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  1. Assassin's Creed challenge event coming 7/7 - 7/11... 🔗https://www.fallguys.com/en-US/news/abstergo-challenges-fall-guys-event
  2. I usually don't spend money on F2P games, but I caved in and bought this... This game KNOWS what it's doing, because, today had the pattern shown above in my Daily Shop and a few days ago I had this in my Daily Shop...
  3. I saw the Elvis movie and it's really good. The guy they got to play Elvis is absolutely fantastic! Tom Hanks is pretty great as well. I didn't even realize it was him at first.
  4. For anyone with Amazon Prime, a new set of free Prime Gaming rewards are available.... As mentioned in a previous post, they are indeed no longer giving out full costumes. 🔗https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/fallguys
  5. Halo "Spartan" event coming 6/30 - 7/4... Details Here: https://www.fallguys.com/en-US/news/spartan-showdown-fall-guys-master-chief-limited-time-event I see what they did there with that trailer. Nice touch!
  6. Pretty good Direct. Nice to see Persona 3, 4, and 5 all coming to Switch natively and not as cloud versions. Though, we sort of expected these would to come to Switch, since they were recently announced for Xbox in Microsoft's presentation. It would have be pretty shitty if these didn't come to Switch, especially since Nintendo went and gave all these games representation in Smash. ...But, yeah...It's cool to finally see the mainline Persona games on all platforms!
  7. 2nd crown GET! 👑 I can't believe how close that was. O_O' I forgot to turn on player names. >_<
  8. Some updates... 1. Come to find out, challenges refresh at 12am UTC/8pm ET. So, if you're on the east coast grinding the Season Pass and can't play until some time in the evening, this doesn't leave you much time to complete daily challenges. It'd be nice if it updated at 3am or 4am UTC. *This seems to have been fixed.* 2. A new update is out for all platforms. Patch notes can be found in the official Twitter thread HERE (odd that this is not on the official site). 3. The Daily Shop has been temporarily disabled to fix some issues with it. It will be back up ASAP. I really hope they are making Kudos more useful with the Daily Shop being down. Kudos are pretty much useless now, since you can only buy basic common items. It's even worse that legacy players have a ton of Kudos, since they had all their remaining crowns converted in to Kudos when going F2P. Also, I don't get why they make it so hard to earn Kudos...? It's not like you can buy them (hopefully this never happens). You can only get 200 from daily challenges and back when the game was paid, you could buy out the entire Daily Shop, since you got Kudos after each show. Speaking of in-game currency, I feel like things monetization wise are kind of shitty and overpriced. This is most likely do to Epic Games wanting this to be their next Fortnite in terms of F2P games, which is most likely why they bought the devs, of Fall Guys. Here's how I would monetize the game: 100 Show-Bucks = $1, £1, €1 and add the option to buy just 100 at a time (keep the other options). Choosing your bean's color and accent color should be free, from picking any two colors in the character customization settings. Make all accessories, patterns, faces, nameplates, and nicknames that are in the shop purchasable with kudos. Make all costumes and emotes/winner emotes in the shop purchasable with Show-Bucks (also available via, special events, promos, season pass). It would be nice if everything that was purchasable with Kudos when the game was paid was also purchasable with Kudos and everything that required crowns to buy was purchasable via Show-Bucks, with new costumes added to the game after going F2P being purchasable with Show-Bucks. Though, this is Epic Games and we've seen how they monetize their other F2P games. Speaking of costumes, if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will get one free costume a month for the first 3 months of the game's launch. So, if you have Game Pass Ultimate and are playing on Switch, make sure you like your Nintendo Account and, Microsoft Account to an Epic Games account and don't for get to login to the game on Xbox to get your free costumes. Also, take this with a grain of salt, but I heard Prime Gaming will no longer be giving out costumes as reward and instead will be giving out patterns and what not. I really hope this isn't the case, but I would not be surprised as Epic Games is most likely wanting this to be their next Fortnite in terms of F2P games. EDIT: This basically sums up this game's monetization methods with going F2P...
  9. GG's! I had a lot of fun falling with you guys last night. Too bad we couldn't have played a bit longer. Maybe we ca do this again some time? After you guys left for Smash, I went a got my first 1st place in a round during a Solo Show. During that show I went and made it to the final round, which was on the stage Roll Out, but I ended up falling off because I couldn't fix the camera in time. *Click to Enlarge* | *I think the times listed in the 2nd pic are in UTC, as I know I didn't complete some of these at the time listed.*
  10. I can make it around then.. Hopefully you can beat Crash and it won't take too long.
  11. This is absolutely INSANE!... O_O' No wonder they had server issues on F2P launch day. Also, past licensed costumes are coming back!...
  12. Well, this happened.... Seriously! I should have not won this! Did everyone not now you have to actually grab the crown (It literally says what button to press above it )? Did they not know you have to jump and quickly press the grab button? ...Or did they just not get the jump timing right? What ever the case, I'm glad they weren't able to grab it and allowing me to get my first crown.
  13. WTF is going on with our country?!!!! First they give more rights to gun owners after a massive school shooting, and then they overturn Roe v Wade. I seriously can't help but blame Trump for all this shit, with dividing our country and what not. R.I.P. America.
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