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  1. https://twitter.com/GiggukAZ/status/1282678330026647558?s=20
  2. Does anybody have 3 spots open on a family plan?
  3. https://twitter.com/telepathy_club my horny one is top secret
  4. I got myself and potentially two others, I'll see...
  5. I was looking so forward to the N64 + Genesis expansion but that price is outrageous. Went from a definite purchase to a maybe for me. It's 100 dollars in my local currency for the family plan... That much to play games from 25 - 30 years ago? That's unbelievable.
  6. I actually really love the difficulty in this game. I think it's at the perfect level. I'm so surprised they put out a game that's this difficult actually. The story was also really cool and I love the parallax scrolling and depth on the environments. The increased focus on horror is something I always wanted out of this series. I really liked how they weren't afraid to add some radical new elements into the story and have Samus speak again too. The (non-reused) boss fights were also really well designed it was fun having to learn the patterns instead of just tanking damage and spamming missiles like most of the other games. My biggest problem with the game is the reused bosses... That and the map screen is a little too busy, it can be hard to read sometimes. Aside from that though... best game of the year possibly?
  7. why did they pick THAT song lol
  8. you could try approaching it like this but the old guy in this video is a lot less antagonistic to start out with so idk the really hard part is when they're into the conspiracy stuff...
  9. man I don't even know, they sound pretty far gone... It seems like most of their motivation seems to come from an anti-government feeling so maybe try arguing against that. they seem pretty into the conspiracy stuff though so that's tough...
  10. you like jesus is king more??? interesting lol I still haven't heard ksg tbh
  11. listening to the drake album made me appreciate donda more in comparison lol
  12. It was painful lol, I have such a headache
  13. Final Fantasy would probably play fine
  14. okay, I had another awful FFXIV experience lol I told them I was playing tank for the first time and this Lancer went and did every pull and did these giant pulls of every enemy in the dungeon which made everybody die, then they said the healer was awful the only way I could pull anything was by sprinting ahead of them, it was so ridiculous lol
  15. I haven't played FFII yet but this is so true of the first game too... By the end of the game you still can't afford any of the good spells lol. If I ever play FFI again I'm not using any black mages. (for the NES one, idk if the other versions are better)
  16. I'm super excited to play FFII now after loving Saga Frontier
  17. Wow, the music quality in those new FF remasters is crazy good
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