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  1. Good races! I loved the random anime discussion, especially nerding out about FMA. FMAB is seriously one of the best animes. One minuet you're on the edge of your seat, the next you're laughing at something completely stupid, and then out of nowhere, it hits you right in the feels (OMG! My heart! 💔😭).
  2. This just popped up... You can now add friends from your phone’s contact list...
  3. IDK how many people are still playing (I know I've fallen off a bit), but a new update is coming on the 29th that will add back in the fireworks show in Aug. and add new seasonal items. Also, more free content is planned for later this year... I really hope the content coming later this year is actually substantial. Give us Brewster/The Roost and gyroids already!!! New seasonal items featured on the JPN site... 🔗https://topics.nintendo.co.jp/article/9d2dad1c-bad3-473b-b593-7d1d06dfb9c9
  4. Uhhh...WHAT?!!! Now they're marketing nutritional supplements towards gamers. *see spoiler* So, who's getting dem gamer jelly beans?
  5. Not surprising DMW is getting shutdown, as this game made like no money compared to Nintendo's other mobile games. I feel like more people would have played it if it were more like classic Dr. Mario/Virus Buster mode. I stopped playing long ago as well. I hate how the majority of F2P puzzle games on mobile always end up becoming pay-to-win.
  6. GameStop's pre-order bonus for the game... I'm glad it's not another double-sided poster.
  7. As much as I would love to have a bigger/OLED screen, a better kick stand, better audio, 64 GB buin-in storage, I can't justify buying this at $350 when my launch day Switch is perfectly fine and I'm still perfectly happy with it. Just wish it had the better battery life tho.
  8. @TKrazyO If you need/want the N64 templet for the thumbnail...
  9. Well, if anyone is a 3DS Ambassador, you should already own Metroid Fusion. I been wanting to replay Fusion ever since I downloaded the GAB ambassador games, but for some reason never did, and now is the perfect time to. I have a physical copy on GBA, but never finished it. I got to that spider boss near the end and I remember it kept kicking my ass, plus it was kind of a pain to get back to that boss.
  10. Some of my favs that I own are... Wave Race 64 1080° Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Super Smash Bros. KIrby 64: The Crystal Shards Star Fox 64 Pokémon Snap Pokémon Stadium *I was massively into PKMN back then* Yeah, I also have an extension cable for one of my controllers. For some reason I never owned Mario Kart 64, despite renting it a few times. Same with Pilotwings 64. Now would be the perfect time to put N64 games on NSO. I'd love to play some of these games again (plus ones I don't own) without having to bust out my N64
  11. I think I might still have it in a box of old VHS tapes. Not sure about the SF64 one though. Speaking of the SF64 one... It's great and full of lots of cheese.
  12. I hard to believe it has already been that long. I'll never forget getting my N64. I may not be as big of a gamer/Nintendo fan if I had never gotten it... Back in the day I owned an NES and Game Boy and at day care we had an SNES and a Genesis, which I played the hell out of. Though, for some reason I never asked my parents for either of these systems. I guess I was just content with my NES/Game Boy. The first time I ever heard of the Nintendo 64 was when I was sent that N64 promo VHS (see video above), that was sent out to Nintendo Power subscribers back in the da
  13. New game trial from 6/29 - 7/5... 🎧 💿🎛️💿 ♫♪♩ I might check this out. It's pretty neat for what it is and you can make some cool stuff. Though, I don't really care for the art style (the characters look like Simis >_<) and I don't like having to buy songs (mainly, most of the ones I want aren't in the base game ), but that's expected for games like this.
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