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  1. I was not expecting this, but the NES Metroid got 5 icons as it turned out. Three of Samus, one of the titular Metroid, and one of Ridley. Can easily guess which one I just spent 10 platinum points on.
  2. I admit Symphonia could use an actual remake, as it hasn’t aged the best, but fully remaking their own stuff just doesn’t seem to be Namco’s MO like it is with Capcom, and after Resident Evil 3, am still wary of remakes in general. The Symphonia port is only $40 at least, so not a TLoU1 “remake” type fiasco with $70, nor as expensive as the Skyward Sword HD port or something. Still, can see why old fans would be lukewarm with a minimalist port, though am happy for newer Tales fans like one person I know that’ll finally get to experience Symphonia.
  3. I suppose. Rental Pokemon are passable at least until you unlock R2 mode difficulty, and in the Gym Leader Castle when you get to the Elite 4 on R2, Lance will just Hyper Beam your rentals to death with any Pokemon of his. The different Stadium cups on R2 didn't really feel doable with rentals either, though am sure it's possible with a lot of luck.
  4. Oh, I guess they really are having Pokemon Stadium on NSO without the ability to link any Game Boy owned Pokemon... Oof. The rental Pokemon aren't the best, but will see how far I can get with them whenever I get around to having N64 NSO after Goldeneye drops.
  5. There was a ToS and TT voice actor connection besides Lloyd/Robin? Huh.
  6. Huh... Will still try to experience both versions at some point soon. Am a man of my word anyway, so was gonna get N64 NSO regardless in the slim chance that Goldeneye ever got dropped, especially with it being the only version to have online play in this case. Bond is back finally.
  7. The last time this was re-released was on PS3, but the original Gamecube version I had already played religiously enough. These other platform options are definitely nice though, and will take my time deciding what newer platform I'll eventually get it on.
  8. The recent disastrous events with WB and the Discovery merger only makes me more thankful that this is still coming out as planned at least, while everything else got pushed back.
  9. That was your first theatrical DB experience? You really missed out with Battle of the Gods and DBS Broly then.
  10. I can't believe we were dismissive of the few Chozo images in Dread's gallery as long as we were. I guess to be fair, the gallery in Samus Returns where we saw Raven Beak for the first time with a smoking arm cannon was much more an attention grabber, while a hooded figure is very vague in comparison. Said images just came off as generic concept art at first, so never gave them much thought before it was brought back up... Having repeatedly mentioned before how disappointed I was that only two Chozo (Raven Beak and Quiet Robe) had evaded the X before, I'm glad to see that was not the case and that they were occupying multiple spaces, with ZDR having just been one base of operation. The top warriors besides Raven Beak I suppose have been elsewhere, while ZDR merely had generic soldiers aside from Raven himself; said soldiers being the ones who carry the same looking spears. A bident and other long range melee weapons at least have the potential to offer something more fresh and different than just having the same mini-boss fight a few times in the game. That said, if the X are anywhere in Metroid 6, I would like to think MercurySteam won't do the same thing again where the X crash the Mawkin's party and like only one of them survives until the end. The X can have the generic soldiers though like they did in Dread, but the actual Chozo elite deserve to be encountered alive and well, giving them all a sense of individuality instead of being nameless elite mooks, especially if your four generals theory is correct which hopefully it is. If this is all pretty much the case, then it makes me more forgiving of Dread's story in hindsight, because if that was all she wrote for the Chozo, I would've been disappointed for the most part. Hopefully too Quiet Robe isn't the last of the Thoha, even if they're not as widespread as the Mawkin. Samus ought to have at least one other friendly Chozo somewhere along the way, be it Old Bird or another new character of the peaceful tribe. They better not kill off Old Bird for a quick shock though if he is used.
  11. Far as what was leaked and everything, didn’t like it aside from Piccolo finally getting a good buff.
  12. Still more excited for Black Adam, but this looks okay for a December release.
  13. This could also work as an obligatory fuck Nintendo while we’re at it. With Nintendo’s recent bid to strip consumer rights and turn their legacy games into a subscription-based online service (requiring a subscription and internet connection even to play an NES game is insane), something could be done to ensure those games remain in a playable format, on the Switch or otherwise, or other means of owning those games again at best. Nintendo’s been the worst when it comes to game preservation as of late, so they ought to be one of the first targets for Akamatsu, regardless.
  14. While it would be great for Nintendo to do their own little movie or show adaptation of certain series that some fans have always dreamed, I expect nothing beyond more few minute animated shorts made for advertising purposes. They could always be more memorable than the games they were made to advertise though, like how the Star Fox animated short is more fondly remembered than Zero in its entirety.
  15. Now people are wanting the Pokemon Stadiums on NSO, but without the Game Boy game integration of using your own Pokemon, would be pretty weak, leaving you with only rentals to use. Come on Game Boy NSO.
  16. This news hits hard indeed.
  17. According to current leaks that have been running rampant, Krauser will be a no-show for this remake. Given the previous remake's tendency to remove some things, this isn't too surprising, and although a fan favorite, he did represent the more action side of the original RE4, so can understand removing him in lieu of a more horror experience overall, but having really liked him, that still sucks if true.
  18. Same, lol. The level grinding and even the tough ones like beating Super Shredder without getting hit was a refreshing but well balanced challenge.
  19. Seeing another Dread analysis video, a thought occurred. At one point in the game, everything freezes over due to the lava heating system being blocked off. Which begs the question, are most if not all of the lifeforms on ZDR not native? Because apparently it seems that ZDR is more of an ice planet in its natural state, and it was only due to bringing up magma from the planet's core that the subterranean environments became warm enough, and is doubtful such a system had been in place nearly long enough for the myriad of ecosystems to evolve naturally after such a change. If the Chozo went to Zebes before it blew up for like Kraid though as well as other creatures from other places, why didn't they find traces of Metroid DNA to work with like in Tourian to deal with the X problem on ZDR? Not like SR388 was the only place that had Metroids.
  20. Okay, that’s funny. Wonder what causes it.
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