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  1. Video game collector finds drugs in purchased NES cartridges

    Whoever said video games weren't addictive?
  2. I guess you could say Billy Mitchell.... "aped" being a champion.
  3. SEGA Genesis Mini announced (2018)

    What's wrong with the At Games clone consoles if all one wants to do is play a Genesis game? I have a handful of Genesis games and I don't want to spend much money, so the clone console works just fine for me. Being able to run games is good enough. That said, they come with lots of pack-in games as well and are compatible with the original controllers. The less money I give to Sega and the more money I give to Nintendo, the better.
  4. Rest in Peace 2007-2018

    How can something die that was already dead?
  5. I'm a newcomer to Fire Emblem; Should I play Casual Mode

    Casual all the way, bro. I'm not a big fan of wasted time-sinks.
  6. Used Games for Sale

    Are we allowed to just sell games here? Shouldn't this be contained to a collective thread, where everyone posts when they're selling something?
  7. Is it time for the next NSMB game?

    I also agree that, while I would be fine with another "New" Mario game, it needs a unifying innovation. One (or several) new power-up is a must, as well as unique level designs. I honestly have been rather worried about the NSMB series after Super Mario Maker came out, as the latter has the undesirable potential aftereffect of devaluing the Mario 2D platformers since anyone can make them. That said, not everyone has expert level design. I would love to see some old series features/assets revived as well, such as Sunshine or SMB2, blending retro and new. I think we'll get a new NSMB on Switch, so I'm hopeful. Super Mario Run is fun but it's no replacement.
  8. Kirby Sweets Party Board Game Rough Translation and Look

    When did it come out?
  9. Smash 64: The Start of Smash

    So if you're ever feeling down, always remember...
  10. NEW hint art in SMO?

    This should be on the Mario Board! But yeah, I do hope we continue to see new game expansions for SMO. It's already teeming as-is, but I want it to have as much as possible.
  11. The "new" Dr. Mario title should....

    What if Dr. Mario could be 3D somehow, so you can spin the playing field as pills fall down? I honestly didn't like changes like Dr. Luigi, not only because no Mario, but because it was trying to change Dr. Mario on a fundamental level. It's like if you played Puyo Pop and the puyos didn't fall to the bottom if half of one was left hanging. I want to see more music, more characters, more modes, more challenges, and some 3D modes. Games like Dr. Mario 64 and Dr. Mario Rx were huge steps in the right direction. Dr. Mario is an excellent series and I definitely want to see more titles, as well as more Yoshi Cookie, Wrecking Crew, and Yoshi games as well.
  12. Your best Super Mario Odyssey memory

    That definitely made me stop for like twenty minutes just to groove to it. Can't wait for the OST to arrive in the mail. Here are some other killer official remixes, the latter of which is my favorite remix of the song:
  13. What was the most memorable thing for you about Super Mario Odyssey? I had a lot of trouble thinking about this, as I feel like everything in the game has the potential for being unforgettable nostalgia. I loved when I first arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom and the Moon, but my personal favorite memory is... celebrating the New Donk City festival with mayor Pauline! It was just so exciting and was an homage to all things Mario, both old and new!! Donkey Kong is often overlooked when people celebrate the longevity of the series, and I was beside myself with joy to see Nintendo combine all of these old elements into something thrilling, joyous, and legendary.
  14. Nintendo Download: Why Did Toki Tori Cross the Road?

    Is the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC free?
  15. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    That's why I made this thread paisan! Sorry you missed out.