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  1. Man, I feel this. I absolutely love Animal Crossing but a year into this game I think overall I enjoyed New Leaf more. It just feels like it had more content. The big things New Horizons brought to the table are terraforming and crafting, the former being really cool and the latter being annoying. I do hope there's a 2.0 update coming.
  2. Yeah, I absolutely prefer message boards. I think they're more fun and they move at a more manageable pace.
  3. Fuck, he's gone? I was really hoping he'd pull through.
  4. I really appreciate this site being here. NSider shut down close to 15 years ago now yet I still see familiar faces posting here to this day (including yourself) which is honestly really cool.
  5. lol, no, fair enough. But it can't be very expensive to keep hosting it so I was just curious. Frankly I'm surprised Yahoo itself is still around.
  6. I'm disappointed to see the store(s) shut down. I've been making a list of some either digital-exclusive or otherwise out of print games to purchase before it happens. At least we can still download our purchases, at least for now. When that's taken away I'll have a pretty big issue with it.
  7. I never thought I'd be sad to see Yahoo Answers go but man, that place was hilarious. Do we know why they're shutting it down?
  8. It’s a shame to see it canceled, but I understand the reasoning behind it. Better to be safe than sorry. I’m sure there will still be a bunch of announcements, just done differently.
  9. Man, I haven’t posted here in awhile (or very much at all, really). But it’s awesome to still recognize quite a few names.
  10. Rocko hasn't missed a beat, incredibly impressed. I wish it was an ongoing series instead of a movie, but I'm still excited.
  11. Evening. So, we're using this site now, huh? I'm always so out of the loop on this stuff.
  12. I was pretty devastated and shocked to hear the news. I always knew he had a rough life but didn't expect he would actually kill himself. Very sad. I've been a massive fan of them since I was 11 or 12 years old, even when they hit their low points I still enjoyed their music. Definitely gonna be different now.
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