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  1. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Posting 8-bit huh? In that case...
  2. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Agreed. I like how they helped some lesser tier characters I typically used once I unlocked them all. Wasn’t hard when doing the 3DS home button freeze frame trick to get them, but still. Based on their reception though I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t come back. R.I.P. spamming Charizard’s fireball cannon and stuff... R.I.P. Rock Smash too, on that note.
  3. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    R.I.P. Snake's buns and ZSS's chest size. Y'all took one for the team. The muscles fit Samus more anyway though to be fair, and the return of OoT Ganondorf and Zelda are most welcome, as people were getting tired of their TP designs. Ganondorf's sword smash attacks are also welcomed because of the range they'll provide for him. Ridley aside, is gonna be tough to choose from secondary mains now that literally everyone's back. Guess I'll use everyone for a bit and see who sticks, but am glad to see Wolf back, look forward to how Mewtwo's flair is now, etc.
  4. Ridley Prime

    Do you believe in God?

    In other words... Seriously, it took this long for Morgan Freeman to be posted?
  5. Ridley Prime

    Do you believe in God?

    Pretty much what Tyranogre said, or more specifically, I believe in God but not organized religion. Everyone has their reasons for choosing whether to believe or not, but I feel my faith has helped get me through some tough times and whatnot.
  6. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    I seem to echo the sentiments of Han Solo being the best film out of the Disney Star Wars era thus far, though is not saying too much, but yeah, it was pretty fun. Between that, Infinity War, and things, it's been a decent year.
  7. Ridley Prime

    Soul Calibur 6

    So the release date is apparently October 19th... Will give me a good couple months or so with this alone before Smash Ultimate comes out I guess, though will be rotating between these and other games eventually anyway I reckon.
  8. Ridley Prime

    Doom series thread

    A follow-up to Doom '16 definitely came faster than I expected, not that I'm complaining. Hopefully Eternal also eventually gets ported to the Switch, assuming it uses the same engine as the last one. Oh, and it's basically the setting of Doom II: Hell on Earth, whose title speaks for itself.
  9. Ridley Prime

    Halo Dissection Series

    Not sure if there's any Halo fans still around here, but cautiously optimistic for Halo 6 Infinite...
  10. Ridley Prime

    Stranger Things

    Oh hey, Stranger Things getting a TellTale game adaption; guess it was only a matter of time, but already feel more considering of trying that out later than the rest of their Walking Dead. https://www.cinemablend.com/games/2436040/a-stranger-things-video-game-is-in-the-works In any case, looking forward to the show's presumed return in October, just a few months from now.
  11. Ridley Prime

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Dark Samus could also end up being an echo character... Strange that we haven't seen the Samus palette alt of her from SSB4 yet. Of course she could also still be an assist trophy for all we know, but we'll have to see. Since it'll probably be awhile before I get around to getting back to you in our conversation again, I just want to comment on Sylux real quick here. As it is, I think he has the best shot for Smash as DLC. The Sylux supporters I know from like the Smash community seem to think the same. SSB4 was supported with DLC for like a couple years, and if Ultimate gets any DLC it'll be all newcomers (with all the veterans already back and all), so I could see Sylux happening to coincide with Prime 4's release during the Smash Ultimate DLC time period. Even if Dark Samus got in as an echo fighter, I don't think she would hurt Sylux's chances (would be happy for Carl at the very least), and Kensuke Tanabe stressed that her story is done and over with in the Prime series and that he'll be moving on with Sylux, who he's had a particular agenda for for awhile now. Whatever happens, wish ya the best as far as Sylux, whose full post-MPH debut is overdue, probably even more-so now that I finally got my guy in Smash... Between that and the Smash amiibo and the F4F figure, it's gonna be a spoiled time to be a Ridley fan. Already felt spoiled as a Mewtwo fan after all the Pokken stuff he got...
  12. Ridley Prime

    Waluigi makes Washington Post article

    I feel for Waluigi fans since Ridley was on the receiving end of that kind of treatment from the internet for the longest time before June 12th... With Ridley finally confirmed, I guess they found the next lanky purple bad guy to make a buttmonkey out of. Even the Smash community fanart's so far of Ridley ridiculing Waluigi I don't exactly condone, but what can ya do.
  13. ..... So it panned out after all huh? I'm gonna need awhile to process this.
  14. I get that Glenn was a beloved character and all, but his death was basically how it happened in the comics/source material. People should’ve expected it at some point. Season 8 was actually good minus one particular death (and wasn’t source material accurate), though as pointed out, it was kinda too late for a certain number of people by the time they picked the pace back up. The reason I feel the show is potentially finished (and that TellTale’s final season is well timed) is because of the current rumor about Rick (or the actor) leaving by next season.
  15. Glenn’s death wasn’t really the problem (I was ready for it by the time it happened), it was how the writing and pacing of the show took a nosedive after the event. Since this’ll be the last season for TellTale (about time), I’m considering getting season 3 sometime to catch up and then this one, just to have the full experience. If not, I won’t feel too bothered for missing out. /shrug