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  1. You're right. It's not even SamSho 2. literally nothing
  2. At least there's Samurai Shodown in this week full of nothing.
  3. Will Nintendo's "two punch strategy" end

    Nintendo will release a dedicated handheld at some point. The market is much too important to ignore, and the Switch, despite how much you might want it to be, is not a replacement for a true handheld.
  4. but you have to use the wrong controller
  5. Not when Discord exists they won't.
  6. ARMS and Smash 4 make EVO Japan cut

    The game is running on borrowed time either until they intentionally break all of the gamecube controllers and/or until they can't lug around a bunch of CRTs anymore. The cult of personality around Smash pros is also really fucking obnoxious. Running both Smash4 and Melee was always kinda dumb imo, but I don't like Smash so lol. Give Melee's slot to a real fighting game. You know who deserves it?
  7. ARMS and Smash 4 make EVO Japan cut

    Melee should die.
  8. The Mouth of Truth *archived thread*

    so what exactly are you trying to accomplish here other than being mean spirited and drudging bullshit back up that nobody gives a shit about
  9. should consider just not making the game because it will be bad like all the senran kagura games
  10. lmao Well, Chief is a generic super soldier who is very definitely male. "it is set in space" is not a very convincing argument, either.
  11. in exactly which respects other than that metroid prime was a first person shooter
  12. i'm binge watching ghibli movies why can't all anime be this good
  13. Political Containment Thread

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/11/us/politics/trump-russia-email-clinton.html?action=Click&contentCollection=BreakingNews&contentID=65556520&pgtype=Homepage Jr. was contacted by the NYT about the story, so he decided to go out in a blaze of glory and post the emails himself because, uh, reasons. Lemmings Republicans proceeded to jump off the cliff, yelling I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING as some sort of attempt at justification.
  14. Political Containment Thread

    so uh there's the smoking gun
  15. all of it i don't even like it in ffxiv where it at least has the excuse of being in a mmorpg