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  1. At first I thought it would be DLC, a new story feature in Breath of the Wild. I had no idea why. But with that being said I am very hyped for sequel. Now I really have to finish BoTW and the DLC!
  2. Got my preorders in for this wave of Amiibo. They all look great. Can't wait for Banjo Kazooie!
  3. Would be really cool to see the Bruins win, and have 3 Boston sports teams win in a row. I know many will hate it, but how often does that happen? Celtics messed it up to make it all 4. As far as the NBA is concerned. Impressive to see the Warriors sweep in 4 games without Cousins and KD but at the same time can't be really surprised. They got 3 hall of famers in Klay, Steph and even Draymond imo. I'm more annoyed of how much of a cakewalk to the finals it's been for them and how they will win another ring. Yeah it's cool to see a dynasty, at least we will get a different team other than the Cavs representing the East. But at the same time, you know there is a problem with the sport when you don't even have to watch any of the season to know the outcome of who is going to win.
  4. Got mine over the weekend. They are nice. Looking forward to the next wave more though. Already had a Daisy and plenty of Links!
  5. I will probably play the game sometime this weekend. Still would like to play more of the others that I picked up. Watching the videos posted, the unreal engine four really makes this game look epic.
  6. Which DS game are we talking about here? The regular DS Yoshi's Island or the New 3DS one?
  7. My problem with the Zeo/Turbo arc was they didn't explain why they couldn't use the Zeo powers anymore. Or rather, what made the Turbo powers that much better? I thought the Zeo Crystal's power was that it was supposed to get stronger over time, thus making the Zeo rangers better over time. Plus they had a whole roster of Zords to their dismantle. I remember reading that they had early drafts of the Turbo movie discussing what happens, but they left it out. Maybe the comics will explain it someday if they haven't already. The Turbo transfer made sense to me in a sense that ratings were down and the main characters made a mutual agreement to move on. Though I have to go back and watch Linkara to confirm this. Plus I remember watching the Turbo episode where they graduated from Angel Grove High. We have to remember that this was a kid's show, with Saban worried more about their budgets than story. There are a lot of things they did right, like the Turbo ending. But there are other things they could have executed better, just like Tommy's exit. Though in fairness he did get redeemed with Forever Red and Dino Thunder. Also felt like the Zeo Rangers could have made an appearance in Countdown to Destruction even as archive footage when everyone was fighting enemies of old.
  8. Right and that first movie isn't even canon to the tv series. I did like Turbo A Power Rangers movie. The series itself was lacking. You can tell that it was time to move on with the cast. When they did the power transfer half way through the season, it really did give life to the series. If you don't want to binge Turbo all you need to know is that the Zeo team pretty much handed over their powers half way through Turbo to a new crew and that crew continues to In Space.
  9. Been playing Yoshi's New Island and Wooly World simultaneously. New Island is ok, feels like a soft reboot, but nothing really special. Like the 3D. Wooly World is an amazing experience and feel bad I waited this long to play through it. I just got to the second world, and it is just a relaxing game and breathtaking, just like Kirby's Epic Yarn. If Crafted World follows the same vein, I will be hyped, which I think it will.
  10. I was curious to try these out. My only thing was that I feel like i would get bored with them and they would just sit, but for the price, if I am able to find them for $18, why not?
  11. I used to gripe about the pro controller having no headphone jack but now I could care less. Nintendo's online voice chat options are terrible to begin with so even if it was a feature, it probably wouldn't be one I would be using.
  12. Wow very cool stuff. This post is the first time I'm hearing of it. Must have just been announced! Looking forward to these. All of these collections that have been coming out for the Switch kind of makes up for no VC. But at the same time I still wish we had those options.
  13. I have nostalgia for Yoshi's Story as I remember renting it back in the day at Blockbuster. But man do I not enjoy how short the game is and how annoying it can be. Got to the 6th page and got game over. May pick it up another time, but moving on to Yoshi's Island DS. Then again I just read that Yoshi's New Island takes place chronologically takes place in between Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS. I know I'm bringing up all of these other Yoshi games besides Crafted World, but figure I play through what I can before Crafted World comes out.
  14. Trying to play through the other Yoshi games before this one because I never really did. Beat Yoshi's Island final boss last night. Haven't 100 perecented everything but maybe I'll come back to that another time. Time for Yoshi's Story!
  15. Amazing how you guys got up to 2nd place. Great job. Best I could do honestly is 15th. Which isn't bad at all considering up until this game, I wasn't a big Tetris player at all. It's a very fun game but can get very annoying fast when there are 5 people attacking you at once. Overall I'll continue to play this game even after this event in hopes of getting better.
  16. I brought up many times they should just remake the original movie with their original plot of having Misty and Ash's kid in it. As you can see, in the original trailer, there is footage and plot points they didn't wind up even using. Lots of mysteries. If I really want to watch the first Pokemon movie again, I'll watch the 1999 version. Don't really need a shot for shot remake of it.
  17. Captain Marvel was pretty good. Don't really have anything bad to say about it.
  18. Agreed. Waiting on my friend to see if we can see Captain Marvel tonight. Plenty of show times to.
  19. Loved Epic Yarn when it came out for the Wii. Hard to believe that game is going to be 9 years old already! I'd rather play games I still need to beat, but if anyone hasn't checked out Epic Yarn, try the 3DS version. Also Ubisoft is having a pretty good sale. May pick up a few games.
  20. Surprised we didn't get a trailer to go with this. Curious to see how this does. Pokemon Snap makes too much sense for something like this just like the Wii and Wii U did for that game so it probably won't happen.
  21. I wouldn't say that. Even though it's been 5 years since the first one came out, I was an adult then and I'm an adult now. I think the first one got more creative Lego models in my opinion.
  22. Got in to see The Lego Movie 2. It was a pretty good movie, can't find any complaints. Maybe I didn't find it as fresh as the first one but maybe it's because I am used to the Lego world now. Still had a pretty good story and soundtrack.
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