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  1. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Anyone here from the very first insider familiar with the nin10doh chat site? A lot of OG Nsiders talked there but when I tried typing it the web server couldn't be found. Wondering if they changed names or closed down?
  2. This game is huge, so if we never got a sequel, I would be totally fine. But I was just thinking about the future of Mario and where they can go from here. Obviously Mario doesn't have to release anything else this generation and we would be fine. But I was thinking maybe a new game with some new worlds, some familiar ones kinda like Galaxy 2. Or would you rather see a new Galaxy, Sunshine, 3D World entry? Personally all I really want from Mario for the rest of the Switch's lifespan is for a good Mario game and a Paper Mario game that returns to the series' roots. I can do without an Odyssey 2, but wouldn't mind it.
  3. What is your favorite Mario game?

    I still need to complete Odyssey I think and take in every little nook but it's looking like that. I never completed the final star in Galaxy 2. I need to go back. But I considered it the best before Odyssey.
  4. Toys R US shutting down

    I think this company just owns the name. Which is ok by me. But yeah, still don't get how Bain goes unpunished time after time again.
  5. Kirby Star Allies

    No the visuals and soundtrack so far has been very relaxing for me. I think it's one of the greatest things in the game so far. I am looking for more unique level designs and soundtrack though. Maybe I'll get what I am looking for as I dive deeper into the game.
  6. Toys R US shutting down

    https://dccollectors.com/2018/03/18/as-toys-r-us-fails-kb-toys-swoops-in-to-take-its-place/ Not sure how serious to take this but KB toys to come back? Doesn't seem realistic at all but idk. It would make sense for a new toy company to form, something smaller a long the lines of what KB used to be.
  7. Kirby Star Allies

    Good to know. I was worried that this game should have been a rental for me. I don't mind easy Kirby games as long as there is more to do after the main game. On world 2 now. Have 37 lives already, haven't gotten game over. Nothing too memorable outside of the boss battles of the previous world. The spider ability is pretty cool.
  8. General movie discussion

    No HawkEye though to be found anywhere? This has me intrigued.
  9. Toys R US shutting down

    Toys "R" Us is "holding back" on liquidating about 200 of its best performing US stores in the hopes that it will find a buyer, CEO Dave Brandon told employees. The company has 735 Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us stores nationwide. This was what I was going to ask about. Looks like we could know Tuesday if this is gonna go down or not? If this is the case, this will make things a ton easier for me to handle emotionally. I went into two TRU today, one with no discounts yet and one that has been having discounts for the past month. Seeing these stores inventory get torn apart and isles messed up is really making me sad. I'll gladly take 200, even 50 over nothing in the US. Also for whoever purchases the Canada stores with the possibility of the 200 here in the USA, will the debt that was left behind by Capital Bain be their responsibility now? Just curious how that works. Like can the new buyer of those TRU start over or would they be continuing climbing up that impossible hole?
  10. Kirby Star Allies

    @XLW you already 100 percented it?
  11. What are you listening to?

    @purple_beard saw your post last month about Linkin Park and saying you should be more into their sound. They have about 5 different sounds, one for each album. They are pretty diverse. My personal favorite is Minutes to Midnight only because I feel like that's where Chester's vocals shine the most.
  12. Super Mario Hacks and Homebrews

    Never played through the fan made Mario games. I may have at some point on flash player but it was only for a few minutes. Couldn't even tell you the games. It was a great experience getting Mario Maker though. I don't have the patience to throughly make a level, but I did enjoy seeing other people's creative ideas come into fruition.
  13. Mario's New Upcoming Movie

    Will be seeing this no doubt and I am excited but a tad nervous for it. Not that it would turn out like the old Mario movie, but I guess I don't want it to be too over the top kiddy, Bowser takes Peach and same rescue story that we see all the time. I would like to see a new villain or some kind of adventure that we haven't seen before. But it probably will be a rescue Peach mission.
  14. What is your favorite Mario game?

    Super Mario World or Mario Odyssey for me I think. I love Mario 64 but never completed it, same goes for Sunshine. I think once I complete Odyssey for good, I will tackle those games. Would love an HD remake with fixed camera for Mario 64. As far as the spinoffs, Mario Party 1-4, Mario Golf, Paper Mario 1-2 are my notable favorites.
  15. Kirby Star Allies

    Thats cool. Dreamland 2 being the first?