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  1. Oh! You mean this? *I got this last year at GameStop Yeah, I can totally see them doing this for the two spotlight drives in the Winter Tour.
  2. I'm hoping for... Or better yet, just use the Santa outfit from Odyssey.
  3. LOL! How the hell did none of these green shells hit @Kezay?
  4. A High-End kart leveled up to lvl 2 and 4 new drivers, including Dry Bowser... Not bad, I guess.
  5. Now, this is Sonic (I know he doesn't have the connected eyes, but he still look great)! He's kind of got a mix of classic and modern Sonic, IMO.Though, I have one minor complaint....WHY ARE HIS ARMS STILL BLUE?! They were so close! T_T I actually kind of want to see this now! Still, I can't help but wonder if they released that trailer with their original design for Sonic (which SEGA was not happy with) just to get people talking about the movie. I know CG animation takes quite a bit of time, so it makes me think they were already working on his redesign well before the redesign announcement (especially since the movie was only pushed back a few months). I mean we didn't have to wait too long after the announcement to get the redesign trailer.
  6. Now i see why you're always first in the Friend Rankings. I can't help but wonder how much $ you've put into the game. If you haven't spent any $, then that's damn impressive. As for me, I ain't spending a ¢ on this game.
  7. My highest is the Parachute glider at lvl 3. However, I do have quite a few drivers/karts/gliders at lvl 2... LVL 2 Drivers: Baby Peach Roy Mario Peach Daisy Bowser Diddy Kong LVL 2 Karts: Standard Kart Birthday Girl Koopa Dasher Pipe Buggy LVL 2 Gliders: Standard Glider Parafoil
  8. First set of challenges for the Paris Tour completed! I wasn’t able to complete all the challenges in the last 2 tours, mainly do to not having the certain driver need to complete the last challenge in the first set of challenges. I found the “Finish a race by crashing over the finish line a total of 3 times” challenge the hardest. If anyone is having trouble with this... The trick I used: SNES Mario Circuit 1 Use Mario for 3 items (The more items, the better) Save a banana until near the finish (Easier said than done, sometimes) On the final turn go off into the dirt on the left and throw a banana at the finish (This will slow you down so you don’t over shoot the finish and so you have time to line up your kart with the banana) Hit the banana as your cross the finish Repeat (3x total)
  9. LOL! Did nobody on Sakurai's team catch this? I can't help but think Sakurai did this on purpose, since Kirby is his baby and all.
  10. I played as Terry for a bit and he's pretty cool! It's great to have another fighting game character in Smash. I didn't have much interest in the character prior to watching Sakurai showing him off (I'm not that familiar with SNK fighters. Plus, Smash is the only fighting game I really play). I didn't realize how good SKN music is. It's hard to believe SNK gave us 50 tracks! Especially, when you have companies like Square-Enix only us 2 tracks. Anyway, I really like Terry's stage and how they added the walls form the FF games. It really adds more of a traditional fighting game feel to Smash. Now that the 4th FP fighter has been released, I can't help but wonder if the final FP fighter will be another 3rd-party character..? I would really like to have at least one Nintendo character as a part of it. I'm just gonna leave this here... *Sorry I had to do this after seeing Sakurai having Terry go against Ryu for the demonstration. If you don't get the joke: Terry always says "Are you O.K.?"