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  1. go play baten kaitos and have a marginally better time
  2. You should play Metal Gear Rising because it's the best game Platinum has ever made. But yeah, the only games that are absolutely necessary are Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Metal Gear Solid 4. The hottest of takes, sure, but the Big Boss games (Portable Ops, Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes, "The Phantom Pain") are basically just about how Big Boss tries to build Outer Heaven, "But It Doesn't Work Out This Time Because...". They're skippable if you view the MGS series as the story of Solid Snake, which it actually kind of is. Portable Ops is pretty bad, Peace Walker isn't much better, Ground Zeroes is the fullest expression of what Metal Gear Solid was always trying to be, and The Phantom Pain is just an action game with all sorts of pointless mechanics bolted on that detract from the experience. basically just buy this and you're good also because nobody will tell you to play it besides me Ghost Babel on the Gameboy Color is actually a very competent Metal Gear that takes the best elements of the 2D Metal Gear games and the first Solid game and creates something truly special with it. It's totally non-canon, though.
  3. 12 frames sounds about right for the Ale- I mean, Tristan. The new HG Tristan has about as much effort put into as this short did.
  4. To clarify, I don't mind recolored kits being sold through P-Bandai. I mind when they're selling fan requested kits that have practically completely new tooling.
  5. Gundam Converge is a completely different animal.
  6. You're getting rid of Raidou for waifu figs. I am greatly disappointed in you.
  7. I know this isn't what people want to hear after getting hyped about a hybrid system, but Nintendo is in no way going to ditch their dedicated handheld line. It is simply far too important for them to keep it, especially given that the console is dead. No, the Switch is, in it's current form, not a replacement for that line. It is far too large and expensive. Yes, the 3DS will eventually get phased out, but that is also not going to happen for another year.
  8. Like, nobody bats an eye when it's something like this: This is a pretty easily paintable Zaku recolor for a Zeon ace literally nobody had ever heard of before Bandai announced they were making a kit of it. There's a tiny amount of scratchbuilding you would need to do, but whatever. The MG Hazel Custom is built off the Mk. II 2.0 frame, sure, but you would have to do a *lot* of scratchbuilding and other modifications to get it to look like the Hazel.
  9. It's Bandai's webshop. The idea behind it is that they use it to sell recolored Zakus and other stuff that wouldn't sell well/necessitate a full release. Basically limited releases (pre-orders only usually, although they *do* occasionally do a second run) that you can only get from ordering from the shop. They'll only ship to that specific market as well, so worldwide fans need to buy it second hand and add a premium to the price. It sucks here because people have been asking for a MG Hazel Custom for like a decade now, so it's extra dickish for them to do this. Bandai's been doing this a lot recently.
  10. Master Grade Hazel Custom announced! But wait... Why do you do, Bandai?
  11. i have spent a good chunk of change on badge arcade and may have a fantasia addiction ask me anything
  12. oh it's that one don't bother with it, they kill off best girl pretty quick
  13. There absolutely needs to be a balance, but I would much rather know about games that are coming in the future, even if far off, rather than continuing on as they had in most of the Wii U/3DS era. These are the kind of things that give people faith in a system and something to look forward to. Where would Smash be without its hype period?