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  1. didn't play a TON of games this year what with most major releases taking a ton of hours and it was hard to juggle games with working full time. but this is my top 3: 3. Doki Doki Literature Club! 2. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony 1. Persona 5
  2. new 3ds xl. very nice upgrade from my 2ds. it's nice to actually have surround sound again.
  3. Anyone else played this? I'm extremely conflicted on it. On the one hand, I fell in love with it on my first playthrough and couldn't stop singing its praises to my friends. On the other, when I got the ending and replayed it, I started hating the ever loving shit out of it. And don't get me started on the awful bugs/glitches. I feel like there's a really good game here and I just can't get through to it. The story also is a spirograph plot (meaning it just goes in circles but doesn't really reveal anything or go anywhere meaningful). But the characters are interesting and I really like the wo
  4. i played ffix for the first time about a year or two ago, and it bored me to tears. i unfortunately dreaded the (easy) gameplay because it was really slow and unengaging, especially compared to other FF games like VIII or IV. story was pretty hit and miss for me. beatrix was a mary sue that never faced any punishment for genocide, and while certain characters had some really good moments (any scene with garnet or vivi as the focus), but then had some really low ones (amarant was woefully underwritten and eiko was a nightmare detour). all in all i feel like i missed the hype bus on
  5. horizon zero dawn has bored and frustrated me so much that, in a shocking move unseen by most scholars, i have switched to finishing my replay of the nonary games remaster for the ps4.
  6. oh boy, i can't wait to play fire emblem sacred stones *remembers all the chapters before the twins split* nvm
  7. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh there are plenty of non nintendo games that are goty contenders my dude
  8. name itself wouldn't have killed it if that was the only problem. it's that it had that name and it wasn't being named as a new console. it was danced around as a peripheral/accessory rather than being called what it actually was. hell, even a lot of people who had wiis and loved nintendo at the time didn't know it was going to be a new console until fairly soon before launch (myself included)
  9. i mean tbf "calling the wii u early" was really just killing it before it got worse. it killed them financially and was dead in the water with games compared to ps3/360.
  10. update: i started fe10 hard mode with my most recent fe9 playthrough file, got to like 1-2 then remembered why i never enjoy playing the game the real question is now if i'm gonna play fe7 or 8 first. probably 7 but i've been itching to play 8. mostly because a friend keeps assaulting me with this weird opinion that lyon is the best villain in the series
  11. that's a really silly decision then again, these lists have always been pretty laughably bad. i mean, wii fit made the list the year it came out.
  12. if we're getting /deep/ about it, it just makes no sense in pokemon's logic because meowth had to spend like 83 years learning english and stumbled over his words a lot early on and blah blah blah the real issue is that pikachu should only be speaking english to say things like "no more hentai" or something
  13. welp, so far i've decided that my FE7 team is gonna be this: Hector - A Lyn B Matthew Eliwood - A Ninian B Fiora Lyn - A Hector B Kent Ninian - A Eliwood Matthew - A Guy B Hector Guy - A Matthew Raven - A Rebecca Sain - A Fiora B Rebbeca Fiora - A Sain B Eliwood Rebecca - A Raven B Sain Kent - A Heath B Lyn Heath - A Kent a little sad I couldn't slot in nino in there in some way, but that's life and now here's fe8 Eirika - A Ephraim Ephraim - A Eirika B L'Arachel Knoll - A Natasha Marisa - A Gerik B Tana Gerik - A Ma
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