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  1. Got a new best of 9th, which was on Red Canyon I and Port Town I... --------------------------------------------------------- Good Races @TKrazyO & @Surge135! Surprised that there was only a few races that we didn't all make into. Not to mention, that one GP where we all got into different races.
  2. Some better news... Still makes me wonder how many of the original Fall Guys team is still there...? Hopefully they didn't layoff the guys who did the music, because the music in this game is great! 🎧 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBrozrKimyrLE2NNC8_MmmA/playlist
  3. If you guys end up doing some F-ZERO 99, count me in. If not, that's fine with me.
  4. White Land II.... THAT JUMP! 💀 That jump is always a bitch on the first lap, since you don't have boost power yet. Luckily in F-ZERO 99 you can use some of your machine's power to boost at any time. *I think that jump is actually pretty simple. IIRC you just have to hold down when going off it.
  5. OOF!... This is a bit surprising given Epic makes a crap-ton from Fortnite. Hopefully Fall Guys isn't in risk of shutting down. I'd hate to see it go, because it's a lot of stupid fun.
  6. Speaking of IGN, as I mentioned during the races, I got to randomly play with Peer Schneider (Co-founder of IGN) in a Splatfest in Splatoon on Wii U... *This was originally posted on Nsider2 back when it happened.* For some reason I didn't include my team in this pic, but trust me, I was in this match. ...Like why would I even have this pic if I wasn't (I have actual photo metadata that says this was taken with my phone, or the iPhone I had at the time. I still have the photo in my iOS photo library)? BTW, my name in the game was my first name, which was taken from my Mii, so... Come to find out this was 100% him, given that was his main weapon and what his Inkling looked like from pics he posted on Twitter.
  7. I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot. This comes from leaked documents form the Microsoft Activision Blizzard acquisition hearings, where in a 2020 email Phil Spencer mentioned MS was once again interested in merging/acquiring Nintendo... As you know back in 1998 (before the release of the original Xbox) MS wanted to buy Nintendo and they even flew to Japan to meet with higher-ups, to only get laughed at. That's got to sting pretty hard given how polite Japanese people are. Nintendo and MS have been pretty buddy-buddy over the past few years, so this wouldn't completely terrible. If MS did buy Nintendo it makes me wonder what will happen to their innovative hardware? MS is all about power and Nintendo hasn't been since the GCN. Would they just work on making Xbox portables, given how successful the Switch is? Also, Nintendo VERY highly values their IPs. Would they be ok with them going into GamePass, with new ones going in day-one (MS is all about GamePass being the future)? I feel like if MS did go full on to acquire Nintendo they would definitely become a monopoly in the video game industry and this mostly like wouldn't go through. Hell, given how big Nintendo is nowadays, if any big tech company tried to acquire them, I don't think it would go through. BTW, just imagen how much Sony (PlayStation) would loose their shit if this happed. It'd be like how they were freaking out about losing Call of Duty when MS announced they were buying AB, but x1,000! With all that said, I think we're all pretty sure that Nintendo would never want to be acquired by another company.
  8. I got a new overall best of 11th, which was on Mute City. Also, this happened in a Team Battle... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I might have broke the story about the F-ZERO 99 datamining Satellaview courses thing. I was looking something up on F-ZERO 99 and I came across a small thread on Reddit talking about it. I didn't see anyone else mentioning this, so I sent it GoNintendo's way (I kind of know the owner). It wouldn't be the first time I broke a story. Back in the Wii U days I saw that N4A's own admin Chrom posted something on Twitter about the creator of Undertale talking with Nintendo. I decided to send it over to Gonintendo saying "You might want to keep an eye on this to see if anything comes of it.". Little did I know that RMC (the owner of GoNIntendo) would immediately post it and a couple of days later it would blow up, with everyone speculating that Undertale is coming to WIi U. After that blew up, I saw that the creator of of Undertale posted on Twitter saying "Why is everyone talking about this? It's not news." or something like that. Anyway, it's cool to see that new modes might be planned or a future update as well. The courses that are in the game so far are... Knight League: Mute City I Big Blue Sand Ocean Death Wind I Silence Queen League: White Land I King League: Port Town II
  9. This may or many not mean anything, but... This would be a great way to finally release the tracks from the Satellaview F-ZERO games (BS F-ZERO Grand Prix/BS F-ZERO Grand Prix 2) outside of Japan. It'd be cool if we also got the new vehicles "Machines" from these games as well. All of this would be a great way to keep the game going and to keep people coming back.
  10. I played on Sand Ocean a few times, but yeah it doesn't get picked often. Even Death Wind I gets picked more often (is it just me or is the wind not as much of issue compared to the SNES game. Maybe because the tracks a a bit wider?). I don't have an issue with Sand Ocean, though those hairpin turns can be a bitch at times. I'd assume that's when it doesn't get picked often. I got somewhat decent at F-ZERO when I got it on the Wii U VC for 30¢ during the Super Famicom 30th anniversary sale, though I haven't played it in forever. I've still have yet to see Silence popup in the rotation and it makes me wonder how long until courses from other leagues are in the rotation? Are these just for GP/Mini-GP and Special Events (Highly Difficult Courses)? Thanks. I probably would have never noticed that, since it's the opposite of you you'd expect it to work. I haven't checked out all the Tips yet (assuming it's in there). I know there's an option where you can view them all, instead of having to wait for them to randomly popup when loading a game.
  11. I finally got a chance to play the game this evening and its pretty fun. Though, I feel like there needs to a bit more than just trying to get first, if it's really going to keep people coming back (I know that's the point with these games, but you know what I mean). Maybe if they added some more unlockables (Most of the unlockables seem to be lvl based instead of achievement based) or some TETRIS 99 style events with special unlockables. BTW, I really wish you could use also L+R to do a spin attack when using any controller and not just when using a single Joy-Con (SL+SR) or the NSO SNES control. This would help when using my 8Bitdo Gbros. adapter and my SNES Classic controller (I don't have the NSO SNES controller, I was going to get it when it released, but it was sold out for the longest time, so I never did), because since it's recognized as pro controller I have to use ZL or ZR to attack, which I don't have. It's not a big deal since, I don't find myself attacking too often. Though, in a Team Battle (Special Event) where's it's needed, I have to go into the System Settings and remap the buttons. Hopefully, they add some control options in a future update. I really like how smooth this game is compared to the original (Like, DAMN!). I also like how sharp the "Mode 7" is. It's like that HD Mode 7 mod for SNES games. So far the highest I got was 18th on Big Blue. I would have gotten higher, but I kept using all my boost at the finish on Mute City and then getting slammed from behind and crashing out right at the finish on the final lap. Using all my boost at the finish worked for me quite a few times before and I even earned a badge for crossing the finish with no power left. Though, for some reason it kept biting me the ass multiple times in a row. Speaking of Mute City, it gets picked way too often. It really is like the Wii Luigi Circuit or 3DS Toad Circuit of this game. I've noticed that this game seems to rely on how good of start you get making it to the starting line. I've mostly got the timing down to get the boost at the start, but sometimes I'll get a great start and others beside me will shoot ahead all of a sudden before I can get to the starting line (usually just before the boots pads). IDK what the deal with that is. I've been close to crossing the starting line in first (trying to get the unlockable for doing this) and others will shoot a head of me. I know there were no boost pads around (I know on some tracks they aren't always in the same row) and you can't use your boost until you cross the starting line, so IDK! Speaking of boost pads, if you let go of accelerate (B) right as you hit a boost pad, the boost will be more powerful, right? I don't remember if this was in the SNES game or only in later games. Maybe I'm thinking of another game entirely...? Overall I like this game, but I'm not sure how often I'll keep coming back. Maybe if they also added playing with friends as mentioned in my previous post along with what I mentioned above, that would help...? I'm curious to see what they have planned for future updates (I wouldn't be surprised to see paid offline mode(s) ). I always play on Wi-Fi and I've never had any issues with the 99 games (or the 35 game).
  12. Yeah, I heard there wasn't an option to play with friends (I haven't played the game yet). IDK why it's always a second thought with Nintendo when comes to online and playing with friends, if it's not Splatoon, Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing (Ex: Super Mario Maker 2, where it was only added after all the fuss over it only having online with randoms). Hopefully playing with friends is coming in a future update and it also includes joining a friend's game/que and not just private rooms.
  13. I'm down for racing in the Blue Falcon for F-Zero 99 (I don't have the amiibo outfit).
  14. Site: https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/f-zero-99-switch/ Price: Free for NSO Members (Exclusive) Line up with 98 other F-ZERO machines and race to the finish in this thrilling take on the original Super NES™ game. Keep an eye on your power meter as you boost and bash, because speed is just as important as survival. Defend yourself with a Spin Attack and collect Super Sparks to breeze past the competition on the elevated Skyway. The F-ZERO 99 game is available only to active Nintendo Switch Online members. Outpace and outlive your opponents in rotating modes The core F-ZERO 99 mode is just one way to race at breakneck speeds. Mini Prix and Grand Prix modes appear on a set schedule and challenge you to compete and qualify in a series of races. Team Battle and the extra-tough Pro Tracks mode rotate throughout the day. Prepare yourself in Practice Mode and race against your ghost. Complete challenges for even more customization Boost your Skill Rating by excelling in races and take on challenges to unlock customization options. Make your F-ZERO machine your own with alternate colors, decals, and boost effects. Complete achievements in your Pilot Card and receive different unlockable backdrops and display badges. *About from Nintendo.com *Click to Enlarge* ----------------------------------------------- OMG! I know people have joked about this, but I actually can't believe that Nintendo went and did this. Well, Nintendo did say F-ZERO would come back if they could come up with something new and interesting. This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!
  15. New content for MKT is ending on Oct. 4th... Makes me wonder how long until Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp stops getting new content.
  16. They didn't even answer the biggest question... WHY ISN'T CHARLES MARTINET VOICING MARIO & CO. ANYMORE???
  17. Interesting how all of these except one are JPN only games. Running out of localized NES/SNES games that can be licensed for the service, Nintendo? Huh! I was unaware that Kirby's Star Stacker had a JPN only release on the SFC. I know it had a GB release in JPN/US/EUR. Also, it's cool to see Joy Mech Fight.
  18. 🔗https://themixgames.com/games/rugrats This looks great, especially the HD mode, which looks like an actual episode of the cartoon! Also, it's really cool that this will also be releasing on an actual NES cartridge. The only Rugrats game I own is Rugrats The Movie on GBC (Though I have rented 1 or 2 others), which I got around when the first movie came out. I know most of the Rugrats game from back-in-the-day weren't that great, but this looks like something I might have to pick-up (no sure about getting it on NES or not). I love these babies so much! <3 I'll never forget watching the first episode when Rugrats premiered and seeing the first movie in theaters as a kid. Rugrats has always been my favioret Nicktoon, though I do think that Hey Arnold! was the best. Now, don't get me started on that hot garbage that is the new Rugrats on P+ (I've mentioned before how bad it is during our Mario Kart nights). T_T
  19. Thanks. I found out how to report people through contacting support from within the app. They have now been reported. Hopefully there isn't any consequences for falsely reporting, because there must be quite a few false reports from people but-hurt over being kicked out of gyms before they earn their 50 coins for the day. Yeah, I thought that would be case, but this has been going on for quite a few months, so... Like I said IDK if they're actually spoofing or not, but there activity seems very questionable, IMO. UPDATE: There to looks to be a 4th person in on this, which I have also reported. If these people are indeed spoofing, I really hope Niantic does something about it soon, because these people are really starting to ruin gyms for me. BTW, these people are all on Team Valor, if anyone was wondering. This morning I saw a gym just down the road from my house that had been taken over. Of course these 3 now 4 mentioned people had it taken over by the after noon. Every time these people get kicked out of a gym, there right back in it,. I seriously doubt these people are constantly going out to these 10+ gyms every time their kicked out, like don't they have work or school? I highly doubt they're a group of retired people playing PKNM GO all day long. So, I suspect they are spoofers.
  20. Is there anyway to report suspected spoofers? I'm almost guaranteed these people are spoofers. I went out to the gym in my neighborhood this afternoon (BTW, the time motioned in my post above was like 11pm at night). I took it over, and what do you know?... It's immediately being attacked! So, go to try and retake this gym and I see all 3 of these mentioned people have put PKMN in the gym. I eventually gave up trying to reclaim it, because they were all gold berry camping and I couldn't take all that on by myself. Not to mention a 4th person came and put their PKMN in this gym. I could see that they all had PKNM in 4 nearby gyms just from this gym alone. As I mentioned in my above post, this is a playground behind some houses and I highly doubt all 4 of these people live in these houses. I saw NOBODY around when this happened, plus most people should be at work/school at this time of day. I was seriously about to call them out for spoofing if I had retaken of the gym again by naming a PKMN RUSPOOFING/URN4GYMS or something like that. Still, it doesn't even matter, because they would have immediately started attacking the gym again, when the got the notification that their PKMN had been kicked out. Like seriously, FUCK THESE PEOPLE!
  21. Are spoofers still a problem in PKMN GO? I only ask because for the past few months I've noticed that everyday the 3 same people (they're each at least lvl 40) have PKMN in every gym with in a mile of my house (They're always the same PKMN, if that matters. Though, I know there's a tire for the top PKMN to put in gyms), which consists of a little over 10 gyms. Why would people do this, unless they're spoofing? I seriously doubt that it's worth the effort to actually go out to all these gyms every single day to take them down, given you can only earn 50 coins a day. PKMN GO is very active is my area, so I doubt they have PKMN left in some of these gyms to automatically earn 50 coins for yet another day. They might get lucky with this once or twice, but still... These people seem to be super aggressive with gyms too. The other day one of these mentioned people had one of their PKMN in a gym in my neighborhood (As as always. BTW, it was only their one PKMN in this gym) and within 5 seconds of me taking over the gym they were already trying to kick my PKMN out. I was like "Did they even have time to see the notification and boot the game?" Though, to be fair they, could have already had the game open, but still, it was suspiciously fast. Also, I didn't notice anyone around when they started trying to kick my PKMN out of the gym. Though, to be fair again, this gym is a playground, which is behind some houses, so they could live in one of those houses. Luckily, I was able to take the gym back without them trying to kick my PKMN out again (I guess they gave up after me gold berry camping for a bit). It's still kind of shitty that they'd go this hard, given how many gyms they currently had PKMN in. ...Like, PLZ! JUST LET ME HAVE THIS ONE! T_T I don't have any proof that these people are spoofing, but this behavior seems, as the kids would say, "VERY SUS". I guess I need to try taking over other gyms they have PKMN in and see how fast they try to reclaim it and if anyone is around when they do, to really see if they're spoofing. Nothing like this has happened before, but it just kind of shitty that people have to hoard all the gyms within a mile of my house. I shouldn't have to drive a mile+ away to find a gym, so I don't have to deal with this shit, especially since there's one right in my own neighbourhood.
  22. Alright. We should see how many are interested first before picking a date. I guess we can see during Mario Kart on Thurs. if anyone wants to join. ....Of course, if anyone reading this post wants to join, let us know OH WAIT❗ Now that I think of it, you might need a "No Ads" plan to use GroupWatch now, since they added new ad-supported plans in Dec. of last year in the US (I believe this is coming to CAN and EUR in Nov. of this year). I hate how streaming services are starting add/now have ad-supported tiers now. I don't mind ads, as I'm used to them on TV. Though, if you're paying for a service it shouldn't have ads, IMO. Ads are supposed to keep things FREE (Ex: Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and of course Over-the-Air "Antenna" TV and Radio). ...But, then there's the argument that Cable/Satellite TV have ads and you pay for those.
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