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  1. I played the Sushi Striker demo and HOLY CRAP!...It's good! I wanna get it on Switch, but not at $50 (I thought is was going to be like a $20 eShop game when announced at E3 last year). I might pick it up if it ever goes on sale for a decent price. Also, need I mention this opening? Some good shit right here! 🎧🎵
  2. Missed out on Community Day this month. It's been raining every day for over a week and plus I've been a little sick the past few days. Yeah, I didn't want to go out that mess. Plus, I was thinking Comm. Day was Sunday. Seriously, stop switching the days back and forth!
  3. alienboyva

    What are you listening to?

  4. alienboyva

    [RUMOUR] Pokemon Switch reveal coming soon

    Remake of Yellow? You have my attention. I'm a sucker for gen I PKMN. Will need to see gameplay if true. PKMN GO integration/linking could be cool if done right. Catching is like in PKMN GO? So, that means you don't have to battle PKMN and weaken PKMN first? A new accessory that works with both PKMN GO and the Switch games? So like a Pokewalker 2.0 / PKMN GO + 2.0? I remember a while back hearing about a new accessory for being worked on/planned or something for PKMN GO.
  5. This could be pretty sweet if done right. Though TBH, I'd be kinda disappointed if Retro was working on a Star Fox spin-off all this time, especially since they're not MP4.
  6. alienboyva

    What are you listening to?

    Seriously these guys need to do the next Bond (007) theme. So, many Bond (007) vibes from the acoustic version of this song.
  7. For all those that missed out, here's your 2nd chance! I was lucky enough to get one New Year's Day last year. I dozed off on New Year's eve and woke up around 2am and decided to check one of the stock checker sites. I saw that 2 Target stores near me had stock (1 with 1 in stock and another with 2 in stock). I went to the one that had 2 in stock and waited until they opened with another guy who showed up not long after I arrived. Anyway, I hope that everyone that wanted a NES Classic is able to get one this time around.
  8. Well, looks like this is indeed happening... Makes me think that statement Nintendo put out meant that it wasn't going to be reviled via Weekly Jump.
  9. Typical Nintendo response... 😑 Though, this makes me wonder if this could be a JPN only related announcement? In that case, if NOA or NOE was asked (not sure if NCL was they one asked), they most likely wouldn't know anything. Still, if there is indeed a big Splatoon announcement coming, were not going to hear about it until Nintendo is ready.
  10. Hmmm...Not sure what this could be. Maybe some kind of crossover or more info on the Octo-Expansion? TBH, that really wouldn't shock me. Maybe "Shock the world" is hinting at something? IDK...The only thing that I can think of that would really shock me, is if Nintendo didn't require a subscription to their online to play Splatoon 2 online. 😜 Though, Nintendo wouldn't be that stupid, especially since how popular the game is in JPN.
  11. Ooo...I might have to pick one of these up, since really enjoy playing in table top mode. I've found myself numerous of times just setting my Switch up on my kitchen table with its kickstand and sliding my joy-cons into the grip, when I want to play some Switch. Now I can continue playing in tabletop mode when my batt. gets low. This is great for those who also want an adjustable stand. At times I've found myself wishing I could tilt my Switch back just a bit when using the kickstand. I can't help but wish they had also put an HDMI out port on this, so it can also be used as a portable dock, though I think that would have increased the cost quite a bit (given the price of the stand-alone dock).
  12. alienboyva

    Some new Online Details for Switch came out.

    I was wondering if this would be possible, because I was thinking this would be great for us regulars of our Mario Kart nights or any other Switch game nights (current or future). I have no problems paying $20, but if we could get it for only a few $ by splitting the cost of a Family Plan, then why not? If this is possible, I can see a lot of IRL/online friends doing this. Hopefully, all the users in your family plan don't have to all be on the same Switch.
  13. alienboyva

    What are you listening to?

    Is it odd that on hot days, I like to roll my windows down and blast this song in my car?