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  1. It's t just me or are the animations in PKMN GO running super fast now? I recently noticed this after getting forced to update to the latest version. I don't even have native refresh rate turned on under Advanced Settings (I want to save some batt.), but they seem way too fast after this update. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not...?
  2. Definitely THE BEST Batman! R.I.P. Mr. Conroy. 😭
  3. So...Basically... We can't do anything with Gimmighoul in PKMN GO until 2023? ...Then why add him now? o_O? I'm wondering if you're going to need quite a bit of Mysterious Coins to get him, so maybe that's why they added him now. BTW, I managed to get 3 Mysterious coins today. Also, I'm wondering if he will be available without having to buy PKMN S/V (or trade someone), like with Meltain and PKMN Let's GO...?
  4. A new update is on the way, with some changes and a bunch of minor bug fixes *see link in tweet for the full patch notes*... Nice to see that you can exit matchmaking if you accidently chose to keep going or change gear after a battle.
  5. After a week with the gacha mechanics being removed, I'm starting to feel like they need to rework the cost of items in the Spotlight Shop or rework the overall price for rubies *Ruby prices at blow*. As mentioned in a previous post, for Spotlight Items it's 150 rubies for a driver, 100 rubies for a kart, and 100 rubies for a glider. So, to get a single Spotlight Driver, IT'S $70 (assuming you don't have any rubies and no way of earning them)!!!! If you're a new player or someone who doesn't play much, it's going to take quite a while to get all the Spotlight Items needed to chase the ranks and tire-up (assuming you want to do that), unless you spend quite a bit of money. C'mon, Nintendo! You've always been good about this sort of thing in F2P games. I think I'm starting to wish they didn't remove the gacha. I haven't spent any money on the game and luckily, I have over 1K rubies from never using the ones I've earned, unless there's something I really...But still! Hopefully, they'll tweek ruby prices and/or the cost for Spotlight Items as time goes on.
  6. I hate how every big animated move has to have celebrates as the main cast (Thanks, Hollywood! >_>). I get how Mario's voice as we know it wouldn't be the best for an hour and a half movie, but I feel like they still could have gotten Charles Martinet to do the voice and just have him tone down the "Mario-ness" of it (same for Luigi). They could have worked with him to find a voice that would have been suitable for Mario/Luigi talking throughout an entire move. I kind of agree with Tara Strong and it's kind of an F.U. to Charles Martinet. You're the voice of well know characters and its franchise is finally getting its big brake to really go mainstream and you don't get to voice any of those characters....? Normal acting and voice acting, while still both acting, are two different things. Just because you're an actor doesn't necessarily mean you'll be good at voice acting. It's just sad that voice actors don't always get the respect they deserve and that Hollywood thinks of voice actors as not being "real" actors. Well, at least Charles Martinet will be in the movie as "surprise" roles.
  7. New banner available via the QR code reader in SplatNet3...
  8. There's a whole reason why I like Bulbasaur so much *see spoiler*...
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