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  1. Ridley Prime

    Soul Calibur 6

    Interesting. I’ll try it out some again then on Tuesday. And yeah, she’s no surprise. Kinda still want Algol next, though not getting my hopes up. Had been sleeping on this game thanks to Smash and other things, so am glad this content will give me an excuse to hop back on SC6.
  2. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    Huh... The only time I've really been let down by an animated Netflix adaptation was the anime Godzilla series, especially by part 3 with Ghidorah. Ugh.
  3. Whelp. I guess we got too excited at the possibility after seeing that Piranha Plant had a Palutena's Guidance codec, but it was more of an outlier or exception to the rule apparently. edit: Oh yeah, glad the 3.0 update is coming out sooner than expected. Aside from Joker, will have to wait and see I guess as to what other content it contains.
  4. Ridley Prime

    Nintendo Direct 02.13.2019 - 2:00PM PT - 5:00PM ET

    I guess the racing update for Starlink was what people mistook for a "Star Fox Grand Prix" game from leaked screenshots or something, but I'm cool with it. Astral Chains and Castlevania Bloodstained seem like good potential/eventual investments for me as well. Mostly everything else was just kinda there for me, but overall decent for a February direct. Things like Prime Trilogy Switch port can still be revealed later.
  5. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    November it is... Still kinda tired of the "I must hate this because it's popular" syndrome I tend to see with Frozen anywhere I go, and while I wouldn't call the first one a masterpiece or anything, it's easy to see why it succeeded, liked it for what it was, and the trailer for 2 interests me enough to give an eventual watch Q4 of this year.
  6. Ridley Prime

    Xbox Live coming to Switch

    Hopefully deals and negotiations with Rare games is one of the elephants in the room for Nintendo and Microsoft. And yeah, I'm unsure on how I would approach the next console gen for pretty much the reasoning that was posted. I eventually "triple wielded" this gen while double wielded the previous gens, but the former was more of an exception. The xbox one in its original form was a red flag for too many people, but I'm glad this gen taught Microsoft to be more pro-consumer which was eventually to be expected after their blunders. Never did I imagine though a partnership with them and Nintendo to this level. These are some interesting times.
  7. Ridley Prime

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

    From what people say, it was Tanabe apparently.
  8. Ridley Prime

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

    I mean it's all speculation, but I kinda interpret it as Nintendo not wanting to risk leaving him completely to his own devices again after Federation Force and it power bombing, so they brought in some known capable hands (Retro) to make sure Prime 4 gets well received by fans. Tanabe was involved in the Prime Trilogy too, but only as a producer, so hard to give him that much credit there. Not much a fan of the guy for things outside of Metroid too. He was the reason K. Rool and Kremlings took a forced hiatus with the DKC reboot as he specifically said "no crocodiles" to Retro (thankfully, K. Rool in Smash is going to change that for DK in the future), and is the reason for the Paper Mario sterilization. The rumors about Tanabe not being on good terms with Retro I only take with a grain of salt though. I suppose outright accusing him of MP4's development disarray is a bit much/harsh, but when there's no other known party to blame here, it's easy to I guess. He can still have good ideas sometimes like with gameplay, and my slight beef with him is nothing compared to the hate and vitriol people had and some still have with Sakamoto.
  9. Ridley Prime

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

    I guess part of me's still bitter with Kensuke Tanabe after the presentation and marketing of Federation Force, but if nothing else, this delay makes me further question his competency. As aforementioned, we probably won't know what new/unknown team attempted Prime 4 before Nintendo came and hit the reset button & brought in Retro to help, but we do know Tanabe was involved from the start, and whatever he had cooked up with MP4 in its original form didn't impress Nintendo enough to go through with it... I'm still curious as to what he has planned for Sylux, but my faith/confidence in him otherwise is shaky at best, though at least if Prime 4 still proves good enough to be worth the wait, I'll feel a little better about having him on board again, like some were with Sakamoto after Samus Returns.
  10. For the record, Mewtwo as DLC in SSB4 caused similar problems, maybe others in that game too, but I didn’t play that game enough in the long run to know. Interesting to see Ridley and Dark Samus as a team duo in Piranha Plant’s classic mode run. The plant’s an alright bait and trapper I guess.
  11. Ridley Prime

    Fighters Pass 2 announced for Dragonball FighterZ

    Couldn't agree more, but they'll go with whatever sells the most, and if that means yet another Goku and Vegeta...
  12. Heard the Piranha Plant bug is more prevalent with digital version than physical, but staying away from it just in case.
  13. Ridley Prime

    Fighters Pass 2 announced for Dragonball FighterZ

    Or Ultra Instinct Goku, but at least he'd be new for a fighting game despite all the Goku's and Vegeta's the roster already has. Some would still like SSJ4, but GT's a bygone era at this point.
  14. Same here. And I breathe a sigh of relief that no one I particularly main/secondary got nerfed by the balance changes. K. Rool got some nerfs though which I was kind of expecting, but at least he's not alone with the burying moves' effects being shortened for undamaged opponents. Also glad to see Incineroar got some much needed buffs, among other changes. Not that I was gonna do that with Piranha Plant anyway, but yikes. At least cloud saves will back you up if corruption does happen.