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  1. I am writing this because I feel I owe it to the public, as I never claim to be something I am not. After fourteen years, I hereby relinquish the title of “Ultimate,” at least in so far as it is to be taken by its literal meaning. Albeit I still could be considered “Ultimate” in some ways, I truly hope there are others who love Mario more than I do. The years have changed me, for reasons I will explain below. In middle and high school, I lived and breathed Mario constantly. For me Mario was the greatest good, the personification of joy and innocence itself. As high school became c
  2. And you're special for harboring petty grudges and flaunting your moddyiness like it actually meant something. Go play with your Fire Emblem barbies. Real professional there trying to instigate the very members you're trying to moderate.
  3. Some bits of dust under the screen, which also happened to my 3DS but NEVER EVER happened to any of my DS's (and I've owned and played extensively all models). Although devices will get more delicate and damageable as technology steadily advances, I do think Nintendo, notwithstanding of this, has definitely gotten cheaper with their products. I understand why from a business point of view but I'm still very disappointed in their recent quality control. They used to be known for their "Nintendium" but now it seems like they're stealing pages from Sony on how to cut as many corners
  4. They're trying to prevent brand dilution. Nintendo has every right to this and I'm so glad they shot this thing down. As one of the select few who actually still cares about the longevity and integrity of the Mario brand, I'm behind Nintendo all the way here. If this Tokyo company want to do something similar, make another idea that isn't a rip-off. They need to use their friggin noggin. Innovation is in short supply these days.
  5. The problem with my Switch is that Nintendo hasn't made enough Mario games for it to keep me sated.
  6. Everyone get Super Mario Party right now or you will turn into a Goomba and go to hell before you die
  7. Ehhh... why would i want this when i already own every single game boy game i could possibly want to play (I own 115 btw)
  8. Oh believe me, there have been weirder never-rementioned things in official Mario comics...muuuch weirder... Like Bowsette is tame and lame by comparison.
  9. The Virtual Boy was a fantastic system. /truth The universal derision of a thing has no impact whatsoever on its objective value but solely on its subjective reception. In accordance with the precepts of aesthetics, the Virtual Boy was a misled masterpiece. (Such a shame other people didn't realize they had to "open their eyes" to play it...) Gunpei Yokoi, the late genius none of us deserved, had practical reasons for why the VB was designed the way it was, as well as why this VR system from Argonaut would not have worked even on the functional level. Now we are left with crap
  10. The sequel will be called Dragalia Regained I'm calling it
  11. I haven't touched Baten Kaitos and Origins is still sealed. I really need to play those games. Motoi Sakuraba's music alone is enough to color me interested, after the masterpieces that were Mario Golf and Mario Tennis.
  12. Not really, they just exchanged their artistic mind for a purely money-making one. It's the trend of the industry to be honest.
  13. Personally I find it very creepy, squicky even. Like rule 63 in general, second only to 34.
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