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  1. I prefer the DS version overall but I would encourage trying the NES original first if you can, if only because that way you could appreciate Shadow Dragon a lot more if you see for yourself how they took the base game and fleshed it out a ton as a remake. This is what I did a long time ago and I definitely don't regret it.
  2. I'm gonna be so sad if I miss the preorder window for the 30th Anniversary Edition.
  3. Super Mario Bros. 35 really goes to show how awful a lot of people are at this game.
  4. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5012-roivas-mansion-n4a-chat-thread-october-2020/
  5. Okay but I'm actually really looking forward to 3D All-Stars, Sunshine especially. Wish Galaxy 2 were on there though.
  6. Don't know how long it's been like this but I just misclicked a bookmark to the old site and a host error doesn't even allow access anymore.
  7. If that's what's actually happening closer to the end of the year then I think it only makes sense to recommend shipping earlier.
  8. This has been the longest July ever.
  9. Switch Pro Controller is great, ever since I got mine it's what I use most of the time. It's a good backup for any Joy-Con drift problems and it also works nicely with PC games.
  10. Pre-YouTube Internet was something else.
  11. Same boat, I really want Heir of Light to win since it's a lot more appealing to me than the other banners with all the premium skills it has to offer. Same reason why I also picked Desert Mercenaries in the last poll and am happy to see that win.
  12. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4667-blue-origami-cult-n4a-chat-thread-july-2020/
  13. They're adding an ARMS character to Smash Bros this month so I just went with that lol