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  1. They should have just did what they did with the free SSB4 Wii U/3DS soundtrack they gave out via Club Nintendo for purchasing/registering the games. BTW, looking at the SMB 35th Direct again, there’s going to be another set of pins...
  2. I finally got my pins ordered. I went to NOA’s online store and they were no longer in my cart. So, I tried redeeming my code again and it said invalid code. After a few more attempts I got it in my cart and was able to checkout. All long as you were able to get a code earlier, your good (it expires 12/23).
  3. From looking at what people are posting on Twitter, It looks like if you got a code you should be good( you have until Dec. 22 to redeem it)... Yeah, I'm going to try to checkout again later when the sit calms down.
  4. NOA's site says standard shipping for CAN is $7.00 🔗https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15575
  5. YES! It looks like the site is getting slammed. I somehow managed to redeem my code and get it in my cart and I'm now trying to pay for shipping (why isn't it FREE?), but I'm keep getting errors. It's so BS we have to pay $5.30 (tax included) for shipping. It totally defeats the point of a "free reward". At that point, they should have just listed the pins (and all other physical My NIntendo rewards) on their on their online store for $5. BTW, I've always wondered if this was the reason they shutdown Club Nintendo... Because they felt they were spending too much giving everyone free shipping on rewards.
  6. Just a heads up for those tying to get the Mario Pins for completing 4 SMB35th missions + purchase SM3DAS... You'll be able to redeem codes for the pins starting 9/21 @ 12pm PT... I hope these don't immediately sell out when they go up and there's no stupid shipping fee, like with the recent Xenoblade Chronicles/Splatoon physical rewards NOA recently added.
  7. -____- Now I know how EUR feels with some of their huge ratings logos.
  8. I got these cool Joy-Con skins for pre-ordering the game at GameStop. I’m not much for using skis, but still neat, nonetheless. Did anyone else that pre-ordered the game get any cool bonuses?
  9. Yeah, I’ve also played SM64 to death and I could probably beat it in my sleep. The last time I played SM64 was when the DS remake came out and I haven’t played the original game since the N64 days. I just feel like it would be nice to go in I chronological order. Especially, to experience how 3D Mario games have evolved.
  10. I’m mainly getting this for SMS. Plus, I needed a reason to play Galaxy again. After coming off of SM64 at the time I didn’t like how Fludd was so heavily tired to Mario’s move set in SMS. I only rented the game once back in the day and it was pretty fun. I still I that save file on one of my memory cards. For a while I’ve been wanting to fully play SMS, but the price for a used copy quickly skyrocketed. As as for which I’ll play first. I’ll just go in chronological order and stat with SM64. Though, I might just get a goods ways through SM64 and then start SMS and finish SM64 later. Out of the 3, Galaxy has always been my favorite. I love the whole Mario space thing going on and the uniqueness of running around on planets. That orchestrated music...It’s so damn good! One of my favorite songs from the game... *1:28-2:10 is my favorite part*
  11. Im down for going classic for SM3DAS/SMB’s 35th. Though, should we go all Mario, SMK characters, or just any character?