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  1. As soon as I heard the storm’s name, I knew I had to take action.
  2. ...who would be in the roster? Who would you like to see in a 2D fighter like Guilty Gear or Dragonball FighterZ? One catch though, you can't pick anyone that appeared in Smash already, both playable and as assists/Poké Balls. Preferably try to pick first party characters at the top of your head! My pick would be Mike Jones from StarTropics, that one first party game that's in limbo for decades now.
  3. Good on Nintendo for bringing back Retro Studios.
  4. Download link here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkvkHEbKjrMAipc29ercTgeYs5270Q
  5. After pouring too much time into (as well as procrastinate alot), I can finally say I'm done with this thing. It was a project of mine that I was working on for quite some time now. I really love the game, but it was a shame the music wasn't uploaded anywhere. Alot work was put into it, and the game didn't made it any easier. Completely challenges normally didn't allowed the music to loop properly so I needed to get really creative. At last, here it is! From the bottom of Rusty's wallet, I bring you: Please don't hate the album art too much, I'm trying to do aesthetics
  6. Anyone up for Prime Hunters game night this weekend? I'll be online all day this Saturday. I'm just running this as a test, just to see if it's going to be viable here. I'm also getting some groups in on it too.