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  1. Plus as DL mentioned, they will also have filter options and run in HD...
  2. alienboyva

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    I might use the app for voice chat if anyone else uses it (we should just use Discord since we already use it for text chat ). Though after that, I feel like we shouldn't use it, because if Nintendo sees that nobody is using it, they may ditch the shitty app and do voice chat properly on the system.
  3. I assume there will be an app you have to download, which games will be added to every month or so. *Note: You can play the NES games way from an internet connection for 7-days, before you need to connect to the internet again.
  4. alienboyva

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    No,. when the service launches you can sign up whenever you like. Yes, there is a 7-day free trial starting when the service launches, which you can also start whenever. Though, I was gonna wait until Thurs. to start my free trial. BTW, make sure you sign up before your trial is over or turn off auto-renew, because you'll get auto-charged for a 1-month subscription (that is, if you have the funds in your eShop account or have a saved payment method).
  5. OK, this is friggn' sweet! Now THIS really makes me wish gold points didn't expire. T_T 12-month NOS membership = 2,000 gold pts.
  6. That'd be nice, but it seems Nintendo wants all the $ this gen. *sigh* As I've mentioned before... They should just add Wii Remote support, so we can use the NES/SNES Classic Edition controllers. Though, they're most likely never going to do this, because they want to make as much $ as possible from these things.
  7. I kinda want to get the NES controllers, but $60 (plus NOS sub) is a bit much, especially when they can only be used for NES games. Now if you could also use them for games like LUMINES REMASTERD, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Mega Man Classic Collection, etc., I might consider it. AS for where you can get them. I'd expect more info here come Tues... https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/special-offers/ ..and them to be sold on NOA's online store. https://store.nintendo.com/ng3/ I can help but wonder how many of these will hit ebay immediately after they go up? 😏
  8. alienboyva

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    All I need is the game and I'm good to go. I already have 2 black GC controllers and 1 WaveBrird from back in the day. Plus, I already have the GC controller adapter from back when SSB4 Wii U launched.
  9. You can pretty much thank Microsoft for that. I agree, it is kinda shitty that we have to pay to play games online on consoles (minus F2P games), but I don't blame Nintendo for charging for online, since MS and Sony are both doing it and making some decent money off of it. At least it's still free to play online on PC (minus games like WoW).
  10. alienboyva

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    I not gonna start my free trial until Thurs., as I don't plan on playing online until then. I wanna get the most out of it.
  11. Yeah, it's pretty neat. I really like the light-up Nintendo logo at the top. Not sure how long these displays have been there at BB, but I know the're not that recent,.
  12. While out today I was near a BestBuy, so I decided to stop by, and they indeed are going to have NSO cards. Though, they didn't have any (even asked an employee about them) I assume for whatever reason they aren't allowed to sell them yet, otherwise they'd be out. I'll just run by my local GameStop on Tuesday and see if they have any, as it's just down the road from my house. Hey, at least I have a week to get one with the free trial all. *Pic in spoiler do to size*
  13. alienboyva

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    The more I see characters getting added to that massive 'Everyone is here!' image, the more I want that as a pre-order bonus or My Nintendo reward. I don't care how ridiculously long a poster like that would be...It'd look damn awesome on my wall. Plus, I think it's about time I updated my SSBM poster from Nintendo Power (unfortunately never got the Club Nintendo SSB4 posters).
  14. alienboyva

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    I can't choose! 😭 Both of them are really good! I really like the first one, but the second one seems more fitting, since the theme was mainly for Isabelle announced for Smash. I guess If I really had to to choose.... The first one. Though, that smile on Isabelle's face in the second one! ❤.
  15. Some things to point out... Seems kinda shitty that if you have auto-renewal on it auto-takes the necessary funds (if available) from your eShop balance before using any saved payment method you might have set up. I can see this causing a bit of confusion for people. You should be able to choose how auto-renewal takes funds. Though on the plus side, you should be able to use eShop cards to pay for your NOS subscription (if you choose to do so), but since it looks like they are going to have separate prepaid cards for NSO, it kinda doesn't make since. More options are always better I guess. It's also, kinda shitty that if you don't renew after the 7-day free trial and don't turn off auto-renewal you'll automatically get charged for a month of NSO (if you have the funds or a saved payment method in your account). I can see this making some people who were uninformed quite upset. As for you cloud-saves. It really should keep your saves for at least a month or so, if you let your NSO subscription expire. Nice to see that we can play the NES games offline (the Switch is also a portable system after all). I was fearing you had to always be connected online to play them. This solution looks to be a good middle-ground, though why not just expire when your subscription expires?