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  1. The possibility of no more Rhythm Heaven? OMG! MY HEART! Yeah, if you couldn't tell from my sig, I absolutely love Rhythm Heaven. Given how well there series has done in JPN, I think it would be pretty stupid for it to completely go away. With Mega Mix being a celebration of the series and all, I just see it going away for a while. Also, I'm not sure if this has anything with the series ending, but I heard JPN music producer/singer Tsunku (Rhythm Heraven series producer) had to have his vocal cords removed do to a disease.
  2. Not sure how much I'll get to play since I might be busy that weekend. Anyway...I'm going with Team Invisibility. While the power of flight may be more convenient, having the power invisibility, you can get away with a lot of stuff that you probably shouldn't be doing in the first place. LOL! ....Ehhh...Not that I'd ever do that.
  3. DuckTales (2017) Ep. 1 available on YouTube

    Yeah, I also thought it was odd the ducklings did't have rounded heads like the original. Though, I found it more odd they didn't have that duck voice like Donald like they did in the original. If you want to learn more about the comics, I highly recommend watching this video (see spoiler). Also, if you want to get into the comics, there's a really nice compilation/reprint book that I've seen at my local comic shop (not sue if it has all the comics). Hopefully, they'll start putting a new ep up every week like they did with Yo-Kai Watch. With Yo-Kai watch they'd put up a new ep every week that was a few eps behind what was airing on TV, while removing the previous week's ep. It was great, because I got to watch a lot of the first season without having Disney XD. Not to get off topic, but I've noticed recently Disney has been putting up the first ep of their new shows on YT. When watching that DuckTales ep I saw in the related videos that they put up the first ep of that new Raven show. I watched a few mins of it, cuz I remember seeing the original back when it was on and it's pretty much more of the same (if you liked that show).
  4. WOW! This was a lot better than I was expecting. Nothing can beat the original, but this...this is good stuff! Likes: I like how the art style kinda looks like the old Scrooge/Donald comics (I assume that's what they were going for) Voices are pretty damn good (for the most part) Story wise, it feels just like an ep of the original show Dislikes: Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby don't have that "duck" to their voice (if you know what I mean) Huey, Dewey and Louie are way more annoying
  5. The Splatbrella will be available in multiplayer tonight at the regular 10 PM EST time. I'm interested to see how people will use this in multiplayer compared to the singleplayer. I just hope it doesn't become supper annoying with people constantly blocking your shots.
  6. Not sure if this is all entirely new gear (I think just new color variants), but the Summer Vacation Collection is coming to SplatNet 2. It will be available from 8/11 - 8/16. If you haven't downloaded the Switch Online app yet, you really should. Especially, for the, exclusive SplatNet 2 gear!
  7. Hopefully they find a new/backup supplier before this becomes an issue. The Switch situation is already bad enough....Online scams, scalpers, stores like GameStop forcing you to buy bundles at lest $100 over MSRP every time they get stock, and stores in JPN holding lotteries for the chance to even by a Switch. I know it's not entirely Nintendo's fault, because there's that whole supply issue with companies competing for parts. Supposedly, Apple is buying up all the parts for their upcoming iPhone (10th anniversary), since they got the big bucks.
  8. Listings for GameCube games have been found on NOE's site. Could the Virtual Console on Switch not be that far off?
  9. What video game music are you listening to?

    Planet Puzzle League OST: The music in this game is so good! I love zoning out the the music in this game while just casual clearing blocks in Endless Mode. I'd love to see a new Puzzle League game on Switch with a similar style to the DS version. It'd be cool if it had button & touch controls like the DS ver. and also let you play with the Switch vertically (touch controls).
  10. Splatoon 2 Splat Call

    Yeah, I love how they made Inkopolis feel a bit more lively compared to the Wii U game, where Inklings mostly just sat/stood around. You can see Inklings sitting at the tables talking or on their phones (checking Splatnet 2? ), playing that squid DDR game, recording the Off the Hook show and even....SK8BOARDING JELLFYFISH!
  11. Splatoon 2 Splat Call

    I meant to mention this before the Mayo VS Ketchup Splatfest, but forgot. Not sure how many people are aware of this, but if you want to farm ability chunks, use your Splatfest tee. It will only cost you 2k to scrub compared to the regular 20K. Now, don't forget to do one final scrub before you have to give your tee back at the end of the Splatfest.
  12. Well, It doesn't look like I'm going to make the King rank (at Champion now). I was busy all day (got 1/2 through Defender last night), I keep getting DC'd up the ass (even after the results) and then getting 5 mins soft-banned for DCing. You should't get soft-banned for being DCing when it's not your fault. >_> Apparently, I'm not the only one getting DC's, which is nice to know. Also, I keep getting put on shit teams where nobody responds when I call for help to protect the base and not to mention I'm always first on the team. I did't have this issue in the Wii U game. Splatoon 2 has a noob infestation! This pretty much sums up this Splatfest for me...
  13. Here's a look at the stage Shifty Station from the JPN Ketchup VS Mayo Splatfest, which has already kicked-off... So, they're actually having red and white ink for this Splatfest? To be fair it's more off white... It's cool they went with these colors, even though they look like bodily fluids, cuz it's like you're actually shooting the condiments.
  14. Yeah, we can just use this thread for weapon updates. I kinda feel like all the weapons from the first game should already be in the game. It sort of ruins the excitement of a new weapon when it just a weapon from the previous game.
  15. Splatoon 2 Splat Call

    Go to the ticket booth window to the left of the entrance to Salmon run.