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  1. Jun

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    Anyone up for Prime Hunters game night this weekend? I'll be online all day this Saturday. I'm just running this as a test, just to see if it's going to be viable here. I'm also getting some groups in on it too.
  2. I'd love to see NDS and Wii games brought back to Switch somehow, with their Wi-Fi capabilities hooked up to the Nintendo Network because why not.
  3. Jun

    PS Plus Free Games for November 2018

    Holy hell, Yakuza Kiwami on Plus Definitely getting plus for this
  4. Jun

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    At the moment, Wiimmfi supports hundreds of games atm. In the rarest chance your game isn't support (i.e. game telling you server is overloaded), verify your game is listed here. If it's not there, let me know and I'll make a game definition to support it with the devs. You could do it yourself however too. https://wiimmfi.de/stat?m=25 Anytime! I'd love to set up game nights just to play some Hunters with folks here. Surprisingly enough, I feel at home with the controls after playing Kid Icarus: Uprising for so long. -- Oh by the way, the server is also distributing Mystery Gifts for Gen 4 and 5 too! I can't determine the legality though, but they're mostly MGs that you find in stores back then.
  5. Jun

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    If you got an Android phone, you can tether it so you can have a available WEP access point. No root required I believe. Also, if your router support guest SSIDs, try setting that one up as a WEP. If not, your best bet is to find some other access point, like a coffee shop and etc. Yep, that's do-able. If you don't want to run the risk of using a WEP, definitely get a USB connector and hook it up with a PC running a wired connection. It's discontinued ages ago but there should be plenty that are up for purchase, and in good condition too.
  6. Jun

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    I'll actually return to game nights again if we could all group to play on the server one day.
  7. Jun

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    I don't think it was Nintendo that shut it down, the original servers over at GameSpy had to shut down, therefore shutting down Nintendo WFC along with it. Nintendo didn't had choice on that sadly. It would need them to rewrite almost every retail game in existence to get WFC back online with new server, I believe.
  8. Jun

    Nintendo WFC Returns!!

    In case no one believes me...
  9. It's now possible to connect to Nintendo WFC using a private server called Wiimmfi. While this is old news for some, the process to connecting is much more streamlined now. You now don't need a flash card or a modified ROM in order to connect online. Just change your DNS to* (just your primary DNS) from your WFC settings, and you're good to go! Happy gaming! Check who's online here: https://wiimmfi.de/stat Tell your friends to get them online too, and spread the news around! Let's populate WFC again! *This DNS may be subject to change, and if it does I'll probably update this page with the new one.
  10. Jun

    Dragalia Lost

    What is this moonspeak?
  11. ...I've done something I'm not supposed to do. (see the chat thread)
  12. Like the dumb kid I am, I done-goofed and hacked my Switch early and got caught. Hopefully talking about it isn't illegal on N4A...
  13. I guess it's a good thing my Switch got blocked by Nintendo. Now I can get a newer model.
  14. Jun

    Introductions thread.

    Welcome aboard! If you know anymore people that used to be at Oldsider or NS2, bring them here!