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  1. Interesting... Also, the publisher of SoR4 is also having a team do this game. Looking forward to it too.
  2. Given the outspoken views he's had on backwards compatibility for awhile, am not really surprised by this.
  3. Then you always have good old DRM to possibly contend with in the case of digital games post-store closure.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. NDA’s a thing and they could always just be pretending to not know anything as opposed to spilling the beans to get people speculating. Their statement seems vague enough anyway. People always see what they want to see on this stuff regardless though. I don’t have a particular attachment to Hayabusa, but think he’d be a cool addition as another one of the early stars of gaming.
  5. Yeah, the Sony acquisition changes nothing really far as that. Glad someone picked up EVO though after last year’s disaster.
  6. That came sooner than expected, but I’m ready.
  7. https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/54794 Pretty satisfied with those changes overall. After last year, that's a first.
  8. Kinda makes me wish more now that the idea Sakurai originally had of having Diddy and Dixie Kong as a duo had stuck. Diddy would only lose his annoying banana peel move and you'd still have Dixie playable in some form, switching to her with down B. But with the limitations I get why it didn't happen.
  9. Yes, motion controls was an innovation which the Wii sold on... A Switch that strips away the portability would not be innovative. Don't know how many more ways that can be made clear. Thing is, Wii was severely, severely out-powered by the HD depths of the PS3 and 360. Switch is underpowered compared to the two's successors, but the gap is less than that of what the Wii and its rivals were. Would a 4K Switch of some kind be a nice touch? Sure, but it's not a necessity like the Wii's more noticeably outdated hardware features were, imo. The Wii still persevered though despite how u
  10. Yeah, the Wii example is a strawman argument for this topic when it was a completely different era, when they had tapped into a previously untapped market before we had mobile gaming. And yeah, we don't know how feasible it is to make something a certain amount more powerful while also maintaining the portability factor. You also gotta consider the Japanese market, which largely prefers handhelds to regular consoles, and well Nintendo being a Japanese company... On the other hand, Japan was the slowest to embracing online gaming, and Nintendo's the most Japanese of the big game com
  11. That's because powerful portability has been the main marketing for the Switch. Take away that and it's just another system that's weaker than the competition. Playing AAA games on the go is a novelty that has sold the Switch and by extension the Lite. Playing at home isn't and thus is treated as an expendable extra. A non-portable Switch would either flop or undoubtedly sell poorly in comparison.
  12. lmao. A TV only Switch would be terrible. The hybrid/portability factor is the main appeal of the Switch. Without it the entire point would be lost and would just be another generic console, one that's likely still weaker than the latest Xboxes and Playstations. Ideas like that is why I'm glad fans don't work at Nintendo. They always put innovation before horsepower.
  13. Yeah, they could go Apple mode for handheld re-releases, but doing so as much for a main console wouldn't go over nearly as well.
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