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  1. Eliwoodman12


    Wow very cool stuff. This post is the first time I'm hearing of it. Must have just been announced! Looking forward to these. All of these collections that have been coming out for the Switch kind of makes up for no VC. But at the same time I still wish we had those options.
  2. Eliwoodman12

    Yoshi's Crafted World 3/29

    I have nostalgia for Yoshi's Story as I remember renting it back in the day at Blockbuster. But man do I not enjoy how short the game is and how annoying it can be. Got to the 6th page and got game over. May pick it up another time, but moving on to Yoshi's Island DS. Then again I just read that Yoshi's New Island takes place chronologically takes place in between Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS. I know I'm bringing up all of these other Yoshi games besides Crafted World, but figure I play through what I can before Crafted World comes out.
  3. Eliwoodman12

    Yoshi's Crafted World 3/29

    Trying to play through the other Yoshi games before this one because I never really did. Beat Yoshi's Island final boss last night. Haven't 100 perecented everything but maybe I'll come back to that another time. Time for Yoshi's Story!
  4. Amazing how you guys got up to 2nd place. Great job. Best I could do honestly is 15th. Which isn't bad at all considering up until this game, I wasn't a big Tetris player at all. It's a very fun game but can get very annoying fast when there are 5 people attacking you at once. Overall I'll continue to play this game even after this event in hopes of getting better.
  5. Eliwoodman12

    Pokemon Direct - 02.27.2019 - 6:00AM PT / 9:00AM AT

    I brought up many times they should just remake the original movie with their original plot of having Misty and Ash's kid in it. As you can see, in the original trailer, there is footage and plot points they didn't wind up even using. Lots of mysteries. If I really want to watch the first Pokemon movie again, I'll watch the 1999 version. Don't really need a shot for shot remake of it.
  6. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    Captain Marvel was pretty good. Don't really have anything bad to say about it.
  7. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    Agreed. Waiting on my friend to see if we can see Captain Marvel tonight. Plenty of show times to.
  8. Loved Epic Yarn when it came out for the Wii. Hard to believe that game is going to be 9 years old already! I'd rather play games I still need to beat, but if anyone hasn't checked out Epic Yarn, try the 3DS version. Also Ubisoft is having a pretty good sale. May pick up a few games.
  9. Eliwoodman12

    Nintendo LABO VR Kit coming 4/12

    Surprised we didn't get a trailer to go with this. Curious to see how this does. Pokemon Snap makes too much sense for something like this just like the Wii and Wii U did for that game so it probably won't happen.
  10. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    I wouldn't say that. Even though it's been 5 years since the first one came out, I was an adult then and I'm an adult now. I think the first one got more creative Lego models in my opinion.
  11. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    Got in to see The Lego Movie 2. It was a pretty good movie, can't find any complaints. Maybe I didn't find it as fresh as the first one but maybe it's because I am used to the Lego world now. Still had a pretty good story and soundtrack.
  12. Cool update. Finding less of a reason to plug in my NES classic though lol.
  13. I was thinking a few months ago how long Reggie was with Nintendo and how long he could be with them still. He's only 57 which is pretty young. But the man as done so much in 15 years. He deserves this retirement and time to spend with his family. When I think of Reggie, I think back to the Nsider 1 era. He joined December 2003 at NOA and I joined Nsider either Jan/Feb of 2004. Also will think about the glory days of the Wii. I thank Reggie for everything and I am looking froward to see what Doug Bowser can do for Nintendo.
  14. Eliwoodman12

    Pokemon Direct - 02.27.2019 - 6:00AM PT / 9:00AM AT

    So I want to be very excited, but at this point, I'm just like another entry. It seems like each generation has been minor tweaks from the previous generation, and this is the case here. That's not to say that this region and the art styles isn't great, it is great, it's beautiful, one of the high lights of this so far. It just feels like they took the 3DS engine and polished it up to match the Switch. We have seen much better graphics from the Switch. Graphics won't make the game obviously, but I guess I was just expecting much more. I'm glad battles are back, but yeah like majority of people, a lot are upset that random encounters are back, and that Pokemon don't appear in the open world/follow you. Unless they are saving that reveal for another time. I think the point they really wanted to make is that oh your Pokemon can attack wild Pokemon again. Something about the Galar region map I do like. Can't really point it out but maybe it's just the design. But with that being said though. I am cautious like a lot of you being a one path linear adventure. It doesn't need to be BotW, but there should be at this point different paths trainers can choose to see where they go. Maybe there will be more side quests. Also agree with @Destiny Hero, this doesn't need to be BotW, but I wish we would get at least a fully rotational camera for the trainer to see things. That was one thing I was really excited for and one thing I was expecting with the jump to the Switch. But since it seems they took the 3DS engine over to the Switch, they haven't incorporated it yet, at least with what was shown. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm fine with gym battles returning. The trails were cool but I'm glad they will stick to Sun/Moon. Make those games more distinct. Maybe something will come up with the football stadium. Never saw Sword and Shield for names but I'll take them. I'll also take the starter Pokemon. I mean at this point, they are nothing special, maybe their final forms will be cool, but I just hope the bunny doesn't turn into yet another fighting type. I know I shouldn't be nagging and complaining about every little thing, but I do feel like the series is behind a bit, especially when we've seen other series take more advanced steps. This game will be a day one purchase regardless. I am just letting out how I feel right now. There is still so much to be revealed, they only showed a few minutes. I just need something more that they haven't showed to get me fully excited for this game.