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  1. With how much I ended up liking the current She-Ra cartoon, am pleased to see this and hope this He-Man eventually has a crossover with her or something.
  2. Hm... Here we go again. Round 2 with Ashit Pai? Possibly so.
  3. I guess it either happened today or yesterday, but after getting on the game earlier to check, got the download update, though assumed it would've automatically updated earlier like it had done at times before. Word... In any case, came with not only Lord Zedd, but act III of the story mode. Zedd himself is pretty fun as expected. I would've liked the lightning from his staff as a projectile, but the projectile he has with his neutral special makes up for it anyway, along with the crazy range his staff has with the heavy attacks. Also like how he teleports when dashing, not to mention the amusing dialogue he has with Goldar and Lord Drakkon in arcade mode. Great addition for a solid first fighter pass. Act III of the story mode ended pretty awesomely as well, which I believe is the conclusion. Got there a bit sooner than I thought, but I'm not disappointed with how the story ended, which went out with a heartfelt sendoff worthy of the Power Ranger legacy. The threat of Drakkon does get dragged out longer in the comics, but felt like this was the appropriate length for his story arc in the game.
  4. Take with a grain of salt, but... http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/01/rumour_dataminer_uncovers_snes_games_for_nintendo_switch_online_service
  5. About time if so. The monthly free games from the NES library were getting pretty lackluster at this point. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/08/switch_snes_controller_confirmed_nintendo_switch_online_snes_games_next
  6. Huh... Well in better news, Glad to finally try her out.
  7. Nah. I had gotten it digital. So, found some gameplay footage of Zedd who will be coming out sooner than later. His moveset’s pretty badass as expected, though I was not expecting him to summon his Putty Patrol for one move and use them to beat up the opponent. lol That’s creative.
  8. Mortal Kombat? Would not have expected that, but nice. The Game Boy port for MK1 taught me what bad framerate meant, but the GB version of MK2 was incredibly decent. Similar story for me with Donkey Kong I guess. There was the one based on the arcade but had a bunch of more levels after the first four, a whole game’s worth. And then there was Donkey Kong Land which served as a nice substitute for Donkey Kong Country before I was able to get that. Had gotten both versions of 2 and 3 as well to see the differences.
  9. Oh hey, they finally reduced the hurtbox for Mewtwo's tail again... And OMG Ridley buffs! I went into the patch notes pretty much expecting nothing, yet my heart was still racing for some reason as I slowly scrolled down, especially as I got to the Ultimate newcomers bit. This might be the most hype I've been since launch, and not because of Hero ironically. Oh, here's a link to said patch notes. https://www.newsweek.com/smash-ultimate-version-4-patch-notes-update-1451793
  10. Well since Smash and Splatoon 2 are getting a big update on like the same day, expect the Nintendo servers to likely crash again at first, honestly.
  11. While I prefer the original animated Lion King (as expected), the CG one I found alright apart from Be Prepared, which was arguably the best song in the original but the least so here. The different scenes and lines that weren’t in the original were a welcome change too for the most part, imo. Something best enjoyed with family.
  12. Even got to the point of being misinformed at first that you couldn’t play the single player stuff offline because DRM, but glad that’s all cleared up, and I mean even if you did have to make an account to play at first, it would’ve only been a one time thing. But yeah, glad something like a Doom trilogy port won’t be filled with controversy beyond the first day, Bethesda memes aside.
  13. A Bethesda account. Kinda weird to have you do that for such old games, but it’s free and only takes like a minute to set up. This original trilogy port is great news regardless.