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  1. god when your party members would get you stunlocked over and over again like 30 minutes into a battle
  2. I played it 100% when the 3D All Stars collection came out and I had 12 game overs on the pachinko level alone. Great game but holy shit some individual levels in this game are a nightmare
  3. Actraiser Dark Souls Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Moon Napple Tale Saga Frontier Soul Blazer Touhou Imperishable Night
  4. actually I gotta demonstrate the scale of this thing lol
  5. This rules. A lot of these games are incredibly rough to play even as an avid retro fan but it's good they're keeping them available lol, especially with like Jaguar and Lynx which to my knowledge never really got any rereleases edit: though Tempest 2000 is a sick game!!!!!
  6. I hope Portal does well and they port Half-Life 2. I'm also shocked at Nier Automata coming to Switch, even my PC struggled with that game lol.
  7. Sad there's some issues, hopefully they can be addressed...
  8. yeah like the good thing about the control of 2D mario is the momentum and how adjustable your jumps are and SPM doesn't have either, it just feels kinda anemic judged as a platformer
  9. I feel like origami king's "rpg" mechanics work pretty well, they're just really weird and unique lol. Instead of rewarding exp the battles reward coins which get you better gear and more stuff. And then it's not like the mechanics are dumbed down, the battles and bosses are the most complicated and difficult in the whole series. Taking a big hit in Paper Mario 1 is taking like 7 damage, taking a big hit in Origami King is taking more damage than you even have max HP because you screwed the mechanic up. Super I actually thought the RPG mechanics were completely vestigial and the gameplay was dumbed down to the point of being pretty boring. The only reason I'd give to play that one is the story.
  10. found an SNES classic in the wild for a good price, time to hack this thing
  11. I think I'm with the consensus that that game isn't as good as the other ones but I do think it has the most creative boss fights out of the three games. The final boss in particular is super tricky and fun
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