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  1. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    PlayStation Classic announced! Out 12/3/18, $99

    Jokes aside, I would seriously buy that.
  2. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    PlayStation Classic announced! Out 12/3/18, $99

    Hey, at least it isn't $599 U.S. dollars.
  3. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    PlayStation Classic announced! Out 12/3/18, $99

    Such a Nintendo ripoff, like the whole brand has been. Classic my ass.
  4. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Father Sends Daughter Inside Prize Machine To Steal 3DS and Switch

    I guess you could say he "prizes" his daughter... Imagine if she got stuck in that thing and another family walked by. "Mommy, I always wanted a little sister! Can you play that game and win her for me?"
  5. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    21 years later Nintendo fans can finally continue beyond FFVI

    Why did FFVIII get the shaft? It's like they're pretending that it didn't exist. I liked that game more than IX.
  6. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Metal Slader Glory - After 27 years, the HAL adventure masterpiece gets a translation

    I don't think they mention it in Smash, which is odd because that's HAL too. I hate emulation too but in this case you'll never play it unless you emulate it, so I guess it falls into Mother 3 territory in that regard. Unfortunately most people don't know what they're missing with this one, especially since its legacy doesn't really extend outside of Japan. However, that doesn't change the fact that MSG was very influential on the adventure/RPG genre in creating deeper, more ambitious, interwoven plots on underpowered hardware. It appears I'm not the only one excited by this news: https://www.rpgsite.net/news/7674-metal-slader-glory-has-finally-been-fan-translated-into-english https://www.resetera.com/threads/after-27-years-metal-slader-glory-finally-has-a-100-fantranslation.65893/
  7. I don't usually create topics here but I figure that if I don't make this topic, no one will. I have been following this fanslation effort for years (it started around 2012), and earlier this September, Metal Slader Glory FINALLY got fully translated into English. For those who don't know, Metal Slader Glory is a second-party Nintendo title developed and published by HAL Laboratory, released only for the Famicom on August 30, 1991. Metal Slader Glory is by far the largest Famicom/NES game by file size, and was later re-released as a Director's Cut on the Super Famicom in 2000, being the last official game released for that system, and eventually the virtual console. Metal Slader Glory is an epic text-adventure game with a complex space wars premise and a mecha/sci-fi presentation not unlike Xenogears. In Japan it is considered a long-standing classic and Yoshimura Hoshi's magnum opus, but internationally, it is virtually unheard of. So many gamers lament about unlocalized games, like Mother 3 or Gyakuten Kenji 2, but those same gamers haven't known what they have been missing for 27 years. MSG pushed the limits of the Famicom hardware and is generally considered the best adventure game for the system, at least in Japan, and I made this topic in order to increase the game's awareness and exposure. I won't link directly to the ROM patch because normally I am against emulation, but right now, this is the only way Nintendo's greatest retro adventure game can be experienced. Check the bottom of the game's Wikipedia page for the link to the patch. Will you be playing this game, now finally fully translated? Have you heard of it before? What are your thoughts? Discuss.
  8. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Hurricane Party for Florence!

    For Hurricane Florence I'm going to wake up in the morning and go back to sleep at night!
  9. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Nintendo Download: An Underground RPG

    Doughlings: Arcade looks awesome! I can't wait to play a game devoted to Geodude lookalikes.
  10. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Nintendo Direct 09.13.2018 - 3:00PM PT - 6:00PM ET

  11. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Amazon Japan's Super Mario Party pre order bonus is...

    That's cool, but I think something even more worthwhile to note is Super Mario Odyssey's official art book is up for pre-order on Amazon Japan. I'll definitely be getting that: https://www.amazon.co.jp/ART-SUPER-MARIO-ODYSSEY-オデッセイ公式設定資料集/dp/4198646961/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1536801564&sr=8-1&keywords=THE+ART+OF+SUPER+MARIO+ODYSSEY
  12. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Nintendo Switch Online starts Sept 18 - Sign up for 7-day at launch

    I didn't play online when it was free and I certainly won't play online now that it won't be. Good for people who care I guess. Personally I think Nintendo's online has been going downhill for a while, but I don't think it's Nintendo's fault: not as many people play online Nintendo games anymore aside from hackers, griefers and hardcore nerds.
  13. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    ND delay brings out the worst on social media in gamers

    Apparently the earthquake was pretty major -- there are still notifications on all Yahoo Japan Auctions pages that buyers should expect delays in shipments since the Japan postal service was severely affected: https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/topic/notice/other/post_2367/
  14. The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Nintendo online within a month

    You're also going to pay for what you're getting, assuming it isn't free.