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  1. They're planning to take down the Balan Wonderworld demo really soon for anyone morbidly curious enough to try it.
  2. I've actually been replaying BotW lately too and it's been fun rediscovering the whole world while approaching it differently. It's still really good to play!
  3. Shareable seals would actually overcomplicate the existing unit management system, which is supposed to be quick and easy to use. With shareable seals, you'd subject yourself to going through extra steps to simply equip a seal, because said seal may already be somewhere on a different unit in the same team as the unit you're trying to equip the seal to. Because we know they'd never let you have two of the same seals on the same team, that's why the Squad Ace seals exist. And not just regular teams, there are also the special teams (reserve teams, brigades, raiding parties, and even Mjöln
  4. The thing about NSider that takes me by surprise every time is remembering it was only around for four years. It technically started much earlier with Loudhouse/HTS/etc. but the NSider forums as we know it didn't actually run for as long as my memory tries to recall it. For perspective this very site has been active for just as much time.
  5. If you're called a simp it's probably because it looks like you're desperately idolizing or overinvesting in someone for their affection.
  6. Always lived under that lifestyle of needing to lock up at all times. I thought it was just common sense and I still believe that. A few years back, my mom and I were about to head out from our backyard, and in a rare moment we both decided to head back inside to grab something real quick while leaving both the gate and car window open. We came back finding that someone actually came around and snatched her purse from inside the car! We never found whoever stole it but later in the day a lady came to our front door to return it (thank god). She said it was left by a trash can and it turned
  7. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5520-balduq-n4a-chat-thread-february-2021/
  8. The fact Balan Wonderworld was being developed by Arzest should've been the first red flag about it. They made Yoshi's New Island.
  9. The last RPG I beat... I finished my fourth run of Tokyo Mirage Sessions last year, but I'm also at that point in DQXI where you technically beat it with the credits rolling but there's still one more act to go through so it's not truly over yet. Been taking another short break from it to avoid the burnout, so I've been playing other stuff.
  10. I think Three Houses is okay, but I found myself preferring Fates since I found the gameplay more interesting and engaging, especially when it comes to map variety.
  11. Hmm probably something else then if that's right. Weird that one won't show up!
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