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  1. Can't have covid cases if you don't test
  2. My province is doing away with requiring infected people to isolate themselves, how wild is that lol They're also ending covid testing for asymptomatic people and stopping contact tracing... wtf lol
  3. DQ4 was so good... also tempted to get FFII eventually
  4. Nier Automata ran at like 1/8 speed when I got to some of the bosses near the end on PC but... awesome game
  5. it's real, Valve made the Switch Pro
  6. Fresh tomato and green pepper Lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard, barbecue sauce Sake, beer, soju
  7. Just follow whatever the science says, f the haters
  8. I'm interested in playing Skyward Sword. I hope they tone down some of the handholding though because it might make me bounce off the game. I have no patience for it.
  9. Is it possible to clear the record of changed display names on your profile? I'm getting woke to the idea that you shouldn't reuse usernames in case someone wants to cross reference them to gather info on you and do harm to you
  10. second shot today and the city has 0 new cases, let's go
  11. Idk I think value depends on your priorities. If you want a long game I wouldn't recommend any Metroid game. But if you want a really polished and good short game that you can replay a ton I would. I don't think value is always related to length because that Resident Evil 2 remake from a few years ago was one of the best received games that year and you can beat it in under 2 hours easily. Same with almost every Metroid game. People still talk about Zero Mission and you can beat that game in an hour. A 20 hour long 2D Metroid I don't think would even be a good game tbh.
  12. I don't think so at all, there's no precedent for Metroid games not being full price. I guess some people think 2D sidescroller = budget game?
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