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  1. Yeah, I’ve kinda made my peace that this may be the end of the road for me and Pokemon, at least as far as the mainline games, this not being on par what I would expect for Switch titles like with the previous platforms they were on. I guess Pokemon really peaked on the DS, and kinda went downhill from there, but was only a matter of time until more and more would get fed up with how GameFreak does but the bare minimum, as Pokemon became too profitable to fail at a certain point no matter what they do, or don’t do in this case; hence them not feeling as ambitious with how they do the games anymore. It’s not really making me feel livid; just relieved in the thought that this is the point I can probably stop and say it’s been a fun ride while it lasted, as I was still kinda feeling fatigued again after going through Sun/Moon and Ultra S/M anyway. At least the rest of Nintendo is more responsive to feedback, even Super Mario Maker 2 already going out of its way to address issues and concerns with the online, as well as other Nintendo IP’s looking on the up and up.
  2. Oh yeah, Dark Phoenix was certainly better than The Last Stand, as Jean did more than just stand there like some edgy lich queen like in X3, but that's not saying too much. Some of the other films had darker tones too, so I didn't really get anything unique out of this one as far as that. The thing with Apocalypse is, I had been waiting for the titular character to make his film debut since... at least X3. He was always my favorite villain thanks to my exposure to him in the cartoons and other media, which got me to check him out in the comics as well, and so his film debut was a long time coming for me and fans. While I feel Fox didn't execute Apoc to his fullest potential, was thankful they at least did him much better than Dr Doom. Jean Grey has always been kind of a boring character for me, whose power level is insanely inconsistent depending on when or whether she has the Phoenix Force, but I did like the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix storyline... in the comics and X-Men animated series. Apparently Dark Phoenix was originally planned to be two films, which would explain a lot, even if the reshoots helped it a bit. https://deadline.com/2019/06/dark-phoenix-bombs-at-the-box-office-reasons-why-1202629749/ The Phoenix saga would've been so much better as at least two films... Same with Apocalypse for that matter. Major arcs like those require more than just one film. Imagine if for Thanos in the MCU, they crammed Infinity War and End Game into one film. That wouldn't of worked nearly as well would it? That said, I was disappointed how they didn't leave the Apocalypse character open for sequels, with the kind of major villain he is; pretty much the mutant equivalent to Thanos in terms of archetype, and Phoenix and Dark Phoenix are completely separate storylines that require a good focus on both for them to be done well. As a trilogy of sorts, I would still put the First Class films (FC, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix) way above the original trilogy (X1, X2 United, X3 The Last Stand), while the Wolverine films are more their own thing, with Logan being the only good one that showed an end to the whole timeline. I had seen no marketing for Jessica Jones season 3 whatsoever, so I had no idea it was coming out soon now. Thanks for letting me know I guess. Daredevil and Punisher were the best two for me, but to each their own.
  3. Late to comment, but I did see Godzilla King of Monsters a little while back which I really enjoyed too. Shame the critics kinda ruined the fun though since based on the criticism and ergo the lower box office sales than that of Godzilla 2014, reshoots for Godzilla vs King Kong will be done to make sure there's more human scenes I guess, because that's what we see these monster flicks for! Human drama and struggles, while Godzilla and them just fight in the background! (Really, as much as I liked Godzilla 2014, that was a real problem I had with it after awhile like many others) But King of Monsters was a fun ride, between seeing how they did Rodan, Ghidorah, and everything... Hard to see them topping that regardless of the kind of direction they take next. And then there's X-Men Dark Phoenix which I just got back from. Was unsure on whether to see it after awhile at first due to the (unsurprisingly) bad reviews, but the mixed reception from the general audience made me curious enough to still give a watch, and it was just that, a mixed bag. It definitely had the spirit of the X-Men, especially with the fight scenes, but the problem was how the plot didn't really feel like it was going anywhere for me, with the vague introduction of the aliens known as the D'Bari. All the main mutants got their just due at least, from Magneto kinda getting another redemption arc, to even Cyclops and Nightcrawler getting their unique moments, the latter of whom I liked seeing all killy stabby, but overall I liked Apocalypse as a movie better, which at least felt like it was going somewhere, even if it wasn't as good as its predecessors. Apparently the director originally hoped Dark Phoenix would be the first in a new line of films focusing on the younger X-Men, which probably would've led to more underwhelming films like DP, so makes part of me more thankful the Disney acquisition of Fox/X-Men happened when it did. This was just one last sucker before the inevitable reboot, but I have to say, even the Fox universe deserved a better film to go out on than this, but when they hadn't changed their formula too much since 2000 (despite how better MCU was doing with its Marvel properties), guess it was to be expected... At least Wolverine had the Logan film as a high sendoff, but man, end of an era.
  4. That stuff with the angels and new weapons was mind-blowing.
  5. https://kotaku.com/sources-blizzard-cancels-starcraft-first-person-shoote-1835285125 So I guess an Overwatch 2 is happening, albeit at Starcraft's expense... If I had to guess, the lack of people buying lootboxes anymore with the dwindling playerbase (even the new heroes and latest events receiving diminishing returns) is more or less the reason a sequel is happening. Hard to see them doing that big an update on something not nearly as many play anymore when a sequel for whatever expansion idea they got in mind would make them more money. I hope the anti lootbox bill or whatever passes by the time Overwatch 2 comes out at least. I'm not going through another era of being conditioned to accept them (pay to win or "it's just cosmetics", doesn't matter). Not that I bought all that many for the first Overwatch, but still. Just thinking about an Overwatch 2 is kinda making me queasy now, assuming it'll have the same system and everything as the original (the usual cycle of time limited events which is the only way you can experience the story, etc). I don't know, Blizzard would have to do something pretty different for a sequel for me to double dip, as this is how I'm feeling about it right now.
  6. Indeed. The sliding rock smash tech in SSB4 particularly was the bomb. Don’t know how popular or unpopular opinion it is, but I’d still take rock smash over flare blitz any day for the interesting utilities it had. Even if l kinda saw Charizard as a fun playable dragon substitute for Ridley at the time, I do still miss what he was individually. Not to mention, he lost his Mega X form final smash as well due to going back to the Pokemon Trainer shtick.
  7. They did that with Brainiac in Injustice 2 also, though didn't like it. Frost you get just from getting a few chapters into the story mode, but I expected as much for them to continue that practice. The argument of SSB4 DLC being pay to win I would kinda agree to a point, with how much better the characters (particularly Bayonetta) were than pretty much the whole base roster far as the meta. With Smash Ultimate though, doesn't seem to be the case for the DLC, with Joker not being blatantly broken like SSB4 Bayo was (far as I'm aware anyway), and I guess they figured to rebalance those characters when porting them over to Ultimate rather than do another update for SSB4 for that purpose with the Wii U being a sinking ship, yadayada. But just looking at SSB4 DLC, I could see where people were coming from who felt it was pay to win, even if it wasn't the intention (guess you can blame Smash having mostly horrible balancing until they started taking it more seriously with Ultimate).
  8. There was actually quite a bit. When Nintendo said there would be fighter adjustments with the update, I expected as much, but damn, some of these nerfs. No complaints here really, but wow. https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/45405/~/super-smash-bros.-ultimate-update-ver.-3.1.0---fighter-adjustments
  9. I’ve been waiting as long as possible before using/training my Ridley amiibo and such, since you never know how much there is to still learn later with new findings of possible combos and techs from labbing, but whenever I get around to my amiibo stuff, look forward to seeing how they do online. Still kinda annoying that we don’t get to know the character balance changes till after the update comes out rather than beforehand, so guess I’ll have to wait till I’m back home after tonight to see the commotion on buffs/nerfs. At least it’s not SSB4 where people literally just had to figure out what the changes were for themselves, but still.
  10. Agree on the final boss and Krypt RNG. The tracking system needs to be fixed too. i.e. The daily rewards will sometimes be bugged and not register you having done the requirements even if you’ve done them. Same with like not counting certain crushing blows when you have to farm them to get farther in the later stages of a character tower (Towers of Time). I will give them credit at least for making the rewards better and certain grinding requirements significantly lowered after some updates compared to how it was on day 1, but still, far from an ideal progression system. Also cool at least that you can set up an advanced customized AI to play through the towers for you, which I had been doing for awhile with one of my Noob Saibot variations. So you can get a lot of shit done by just occasionally monitoring the game while doing other things. The roster is a mixed bag, but Shang Tsung as the first DLC gives me hope for more good OG additions. Wouldn’t mind seeing more 3D era characters revamped as such too. Plenty I would’ve taken over Frost who I’ll never agree with being on the roster (nor did I ever like her character) but eh.
  11. This has potential for Batman, but would still prefer they keep Cavill for Superman. edit: I hope the rumor's not true about Penguin and Catwoman being the villains for the film and they stick to Deathstroke. That would annoy me more than the Batman re-cast ever did. They should be going the Spider-Man approach and using villains that haven't been on the big screen before. At least Black Mask will be in Birds of Prey apparently.
  12. The overall look and presentation. She was based on one of the reporters in the game but not by the same name. I guess you'd probably find her less annoying there, but I didn't have a problem with her character in the movie. /shrug
  13. Yeah, Lucy was a character in the source material/Detective Pikachu game. All the characters were pretty much, though this is one of the rare exceptions where the movie is better than the game it was based on, IMO at least.
  14. I have the CW channel anyway, so this doesn't really affect me, though I liked its DC shows being on Netflix to rewatch some of the seasons with a friend or two on occasion, but this doesn't feel like that big a loss. The Batwoman doesn't interest me that much, though will check out the first episode at least to see if it's worth my time, but apart from that, we're nearing the end of an era with the CWverse, with Arrow ending with its final season later this year, and the Flash feeling like it won't be far behind. Some shows will probably still continue, but it seems my investment with the CW DC shows for the most part has run its course at this point.
  15. Might grow to like this in time but on first impression, it just looks needlessly overdetailed, trying to compensate for something. What was wrong with the original first movie armor design?