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  1. The only way to post pics/videos from Switch is to link a Facebook or Twitter account, which is very easy to do, if you already have an account. Oh... And.speaking of concerts....
  2. What really sucks is that my county has the most cases out of any county in the state and my area, The DMV (D.C., Maryland, & Virginia) is likely to become one of the next hot-spots.
  3. Really cool to see we'll be able to do raids with friends straight from home.
  4. @Surge135 Flick came to my island today as well. I just wish I knew he was here before I sold all the Emperor Butterflies I caught last night. Well, at least he helped me quickly fund the ramp to my new campsite. ^_^
  5. The governor of my state has now issued a stay at home order (only leave for essential purposes), which is in place until JUNE 10TH!
  6. You can no longer pick-up flowers and replant them wherever. In NH, you now have to dig up flowers to before you can replant them. If you try to pick-up a flower like in previous games, it will become a crafting material, which will grow back in a few days. I was going to ask the same thing, as I haven't dabbled much in Turnips with the previous games. Mostly because, I didn't want to lose money and the fact that I was rarely on before Joan left at 12pm on Sundays. I bought 30 Turnips today at 102 bells. EDIT:
  7. For anyone making a custom NookPhone case, here's a template that shows how custom patterns are applied to phone cases... I think I'm going to have to edit mine, because I wasn't able to get it exactly how I wanted. I wish I had come across this yesterday, while I customizing my phone case. It sucks that every time you want to customize your phone case, you have to speed 1,800 Nook Miles and wait a day for it to come in the mail (I miss mail coming twice a day. ). I really feel this should be something that's added to the custom design app on your NookPhone, like with the pro design editor.
  8. I've seen that some people have gotten a DAL tee in the mail from using Dodo Airlines, so how do I get this? I've already used it to go to a friend's island, had a friend come to my island, used a Nook Miles ticket to go to a random island, and even went to Harvey's island, still no shirt. Speaking of DAL, can I mention how good the music is when a friend comes to your island?
  9. I'm finally getting my Town Hall (Resident Services building) on Sunday! \(^o^)/ Resident Services is going to be closed all day tomorrow for constriction. Also, I made a new NookPhone case. It's inspired by my IRL phone case. ...And no, my IRL phone case doesn't have an alien on the back (just all black), but I always though it'd be super cool if it did.
  10. I now finally have all the bungs/fish leaving this month. I wasted 3 hrs. looking for a string fish, because I missed the info that it only appears in rivers on top of cliffs. While trying to catch that damn thing, I manged to catch a golden trout. ^.^
  11. I'm not sure what classified this as a ND Mini (may because it wasn't able to be live streamed?), but it sure didn't feel like a Mini (almost 29 mins and packed full of announcements). Nice to see A LOT of GOOD games coming to Switch. I'm really surprised to see a new Club House games. That thing was good fun on the DS, especially since you could play locally with others with only one copy of the game.