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  1. alienboyva

    General movie discussion

    Well, since they are delaying the movie, SONIC BETTER LOOK LIKE SONIC! The writing is still going to be what it is, but if they just make Sonic look like Sonic, it won't be a complete shit-show. Valentine's Day, Eh? 😏
  2. 😱😱😱😱 *VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK!* This whole item rush thing when you get 3 of the same item in a row seems like it could be a bit game breaking. Seriously, blue shells should be excluded from this. 😒
  3. IDK. Are you some who hates playing against CPUs? I’ve never had any issues playing against CPUs in any of the portable MK games or console MK games for that matter. Now that I think of it, MK7 did have a mode where you could race against 7 other ghosts, so this is basically what it will be like in MK Tour. I think this way would be slightly better than racing against your just standard CPUs in MK Tour. I don’t get why people are making such a big deal over this. I get they should put a disclaimer or something, since it’s not real-time online and it makes it seem like it is real-time, but still. I think the main reason Nintendo is doing this is, because of the constant connection required for real-time online. Plus when on the go, they don’t want to eat-up people’s data plans when not near a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. Though, like they mentioned in the video, wouldn't this be something you'd want to test in a beta? I don't think the final release is going to have real-time online. Rather, I think it's just going to download data of how people last raced on that track (basically ghost data, but not a ghost). A few other mobile racing games have done this, like EA's Real Racing 3 for example.
  5. Nintendo has been really good about this in their other F2P games (once again bringing up FE Heroes and AC: Pocket Camp). They are constantly giving away free premium currency and if you play regularly, you shouldn't really feel pressured to buy premium currency. I still play AC: Pocket Camp and I have over 3K leaf tickets (that's even with using some to buy premium items) and haven't spent any money on the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Caught a new Cherrim form today.
  7. Well, we all knew this was going to happen... Here's some leaked details, video, and screens from the beta (see tweet below)... Ugghhh!!!! Portrait instead of landscape? NINTENDO, WHY?! IDK, maybe it actually works better than landscape (I guess they love that one-handed play of Super Mario Run?)? Still, they should give the option for both. Also, auto-accelerate? Hmmm... 🤔 I really like how you can play online with others, but is there no offline? So, there's stamina, which limits how many races you can play in a given time? Hopefully this won't be too bad, as Nintendo has been really good with the F2P aspects of their F2P games. Just look at FE Heroes and AC: Pocket Camp for example. EDIT: Just watched the video... Damn, this looks so slow! Hopefully, that's just because of 50cc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uh, oh (see tweet below)... The gacha style of monetization works well for a game like FE Heroes, but I don't think it's all that great for something like Mario Kart. Having to unlock/pay for better kart pats doesn't seem all that great, especially with the online aspect of the game (not actually real-time online, BTW). Nintendo: Want to be the best at MK Tour? Gamer: YES! Nintendo: PAY UP, SON!!! $$$$ I really hope this isn't as bad as it sounds, because like I said, Nintendo has been really good with their F2P games. I going to just enjoy this game for what it is, a quick pick-up and play MK game that you can play for a few mins. for when you don't have your Switch/3DS with you. If I want more in-depth MK, I'd just play one of the other MK games on SNES, N64, GCN, GBA, DS, Wii, 3DS, Wii U, Switch (preferably MK8DX on Switch). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a look at the app icon for the game (final design may change upon release)...
  8. Caught this guy (or should I say gal, since it’s ♀) today (New PKMN)...
  9. Got ‘em...
  10. @The Krazy One CONGRATZ! I know you won't be allowed to give specifics, but be sure to let us know if its good and if it translates well to mobile, like how Fire Emblem does with FE Heroes.
  11. You had to earn at least 100 pts. In this past weekend’s event. Hopefully you were able to get it.
  12. I hope this isn’t the only way to get Leafeon and Glaceon.
  13. Got my shiny Torchic and Blaziken with Burn Blast. Also, caught a Lugia (New PKMN) from a Research Breakthrough!!!
  14. alienboyva

    General Pokemon talk thread

    Same here. I went to 2 Walmarts and nobody knew anything thing about it. I really wanted that card too, since Bulbasaur fav PKMN. 😢 Oh, well...