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  1. Sorry I wasn't battling or last week or racing this week. Stuff popped up at the last minuet... Well, technically only this week, because last week my little bro. was showing me a video about UFOs he randomly came across on YouTube. Then we ended up watching an episode of Ancient Aliens (I didn't realize The History Channel had some full eps of their shows on their YT channel), do to something alien related I was recently telling him about, and I completely lost track of time. Anyway, I should most likely be there next week.
  2. Harvest Moon and Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble, NICE! I would have loved to seen Pokémon TCG alongside Kirby TnT, but Blaster Master on GBC is still cool. BTW, Kirby TnT uses the gyro in the Joy-con/Pro Controller, right? Just wondering, because hope they didn't just mapp all the motion controls to the D-pad.
  3. 30 already?! Now I feel OLD. Yeah, the Switch remake is great! I even have a shirt of it. I'd kind of like to see the Oracle remade games remade in a similar style. *Click to Enlarge* Quite a few people have came up to me and told me they love my shirt, while wearing it when out and about.
  4. I saw the new Spiderverse movie and it was DAMN GOOD!!! ...Way better than the first one, even though that the first one was pretty great. That ending though! "To be continued." *very minor spoiler, if you'd even consider it one* I literally screamed "WHAT?! NOOO!!!!" This move... The animation, music, story. FANTASTIC! If you loved the first Spiderverse you have to see this one. ...And the 3rd one ("part 2" - Beyond the Spiderverse) whenever it comes out. Also, I picked up one of these at BK...
  5. I finally watched Star Trek: Picard! I should have watched it sooner, given how much I love Star Trek. Somehow my little bro. got Paramount+ for free do to a bug/glitch on their end. He signed up for a free trial and when he went to cancel it when the trial was up, he kept getting an error. He contacted customer support to make sure it was canceled and they said he didn't he didn't sub or whatever...Basically they were no help. Every time you try to log into his account and manage your sub/payment you get an error. My dad has even tried to login and add a new card and still got an error. It's been like this for a little over a year or so, and he still has yet to be charged (not like they can anyway, since the card he used for the trial has since expired). You'd think logging out of the app and signing back in would fix this, but nope! We've logged in on multiple devices and it still says there's an active monthly sub on his account. So, we have a free P+ account until they catch on and fix this, if ever (not sure if this has happened to others). Anway... I've only finished Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard so far and was pretty good! I really enjoyed the story, though there were some parts that didn't really feel like Star Trek (universe wise). I kind of don't like how everything Star Trek nowadays has to have the "style" of the 3 recent movies, if you know what I mean. One minor gripe I have is with the ending. Not to spoil things, but if they were just going to do that, then why did that one thing need to happen (referring to J.L.)? Maybe they planned to play into this in seasons 2 and 3? I heard some people didn't really like Season 1 (I guess it wasn't what some were expecting), Season 2 I heard was pretty grate, and Season 3 is supposed to be fantastic. I'm really looking forward to watching the other 2 seasons, especially Season 3. If you like Star Trek and have P+ (I believe season 1 is also on dvd/blu-ray, not sure about season 2) and haven't watched ST: Picard yet, I'd recommend giving it a shot. Though, I'd highly recommend watching Star Trek: Nemesis first if you haven't seen it, because the keep mentioning the big spoiler-y thing that happens at the end of that movie.
  6. Good games @TKrazyO @TheBarkinHyena @purple_beard! That was a lot of fun. Of course we go and win a squad show when PB isn't there. Sorry, PB. *Way to go out with a bag by winning the final show of the night! \(^o^)/
  7. I saw the live-action Disney's The Little Mermaid (I only went because my mom wanted to see it) and tbh, it was pretty good. I enjoyed it way more than I expected. Melissa McCarthy as Ursula... WOW! Absolutely fantastic! If I have any minor gripes, I felt the person who did the voice for Sebastian should have had a heavier Jamaican accent. Also, I felt the person who did the voice for Scuttle sounded a bit off at times, though for the most part it was great!
  8. @TKrazyO @TheBarkinHyena @purple_beard Good matches! That was pretty fun, even though there were some weird issues that weren't there when the game first hit Switch, with Season 1 of the Fee for All. Come find out, it only has to load in everyone's costumes when there are lot of players in a match. When there are only a few it doesn't have to load them. It seems like this is something they changed for whatever reason (Maybe so matches load after on Switch?). @purple_beard You should be able to change your Fall Guys username by going HERE--> https://www.epicgames.com/id/login Just log in with your Nintendo Account and it will have login to an Epic Games Account or have you create one (if you didn't already) to link your Nintendo Account to. Then go to your account settings and you should be able to change your username. Once your Nintendo Account is linked to your Epic Games Account, you can just use your Nintendo Account to login and access your account settings. More Help: https://www.epicgames.com/help/en-US/fall-guys-c9505712380315/account-help-c9505719840283/why-do-i-have-a-random-fall-guy-name-a9505745629723
  9. I'll be there tonight. I'm currently updating my game. I haven't played since I completed the free season pass in season one of Free for all (F2P).
  10. It's a Pink Gold Peach joke. It's making fun of how Nintendo gives us recolored "metal" characters as new characters.
  11. Hard to believe that Daft Punk's Random Access Memories is already 10 years old! I've been listening to the "new"/unreleased tracks on the 10th Anniversary Edition and there's some good stuff here. Kinda cool we're getting "new" music even though the robo dudes are no longer together. ^You can definitely hear the transition between Tron: Legacy and Random Access Memories here. ^This is the version (mix) they used in the video they put out announcing they were breaking up. DAMN!... Such a great song to end it all with. <3 Them feels tho... T_T ------------------------------------------------------------
  12. For anyone wondering this is just for the digital release. That tweet makes it sound like it's for both digital and physical. I'm holding out of physical release, though it seems that it has been pushed back to July...? BTW, what's up with that rental price? At that price why wouldn't you just buy the movie?
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