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  1. Is this an updated game of Dragon Ball Heroes?
  2. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    Saw Dragonball Super Broly. I thought it was so much better than the original Broly movie. I actually watched it last night to refresh myself.
  3. Eliwoodman12

    Rumor Mill heating up about SNES games incoming for NSO

    It's bound to happen sooner or later. I'm hyped.
  4. Eliwoodman12

    Yoshi's Crafted World Get Release Date: March 29

    I still need to play through Wooly World. Looking forward to that and this game.
  5. Eliwoodman12

    General Pokemon talk thread

    I mean look at the one last month that came out about the same exact time as the Let's Go games. Not a single peep of promotion. If you don't know what I am referring to, they actually did make a sequel to I Choose You with Lugia. I went to go see I Choose You in theaters. It was ok, a cool retelling, but it really bugged me how there was no Brock and Misty and this is either noncanon or in a different timeline.
  6. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    I still have yet to see Pirates 5, I know it was on Netflix, but I've been hearing how the quality has been declining in the series since the 2nd one. Kind of surprised to see the backlash considering how many people have disliked the franchise. But I do agree it is kind of foolish to replace him.
  7. Eliwoodman12

    General Pokemon talk thread

    This would be a great time to do the original ending they were going to do with the Mewtwo Strikes Back movie. I don't know if you guys have seen this before but this first trailer shows very different stuff to what we got in the final product in 1998/99. The girl is believed to be the kid of Misty and Ash. But I guess if they are following the timeline without Brock and Misty following Ash now, I guess there is no need for this. But still to this day I am very intrigued to see what this original movie was going to be like. I wish they would at least show us blueprints. Unless we get an art book or something like a Pokemon Historia, we may never know. So 20 years of the first Pokemon movie is a big deal to me. I remember how crazy it was during the phenomenon. If it's like the promotion of the last two movies, no one will know it exists. They should have better advertisements and the courage to do more than a 2 day showing for a movie. You'd be surprise at the people who would go to see a new Pokemon movie if given the chance. Obviously we will see good results in attendance with Detective Pikachu.
  8. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    Finally got around to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. Glad I did because I assume the is one of the last weeks to catch it. I agree with what you said though. I think what I said in the spoiler, along with no main baddie is what has me putting the first ahead of the second one. Don't get me wrong, the princesses were great, the online references were great along with the Disney cameos, but as a gamer, I did want to see more of gaming.
  9. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    Saw Aquaman. Right there with Wonder Woman for me as the best DC movie. Half way in I realized wow this really is Thor. But it doesn't bring it down for me because of that.
  10. Eliwoodman12

    Top Wii U ports left you'd like to see?

    None to be honest. I want a reason to still have my Wii U hooked up. But if I have to choose, Star Fox Zero with actual playable controls.
  11. Eliwoodman12

    What will be the "must have Switch game" for 2019?

    I think the Pokemon games if they are mainline and less of Pokemon Let's Go.
  12. I really can't believe that. I assume it doesn't include food/coffee. But you mean to tell me more people bought a Switch in Cali than let's say a cell phone? Amazing.
  13. Eliwoodman12

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Five Below has helped me get a few of the Animal Crossing amiibo I still needed. All I need now is the Isabelle with both of her hands down. Why did they make two versions of her?
  14. Eliwoodman12

    General movie discussion

    Saw the Grinch a few weeks back. It enjoyed the animation and cast but didn't really add anything new to the story besides Fred. Saw Creed II tonight. It was a pretty predictable movie. Felt more of a sequel to Rocky IV and Balboa more than a sequel to Creed but that isn't a bad thing. But I thought it was overall a great movie. The ending gave me a nice smile and a few tears. If they are to make Creed III, I do hope they go in the direction of giving Donny more of the spotlight and not living under Rocky's shadows. If there is anything that the first two Creed movies have lacked, is a memorable nemesis. If it wasn't for the Drago name and history, I wouldn't have been invested in the characters as much. Hopefully they find an unique actor and hopefully it isn't a Clubber Lang Jr.
  15. Eliwoodman12

    Kingdom Hearts III (Final Battle) Trailer

    This looks amazing.