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  1. Hey y'all, every game forum seems to have one of these so I decided to create one here. I'll start with mine. I saw it when I was a young kid at a friend's house. I believe it was on the Sega Genesis but it may have been Master System or another console. I remember the game was a platformer and had very cartoony graphics. You play as kids in a haunted house but I believe the house was just for one level, not sure. One of the characters is a chibi-looking boy. There are numerous ghosts all across the screen and you have to jump from chandeliers. The closest the game looks like that I've found is Adventures in the Magic Kingdom on NES (the haunted house level) but it isn't that. I don't remember the plot, just that it's a platformer, there are all these ghost enemies, and you're in this dark haunted house jumping from chandeliers. Anyone remember this game or know what it is?
  2. Official Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread - Winter 2018

    I just bought a hard copy of Umineko off MangaGamer. Can't wait to play it. I've heard it's even better than Higurashi.
  3. Seems Osama bin Laden was a Mario fan

    I'm sure he had a real blast playing them... I wonder if he ever played Mario's Bombs Away or Wrecking Crew.
  4. Rumor: Super Mario themed cereal being made by Kellogg’s

    Sorry to bump but I just wanted to say that I think they're all out of this already. I got 15 boxes the day after they came out at my local grocery store (over a month ago) and haven't seen another wild box since.
  5. The Ninfora Member's Gallery

  6. Your Latest Purchase Thread

    Probably one of my biggest most recent Mario acquirings is that I attained a life-sized Jakks-Pacific Mario Kart 7 kart. It's massive but it was a pain to put together. If I laid off the pasta maybe I could have fit in it!
  7. Political Containment Thread

    This is about as political as I'm going to get on here.
  8. Kansas man killed by cops via swatting

    Is it bad that when I read this title the first thing I thought of was Gnat Attack?
  9. Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.18

    Mario Tennis Aces stole the show here, hands down. I was literally too excited to even type here when I heard
  10. Super Mario Odyssey

    Unlike other 3D platformers like Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine, I have a somewhat complex relationship with this game. Of course, let me get out of the way that SMO is phenomenal with pristine graphics, vast open worlds, catchy music, and addictive, liberating gameplay. What I'm not so fond of is the whole hat-possess function thing. You know, "capture." I feel like it undermines all of Mario's past powerups. Like, I want to have Mario dress up as a tanooki, I don't want him to BECOME one. That's just weird. I play Mario games to play Mario, not as other creatures, and I hope this trend of playing as Mario less and less in his own games abruptly stops. I just wish that SMO didn't have such a capture emphasis, as I love Cappy for everything else, I just think the game over-relies on the capture function. It also made the game's Bowser ending rather anti-climactic for me. Moons are a bit too common than I'm used to with Stars, but I don't mind as I LOVE collectathons. I kind of think of Moons as collecting quarters rather than dollars--not as valuable, but there's a lot more out there and a lot more to do. SMO will likely be the best game on the system for the duration of its life, but I think it could have done without the capture function (the game really pushes it). I love everything else about it though.
  11. First Look at Nintendo Labo

  12. Introductions thread.

    Ciao paisanos! I don't intend to be as active here as I was on NSider2 but since I know a fair amount of people here, I thought I'd swing by. My Mario collection has over doubled since the NS2 days and I've since been archiving for MarioWiki. I have some Mario stuff that isn't even public online yet, like movie scripts, import oddities, and development prototypes. You can also often find me on my Twitter or Backloggery. One of these days I'll upload my collection but maybe not here as I don't want to crash the site. I don't intend to be here much after all the drama of NS2 but I hope to add some Mario fun nonetheless. Age and experience have mellowed me but I still hope and expect mutual goodwill and treatment here. We're all here cuz we love video games, 'nuff said! @(;o}D For those who don't know me, I like Mario. A LOT. Like, think "obsessed." Mario is my love, Mario is my life. And Nintendo's recent masterpiece, Super Mario Odyssey, feels like a love letter to superfans like me!