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  1. 🤔 EDIT: Looks like some BIG Team activity his happening tomorrow! 🔗 to ✉️: https://imgur.com/a/ZYqNMT0
  2. Ninjala has now hit 2 million downloads and players will receive another 100 free jala! That's now 300 free jala being given out!
  3. I tried some ranked battles and it ended up being more frustrating than fun. My main problems were: Eagle City is too big! I spend more time looking for people than fighting people (I know there like a radar). Ket getting comboed and ipponed by pro yo-yo players who are just outside of my view Kept losing when trying to parry and eventually ipponed, because I kept getting unlucky and chose the wrong direction. You loose way to many points if you don't come in the top 3 in BR matches You lose why to many points if your team loses in team matches, even if you came in 1st on your team. Yeah, I think I'll stick with free battles, because ranked seems to be where all the really good/pro players hangout. You don't get anything for ranking up, do you? Also, I think it's kind of BS that some special moves (just this one?) have a guaranteed ippon if you land a hit (see end of video). *Back-to-back ippons! (o^_')b BTW, I love how the announcer shouts random Japanese words, like sushi tempura, karaoke, fujiyama, samurai, etc. if you ippon someone or get ipponed.
  4. Today is Merry's Birthday! 🥳 I should probably go say Happy B-day to her in my New Leaf town too.
  5. I think I've found my weapon... Drill Beast (katana) I just totally destroyed everyone in this match... *No way I'm actually that good XD
  6. I finally got my first 1st place win! \^o^)/ ...Now, to just get a win with a full 8 players. I'm starting to like the game a bit more now that I've found a weapon I'm good with. I started with using the spinner yo-yo (what I used when I got that 1st place), because I though a ranged weapon would be useful for being able to attack without getting hit easily. Though, I found it to be pretty weak (especially against drones) and I didn't really care for it's specials. I switched to the teal drill katana and it made a world of difference. I like how it has dash/teleport attacks, does more damage to opponents, can take down drones faster, and I love how its special power-ups the weapon so you can just go town on people and easily get a ippon. I think I'm starting to get the hang of things for the most part, though I'm still not sure how I feel about that parry mechanic that's just a game of rock, paper, scissors. There have been times where I just kept losing, because I chose the wrong direction and got K.O.'d/Ippon'd. Yeah, it really sucks getting K.O.'d or Ippon'd do to complete randomness. For some reason this happened...
  7. I got a chance to try out the game for a bit (got to lvl 8) and it's fun for what it is. Though, I feel it's there, but not quite there yet (if you know what I mean). I still don't feel like I fully understand everything (mostly mechanics wise). For example, why are there two types of kills, Ippon (1 full point) and K.O.? What's the difference? Yeah..I need to do a deep dive into that Online Manual. On my first battle I got 2nd and Ippon Master, though it seems most of the people got DC'd (the match did freez for a bit at the start). Hell, I'll take it! *click to enlarge* Lost by 69 pts. NICE! :-P In another match there were 3 separate times where I took down some until they were almost dead and someone would swoop in, knock me back, and steal my kill. Total fucking BS!! However I did manage to get 4th overall that match, but 3 times this happened in that match.... THREE TIMES!!!! Things I like: Fortnite style payment model, where you only pay for cosmetics and a battle pass to get more unlocks for leveling & tiering up (No pay-to-win) Oh, and single player Story Mode chapters based around each character are purchasable as well. The art style (heavily inspired by Splatoon) The music It's free-to-play Things I don't like: Only 3 weapon types, Swords, Hammers, Yo-Yos (I hope they add a few more types soon. Though I know this just came out) Weapon skins are consumable (Why use them then?) Seems to have to connect a lot, especially after leaving menus (might be on my end) No skill lvl match making (I've been put in matches with lvl 1 and lvl 20+ players in the same match. Of course, the higher lvl players with more Shinobi Card abilities unlocked and a better grasp of the games mechanics won). Same one stage on Quick Battle kept showing up (WNA Academy), even though there are other stages in the game. A few more modes besied Battle Royal and Team Battle (I know this just released though). No voice chat (feel this would be useful in party mode with friends) Overall, I really like this game and feel like it could become really big if they continue to add new features and listen to player feedback (Get Nintendo to advertise it more, too). Though, it will need to be on all platforms if they want come anywhere near Fortnite levels of popularity/revenue. I really feel like GugHo looked at Splatoon after seeing what Fortnite did and was like, "Nintendo could make a ton of money if Splatoon was F2P and adopted Fortnite's payment model". ...And so Ninjala was born. ------------------------------------------------ EDIT: So, I've been digging through the Online Manual (link in the OP) and apparently you can lock-on to opponents by clicking the R stick. This sure would have been helpful to know, when playing last night. Thanks for explaining this important feature game! -___-' I wonder what other stuff is in this manal that I don't know about, because the game didn't explain it...?
  8. Oh. Thanks. I don't believe I had K.K. yet when we had our first Fishing Tourney. More reason we need the Roost to come back.
  9. Thanks! This is indeed the case... 🔗https://ninjalathegame.com/en/manual/jala_medals.html
  10. NICE! That's now 200 FREE Jala (the first hundred for the launch promo)! BTW, can you earn Jala from just playing the game or is it only paid/given out in special occasions?