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  1. So Groudon is out? That was quick.
  2. Team Rainbow Rocket Merchandise Incoming!!!

    Dope. I really don't have room for the plushies though.
  3. Pokemon Crystal announced for 3DS eShop - Jan 26/18

    Good to see it finally coming out! I remember playing it back in the day and really liked the changes and the atmosphere brought to the game. It was around the time the GCN and GBA were coming out and so it brings back memories of that time period. Then I lost Crystal somewhere and couldn't find it for years. I thought it was long gone. Turns out it was under an old tv stands I happened to find while moving.
  4. Its hard out there on the Streets....

    Pretty dope. Not the biggest Street Fighter fan but I'll deff be picking this up because I wanted to get introduced to the beginnings of this franchise. Wonder what the price tag is.
  5. Great news. I actually missed Bayonetta on the Wii U because I could never find the 1 and 2 bundle for a good price. Didn't want to buy 2 by itself so I'll be picking these up.
  6. Capcom announces Mega Man 11 - Coming to Switch 2018

    Yeah I was talking about the regular Megaman games not X. I actually wound up getting X Collection for the PS2 because the controller was closest to the SNES.
  7. Capcom announces Mega Man 11 - Coming to Switch 2018

    My history of the Megaman Series I have Megaman Anniversary Collection for the Gamecube. Though for some reason I could never complete the final stage of the game. It was just too hard for me. I kind of blame the Gamecube controller though. It felt very awkward to me for some reason. I'll see if I'm any better on a different controller. I've beaten up to X4 on the X Collection for PS2. Was on X5 and completed a decent chunk out of it but just the different endings and having the space ship's missiles hit or miss made me kinda put the game down. Idk, just wasn't a fan or a fan of choose your own paths that affect the story. I'll probably pick it up and beat it and try to get the cannon ending. I forgot honestly how to get that one I'll look it up. Then I'll do my best to get to X6. I don't have X7 so I may get that on the Switch if I can't find it on PS2 though I'm not in a rush according to what I hear. I already have X8 but never played past the first level. I've played the first Zero game and got pretty far but remember getting stuck somewhere and then I stopped playing. I have Zero Collection or the DS so I'll go back and get to those someday. So yeah out of the main 19 coming to Switch, I've only beaten 4 of them. Hopefully by next year when the game is out I will have completed them.
  8. Capcom announces Mega Man 11 - Coming to Switch 2018

    Great news. I agree that I wish the graphics had more personality to them. Reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog 4/New Super Mario Bros but it's better than no new Megaman game. Didn't expect to see a new Megaman game in that series. Great that the other 18 Megaman games as well. Still have the original collections on other Nintendo systems, I think I'm just missing X7 for PS2 which I am in no rush to play lol. Now if they can get Legends 3 uncancelled.
  9. Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    I actually started playing Skyward Sword for the first time a few months before BOTW came out and never went back to it. I see where you are coming from though. It might be the most linear Zelda game out of all of them.
  10. New 3DS XL SNES Edition: Just got mine today

    Ah Circuit City. I believe they closed 2009? My fondest memories are going there in like 1997 and getting a new VHS player along with Turbo: A Power Rangers movie as a kid. I was hyped.
  11. Video Games Finished in 2017

    I beat Mario Odyssey but no clue when I'll beat it 100 percent. There's so many moons still to collect.
  12. Pretty much. I'll stick with my Best Buy Gamer's Club.
  13. Yeah if anything they were more of a cameo role. I don't think they even interacted with Ash.
  14. Kinda reminded me of the first movie with Mewtwo.