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  1. i'll go back to leaving in a moment but i saw this and needed to stop by and no not the gaiden remake casual reminder for the entire rest of the fanbase to suck it
  2. hey do any of you fuccs want a cutiefly or an oricorio i have two spare perfect 5IVs of each; both birds are female but i've got one of each for scarfbug
  3. Only in Ruby and Sapphire. They cannot be traded to Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen, and if transferred to Gen IV through Pal Park it would automatically convert into the Enigma Berry. Eggant in particular is one of two with completely unique effects among berries that no other recyclable item can provide: it snaps the holder out of infatuation. The other, known in Japan as the Ginema berry (it has no English name), was a clone of the White Herb (except, as a berry, it could actually be regrown.) The other ten all either were only useful for Pokéblocks or shared an effect with an ex
  4. >one of the dishes in the battle buffet is "eggant in chili sauce" oh man, i thought this day would never come this is the first time an e-reader berry has ever been mentioned to canonically exist, not counting the weird thing they did with chilan the berry may be soft but i most certainly am not
  5. ash-greninja is so bizarre it has no reason to exist and it just got kinda unceremoniously dumped into the SM demo for no reason only to get dumped into SM proper for even less reason i don't understand
  6. oh boy it's the second annual "iri hears about age of empires 2 dlc only to go to the forum and find that the game is even more broken and unplayable than it was last year" i love this time of year
  7. There's a difference between a normal release and a theatrical release. We haven't had a theatrical release -- that is, a release in theaters -- in a very long time. So long, in fact, that I don't actually know when it stopped happening. Normal releases are virtually guaranteed, but those are generally straight-to-TV and DVD.
  8. I don't think you're allowed to trade items that the game doesn't recognize as legitimate. You're not even allowed to trade some items that are legitimate. About a week ago I found out that Game Freak is so incompetent they forgot that Bluk and Pinap berries are even in the game; if either is attached to a Pokémon, that Pokémon could not be traded. but if you want to make something widespread i could use some lansat/starf berries in circulation since nobody in the world seems to have them
  9. The shiny Sinnoh legend events. I think there was also a Shiny Gengar event last generation... and maybe something for Scizor? Don't remember fully.
  10. While this is true, this is a company that routinely cuts out important features as an excuse to sell you another set of games. We have roughly zero reason to believe that Game Freak will make the missing items available until the next set of games.
  11. Z-Moves are stupid and I'd be 100% okay with them being completely removed in the next generation. I'd rather not see Mega Stones get completely cut since some of them made old shitmons like Charizard and Mawile really fun to use. Even still, I'd rather them be totally cut than stuck in this odd purgatory. but honestly i'm more upset about the 20 missing berries than i am about megas
  12. oh boy another game that will let me stay up until 2AM to be disappointed five days a week
  13. But this time we might finally get a Ho-oh movie out of it!
  14. This person has obviously never tried to put Mr. Game & Watch in their butt. He'd come off the stand!
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