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  1. Sonic Mania CE unboxed

    Especially with the beautiful artwork. Maybe in time there will be one. But either way I'm not waiting for that to happen.
  2. Sonic Mania CE unboxed

    Yes would have loved to see a physical version for the Switch. Not sure why they didn't do something like that.
  3. EA support for Switch depends on FIFA 18 sales

    I would like EA to go back to making baseball games. MVP Baseball was a great series. I wish we were getting Madden for the Switch. Rather have that than Fifa. No offense to the soccer fans!
  4. Sonic Mania CE unboxed

    Wish I was able to preorder when it was out as well. Unless they stock on some I probably won't get the collector's stuff.
  5. So caught two Zapdos. First time it took my second premier ball, and on the second one I caught it on the first try. Can't believe it. I'm glad the legendary birds are done though for the first gen. Wonder if we will get Ho-Oh before summer ends?
  6. I could probably make the NY one through if I decided to take a road trip. Kind of wish they had this in all 50 states though. Would make the most sense. Didn't they do that with the Smash Bros demo after E3?
  7. Brawlout coming to Nintendo Switch! (Indie Smash Bros)

    I may pick this up if I see more recognizable characters. Has potential.
  8. This looks amazing. Had the chance to preorder it today on Gamestop's site but chose not to. I learned my lesson with the Majora's Mask one. It wound up staying in the box, (already have a regular new 3ds XL). But yes for this being still $300 it was an easy pass for me. Don't blame anyone for picking it up though.
  9. General thoughts on Namco Museum Switch.

    Loved Pacman Vs. when it was out for the Gamecube. Played it for hours with other people. $30 is a little steep for me at the moment, though it's not a terrible price. You're basically paying a little less than $3 per game.
  10. Official Anime/Manga/Light Novel Thread - Summer 2017

    Trying to find the first arc of Dragonball Super in English. I know it's out on bluray and dvd but it's not out to buy digitally which I find stupid. I know it's just the expanded version of Battle of the Gods but I would still like to watch it. Hopefully I can get my hand on it. Rather not pay for a physical copy.
  11. I've actually been lucky and caught Moltres and Lugia on the first tries. Though it took me a good five-six tries to actually beat Lugia first with a small amount of people. Articuno gave me the most trouble to catch. Also had it where a few of people got kicked out towards the end and couldn't get back in to finish.
  12. Caught Articuno and Moltres, one of each. More concerned with completing the Pokedex rather than an army of legendaries that I've been seeing. Still need Lugia.
  13. What are you listening to?

    How's that new Tyler album btw?
  14. I so wish this had those two games. Still get it regardless but yeah...
  15. I've tried a good six times to take down and Articuno/Lugia with a group and every time we have been short one person from defeating it. A couple of times a few of us were kicked out and couldn't get back in.