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  1. Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Finally found this tasty amiibo. 😋
  2. Toys R US shutting down

    First K.B. Toys and now TRU. 😢 It really is the end of an era. It's gonna be weird taking with someone and saying "Hey remember toy stores?" I gonna miss TRU I have very fond memories of hanging out in their gaming section playing all systems on their demo units. Man their gaming section was awesome back in the day. I remember my local TRU became a TRU Kids World (TRU, Kids R Us, & Babies R Us all in one store). back in the day. IIRC, before it became a Kids World there was a KRU or BRU (I don't remember might have been both) right next next store. Must of been why they combined it all into one store. I remember when the Kids World first opened. It was huge and had so many awesome displays. It has since become just a regular TRU (has baby stuff too) and is still using the expanded building they had when it was a kids world. I actually went to my local TRU earlier this week since I was near by, since it would most likely be the last time I'd ever be there. It's sad to see what's become of it. It's nothing like the amazing Kids World it used to be and it really saddens me to see how shitty their gaming section is compared to back in the day. While there I managed to grab these weird download codes for games you can already download for free on the 3DS eShop. I don't get the point of this and best part is, the codes have an expiration date. XD Now that I think of it, if it weren't for TRU, I my not be as big of a gamer and Nintendo fan as I am today. Back in the day I had an NES and Game Boy At day care we had an SNES and a Genesis which I played the hell out of. For some reason I never asked my parents for either of these systems. I guess I was just content with my NES. So, one day me and my parents went to TRU (was a Kids World at this time) to get some baby stuff for my little brother who was only a few months old at the time. While there my dad disappeared for a few minutes and came back with one of those tickets you got to buy games/systems and held it up and said let's get this. Me and my mom were like "OK?" as we were confused as to what he actually wanted to get. Then me and my dad head back to the gaming section while my mom was with my baby brother still looking at baby stuff. My dad says to me we need a game and proceeded to the N64 games. Right when I saw the selection of N64 games I knew what I was in for. There wasn't much to choose from, as I believe the N64 had only been out a few months at this time, so I chose Super Mario 64, since I had seen it in that N64 promo VHS that was sent out to Nintendo Power subscribers back in the day. For some reason I got that and the Star Fox 64 VHS in the mail and I never had a NP subscription. I guess Nintendo knew the right person to send those to, because I also ended up getting SF64 cuz of that VHS? Anyway...So we get up to the customer service counter and hand the employee the tickets for SM64 and the N64. When the employee put that N64 box up on the counter, I stared in awe (looking for at that same box that I still have after all these years as I type this). The next morning I wake up and as I'm heading down stairs I hear the Bob-Omb Battlefield theme and see my dad plopped infrot of TV playing SM64. I sat down next to him and watch for a few mins and then he hands me the controller and the rest is history. I'm not sure why my dad randomly decided to get buy a N64. It wasn't my birthday or anything. Maybe he saw that VHS and thought it looked pretty neat. IDK, because that morning after we got the system was one of the few times he ever played the thing. Yeah, it's so sad to see TRU go. I'm going to have to go back when they start getting rid of all their stock. I remember when Circuit City went out of business and there were some ridiculous deals on games/accessories/systems.
  3. Please announce Cytus II (from the developers if VOEZ and DEEMO, which are already on Switch) for Switch. I Absolutely love the fist Cytus on mobile. I don't play mobile games that much, but I've played the hell out of Cytus on my tablet. I have yet to get Cytus II, since I've been holding out for a Switch version. Seriously, if you love music/rhythm games go download Cytus! It's so I good, plus you get 100+ songs for free!
  4. Finally caught dis guy... I opened the app and it was the first PKMN that spawned. ^o^ It's the first one I've ever seen in the wild.
  5. Nice to see Nintendo really trying to prevent hackers from getting into the system, even going as far as working with Nvida to change the SoC, since the current Tergra chip is easily hackable. GG, Nintendo! 😎👍
  6. 😳... Damn autocorrect. >_< Anyway, fixed.
  7. Looks like there's also an update for the Joy-con. Not sure what it does though.
  8. UPDATE: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A recent update to the Nintendo Switch parental controls app for iOS/Android has made mention of firmware 5.0.0 for Switch. Could we be seeing the update sometime soon? I just hope this update adds themes, a web browser, and Kirby profile icons. I find it odd that the Switch still doesn't have at least one Kirby icon. Well, Nintendo loves adding new profile icons when new games in one of their big franchises hits Switch and Star Allies coming out soon... So, here's hoping.
  9. Not sure how many are aware of this, but I noticed this when getting the Mario mustache 3DS theme from My Nintendo... Link: https://my.nintendo.com/about_gold_point Also, not sure if it was this way before, but I think it was done during the redeeming gold points for eShop $ update. Just a heads up for people who buy physical games.
  10. Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    I'm down for that. I brought it up earlier in the discord. 😜
  11. Yeah, I don't get why Sushi Strikers and Captain Toad can be both 3DS and Switch, while WarioWare: Gold is only 3DS. Maybe it's because it includes microgames from WarioWare: Toched!, which used both screens...? I so would have love for this to be on Switch as well, because I (like most people) I'm done with 3DS, as far as new games go.
  12. Well, I'm the one who made that one, but I've already seen others being posted.
  13. Literally everyone's reaction to the SSB4 Switch teaser...
  14. OMG! We're getting the WarioWare I've always wanted!!! \(^o^)/ Though, we finally get a new WarioWare and it's on 3DS not Switch.