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  1. Still cant beat Stage 60. 😓 I was even given 2 shells (2 separate times) for being stuck, but still no luck. Yeah, they weren't put in the most helpful places. Well, at least this happened... Man, VS mode is a ton of fun! ^_^ BTW, I got put against a person who had a Dr. that could freeze viruses and another person who had a Dr. that could put viruses in bubbles. Need I say I lost both times because of this? What a load of BS! ...Like what are you supposed to do if you don't have a Dr. with one of these abilities as well? Good thing none of them were leveled up yet. I don't even want to think about how those matches would have been if they were full leveled up (at the lvl cap). I just hope that when the game has been out for a few months, VS Mode isn't full of people using doctors with these abilities.
  2. An HD remake of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz is coming to Switch Oct. 29th (also on PS4/STEAM)... Screenshots: https://gonintendo.com/stories/340085-super-monkey-ball-banana-blitz-getting-a-remake-first-screenshot I'm all for Monkey Ball coming back, but why Banana Blitz? This isn't considered to be that great, especially its minigamees. Speaking of the minigames, are they going to have totally new ones, because most of those were designed around the features of the WIi Remote? Why didn't they just do an HD collection for the first two games on GCN? That would be an instant buy for me and I assume a lot of other people. Those games were damn fun and the best in the series!
  3. The physical version has been announced for NA... Looks like when know when we can expect the 2nd DLC pack. So, this is basically the price of a 1-year NSO membership + the DLC. Your not saving any money here, so I'll most likely pass. As cool as it would be to have a physical copy, I feel it would be more convenient to have this digitally. Plus, I'm already good with my NSO membership for next year, which I got with SMM2 (I know I can stack up to 3 years, but still). I don't have the DLC, but why would I pay $30 when I can get it for $10? Hmm...I actually might just consider getting this if I need to re-up my NSO membership again and still don't have the DLC. Well so much for this being a cool little NSO bonus. I like I've mentioned before, they should give NSO members the DLC for free. ...That is, if you were a member before they announced the DLC. Edit: I'm just gonna leave this here... 🔗https://www.gamestop.com/nintendo-switch/games/puyo-puyo-tetris/141921 Just sayn'... Plus, you get way more content.
  4. I only played until I unlocked the Splatoon and the highest I got was 10th. Not bad, as all I wanted was the theme. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- @EH_STEVE You should still have time, as it doesn't end until tonight at 11:59 pm PT. Also, I'm pretty sure the only way to get themes is to unlock them in tourneys. You did better than you're first video, though you need to be clearing lines and firing of Tetrises more often. Just practice thinking ahead. When you're good enough you will be able to see where your next piece goes before you're given it. This really helps at faster speeds. You should be playing at least this fast...
  5. If you're stuck on a stuck stage it seems Nintendo wants to help you out.... Now this is the Nintendo we know when it comes to F2P games. I'm surprised Nintendo would even do this, given how more aggressive they've been with the microtransactions in Dr. Mario World compared to their previous mobile games. Most F2P mobile puzzle games would never give you a free power-up when you're stuck. They'd be like, "Stuck? Why not use ("buy") some power-ups?". BTW, this power-up didn't even help. I still wasn't able to beat the stage and ran out of hearts again. >_< SRSLY DIS STAGE! Thanks anyway, Nintendo.
  6. Is it just me or does this game seem to be draining battery faster than it should? I played for about 22 mins trying to clear Stage 60 and it used 10% of my batt. with low power mode on (Maybe it’s just me?). Also, I’ve noticed my device getting hot at times when playing for a while. BTW, I’m playing on an iPhone 8 running iOS 12. Oh, and speaking of Stage 60... I’ve already went through 10+ hearts trying to beat this. Stages where you have to clear blocks to reveal viruses, frozen viruses, and/or viruses in bubbles are really annoying, because you have to clear viruses twice to fully clear them (don’t get me started on challenge stages). >_< Yeah... Certain doctors/assistants that are also leveled-up, seem to be very useful on certain stages. Good luck getting them and leveling them up, if you don’t put some decent money into the game. I never expected to blast through this game, but it just sux not clearing a stage, because you’re wasting pills cleaning viruses twice.
  7. I added a list of all current doctors/assistants and their skills to the OP for reference.
  8. So, with the launch of the Switch light, is Nintendo finally going to use this damn thing (see video below)? I'm surprised it wasn't there at launch, given the Wii U gamepad had one. Seriously, why even include it on the Switch Lite if you don't plan to use it? They got to have some plans to use it.
  9. WOW! Hopefully this continues to do well for Nintendo, because despite all the F2P mobile game BS, the core gameplay is a ton of fun!
  10. Got the Splatoon theme and it's awesome! For anyone with the DLC, can you use these themes in Marathon mode or is it just for Tetris 99 mode (online/CPU)?
  11. Well, it's gone mainstream... I can't help but LOL at how fast this blew up. ...Silly humans. 👽 😝
  12. So, about this.... This has been all over the internet recently and has been trending on Twitter. LOL! WTF? Ya' gotta love the internet some times and wonder how shit like this gets started. 😂 The best part about this... The Naruto Runners. Pic in spoiler do for size: Silly humans, don't risk going to prison... If you wanna see an alien, I'M RIGHT HERE!!! 🖖