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  1. Being reminded of that makes me more curious how Fusion’s hard mode would’ve been had it not been a Japan exclusive feature. The main difference with Dread’s hard mode I found is just having to respect the boss’s attacks more and being less greedy. Probably was much of the same with Fusion’s, but I liked how those difficulty spikes alone kept me on my toes at the time.
  2. Just as I suspected, a clean baby faced Tom Holland who looks nothing like Drake except for the shirt. Kinda amplifies some of the gripes with the Resident Evil film reboot’s casting.
  3. Honestly, part of me wonders if the Chozo have lost some of their mystique now, glad as I am to have finally had them fleshed out more, even if they just turned out to be more food for the X in the end which disappoints me in a way. Like with advanced species in literally any other series, things seem all hunky-dory about them until you realize that maybe they should've stayed lost to time with some of the things they helped create. Of course, there's always a reason why a progenitor type civilization isn't around anymore in any fiction or why the race of said civilization is either endangered or extinct, and if they did their job completely right, the series protagonist wouldn't have a main threat to fight against. If there is anymore significant Chozo presence in another game, I won't complain, but feel Dread has satisfied my curiosity of them for now.
  4. Maybe. I don’t agree though that Nintendo should buy MercurySteam. Some have said they should because of the mismanagement, but certain teams owned by big N like Retro Studio have been mismanaged for most of their history. Being bought would also mean Mercury wouldn’t get to work on a non-Nintendo game again, and I like most of what they did for Castlevania too, but that’s me. Whatever improves things over there I guess.
  5. Unfortunate that Jessica Martin didn't get this kind of loving reception due to the direction Other M had, but am glad people are embracing this Samus VA, even with it being just one line spoken in a different language. Perfect way to give Samus a voice though really, one we never thought of.
  6. The issue isn’t on whether or not Samus speaks. As Dread showed, she can still speak, but it makes sense for her to do so minimally, game intro monologues aside. Yeah, the humanizing moments she had in Dread were still appreciated like when she realized Quiet Robe wasn’t hostile and relaxed in an “Oh, okay” kind of pose. The key though is that they’re moments, not overly long cutscenes of monotone monologue. Nuance is key. They obviously got the feedback that people want Samus to be cool and nuanced and not what she was in Other M… or Fusion where she was similarly long winded. Other M itself is still canon, but how Samus was portrayed in it was decanonized in accordance with said feedback and all. A win-win. I’m glad too that Other M is shown in one of the ending rewards, specifically for beating Dread on hard mode.
  7. I experienced some of my first joycon drifting during Dread and trying to do shinesparking specifically. Maybe you could say that joycon dysfunction merely added to the "dread" of the game...
  8. Just finished my last run on Dread earlier that was required to unlock the rest of the ending gallery on my file. Even on hard difficulty, was satisfied enough with my speedrun without having to resort to the sequence break stuff. Will dabble with that though should I do another run simply to beat my previous time records, but have grinded the game enough for now. One of the other gripes with Dread that keeps me from putting it up there with like Super Metroid is the mostly lack of being able to backtrack until the end game. When you do you get powerups though, it opens up plenty new areas of the map, so the forced progression isn't all bad, but I don't see myself doing 100% speedruns on Dread with how it works, like I used to do with Super or Fusion. Still, great game overall that gave me my money's worth with the number of times I've already gone through it.
  9. Yep. Also the lack of ability to invite people or friends to your game session/lobby. Some 3rd party games on Switch have that ability, but not most of the 1st party games, though Nintendo's slowly starting to incorporate it, but this kind of modernization with online takes them ages.
  10. That's because PlayStation and Xbox have had a good established online system for awhile. Nintendo hasn't. I'm serious though. More people should try to put as much energy into trying to get Nintendo to improve their online system. We'd might see some progress on that end instead of things being mostly the same as they have with their outdated servers, etc.
  11. Imagine if there was as much energy towards trying to get Nintendo to improve their online (from their consumers, investors, etc) as there is with "release muh 4K Switch!".
  12. Yeah. Compared to Microsoft when they tried that shit, Nintendo has enough asskissers that will pay their $50 for a small selection of N64/Genesis titles. I just hope there's as many people that own a Switch if not more that'll resist paying it though, and that the backlash is long lasting.
  13. I'm still remembering how pretty much everyone forgot how the Switch had free online for awhile in the first few months and when we started paying for it, literally nothing about the online functions itself changed. Like fundamentally it was the same online that we got for free, just now we were paying for it, and now they have the balls to try and charge us even more for a bunch of roms, without fixing their online itself. $20 for S/NES games is fine as a bonus, but we were still paying for an online that did not have any real improvements or changes from when we were playing it for free, and that’s the problem. At least when Microsoft started (or rather, popularized) the paid online trend, it was back when the internet was still a luxury for most rather than a lifestyle, and it was good quality online for what you paid for, when the concept of online gaming was still a novelty. It took awhile for for Playstation’s network to catch up to Xbox Live, which it then similarly became a paid service by the time it did. But Nintendo started charging money for online play without really improving their online itself, which is ass backwards. I know that any progress they make in something like the online department tends to be in baby steps, but how they push people’s patience with that while also charging more and more for roms that we’ll never get to own permanently like under the Virtual Console system is aggravating. Paying to play online is a relic that only still exists because capitalism, but at least with Sony and Microsoft you get what you pay for; quality online on their service. Except for the occasional times where Nintendo had a dud, I’ve always still liked them the best as far as their brand, which is why it hurts that their online’s still as bad as it is.
  14. Missed this post earlier but to be fair, the N64 online games will likely have rollback netcode, just as the SNES online ones do. For current games like MK8D and Smash Ultimate though, only a Switch lan adapter can help circumvent the lag. But for me and I guess most it would have to be a pretty specific N64 game I would want to play online to justify paying that much more than the standard $20, even if just temporarily. Something like Diddy Kong Racing in my case or Goldeneye if there was a way to get it out of licensing hell. Wouldn't sub to the new plan just to generically experience Super Mario 64 and such again. Even if you took the argument/reason that the NSO price hike is huge due to the 3rd party licensing at face value, problem is, no one asked for Sega Genesis on NSO. They could've raised the price of the base plan by $10 or so for N64 and throw in Sega Genesis as a bonus with the increase and no one would've cared much. I guess it's possible that the reason for the big price increase is because of Sega but... Nintendo chose to pair up N64 with the Genesis. I'm not against the Genesis being there but before we had it revealed, people were only asking about either N64 or Game Boy stuff. Maybe Nintendo didn't see Game Boy libraries as profitable enough for the service due to severe lack of online play integration that they could add. I don't know, but now I don't even want to imagine how much more Nintendo would charge if they added Gamecube games and maybe another Sega library as a side deal. It's already $50 for just Genesis and 64. And I'm not talking about for just the Switch, but Nintendo's plans long term. These online subscription deals aren't ending with the Switch. The days of Virtual Console are long gone and never coming back. Virtual Consoles had diminishing returns, and they see the Netflix style way of cataloguing older games as more profitable now. p.s. Comments like "Well Sony/Microsoft is still worse about this" show that console wars never really died. Only difference is instead of "My company is better than yours!", now it's "My company isn't as bad as yours!". You can compare a pile of shit to a bigger pile of shit all you want; they're all piles of shit in the end that exist only to separate you from your money. They don't care about you.
  15. Yeah, gonna see Halloween Kills soon when I have the chance, but not in too much a hurry. Got the rest of October after all.
  16. Between this and the price for N64/Genesis NSO, I guess Nintendo won’t be on my good side for awhile (Dread is great but it was made by MercurySteam, not big N). Oh, it says that Lego rejected it, though I'm not sure why they couldn't of gone through with it. They already have Lego Mario.
  17. On one hand... On the other hand... There is this though I guess.
  18. Just realized that EMMI's run-crawl thing is exactly like General Grievious'. "You fool. I have been trained in your Chozo arts by Raven Beak!"
  19. I guess that would be a cool idea, though to be honest, the hyper beam did not wow me like in previous iterations. I guess that'll happen when you've seen it enough times. That and it was an attack she got from absorbing Raven Beak who used it earlier during the final phases of his fight, just like how it was absorbed by Super Mother Brain. I know Metroid has its callbacks like that, but it just felt kinda redundant to me at that point. The Metroid metamorphosis thing was a cool shocking twist though. By the way, this is a shame, though more of an industry problem that happens more than we know.
  20. I guess that's a fair point. Ya know as much as people still give Ridley flak for being "shoehorned" in certain things (the hard gatekeeping against him was more annoying than him not being a boss in Dread itself though), Kraid honestly was just kinda there in Dread. The gallery makes me still think he was possibly a clone. Kraid's appearance from the first trailer he was in of course got me to think there would be more classical enemies where he came from, but now in hindsight, I'd feel better if he wasn't there from a lore perspective. The story of Dread is completely detached from the Space Pirates yet he's just there for no discernable reason beyond fanservice. Yet it's fine when Kraid does it for fans but not Ridley apparently just because Kraid's been MIA longer. Be it Dread Kraid being a clone which is what I think or the genuine article, the end result is still the fact that Raven Beak and company would've had to be practically following right behind Samus to gather either his body or DNA before Zebes exploded, which would beg the question of why would they only grab Kraid and literally nothing else. My only way of making sense of it is that they figured either rescuing or cloning Kraid would be an easier beast for them to control or tame than like Ridley, especially after seeing what went down the last time Ridley was cloned.
  21. To be honest, I won’t be “waiting” for a Metroid 6 like I did with Metroid 5, and feel Dread’s as good a conclusion to the 2D saga as any. Samus can just ride off into the sunset. If 6 happens though, then cool. And yeah, the ending was kinda rushed far as what Ty said. I wish Quiet Robe had been the U-Mos of his Chozo tribe; a mostly sole survivor.
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