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  1. nice it's october already my sister's birthday is coming up plus cousin too. I also can't forget my unlce and aunt got married this month too. last thing my birthday is this month too. I might get that mega man 11 collector's edition.
  2. Just bought some headphones for myself. The next thing I might get is megaman 11 ,but not for awhile
  3. it was raing but kind of cold @Ares lol is there something wrong about the dog or it's one of those days
  4. been listing to some old games music for awhile and others too mostly sad ones ,but will to remember to try hear the good ones to make me happy "feels sleepy"
  5. WING-X


    Did anybody remember f-zero?
  6. Just ate some pizza and might play my switch in a bit, how is everyone?
  7. been playing the game for awhile and hav'nt beat the story yet. (mostly hearing the music)
  8. try and get better was sick for awhile also see what my freinds on facebook doing (havn't talk to them in ages)
  9. yep the mega man games are challenging and also the x series.
  10. Just played the demo and thought it was fun got to the boss ,but couldn't beat the second form of block man.
  11. the demo is out now? "goes on nintendo switch and downloads"
  12. we can wait for the direct, just hope the people in japan are okay