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  1. YUP! *sigh* Another legendary I'll never get. Seriously, I don't have a single legendary. This is mainly do to the fact I can never get get enough people to take one down. Usually when I see one it's just me and no one else is ever around. It's not like I live in area where nobody plays PKMN GO or anything like that. I guess the only way I'm going to get a legendary is find a local PKMN GO group to join.
  2. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    ... ... ... *repeatedly slams head into wall* 🖕
  3. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    I never realized we had all these data cables under the sea. When you think about it, it makes since, because where else would you put all these? IDK, what Putin is trying prove here, but if he actually does fuck with these cables, it could patiently start a WW III...That is if Kim Jong-un doesn't beat him to it. Just think how ironic that sounds in this day and age...WW III being started, because of the internet. Just goes to show you just how much as a society we rely on the internet. Kinda scary.
  4. MK8 / MK8 DLX Game Night discussion thread

    Nope. You pretty much have to click on the Clubs tab then click on a club to see new posts there (clubs are listed in order by recent activity, BTW). The main issue everyone has with clubs, is how segregated they feel from the rest of the site. We want this site to have more activity and clubs make it seem like it has less.
  5. MK8 / MK8 DLX Game Night discussion thread

    9pm came from not being able to edit the tourney room in Wii U for DST do to Miiverse shutting down. IDK. I just brought up the question, because there haven't been that many regulars on Wii U since Miiverse shutdown. Joe and Spot, in particular seem to want to move to Switch. BTW, Joe, Spot, and ArmoredFrog did some races last night at 10 on Switch.
  6. Just go this weather condition in PKMN GO... Luckily, it only seems to lock out weather effects, and not PKMN and PokéStops like when your traveling too fast.
  7. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    Saw this pop up in my feed... Wow! Net neutrality my ass!! >_> We all know your against it for the $$$. Glad I don't have Comcast, though my dad does work for them. He does back-end stuff for their internet (programming/maintenance, etc.)
  8. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    Yeah, people are going to fight to the death for this, especially big sites like Google who are pro net neutrality. Hopefully, everyone's efforts will prove victorious in the end.
  9. MK8 / MK8 DLX Game Night discussion thread

    If y'all want to switch to MK8DX on Thursdays that's fine with me (pretty sure I'm the only one without it). I'll probably just take the plunge and get DX then. I've been wanting the game, especially to play on the go, but there were newer games I wanted more. Plus, I had already spent $60+ with the DLC on Wii U. If DX was like $40 I probably would have gotten it by now. I've been wondering...With Clubs pretty much being a bust, should we just go back to using the old thread? I feel people are more likely to see new posts there instead of here.
  10. Nintendo has filed a patent for a passive walking device... Link to article: https://gonintendo.com/stories/297885-nintendo-files-patent-for-passive-walking-device-and-passive-wal IDK what the could be doing with this. Is the their QoL project the're still working on?
  11. I don't have all the holiday items (still need, bed, cake, and snow globe + the stocking shown in the catalog, which I assume will be sent out on Xmas), but I feel my Xmas camp is now complete. ^_^ How is everyone else's coming along?
  12. The gardening area that we saw in mobile direct is coming soon, along with the ability to craft clothes... Looks like Loyd also runs the gardening area (why not Leif?). I really hope you don't need friends or tickets to get in, like with the quarry (still haven't been able to get in, BTW ). If I had to take a guess, I'd say this update won't hit until after the holiday event ends. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Snow is here!!! ^_^
  13. The game's new weather effects also alert you of hazardous weather!
  14. Some snowy PKMN... ^_^ I noticed that your username no longer shows in the bottom right when you use the screenshot feature. Not sure when they made this change, as I rarely use this feature.