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  1. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    Saw Solo as well and it maybe my favorite out of the Disney Star Wars movies so far.
  2. Eliwoodman12

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    It will be interesting to see if the Celtics and Rockets can close out these series. I am hoping for at least the Celtics to do so.
  3. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    Seeing Solo tomorrow. Hope it's good.
  4. Eliwoodman12

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    I feel like there's no need to watch Game 6 as the home team will win. I feel like Game 7 could be a toss up even though it doesn't look like it. I just feel like it is too good to be true for the Celtics to make the finals. I hope I am wrong though.
  5. Eliwoodman12

    No Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for Switch

    I got it at Best Buy yesterday and saved 8 bucks. Not bad and mine did come with a cloth. No but I'll take it than have nothing.
  6. Eliwoodman12

    Nintendo Switch's Online Community?

    When you say social media integration, Twitch comes to mind. I'd rather have them just have easy access to Twitch and that would solve a lot of the problems.
  7. Eliwoodman12

    No Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for Switch

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but it looks like Capcom changed their minds from their initial plans. Grabbed both Legacy collections today!
  8. Before people think I am saying forums, I am not. Essentially forums are now a thing of the past, especially for Nintendo. I am just talking about an online community, that I am afraid is going to be lacking with Nintendo Switch's online service. As of right now, you can make groups through your cell phone with the Switch app? But other than that what else is there? I really took Miiverse for granted, while not as organized as I wanted it to be, it was a really cool thing to see people voice their opinions and showcase their artwork. Switch doesn't have that. I am always looking at my friends list on the Switch, wanting to interact with them in some way. But all I can do is look at their gameplay log. I was never big into other system's online services, but based off what I've seen afar, they are great for these online communities that I am talking about. Maybe there is more to the Switch's online service that we are missing, but as of right now it is still looking very scarce. So I would like to know what you guys think and what you want to see. I just want to be able to chat with my friends when I want to, not just look at their game log. I know games like Splatoon have their own hubs, but at the same time I shouldn't have to access a cell phone for all of the features as well.
  9. Even from not playing the NES games, I still had a difficult time. By then I was used to playing X on the SNES. I wound up picking X Collection for the PS2 because the PS2 controller was similar to the SNES and didn't want to run into the GC controller problem I had with the first collection. Also just picked up the Legacy Collection today. For those who get a physical copy of the game, it comes with a free cloth inside which is pretty cool.
  10. Eliwoodman12

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    It's just too predictable. It's a one sided league. I really didn't have to watch the NBA for the last four seasons to tell you that it was going to be Cavs and Warriors in the finals again. That's terrible. As a New England Patriots fan, people say to me they are tired of the Patriots in the Super Bowl but at least they play different teams and don't always win. This year it's just going to be Golden State winning because they are just too good. Even with the Chicago Bulls in the 90s, they played different teams, well besides the Jazz, but two times isn't bad. Even 3 times for Warriors Cavs to prove who is the best of the best is fine. This is why I will always like NFL and MLB better. Different story lines and not always predictable.
  11. Eliwoodman12

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    Meh...Cavs win. Kinda don't like how this home court advantage rules in the NBA. It hasn't been that bad this year but so far in the series, the refs have favored the home team. But I do hope it stays out like that since the C's do have home court advantage. Whoever wins game 5 will most likely win the series. I don't see the Cavs playing like they did the first two games. Celtics almost came back in game 4 but just didn't have enough. Wednesday night should be a good game. I think there's more pressure on the C's now to get ahead. Lebron has been behind before and came to TD Garden and dropped 45 points against the Celtics to tie the series back in 2012. If anything he will be really comfortable entering game 5. All I know is that I just need a different finals matchup please.
  12. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    A friend of mine also just got their movie pass subscription. I think I should sign up and take advantage of it before it goes like Best Buy's Gamer Club.
  13. Toad/Captain Toad Geno Waluigi Dixie Kong Funky Kong Paper Mario Mario with Cappy functionality
  14. This could be a summer classic for me.
  15. Eliwoodman12

    Physical or Digital

    Carrying the switch in the carrying case with physical games hasn't been a problem so far. It comes with two plastic cases to fit up to 8 cartridges (4 on each) case. Once those fill up though I will possibly upgrade my carrying case if I do plan on getting more physical games. But on the contrary, I don't take my Switch out too much.