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  1. Microsoft owns Minecraft and things, and they've allowed them to be on other platforms. I see this being pretty much like that. At worst, some Bethesda games may eventually not come to a competitor's platform like Sony, but for the most part, Microsoft doesn't seem to care much about console exclusivity, and why would they when they have Windows, etc?
  2. Tbh, Rare caused most of their own demise. Microsoft gave them free reign for awhile too at first iirc, but they didn't really do much. Rare's quality had already taken a nosedive prior to Nintendo selling them off and after MS got them. But yeah, this acquisition here is different, on a much bigger scale.
  3. Oh, so we got it after all. Other than that, wonder how the next DLC character(s) are coming along, with how long it’s been now since Min-Min.
  4. It's gonna be a nightmare now for like parents that aren't too familiar with gaming or hardware who try to get something for their kids. Say they buy the discless version of the PS5 or next Xbox because it's cheaper, and then make the mistake of trying to buy disc games for it like they normally would... I can see that being all too common, unless the retailers speak up enough as to say this and that are not compatible, but not all of the sellers/workers may be that elaborate.
  5. Yeah, I've been kinda leaning towards doing this more in general, especially now with how tough it can be being an early adopter of current AAA games. "Should've waited for the complete edition", etc. The waiting game is worth it for something you want enough but at a more reasonable price. I'd rather feel left out at times than be "Ugh, why'd I get the game this soon?". This has also kinda turned me off from next gen in general. Up to this point, had been lukewarm at best on the PS5 and next Xbox variants, but now, I don't know. Slowly been getting accustomed to PC gaming again anyway, but always like having at least one of those other platforms as an alternative. Still, this is probably the least hyped new gen since ever with diminishing returns, but the $70 games is the icing on the cake. As aforementioned, I'm guessing the others (Nintendo, Microsoft, other publishers, etc) will eventually follow suit with the $70 model, and Sony merely took the hit of writing it down first, with their 1st party PS5 titles. Microsoft at least has Game Pass though (on PC and xbox) even if it comes to that with them, but still. Oh, with Nintendo, may be awhile yet till we see $70 games from them. At least, I don't see Switch games being that anytime soon, but could be wrong.
  6. I guess it was to be expected at some point, but still not really happy with it, particularly from Sony leading it with their PS5 1st party titles. Only a matter of time until others follow suit. It'll be worst with Nintendo though when they never price drop their shit; games from gens ago that still go for $60, if you're lucky to still find them. With the current state of the world, is also the worst time imo to be having that kind of inflation. I get why it be done eventually, but as a consumer, there's no benefit to upping the price to $70 (higher in other places which will also see a price increase) in an environment of season/fighter passes, DLC expansions, microtransations, etc... Games in general are still gonna be as predatory as they were before depending on the publisher and such. A base game price increase will not compensate for shit, much as some may have been hoping otherwise.
  7. For an indie game, it's kind of a first to be getting this kind of promotion. Hope to see it happen with more others, though Arby's has always been a place of culture.
  8. Oof. Not as bad as "so long gay bowser" being removed/replaced, but still unnecessary. Also, Still unsure of getting this collection personally myself, but if I do before the expired time, it'll probably be digital. Feel I can go either way though when I still have as good means of playing those games in their original form as I did before, and only go so far when it comes to double dipping with ports in general, Mario or otherwise.
  9. I feel there’s also those occasional films that movie critics won’t quite get the appeal of because it’s not really for them so much as it is for the fans. i.e. Godzilla: King of the Monsters; their criticism either being not enough human focus or having too many monster fights... in a Godzilla film.
  10. I mean, it was far far worse during the 360 online days. Have to give Xbox community credit for progressing well past that at least.
  11. This (ironically or not) only makes people more appreciative of the original animated Mulan. Fun fact, her voice actor from it supports the Hong Kong protesters. She’s the real one, both in film and IRL. IMO, this is also just the worst time for like Disney to be supporting or promoting CCP pandering garbage when China kinda fucked the world.
  12. With something like Overwatch, it’s that a lot of people in general only play the character or two that they want to play, and not something that would help the rest of the team as far as class type, and then get salty and wonder why they lose. The last times I played it was just me begrudgingly/reluctantly picking a healer because no one else would.
  13. What group of fans/gamers are the most toxic pretty much depends on one’s experience and what parts/corners of the internet you’ve been most exposed to. It is not the Xbox players for me but regardless, this is one of those baity topics not made in good faith, like most of the console war shit.
  14. Oh yeah, the mini-games were actually good. Liked some of the extra stars you got from playing them iirc. I rarely praise mini-games within a game like that, but SM64 DS's were one of the few that proved to be memorable.