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  1. I like this part from the Tokyo one. LOL the look on all the toads faces! ⚡ ZEUUUUS!!!
  2. LOL! They ain't got no money for that. They can't even keep all their stores open and all their corporate employees employed. Also, need I mention Game Informer? 😏 In all seriousness... Yeah, they've been in the news a lot lately, so...
  3. Next Wednesday we'll be kartn' around the world! BTW, these Toad construction ads are pretty cute.... ^_^ *The videos below have the game's release date hidden in them (4 in the first and 3 in the second). Can you find them all?
  4. I gotta say, this new look..It's damn good!. I love how clean and fresh everything looks. I've been into some GS stores where right when you walk in you can see that half of the store is full of geeky (non-video game) merch, which makes the store look super cluttered. I've sometimes had to remind myself that I'm in a video game store. I really like how they have a space in the back for events (My local GS most likely won't have this, as they are a smaller store). Though, it's kind of stupid how they want you to be a pro member to play the retro systems and what not (not mentioned in the video, but mentioned here). Speaking of retro systems...They need to start having retro game/systems in store. I know they're testing this in some locations, but if they had retro games/systems, I might go in to GS more often and actually buy something. Though, they gotta work on their prices for retro games/systems. Some of their retro stuff on their site is massively over priced.
  5. Surprise! Surprise! They're gone... Apparently the site got slammed when they went live. Well, I should be too surprised, as people love the SNES controller. I though thought, like with the NES controllers, there wouldn't be an issue getting these things. Though, the NES controllers were limited to 1 per account, as these were limited to 4 per account (should have limited it to 2). Since I didn't think these would be hard to get, I didn't jump on it right away, as I'm good with my 8BitDo Gbros adapter and SNES Classic controller for now (Pro Tip: You can press Start + Select in the SNES app to bring up the suspend menu/rewind function as you would using ZL + ZR). Hopefully when these come back in stock they won't immediately sell out again. Maybe if I wait until the holidays they will have plenty of stock...? Given the hype over SNES games on Switch, I gotta wonder how many bought multiples just to sell them for 3x the price on ebay....? We don't another NES Classic Edition fiasco, NOA. Please have plenty of stock after the initial rush. 🙏 Hopefully everyone here that wanted one was able to get their order in.
  6. 🤔 They could be on to something here or it could just be pure coincidence. Hmmm... H.. .H... HUNDSON SOFT! BOMBERMAN! Bomberman playable in Smash CONFIRMED!!!!!! 💣💣💣 All joking aside, Bomberman isn't an Assist Trophy in SSBU is he? I know he was in previous games. Also, I know Hudson is no longer around and been absorbed into Konami, but I can't think of any other H video game companies. EDIT: DAMN IT! I just now noticed Bomberman there in the pic. >_<
  7. Dang! I was unaware Gen V went live a few hours ago. Seriously, PKMN GO notifications need to sound! I shouldn't have to notice that my phone's screen lit up to know that I have a notification from PKMN GO!!!. GO+ notifications sound, so why can't regular PKMN GO notifications? Awayway... It's too late to go out now, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow. ...Or hope to get lucky and one will spawn in my neighborhood before I go to bed. There are few spawn points in my neighborhood that I can reach from my house. Nice to see that Mewtwo is back. Hopefully there will be one nearby after they EX raid I'm going to this weekend, so there's enough people to take him down. Maybe, I'll see if people want to go hunt for one afterwards (Still don't have him BTW). EDIT: Well, one just spawned, so I didn't have to go out. BTW, why didn't Adventure Sync's nearby notify me? I have it tuned on.
  8. Of course when Link's awakening comes out. >_< Shouldn't take long on unlock this. Here's a look at the Kirby theme...
  9. Who's looking forward to Link's Awakening on Switch this Friday? I was kind of iffy on this before the Nintendo Direct earlier (I was going to get it eventually), but the more I saw when previews/reviews came out, it reminded me of just how stunning this game is visually (Makes me wonder if they will remake the Oracle games in this art style). I never owned the game back in the day on the GB or GBC. The first time I played it was on 3DS, when I got it as a Club Nintendo reward. I thought the game was a lot fun for what it was, but it didn't overly wow me or anything (I probably would have enjoyed it more had I played it back in the day). However, I did like all the non-LoZ elements they added. I never actually finished the game (I think I got about half way, maybe more), but I'm really looking forward to completing this on Switch (may go back and finish the DX version on the 3DS VC afterwards). I just got a call from my local GameStop and they are doing a midnight launch for the game (I assume the Switch Lite as well). WOOT!
  10. I forgot Comm. Day was so early this month. Such a bad time to have it on Sunday morning, with people being in church and all. Anyway... Got Torterra with Frenzy Plant (No shiny tho).
  11. I saw recently that @lilty picked up one, though he kinda had to go out of his way to get it. Try hitting him up on Twitter. I wish they were doing this promo in the U.S. There's literally a 7-Eleven in a shopping center less the a min. from where I live. I guess we get the Cold Stone (ice cream) promo instead.
  12. Dang! I didn't even break 20 pts do to all the DCs I kept getting. After about the 5th time or so, I had enough and rebooted everything. It seemed to work, but I got DC'd once more before the final race. IDK WTH was going on. I never got DC'd from the chat and my Switch had full signal. I guess my internet was being slow or something.
  13. OMG it finally happened!!! \(^o^)/ *BTW, is Mewtwo still in EX raids? Also, feel free to share any tips.
  14. Since today is National Video Games Day, anyone up for a theme? I was thinking of going classic again (pipe frame, standard wheels, SMK characters), unless anyone can think of anything else. Yeah, i didn't realize we were doing this last week for SNES games on Switch. I was too busy playing SNES games and didn't see the post in about it. >_<