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  1. Do you have any suggestions? I'm actually looking for plans now.
  2. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    Fair enough, I'm not familiar enough with the history of TRU to understand what they were referencing. I just wouldn't want their message to be misconstrued. I still think it could have been worded better but I guess it's splitting hairs at this point.
  3. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    I agree with your soliloquy. Now please go hug your underage dakimakura and leave us in peace.
  4. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    I'm surprised it took this long for a NS2 manchild loli troll to show up.
  5. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    Maybe, but they certainly could have worded it better. As an advocate for personal development, hearing things like "Don't ever grow up!" makes me cringe. It's sappy at best, manbaby at worst. They could have said "Always have a youthful spirit!" or "Never lose the curiosity and imagination of childhood!" or even "Be as responsible as an adult but as honest as a child!" Maybe if they hired me for their PR slogans they wouldn't have gone out of business. :p
  6. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido (Switch) Review

    Perhaps it's just me but this game always struck me as seeming more at home on smartphones than on actual consoles. Perhaps the gameplay is better than the game's visual design, but the art style looks like something out of the freemium app store. While I'm always open to new ideas and new IPs, I can't say I'm terribly impressed by this attempt.
  7. Is it possible to play this game if I don't have cell phone service on my phone (e.g. 4G)?
  8. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    "Further updates" planned for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Here's hoping they add more Marios.
  9. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Video Games Finished in 2018

    One game I finished this year that gets next to no attention and is extremely obscure is Lifesigns: Surgical Unit, a surprisingly good game realized during the peak of DS visual novels. Lifesigns definitely has the nostalgia factor of games like Phoenix Wright but I wouldn't simply call it a mix of that and Trauma Center. Not only did Lifesigns almost entirely inspire Trauma Center but it's a great game in its own right, with a strong emphasis on relationships between characters while almost completely resisting the urge of falling into dating sim territory. What I appreciated most about it was all the detailed medical lingo, and I actually learned a lot about surgical medicine while playing. Not exactly useful for me, but the more you know... I like learning from my games. Sometimes the surgeries felt like Cooking Mama mini-games, which is the risk of really any medical simulator game, but the tone, context and characters were deep enough to sustain the illusion of an operation.
  10. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    The ever growing fidelity of violence in gaming

    All the violence I need.
  11. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    I'm not sure if the message to "Don't ever grow up" is such a great one, especially in our generation where people never grow up anyway. And being a man-child isn't exactly attractive. (To preempt any people who think my post is ironic because Mario is childish, I have a bridge to sell you. Mario appeals to everyone. I'll spare the essay, but a franchise doesn't need to be gory/racy to be considered "mature"; if anything , those elements only belie its puerility.)
  12. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Only one Blockbuster store left in the US after this weekend

  13. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Shooter presence on Switch without the big boys

    Hmmm...but the Switch already has a big boy, and he'll shoot/incinerate any gunman if you give him a Fire Flower... The inclusion of games like Fortnite, Splatoon and even Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has given a pretty strong shooter presence on the system, even without relying on a crutch stolen from the hospital infinity ward.
  14. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Nintendo Switch systems cracking?

    Maybe it means that Detective Pikachu is coming to Nintendo Switch???? After all, according to the official trailer he is working to "crack the case."
  15. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Nintendo Download: Ready for Adventure!

    Just realized that it's called OCTO-path Traveler because there are eight paths in the game and not because there is an octopus. Not sure whether relieved or disappointed.