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  1. Great news!
  2. Too many Link amiibo O_O still need them all though lol.
  3. I saw it back in March and I enjoyed most of it. Hope to get a sequel but there have been discussions saying that may not happen because it didn't make as much as they wanted to.
  4. RIP to Prodigy. Been listening to his tracks during the day.
  5. Still waiting for Best Buy to get restocks of the BoTW Amiibo.
  6. Is there a counter that shows how many seeds we have collected? Haven't even thought about 100% the game but now that I only need one memory left, I may as well finish up the side quests I have and try to find as many shrines as I can before going to Ganon.
  7. It is pretty difficult from what I've played so far but it's been more fun than frustrating for me as of right now.
  8. I reserved all of the E3 ones besides the two Fire Emblem amiibo at Best Buy. Not sure how much I saved with the gamer's club discount but all of those amiibo still added up to over $100.
  9. I plan on picking up Arms. Not sure if I will get to it this weekend but I probably will. Going to use the Bestbuy Gamers Program though.
  10. The ability to turn into so many different things was pretty jaw dropping to me. Like a taxi? Just when you think Nintendo outdoes themselves with a franchise, they take it a step further. Excited for the game. To get ready for it I think I will go ahead and play some of the older 3D Mario games again. It's the 10 year anniversary of Galaxy and would love to go back and play that for the first time in about a decade. Will be playing as Luigi though since I didn't beat his part last time.
  11. I know we had coverage of a few third party titles coming this year but I feel like there should have been much more on their part.
  12. Eliwoodman12. Started back on Nsider 1 in 2004. Came to NS2 when 1 closed and went by the name Riku. Few years later changed back to Eliwoodman12. Glad to have found you guys after the old site went down. Also 10 years this year that Nsider 1 closed. Time flies.