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  1. Agreed. I mean I liked the new supporting character Julian (played by Malfoy from Harry Potter), but the thing with making Caitlyn evil just because she has ice powers was dumb. I get that Killer Frost is normally a villain and all (it's in the name), but it doesn't mean that earth's Caitlyn has to be evil just for having powers. Savitar was cool for awhile, but his identity and stuff left me underwhelmed compared to the previous season baddies like Zoom... Because of that, the Grodd two-parter was more or less the highlight of the season, for me at least. Yeah, the last Arrow season ending was... a tough pill to swallow, but I'm glad they came full circle with Slade and everyone, finally. Even if some of my most favorites of them die, I can be satisfied at least that they all got their just due closure. Pretty much. S2 had kind of a strong opening with Superman, but the Metallo they had looked dumb. lol Did a better job on the other villains from Superman's rogue gallery though, on both seasons. Legends S2 is already on Netflix now actually. Was the first added since that show typically has a few less episodes per season than the other ones do. S2 is definitely an improvement over the 1st season of Legends though, which I had liked too for awhile, but they kinda fell short with Vandal Savage and making him a jobber by the end...
  2. Thanks! Good to see you and others again too. Also, just to get this out of the way, I will say I sympathize with you on Smash 4 regarding Dark Samus. I mean yeah, she had a nice alt skin of Samus, but she could've easily been playable instead of assist trophy, especially with Dark Pit and other clone-y characters of that nature, although DS wouldn't of been as much a clone as DP. Ridley, I was sadly expecting as far as role (even Dead or Alive Dimensions did a better job with the Pyrosphere stage hazard thing I felt), but with all the good playable Project M mods that exist of him now, which will only get better in the future too as SSB4 modding becomes more accessible and widespread, I can certainly live with not having him playable in an official Smash now. There's a good Dark Samus mod in PM I'm aware of too. Oh, and they need to cool off on 3rd parties a bit next time there's a new entry too, even though I got Bayonetta and enjoyed her, sometime after Mewtwo, but the lack of Wolf and some other veterans returning was still disappointing.
  3. Yeah, although Mario Odyssey was gonna be my first game on it depending on how soon I could pick one up, but can settle with getting it and MP4 at the same time if needed...
  4. Unfortunate for me as one who has yet to get it, but kind of expected sadly... Ugh, oh well. Will wait however long I need long run.
  5. Death Battle can be a hit or miss. Honestly stopped taking them too seriously a long time ago though. Wiz and Boomstick, or rather Screwattack in general don't really do their own research on the characters in question, so much as they have others do it for them, and then they try and make it as presentable as they can even if it's not entirely accurate. They still get paid at the end of the day, so... yeah. Honestly though, by a certain pointed I started enjoying other crossover fight channels on youtube more than Death Battle like Batinthesun's Super Power Beat Down. Sure, they go by like a voting system to determine who wins a fight, but it's still hella entertaining with the budget they have for live action battles, and the end results often don't annoy me as much as Death Battle's. With Death Battle, there have even been some fights where I would say they were right on the end result, but the way they got there or came to that conclusion was rather questionable if not inaccurate, but ya know, it's just fun epic entertainment at the end of the day...
  6. Um... You mean like the manga or one of the Nintendo Power comics they had for Metroid? MDB or someplace usually has all of them available to view though. And hi. Definitely remember you from NS2. =p
  7. The internet phenomenon of SJW's never gets old... Nah, it's old. While we're at it, let's say Mario was never appropriate enough in the first place because he wears too much red which promotes gang violence.
  8. Yeah, I'm fine with them waiting a bit longer to have the VC on the Switch. I just hope they do something similar regarding the SNES Mini so they can have more of those in stock from the start and don't do the same kind of shit with the NES Mini and then discontinuing it early which was a copout. I know everyone's sick and tired of scalpers reigning supreme either way, whether it's something like that or amiibos.
  9. I remember you too. Welcome back. And thanks for the welcome y'all! I recognize you others as well. Good to see again.
  10. Thanks! Oh yeah, I used to use GIMP at one point, back during the Oldsider days, but after experiencing photoshop for the first time years later, the thought of going back to Gimp was kinda unfathomable. Suppose it's something to consider again though, if anything. It's still free whereas photoshop's expensive.
  11. Makes me glad I've still got Melee and most things from then even though I've eventually had to get rid of some stuff... Anyway, um.. hi all. Sorry if me bumping a number of old threads got kinda annoying, but since the oldest were only from last year, figured it wouldn't hurt anything. At any rate, I've recognized and remembered mostly everyone whose talked with me a bit so far (Tyranogre, IU, Doc Brown, and such), but I'm not sure I remember everyone else yet, given how some have gone by different usernames than they did on Oldsider or NS2, but am hoping maybe some more of y'all happen to remember/recognize me. If I happen to be a total stranger to some or most here despite my history with the Nsider community, it's fine/cool and can't be helped then, but I don't bite... much. =p Hope everyone's doing alright, all things considered. A major part of what drew me back to a place like this was restored faith in Nintendo after E3 and them reworking the Switch's online according to feedback and things like that. They're taking it more seriously now unlike with the Wii U it felt and can tell they're really back and strong, and hope the Switch continues being successful. And yeah, it was kinda odd only learning recently of NS2's closure, but I saw this place advertised by someone in the last shoutbox message, although the name was spaced out since Ninfora was obviously censored there since I guess they didn't like the competition, but then I came here, so here we are...
  12. If it helps, the 360 version of Doom 3 BFG Edition (which I got) is backwards compatible on the One. Good to hear though far as everything.
  13. Just thought I'd bring it up since Doom 2016 was a great 2nd reboot for the series... Classic Doom had its history on being on Nintendo platforms, though I've been through it all, thanks in part to the Doom 3 BFG Edition from last gen. Safe to say, Doom's the shooter series that first revolutionized the FPS genre before we later had Goldeneye, Halo, and things that later did the same in their own way.
  14. I first joined the original Nsider in 2004 when I was 17 and still finishing up high school, joined Nsider 2 while I was mostly still in college, though my interest in it dwindled over time due to the drop in quality of the place for me, especially by 2012 or so to the point I just slowly left/quiet disappeared, though I had my other personal reasons for it too. Now I've recently reached my 30's, come and gone from college again (just for something else to do), temporary work places, and things... Damn how time flies. Here in cyberspace though I'm pretty much known as your local alien dragon tyrannical overlord. Pleased to make your acquaintance again, Nsider community or what's left of it.
  15. A hand-drawing I once did of Ridley from a Metroid manga panel after much practice... Am an occasional artist for hand drawn and photoshop, though don't have access to the latter anymore for now sadly.
  16. To copy and paste some of my initial thoughts from another forum site, though there's even more I could say about it now... Also, that Mega-Battle arcade game was a nostalgia cashgrab. Played through as much of it as I could, but despite the upgrade system, it paled compared to some of the MMPR beat 'em ups from back in the day... and no online co-op for an arcade game in 2017? smh
  17. In no particular order, I guess if I had to pick five off the top of my head... Rurouni Kenshin Cowboy Bebop Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super Madoka Magica (if not, then Sailor Moon for the magical girl genre) Overlord
  18. Been hearing now James Cameron is actually back for the next one. I'm fine whether it continues off of Genisys or not, but that film was a guilty pleasure of mine...
  19. I've been keeping up on all the CW DC shows... even as barely watchable as Supergirl is at times. Flash suffered the season 3 curse that Arrow did though unfortunately, but Arrow finally came back strong with season 5 after two misses. Legends of Tomorrow hasn't really disappointed yet but we'll see if it ends up getting the season 3 curse too...
  20. I'm conflicted... Apocalypse is one of my all-time favorite villains (particularly my favorite from comic books), so I might've been a bit biased for the movie. The first half or so was one of my favorites out of any of the X-films, but the 2nd half or so was some of the worst. Oscar Isaac's a good actor, so he performed well as Apocalypse, but his powers and abilities were mostly taken from Marvel's Ultimate universe, rather than the mainstream continuity. The costume for him could've been better, but the makeup was decent enough, if you ask me. Overall, it suffered the 3rd movie curse of the 2nd X-Men trilogy, but still wasn't a X3 The Last Stand kind of bad. I still have less confidence again going forward though, particularly with what I've seen of them going back to Dark Phoenix already... X-Men has been in a tough spot because of Fox for a very long time, but they've still been way better off than Fantastic Four, and let's be honest, Apocalypse himself was still much better than Fox's attempts on Dr Doom. Logan was a great comeback too for a sendoff Wolverine film, but it'll be awhile till they strike gold again like that if you ask me. lol
  21. Ridley Prime


    Wow... and I thought I was an evil psychopath. Well done on sticking it to NS2.
  22. Still open to getting Xenoverse 2 one day (probably on PS4 since that's what I got the first one on and your created character from the first can transfer over to 2), but I'd be more interested now to see if Dragon Ball Fighters can be on the Switch.
  23. Damn... Still a shame about EA owning the Star Wars gaming license now, even if their next attempt at Battlefront looks much more promising. I remember before Factor 5 was gonna do their attempt at a Superman game last gen, but it got cancelled sadly due to their bankruptcy at the time or somesuch.
  24. I enjoyed doing the Mew glitch for the first time in my life sometime after I got Red version after the originals came out on the 3DS virtual console. Had to do a new file for it though after going through the game again for the first time but it was worth it... I'm not one to normally let gen 1 nostalgia overcome me but it felt like I was in a time capsule doing that trick. I had remembered how back in the day too I used to know a lot of people who said they got Mew without a Gameshark or something, but it was pretty much all lies since the Mew glitch wasn't officially discovered until years and years later. Still, was good to come full circle with it.
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