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  1. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8694-the-forgotten-land-n4a-chat-thread-april-2022/
  2. Nothing that seriously deterred my experience, but a fair share of Triangle Strategy glitches I've come across, whether personally or seen clips of: On the Wolffort Harbor map, part of the terrain flickered like crazy depending on the camera angle Sometimes the cursor/camera seemingly moves on its own during maps, and not because of stick drift One time I tried to load a file into a battle prep, but it loaded me to the world map instead (no progress lost) Another time I loaded a quicksave into a map, and the music just didn't come on The depth of field effect can break during exploration and basically makes the whole area too blurry to navigate While exploring the Valley of Dunes, you can softlock by making Serenoa walk against an edge a certain away and go out of bounds While an enemy was attacking one of my units, the camera randomly jumped to the opposite end of the map before snapping back Some of these issues only happened once and went away with another reload, and despite all this, I've never experienced a crash. Game is still a 10/10 in my book, with only a couple things I wish it handled a bit differently.
  3. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8378-glenbrook-n4a-chat-thread-march-2022/
  4. No, you can't. It's supposed to be only one each, and only once. Right now it's only possible to have five florets, from the four units in the pool and the one freebie. I think Ty is either mistaken how he got his second, or means to say he got his second from pulling Idunn.
  5. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8113-tarrey-town-n4a-chat-thread-february-2022/
  6. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7783-hall-of-origin-n4a-chat-thread-january-2022/
  7. Way to go everyone! I'm happy to say we've made it to the end of our event, and pretty smoothly to boot. While this gift exchange may be wrapping up, may all your gifts help make your new year. Once again, I'm glad to have played a part in it. Thanks so much for your time, and happy holidays.
  8. Hi everyone. Just wanted to share a status report on how everything's looking so far! Right now, everyone has committed to their tasks and is on track with their deliveries. Looks to me like everyone will be receiving gifts this month! Stay tuned as everything will play out like clockwork.
  9. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7462-hopes-peak-academy-n4a-chat-thread-december-2021/
  10. Alright fellas, I'm excited to share we're on to the next step and all pairings have been privately disclosed - check your messages! You guys have about two weeks to decide what'll be each others gifts and send them however you can. I trust everyone will do their part for another fun gift exchange! Remember if you have any questions or concerns, just hit me up and we'll figure it out together.
  11. Yeah it shouldn't be a problem! You can fill out the form and specify you'd like that kind of accommodation and I'll make sure it works out.
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