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  1. alienboyva

    WarioWare Gold (3DS) | *Demo now available!*

    From playing the demo, it seems this game is going to have a RIDICULOUS amount of replay value. I mean..Just having your standard set of microgames and a few unlockable minigames/toys, and you'd be good. ..But NO! This game is going over board with the extras, like diffrent modes (ex. Gamer form Game & Wario), VS modes (kinda like in Mega Party Games of GameCube), and these are making their return... I'm-a just gonna leave this here...
  2. alienboyva

    WarioWare Gold (3DS) | *Demo now available!*

    The demo for WarioWare Gold is now available in the NA 3DS eShop.
  3. Yes! WarioWare Gold demo!!!
  4. Site: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/warioware-gold-3ds Release date: Aug. 3rd The infamous schemer, Wario, is back! Play his brand-new microgame collection, where you’ll have seconds to complete 300 different microgames. Better think fast to succeed! You’ll use the touchscreen, tilt the system, push buttons, and rock the mic as you laugh through fully voiced stories featuring new and classic characters! New microgames and remade classics from across the series—300 in all! Four wildly different play styles: Button, Tilt, Touch, and Microphone Run into new and classic characters in the hilarious story Each character has their own story with fully voiced cutscenes Anyone looking forward to this? I know I totally am! This is the WarioWare game I've been waiting for since the 3DS launched. When the 3DS was first reveled, I said "We need a WarioWare game on 3DS with button, touch, and gyro controls like from each of the previous games." When this game was announced in the March Nintendo Direct my jaw hit the flow, because I thought we'd never get my dream WarioWare game on 3DS. Better late than never I guess. BTW, there's currently a demo out on the EUR and JPN eShops. Here's hoping we can get it this week.
  5. alienboyva

    LUMINES REMASTERED | *Available Now!*

  6. Seems there are new Alolan PKMN out(?) Saw theses on the nearby and caught this guy...
  7. alienboyva

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    A really good min-doc on the history/downfall of TRU... Man, that message on their website... Right in the feels. T_T
  8. In a recent video put out by Nintendo, Shinya Takahashi mentioned that there will be "further updates" for MK8DX... I wonder if this means we'll see more DLC packs? Not sure what else they would add via updates besides DLC. Maybe we'll see something were the upcoming Mario Kart Tour mobile game connects with MK8DX and/or a free updates with a new character, track, or kart? PLZ, Nintendo! Give us more amiibo outfits!!!!! Just go crazy with it!
  9. alienboyva

    FORTNITE now available on Switch!

    Gyro controls have been added to the Switch version! \(^0^)/ Link: https://gonintendo.com/stories/313377-fortnite-season-5-patch-notes?page=1 Now if they could just add touch controls for menus, swapping weapons, the map, etc. for when playing in handheld mode.
  10. alienboyva

    Nintendo Switch systems cracking?

    Seems like his issue was do to the battery expanding from over charging and spiting the case, since he was always using the dock to capture footage. Still, surprised that this issue popped up so soon. Yeah, that's one thing I've been wondering with people who mostly play in docked mode...How long is that battery going to hold up? Makes me wonder if we'll seen a non-portable Switch similar to the PS Vita TV? Though, by the end of the Switch's lifespan, I can can totally see 3 Switch SKUs on the market. A revised cooler running Switch w/ dock, smaller portable only Switch, and non-portable Switch (similar to PS Vita TV).
  11. Recently there have been quite a few reports of peoples Switch's cracking, mainly on the back... I haven't noticed any cracks on mine. However, I've noticed mine makes a light creaking sound just right of the the USB port, if you put a little pressure on it. There isn't any signs of it starting to crack in that spot or anything. I assume there's something that's just slightly not 100% flush or whatever, since there's nothing noticeable with the naked eye.
  12. This month's Comm Day was pertty good. Got a shiny sunglasses Squirtle, which I posted above (also caught a regular sunglasses and a regular shiny), raided an Electabuzz (new PKMN, only need a Magmar and Mewtwo and I'll have a complete Kanto-dex, mimus region exclusives), and I got my Blast. with Hydro Cannon.
  13. The 🕶️ ones can only be gotten from the field research task "Catch 5 Squirtle" available only during Community Day today, which you can get from spinning PokéStops.