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  1. The Nintendo Direct prestation celebrates it's 10th anniversary today! What are your favorite Nintendo Direct moments? I'd have to agree with GX's pic for the best ND moment. It's was really cool that The Jim Henson Co. did Muppets of Iwata, Miyamoto, and Reggie. It still blows my fucking mind that Robot Chicken did one of Nintendo's Digital Events for E3. Robot Chicken X family friendly Nintendo. WHAT?!!!! O_O My favorite moment has to be the one where Bill is in the elevator and Reggie tells Bill over the intercom to get his body ready for a ND. Then Bill is like but, this an elevator." Then Reggie responds "Yes. I have that power. You can not escape me Bill." Even though it's not a ND, this has to be my favorite video that NOA put out (see spoiler below). Reggie's bad acting in this is so good!!!!! Also, don't forget that time Reggie randomly fired Bill. *IIRC, this was done by Mega 64* A huge thanks to Iwata for making what these Nintendo Directs what they are. R.I.P. Iwata-san. T_T
  2. New patch out (mostly for the Switch version) and entering the code to get the secret stage is now fixed on Switch... Wow, they fixed a lot on Switch. I was unaware of the sleep mode issue. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for a full fix. Also, nice to see they are aware of some of the frame rate issues and will fix it in the next patch.
  3. Here's something cool I came across... When playing the the Stratosphere stage, depending on the time on day, you'll get different music... I was wondering why this stage had different music when I was playing over the weekend. Before I've only ever played this stage after 7pm, so I was surprised when this stage didn't have the song "So They Say". It's really cool that this stage has different songs depending on the time of day you play it, but I wish there was also a way to choose which song plays when choosing the stage (like holding a button when selecting the stage, for example).
  4. I'm not going to make it Thursday. I have to get up early the next day to go out of town for reasons I mentioned (sort of) last week. For anyone wondering... As much as I'd love to play MK64 online with you guys, I'm not getting the NSO EP. I don't feel it's worth more than 2x the price of the base membership.
  5. I got 39th in this week's Weekend Ritual (I was 22nd when I went to bed)... I'm surprised I made the top 100. Though I think that's because most of these people are on Switch. Players on other platforms are most likely way done with doing Weeked Rituals. BTW, I noticed when looking at the Weekend Ritual leaderboard that when filtering by "My Score" or "Friends" in says NO DATA. IDK if this a bug in the Switch version or what...?
  6. This weekend's Weekend Ritual modes... Ooo...NICE! We get to unlock a Rez∞ avatar. BTW, The Weekend Ritual is a great way to unlock more avatars, especially rare avatars. If the community goal is met before the event is over, rare avatars are more likely to drop (I assume only in the current Weekend Ritual modes).
  7. Not mentioned in the Direct, the NookLink app (available via the NSO mobile app) will be getting an update... 🔗https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/acbaa/portal/index.html New features include: New items to spend Nook Points on An article posted every day that will tell you about seasonal information, events, turnip price fluctuation records, etc. Island 101 app Happ Home Paradice app
  8. For anyone getting the N64 controller, it WILL have rumble... 🔗https://store.nintendo.com/nintendo-64-controller.html BTW, the N64 controller is already out of stock (the SEGA GEN controller is still up). So, how many of these are already on ebay for 3x the price?
  9. For that price I could add another year to my base membership and continue playing online. :-/
  10. Yeah, I'm wondering this as well. I'd assume you'd just get it for free if you get a year of the Expansion Pack, but I wouldn't be surprised if you lose access to it when your EP sub is runs out. This is Nintendo after all. Also, I wonder how much of a discount curent NSO members will get? I know they said it's based on the days remaining, but I just upped my sub for 2022 in Sept.
  11. A $30 increase for the NSO Expansion Pack? OOPH!! Yeah, I will definitely won't be upgrading. To be fair... If they keep adding to the Expansion Pack this could become worth it in the future. Though, I ain't holding my breath. I hate having to pay for online in the first place! $20 a year is like the most I'd pay for it (given I have to). I just hope they don't forget about the base membership and continue to add to it.
  12. WOW! Version 2.0 did not disappoint. Lost of new features a QoL enhancements coming. ^_^ Though, I can't help but fell all of this is a bit too late, because I feel most people have moved on. Will this bring people back? ...And for how long? Interesting that HHD2 is paid DLC in NL. Not sure if I'll get it (I didn't get HHD on 3DS), but cool to have it there nonetheless.
  13. IDK if I'm gonna make it tonight, because I'm not doing so good right now. All this extends from 2020 going out in the shittiest possible way for me and my family.Though, I feel like playing some MK would help a bit, so I'll try to make it if I can. BTW, anyone want to do a Tetris theme (for Tetris Effect recently launching on Switch) and/or an Animal Crossing theme (for the big AC:NL Direct tomorrow)? Tetris Theme: Race as a Yoshi or Shy Guy in one of the 7 tetrimino colors. AC Theme: Race as Villager or Isabelle.
  14. Yeah, it took awhile for me to find players in Connected Mode and it was release night of the Switch version when I was playing. I heard Coss-Play had issues on other platforms when it launched back in Aug., so it could be a bug. Also, if you want to play Connected Mode, you can always play with the CPU in Local Matches or just see if anyone here wants to play. ...But yeah... There should be more players, especially since the Connected update went to all other platforms (Non-Microsoft platforms) when the game launched on Steam on Aug. 18th. BTW, I came across this...
  15. Hmmm... I interested as to what PokéStop functionalities will be added...
  16. I've only beaten Journey Mode on normal and I wonder if it's worth doing so on beginner or just try expert? Yeah, the last level gets pretty fast and you really have to pay attention to what's coming up next and be thinking ahead. I managed to beat it on my first try (requires 90 line clears to beat on normal), with not too much trouble. Yeah, some of the speed increases really caught me of guard on some stages and really messed me up. ------------------------------------- My thoughts on some of the single player and multiplayer modes.... Single Player Mystery: Besides your standard Marathon mode, this is by far my favorite. I find it fun to see how long I can go and if it can recover from certain situations that can screw up your game, when they throw things at you, like a massive tetrimino, 7 of the same tetriminos in a row, flipping your matrix upside down making your controls reversed, etc. Marathon: I kind of wish there was a Zone Marathon Mode so I can practice the Zone mechanic. Also, it'd be cool if there was a Playlist Mode like in LUMINES, where you can cycle through whatever stages in the order you want. Master: This mode is pretty nuts. It's like the highest speed in Tetris Grand Master where the speed is so fast that tetriminos stop falling and just appear. If you lose focus of a second, your game can be over immediately! This mode is actually pretty fun and grate for practicing playing at higher speeds. IIRC, I got a C rank on my first try, which is way better than I expected. Multiplayer Zone Battle: I think having the Zone mechanic in VS mode is cheap as fuck! There have been quite a few times playing against the CPU (haven't played this online yet) where they will go in Zone Mode and clear all their garbage just before they're about to lose. Also, at the start, I'll be trying to set a back-to-back tetris and they will go into Zone Mode and send me more garbage than I can possibly clear, before I even filled my zone meter. This annoys me way more than any of the BS I've dealt with in Tetris 99. I kind of wish there was a standard VS mode (IDK if there is a setting to turn Zone off or not). Also, I'd be cool if you could chose the stage you to play on. IDK, maybe I'll like this mode more when I get better at using the Zone. BTW, I highly recommend setting the tetrimino colors to the standard colors in this mode. It makes quickly distinguishing between S & Z and L & J tetriminos much easier (A lot of players seem to do this). Connected: This mode is a lot of fun. Though, I heard the last area gets pretty damn hard. I hopefully I can find some people online that are good enough that can help me beat it. Classic Score Attack: This mode is really cool and I'm surprised it was allowed, given all the rules the Tetris Company has. Basically this mode is like matches they have at the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) where they VS in Tetris for the NES. Since Tetris on the NES is only single player, they both play a game of NES Tetris (at the same time) and whoever gets the highest score wins. It's really cool that there's a way practice/play CTWC style in a modern Tetris game without needing 2 TVs, 2 NES consoles, and 2 copies of NES Tetris. Though, modern Tetris has spoiled the fuck out of me. I find it a bit hard to play classic style when you can't hold tetriminos. >_<
  17. I've seen a few that were out of stock get restocked, thought it takes a while. With these posters it says "Available until 10/25/2021" and "Only while supplies last" in the reward info.
  18. Metroid Dread posters were available as a My Nintendo reward (1000 platinum points), but they went out of stock extremely fast. Hopefully they come back in stock soon. BTW, did anyone here get these? 🔗https://my.nintendo.com/rewards/61b13a290e71d2d5 EDIT: Well shit! 😭 So how many of these whent to scalpers?
  19. My Brain: Hey! You know Metroid Dread came out on Friday? You know you have a copy? You gonna open that thing and play it? Me: TETRIS EFFECT... WHOOOOA! Don’t get me wrong... I love Metroid and was super hyped when they announced Dread. Though, when they announced Tetris Effect for Switch, all that hype went out the window (I’ve been waiting since 2018 to be able to play Tetris Effect). I'll most likely start Dread some time this week. That is, if I don't immediately go straight to Tetris Effect when I see that icon on my home menu.
  20. 👀 I assume if they did a physical release it'd be through Limited Run Games like with Lumines Remastered (base game, collectors set, & Collectors set + OST on vinyl). If a few months later they just drop this at retail like when the game first launched (PS4 only at the time), It'd be a bit annoyed. ...But, HEY! I was able to get this for $5 do the 25% off launch sale, a 3DS/Wii U eShop card (the old orange one) I forgot I had, and $5 left in my account form when I bought Lumines Remaster, so... I beat Journey Mode on normal and the final stage is amazing, especially it's music. With this stage you can definitely tell they had to tone down some of the crazy effects to get this running decently on the Switch (see footage of this stage on other platforms). Also, the special stage that is available during the Weekend Ritual when the goal has been met is SO GOOD (you can permanently unlock this at lvl 50)! Also, there's another special stage you can unlock, but it requires a USB Keyboard. First, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B on the title screen. Next, enter 06061984 (the birth day of Tetris) using a USB keyboard. To get to these you have to go play a mode like that lets you choose toy stage, like Marathon, for example. This game is AMAZING! It has exceeded all my wildest expectations and then some. I love how the Switch has be come THE Tetris machine, with games Puyo Puyo Tetris, Tetris 99, and Tetris Effect, which are some of the best Tetris games. I really we can get a Tetris Effect theme in Tetris 99 and a Tetris 99 them in the Switch version of Tetris Effect. EDIT: I just tried to unlock the special sapge that requires using a USB keyboard and it's not working. Maybe this isn't available on Switch version for some reason...? EDIT 2: Apparently this is a known issue and will be fixed in the next update for the Switch version...
  21. Just a heads up for anyone new to Tetris Effect with the Switch version... There are special community events on the weekends, where if the community reaches a certain goal everyone that participated will get a special rare avatar. This weekend's mode:
  22. I got a chance to play a bit of this game and... IT’S NOT A GAME! IT’S AN EXPERIENCE!!! Tetris Effect has exceeded my expectations and way more! There have been so many times where I’ve been like “Whoa!” “Whoooaah!” “WHOA!!!!” 😆 I like how there are a bunch of modes and how there are some just chill modes where you don’t have to worry about getting a Game Over. I’ve yet to try out any of the multiplayer modes, but they look really fun, especially the co-op mode. Also, the HD rumble is really good (similar to how it is in Lumines Remastered). I’m surprised they didn’t say anything about it. The music... OMG! THE MUSIC! THE MUSIC! OMG!!! THE MUSIC!!! It’s so damn good! If you love puzzle games, especially Tetris, then you owe it to yourself to experience Tetris Effect if you haven’t yet on other platforms.
  23. For anyone interested owning the game's soundtrack, it's also currently 25% off...
  24. The game is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop! \(^o^)/ 🔗https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/tetris-effect-connected-switch/ *If you plan on picking up the game on Switch, it will be 25% off for the first 2 weeks!
  25. The Switch version has gotten a special launch trailer. Also, for anyone picking up the game on Switch, it will be launching at midnight PT (3am ET)...
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