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  1. Got my SD2Vita adapter so I've been loading it up with games 😎
  2. I started a new game of it and I've been doing with no fast travel and vegetarian
  3. Canada slow af, waiting on those sloppy seconds from the US lol
  4. PS4 and PS5 can't even play PS1 games 😭
  5. I got an sd card adapter for it so I'm gonna fill up a few SD cards with games
  6. well you can play it when it comes out on PC at least
  7. it's incredible 🥳 I'm gonna try to no life it hmu if you wanna play
  8. shoutout to zonbko she's been streaming nonstop for like 25? 26 days? until she gets to 10k think she fell asleep on stream again...
  9. is she canadian lol, I get roasted for saying bagel like this she's good lol
  10. Wonder Egg is EPIC, best anime in years also heaven's feel part 3 let's gooooooo
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