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  1. Idk I think value depends on your priorities. If you want a long game I wouldn't recommend any Metroid game. But if you want a really polished and good short game that you can replay a ton I would. I don't think value is always related to length because that Resident Evil 2 remake from a few years ago was one of the best received games that year and you can beat it in under 2 hours easily. Same with almost every Metroid game. People still talk about Zero Mission and you can beat that game in an hour. A 20 hour long 2D Metroid I don't think would even be a good game tbh.
  2. I don't think so at all, there's no precedent for Metroid games not being full price. I guess some people think 2D sidescroller = budget game?
  3. I feel like I'm the only person that liked the Square Enix one
  4. Trying to snipe a second dose lol
  5. It being a TV show instead of a movie should help... I think? Something like the Death Note adaptation was doomed from the start.
  6. It's only on the switch version of it, PS4 and PC are fine
  7. I want to believe I'd buy it day 1, switch games are starting to chug hardcore. Even SMT Nocturne has frame drops on Switch and that's a port of a game from 3 console generations ago
  8. Hype for DQ3, I love that game. Hopefully they localize the DQX offline game.
  9. Switch I think well... define "working" also
  10. holy shit RIP
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