repositioning your units This goes back and forth between both players until one emerges as the battle's victor! Card Details Here's a quick rundown on what everything means on any card: Unit name - The name of the character depicted on the card. With the epithet, constitutes the card name. Epithet - A title distinguishing the unit from other different cards they may have. With the unit name, constitutes the card name. Power - A measure of the unit's strength when engaged in combat. Aid - A measure of the unit's strength when assisting an ally in combat. Range - Indicates how far the unit can attack in relation to their position on the battlefield. Class - Represents the unit's class and how seasoned they are. Skills - Normal skills the unit possesses, which grant various abilities. Assist skills - A type of skill which may only be activated when the unit is assisting an ally in combat. Field cost - The number of bonds needed to deploy the unit from your hand to the battlefield. Class change cost - The number of bonds needed to promote the already deployed unit to this card. Symbol - Denotes the unit's associated faction and color. Gender - The gender the unit is identified as. Weapon - The type of weapon the unit uses in combat. Types - Additional attributes of the unit if any, such as if they are a flier or armored. Further details on how the game plays can be found on the wiki. If there's anything you want clarification on, whether about the rules of the game or anything else regarding the cards, you're welcome to ask here!
  5. Chrom

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    The last Summer Party event in Nagoya is over! Daisuke Izuka drew Emperor Hardin and Marth, and Senri Kita drew Ike and Mist. Other than that, this event series went by swimmingly. Now to Series 14!
  6. Chrom

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    I understand the thought that Super Mario Maker might be a more appealing title to play on Switch than NSMBU, but despite the fact that they're both 2D Mario games, they're still very different experiences. NSMBU is the quintessential 2D Mario experience that anyone can immediately get into, while Mario Maker is an anamoly in that it's about the creating levels and enjoying levels made by other players. Because they're such different games, I think Nintendo would handle releases of them accordingly and not interchangeably. Even though I'd personally rather play Mario Maker on Switch than NSMBU, I think it may actually be a better call for Nintendo to come out with a port of NSMBU first like on Wii U, because that game evidently has wider appeal going by sales data. I'm not worried about Mario Maker not releasing on Switch at some point at least. After all, it's still a super popular title from the Wii U that even saw a release on the 3DS already. I'd be surprised if a Switch version didn't happen eventually.
  7. Chrom

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    Okay, so here's a thought... What if Nintendo isn't actually interested in continuing the New Super Mario Bros. series anymore? There is a particular interview with Mr. Tezuka of Nintendo (a producer of the NSMB series) from a few years ago that I've always remembered, where he apparently said he wanted to make a Mario game that could surpass New Super Mario Bros. It's sort of up to interpretation as to what he exactly meant, but I always saw this as him possibly saying he hoped to make a different kind of 2D Mario game. It may not have materialized yet, but I could see it happening later on. If we suppose that New Super Mario Bros. was meant to be this serialized game series that basically asked for a new release every few years or every console release, then I believe the concern about this alleged Switch port would make some sense. It would indeed be weird to come out with this port, then later another NSMB game for Switch. What would be the point, right? For example, there's already Mario Tennis Aces, so there's no real reason for them to bring Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash from Wii U to Switch. I believe that's the angle I'm seeing, and I'd like to make it clear that I'm trying to understand that particular point. However, we do not know what Nintendo's roadmap is and what they have planned for future Mario games. I think we should consider that we may not necessarily see another new NSMB game, so this port could just be Nintendo's way to bring 2D Mario to Switch in the interim until they do whatever's next. I don't see the problem with it since I figure a lot of people would be happy to buy the game on Switch, whether again or for the first time.
  8. Chrom

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    On the topic of the name: Yeah, it'd be kind of weird to still call it New Super Mario Bros. U if it were released on Switch, but honestly I'm not sure they have a better choice. I mean, what would they call it instead that wouldn't easily mistake it for a completely new game? I feel like they would be better off keeping the U in the title to help distinguish that it's still the Wii U game.
  9. Chrom

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    Yeah, this would absolutely sell much more on Switch than it ever sold on Wii U. But I guess that's a bad thing.
  10. Chrom

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    I don't know how else to explain that simply releasing the game again on a more viable platform for more players to experience is only a good thing. Nintendo isn't interested in selling the Wii U anymore. I figure there probably would be some additional content and changes like the other Switch ports.
  11. Chrom

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    Nintendo's just porting their Wii U games to Switch like they've already been doing and have officially said they'll continue to do. I think it's worth remembering that this doesn't really stop them from making a new 2D Mario on Switch if they wanted to later down the line. Like I get not personally caring for this and preferring a new game, but this'll still be great for others who've not played it yet. A complete New Super Mario Bros. collection on Switch would be amazing but I feel like that might be asking for too much from Nintendo.
  12. Chrom

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    They're releasing additional new markers from the latest set of Hector, Caeda, Fjorm, and Laevatein! The fourth and final Summer Party event is this weekend, then news about the next set should be coming in soon after.
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  14. I actually think people would've continued scrutinizing his other works and discovered it all anyway, but I imagine provoking Schreier did help speed things up. The way I see it, it makes a lot of sense for an individual who would be caught plagiarizing in a professional field to have not been an isolated incident, since that is a behavior that always first develops at an early age and would persist if not dealt with properly. The simple fact that his response video reflected very poorly on him and spelled out that he didn't believe he was at fault for anything would say just as much that he very likely had more dirt on him.
  15. Oh god, it actually gets worse.