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  1. Link to article: Damn, that's pretty impressive and it's great to see it's doing better than the Wii U. I just hope they can get enough units out for when Splatoon 2 releases, because JPN is crazy for Splatoon.
  2. I love this new gym defender bonus system. I got like 50 coins yesterday (I usually only get 10 in a day). I had a PKMN stay in a gym for 21+ hours, which is probably the longest I've held a gym. It would have stayed longer, but I was a few mins late to giving it a berry. Even if I was able to feed it a berry, I don't think I would have been able too, since that gym became a raid (I can't join raids yet. ). Do PKMN get kicked out of gyms when raids start?
  3. Gyms are reopened and it looks like they got rid of the coins for the gym defender bonus, which sux, cuz this is the first time I've been able to pop my PKMN in multiple gyms at once. I hope it get added back.
  4. A huge thanks to everyone one who has been following my Nintendo Badge Arcade updates of the past year and a half. Today I bring you the sets of new badges... Below this update is a little behind-the-scenes of Nintendo Badge Arcade. Be sure to check it out if interested. - The final week of new badges - Previously released badges still being cycled out - Miiverse gallery no longer updating - 1 FREE play being given away - 2 FREE plays being given away EVERY DAY next week - Nintendo Badge Arcade theme offer (available until 6/29) - 1 new set of Ashley badges - 5 new sets of Nintendo Badge Arcade themed badges - 24 new sets of Pokémon badges ----------------------------------------------------------
  5. Hmmm...I thought there was going to be a main app where you can play all these (would make things easier), but apparently these are all being put up on mobile separately. I download Sonic 1 on my tablet and It's the same one they already have on mobile, just F2P with ads BTW, you need internet to play cuz of the ads. Not sure how the other games play, but all the Christian Whitehead Sonic games on mobile are really good (except virtual controls making things harder than they need to be). If you want Sonic on your mobile device I'd recommend downloading all these when available. Here's the games that are currently available:
  6. PKMN and Metroid not confirmed for 2018....
  7. BTW, gyms are still closed. Since the solstice event has been extended (do to TPC login issues) and ends @ 1 PM PDT today, this could be when the new gyms go live. I mean, we got the update, so all Niantic has to do is flip the switch!
  8. OMG that Trailer!!!....Classic wacky 90's SEGA ad goodness! ^_^ *screams* SEGAAA!!!!! I really feel like SEGA is devaluing their games, here by making it free with ads. With that being said, since it's free and I don't mind ads, I'm totally gonna download this (depending on the games they add). Though, virtual buttons are the worst. >_< If SEGA knows whats good, they better bring this to Switch. IIRC, can't 3rd parties set their own prices for VC games? If so, and this how SEGA chooses to put their classic games on the Switch (and other consoles), then I don't mind at all. With this being on mobile, it's gonna be hard for people to drop $8 (Genesis) for the same game on the VC, when you can get it plus more for free on mobile. Though, I could see SEGA not including some of their bigger titles like Sonic in this, so they can continue sell them as a standalone on mobile, Wii, 3DS, Etc. Edit: Oh, I see icons for Soinc games were shown i the trailer.
  9. We ended up playing Smash instead of Puyo Puyo Tetris (didn't realize we still had a Smash night). We're panning on trying this again after our MK8DX night tonight @ 11 PM eastern, if any one is interested. We'll be in the MK8 or OG chat in the N4A Discord. Hope to see you there! * If needed we can start before our MK8DX night, which starts at 10 PM EST.
  10. What works for you guys? I was thinking tonight, since tomorrow night is MK8DX and Thursday is MK8 (Wii U). I can do tonight at our usual MK8 time (10 PM EST).
  11. Anyone one up for some Puyo Puyo Tetris? Me and @purple_beard are planning to do some either tonight or tomorrow, since online is pretty much dead except ranked mode. If this becomes a thing maybe we can have a dedicated night? EDIT: Looks like this is happening tonight at 10 PM eastern if anyone is interested. Be sure to hit up then N4A Discord for the chat.
  12. Make a thread and see if others want to join.
  13. Yeah, I was tring to find a online match to see if my connection improved, but just ended up playing a few games against the CPU, since I couldn't find one. Seriously, we should have a PPT night or something, since the online is already dead. ....Well, in Fee Play anyway....Unless, you want to get rekt in Ranked Mode.