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  1. I'm really hoping Tetris Effect gets announced for Switch. 🤞 I mean they did announced Lumines Remastered last year during the March Spring Nindes Showcase, so... Seriously, this game needs to come to all platforms already. IDK, if Sony has it as a timed exclusive or not, but I know this will sell incredibly well on the Switch. Enhance Games has said that Lumines Remastered has sold best on Switch "by a mile". If you haven't noticed, puzzle games and portables are pretty much made for each other and given how popular the Switch is, this could end up out selling the PS4 version (if it comes to Switch). MAKE THIS A THING ALREADY! >_<
  2. I played a few rounds after our Mario Kart Night last night and the best I manged to do was 2nd twice. Each time I was K.O.ed by someone who had more badges than me (still having that issue I mentioned above where I'm not get badges). Other times, this...
  3. alienboyva

    General movie discussion

    Ok. I haven't seen Infinity War since it came out in theaters last year, so my memory is a bit rusty. Yeah it does. In the teaser there are some scenes that are pretty much shot-for-sort of the animated movie. I have very high hopes for this and really hope they go all out, because The Lion King is Disney's best animated film, IMO. The music, animation, story, etc...It's all outstanding! I not really a fan of all there's live action remakes. Supposedly, they are working on a Mulan live-acton movie, which out of all the Disney animated films, I feel this would work the best as a live-action movie, if done right. Just get the guys who worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean on board and we'd be good. Also, I feel like Tarzan could also work very well if they get everyone who worked on the live-action The Jungle Book involved. That movie is actually pretty good, and the CG is fantastic. If they do end up making a Tarzan, they gotta get Phil Collins back to do the music. Tarzan is the only other Disney animated film, that I feel comes close to matching that Lion King feel (production wise), with it's music, animation, story, etc. So, since they are doing a live-action Lion King, I feel they gotta do a live-action Tarzan.
  4. alienboyva

    General movie discussion

    I'm not sure what to think about that Avengers trailer, as I feel I'm totally missing something. Didn't all the Avengers that were in the last movie die? Yet in this trailer, they show that some have already been revived and have to save the others with the Avengers that weren't in the last movie. Of course, we all know they aren't dead for good, but it just seems kind of spoilery to show who are the first ones to be revived in the trailer. Yeah, I'm obviously missing something here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was released a few days ago... I gotta say this looks way better than I was expecting after seeing the teaser trailers. I really like the look. Though, I'm still not 100% feeling Will Smith as the Genie. He could end up being way better than I expected. When you really think a bout it, it seems like he would be a good fit. I think the main reason I'm not fully on board is, because no one can replace Robin Williams (If only he could have been in this. T_T). Aladdin looks great! Jasmine looks great! ...But Jafar? WHAT?! I feel they totally missed the make with casting him (looking at the comments, it seems I'm not the only one). The main issues I have with him is 1. I'm pretty sure Jafar isn't supposed to the same age as Aladdin and Jasmine. 2. This actor comes off as like the least threatening person for a villain. I feel they should have at least found an actor who's much older and has a deeper voice. Ehhhh.... Maybe he'll end up being better, but I doubt it. Other that that, everything else seems pretty good so far.
  5. Google will be adding support for the for the Joy-Con controllers (L, R, L +, R, and USB charge grip) and the Switch Pro Controller (USB and Bluetooth) to Google Chrome... For anyone that has out of the loop with what has been going on with Google, apparently they're making a MAJOR push in to the gaming market. A few months ago that had a beta to test their streaming service,where people got to test streaming AC: Odyssey via Google Chrome, which worked fairly well. Next week at GDC they have plans to announce what their newly established gaming division has been up to. Apparently they are going to show some kind of hardware along side their streaming service. It's unclear if it will be only a streaming/download box or will accept physical media, but they've sent out invites to all the major gaming press, so this points to something more than a streaming box/service. Also, SEGA is said to be heavily on board with some exclusives. Could Google become the 4th competitor in the console wars? Microsoft is making it easy for Google to just take over their spot, since they don't seem to worried about hardware anymore and just want their games on everything. I mean, they did just put HALO on Steam. Sorry to derail this thread and make it all about Google. If you want to know all the details about what Google is up to, check-out the videos HERE and HERE. So, as for the Switch controller support in Chrome... It makes since that they would want to support all major controllers on current systems, so anyone can just fire up Chrome and start using this game streaming service and not worry about needing a special controller. With Google prepping Chrome with various controller support just before the big GDC conference, it seems like this service might be launching in the near future.
  6. It wasn't really my find as I saw a post about the Mega Man cartoon being on YouTube on GoNintendo. Then I came across all their other content on their main channel.
  7. A bunch of classic Nintendo and other video game cartoons are available to stream for FREE and legally on YouTube. Some of the cartoons, include the Super Mario Cartoons, The Legend of Zelda, Captain N, Mega Man, some Sonic cartoons, Double Dragon, etc. Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUVnfQaEmCIhFZC5d_JniyQ/playlists Mega Man Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Qz20sPciU-ynMRdKtJw-A/videos OMG this is awesome! I haven't seen some of these before as they were a bit before my time (90's kid). I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend..
  8. Thanks! The best I've actually done was 1st, but I just could't get a win in this past event, thanks to all the pros. I got damn close though! 15th is really good for someone who isn't much of a Tetris player! Though, I feel like this game does have a bit of luck factor with how many people attack you at once and how early on you get attacked. Games where I get attacked by multiple people (especially pros) early one, I'm lucky to get in to the Top 50. My main problem has been getting slammed with a B2B Tetris and then some, when I'm trying to set up a B2B Tetris (the garbage opening is always in the worst spot >_<) or trying to clear out blocks to get to the garbage. Also, I've been noticing that I'm not getting KOs when I attack people about to KOs. I'll send them a Tetris and they will KO, but I won't get the KO. IDK if it's because multiple people are attacking the same person as me and some got a finishing attack in before I did, or what. It seems every time I get into the Top 10, I get wrecked by someone who has full badges (100% attack power) while I have hardly any or none. I'm starting to think I'd like this game better without the badges/increased attack power.
  9. SP NES game for this month...
  10. Finally after months of bug fixes, Niantic fixed the ATTK power numbers not showing up on the smaller iPhone SE screen with the latest update, as well as fixed the moves not showing up in the previous update. 🎉🎊 \(^o^)/ I guess I should have reported this sooner. I know other iPhone SE users have reported this issue, but I bet the moves not showing up finally got them to look into this.
  11. That's actually possible given how many people where attacking you and how fast people can play. Most likely multiple people were firing off B2B tetrises. The half + matrix full of garbage that was sent to me was all sent by one person in like 5 secs after the match started.
  12. It's kinda hard to tell if people are hackers or if they're just really good, since it docent show the other players in real time. Though, I have been sent half a matrix full of garbage + a Tetris back-to-back within like 5 secs of a match starting during this even't, which made me question hacking. I know some pros can play un-humanly fast, but an All Clear (I assume it is...?) and a Tetris that fast at the start of a match? Hmmm...
  13. Thanks! Though, I'm just a little bummed I didn't get a win, especially since I've already proven I can do it. If the event lasted a bit longer I could have eventually done it. Like I previously mentioned, I still did damn good despite not getting a win. Oh...I noticed when looking at my stats, I managed to break my KO record of 7 during this event with 10 KOs. Just watch, I'll get on after the event ends and get a win in my first game, now there aren't so many pros out. LOL!
  14. Well, here's the best I could do this event... I've been playing so much Tetris this weekend that I've literally been getting the "Tetris Efect" I just couldn’t compete with all those pros, even though I was playing some of my best Tetris ever (I noticed my game getting a bit better). I started to get in a groove tonight where I kept firing off back-to-back tetrises, but that still wasn't enough. If there wasn't an even't going on, I most likely could have gotten another win, hell maybe even two. I managed to get another 2nd in this event, where it was down to me and one other person. I noticed that it was taking a while for him to KO me and though, but come to find out he was setting up a B2B Tetris. I was like "Damn! That was mean! T_T" All he had to do to KO me was get a couple doubles/triples, but no, he had to be a show off. >_> I probably could have held him back a bit more so he couldn't have pulled-off a B2B tetris, but at the speed there was now way I was gonna set up a tetris with the blocks I was getting. Still, in the back of my mind I can't help but wonder if a good chunk of these so call "pros" were just hackers. With 999 gold My Nintendo points on the line, which can be used for $10 in Switch eShop credit, I would not be surprised if there were quit a bit of hackers. Seriously, if I find proof of hackers during this even't I'm gonna be pissed and demand Nintendo at least give me that badge for winning for coming in 2nd twice (not sure if it stays after the event) or something. I really hope the next event doesn't require you to get the most wins, because with all the pros out, it's it ruins the event a bit constantly getting hammered by them. Now if they also counted any medal position (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) you earned, it wouldn't fell as bad getting hammered by all the pros the whole event. If it's going to be like this every event, where pros dominate and make it hard for no-pros to compete, then F these events! ------------------------------------------------------------- So, this during this event I got... 🥈2nd: 2x 🥉3rd: 1x - 4th: 4x - 5th: 3x Even though I didn't get a win, I still feel I did damn good, given how stiff the competition was with all the pros being out! ^_^
  15. Story of my night (best of the night 4th)... EDIT: So, it has come to my attention that skill based matching isn’t good for BR games. Though, I’m playing some of the best Tetris I ever played in this event, but it’s not enough to take on the pros. I’m damn determined to get 1 win this event, but after last night I’m not sure how likely that is any more. ——————————————————- Gonna leave this here... R.I.P. non-pros. T_T