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  1. On 4/14 Animal Crossing celebrated it's 20th anniversary!... Hard to believe it's already been 20 years, since the JPN only N64 game. I'm hoping Nintendo has plans to do something for AC's 20th and doesn't let Zelda's 35th completely overshadow it, because AC has become one of Nintendo's big franchises. I remember when I first saw the GCN game... It just seemed like some dumb kiddy game and I never really thought much of it. Then I saw that a new version was being released for the DS and I was like "They're putting that dumb kiddy game on the DS? WHY?!" So,
  2. Please! Just make this a thing already! It's all I ask.
  3. Happy belated birthday @EH_STEVEGlad you had a good one. This is very well done. If you told me this was something Nintendo teamed up with the BBC to put out as a fun thing for April Fools, I would totally believe you! Something about BoTW and a BBC style documentary just works so well.
  4. I beat my highest of 6th place... What has been working for me: Set power-up to Speed. Get your speed up to lvl 3 or 4 (Anything higher and I start missing turns). Set power-up to Train. Keep maxing out the ghost train (3 or so rows of sleeping ghosts) before eating ghosts and try to survive.
  5. I still haven't been able to beat my best of 6th place. Though, I've gotten damn close. >_< I've already noticed that the skill-ceiling has risen, since the game launched on the 7th. I'm still damned determined to get a least one 1st place. Though, I feel it's going to keep getting harder as the days go on, especially when for me, ghosts seem to appear out of nowhere. Yeah... There are times when my eyes just can't keep track of everything on screen, with so much going on all at once. Especially, when crap like this happens.... *See Tweet Below* I've noticed from looking
  6. *Updated 4/13* Here's some info about some things that the game isn't really clear about, which I found from browsing the JPN site... Power-Ups These are activated when you eat a power-pellet Speed: Your movement speed is increased by 2 stages, but the number of Jammer Pac-Men you can send is reduced by 1/4. Train: The number of ghosts in the ghost train is doubled, but half are bounced back to you as Jammer Pac-Men. Stronger: Power pellets last for 3 seconds and the number of Jammer Pac-Men you send is doubled, but your speed is redu
  7. I played for about an hour and a half and this game is really fun and it gets pretty crazy when the so much on the screen. Though, I don't feel like I fully understand everything yet (mainly the power-up options on the left of the screen, the meter at the bottom, and if eating pac-dots actually does anything). Also, I managed to get to a part where red jammer Pac-Men started to appear and I could not find a way to kill them (Can they even be killed?). It's usually Game Over for me when these guys start to appear. BTW, I think it really sucks that all the unlockables in this game
  8. Ms. Pac-Man should have been an alt-costume for Pac-Man. I don't get why they decided to keep the Pac-Land stage and not the Pac-Maze stage to represent Pac-Man in SSBU. Maybe because is was less work because the Pac-Land stage was already in HD?
  9. I was really hoping that F2P BR Pac-Man game "PAC-MAN: Mega Tunnel Battle" would no longer be a Stadia exclusive and release on all platforms, especially since Konami announced that its F2P BR game "Super Bomberman R Online" would no longer be a Stadia exclusive and be releasing on all platforms. Though, now that PAC-MAN 99 was announced out of nowhere, I highly doubt this will release on Switch, if it does go platform (Nintendo wants people to sign-up for NSO). It's cool that we're getting PM99 and it looks like a lot of fun, but I feel having Pac-Man: Mega Tunnel Battle on Switch, alongsid
  10. As much as I love Tetris 99, I've always preferred the standard Marathon Mode over VS Modes. I just like clearing lines with out having to worry about clearing garbage. Yeah, I really hope BANDAI NAMCO and Nintendo go all out with this, like with Tetris 99 and have events where you can unlock special themes. I'd love to see a Pac-Mania theme, Championship Edition theme, or even some Nintendo themes. Though, looking at these themes, it seems kind of out of place that they also replace the Pac-Man sprite with sprites from the game the theme is based on. EDIT: If you want
  11. IDK, I'm gonna have to try the game first, before I make that decision. BTW, I wonder if this will eventually be released as a physical game (with all DLC), like with Tetris 99...?
  12. Release Date: April, 7th @ 6pm PT (Pre-Load Available) Price: FREE* (Exclusively for NSO Members) *Paid DLC (Themes & Modes) Site: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/pac-man-99-switch/ It's an all-new flavor of PAC-MAN! Test your chomping chops in a 99-player Pac-Royale! A 99-player online PAC-MAN battle royale! 40 years after the classic Pac-phenomenon rocked the gaming world, PAC-MAN is back in a new 99-man battle royale. Get back in the maze and chase down the iconic ghosts. Who will be the
  13. @Spring if you're still looking to add people or if anyone else here is looking to add people in Pokémon GO, be sure to check out the whitelist in OP of our PKMN GO thread... *If anyone wants to be added to the whitelist, post your info in the thread.* ------------------------------------------------------------- Happy KONG Day!
  14. NookLink’s (available via the Nintendo Switch Online app) Nook points feature is now available! Also, you can now scan QR codes for face cut-out standees. Here are the items that are currently available to redeem your points for... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks, but I’d rather have the official ones. I mainly want the cards to add to my collection. The items are just a cool bonus for me, as I was expecting to just get the special posters, like with scanning any
  15. WOW! This whole Sanrio ✕ AC amiibo cards situation keeps getting worse! Target literally went on Twitter and lied to everyone that there would be more stock today (I'm not sure how that would even be possible this soon after release)... -____-' I called Target's corporate customer service Friday (manly to file a compilate with my local store and the company as a whole, because the more complaints the better) and the lady on the phone told me the same thing (I believe this was same person that to posted that tweet). Yesterday, I asked they guy at my electronics counter
  16. I guess you just got to hope you can find it cheap at a local shop that sells retro games, or that it gets a digital re-release on PSN. Yup. IDK why NOA keeps doing with amiibo. They know how popular ACNH is and how popular these cards were going to be. Stop making things so hard for your fans! All this does is fuel scalpers. Because of this and the way Target handled the release of these cards, quite a few people who did what they were supposed to (who were actually able to get an order) had their pick-up orders canceled, because they let anyone walk in a buy as many as they want.
  17. Yeah, just look at retro game prices. BTW, these amiibo cards are going for $40 at the very least right now, with some people even trying to sell induvial cards for $40. I've seen less than that, with the lowest being $23 (+$5 shipping), but everything less than $40 sold seconds after me looking at the listing, because of stupid people with FOMO. 😒 I sure there will be a restock in the near future, especially with all this backlash from fans who where informed, did what they were supposed to do, and still got screwed. People really shouldn't be buying from scalpers and need to just
  18. You think that's bad? They are going on average for $75 and I've seen listings for over $100. I mainly posted that pic because of the huge stack that person had (they probably have at least 20 packs).
  19. NOA should have learned this shit by now. All it does is fuel scalpers. Come find out, my local Target sold out "within the hour", which most likely means when they opened at 8am ET. So, since Target didn't make sure stores didn't put these on the shelf, people in the eastern time zone already had these sell out buy the time they went available for online pickup only (as they should have been) at 9am ET. Because of all this scalpers were able to get as many as they wanted, thus ruining things once again for the fans. I really hope NOA makes more stock available, because they way Ta
  20. So, I missed out on getting the Sanrio ✕ AC amiibo cards. T_T I kept trying to place an order at my local Target right when they went up and kept getting out of stock errors (I even tried all stores in my area with no luck). The real kicker, is that I called my local Target and they said the sold out within the hour (why didn't my order go through?!) and where selling them on store shelves when they weren't supposed to (with most likely no limit per person). I'm so fucking pissed now! Not because I didn't get them, because stores were selling them on the shelf when the weren't sup
  21. I made a tour video and poster for my island... *My dream address hasn't been updated since the feature launched. XD* *Me on the left in my Island's letter jacket. :-P* My club is being featured, because it's like one of the few things that's actually really cool on my island. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You don't need a QR code scanner (most phone's camera app have this built-in). Just go to this site: https://www.tanuki-kaihatsu.com/en_US/index.
  22. The Island Tour Creator is now Live!.. Apparently this is a website (link in tweet) and not an app. IDK why that announcement tweet said it was an app. *NOTE* This site can only be used on a smartphone/tablet (Should just been a actual app and not a web app for only smart devices). You can scan the QR on the site to go directly there on your smart device (Will require using the send screenshots/videos to smart device feature, which can be found in then Nintendo Switch Album on your Home Menu). **If anyone one wants to add a tour video to their info on the W
  23. With the Sanrio collab coming back to Pocket Camp (now with even more Sanrio characters), it really makes me wonder if they will make a 2nd set of Sanrio AC amiibo cards sometime in the future...?
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