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  1. Reggie made his own personal twitter account first day of retirement when the shackles came off. No one's ever really gone.
  2. After playing a bit of that, will see if I can recreate the Ridley room in the Ceres Station of the Super Metroid prologue at some point with stage builder, though don’t know how doable it is.
  3. Ridley Prime

    What's with all the Disney hate

    Force Awakens was polarized at worst, but The Last Jedi simply failed to follow up on the hype in nearly every conceivable way. Mark Hamill even gave every subtle warning he could about it, as it was clear he didn't like the direction they were taking with Luke. The spinoff films thus far (Rogue One and Solo) were pretty universally loved though, and it's a shame that Solo failed due to timing. They shouldn't of released it theatrically around the time of Infinity War. There was also the behind the scenes drama that overwhelmed the general audience's impression of it to its detriment (in addition to the backlash after Last Jedi), but for what it was, Solo was a fun adventurous film, and it's a shame that its low BO performance put other spinoff films in the backburner. The Mandalorian show doesn't interest me much compared to what other spinoff films we still could've had. The new Clone Wars season I like the looks of though. Star Wars may have always been for kids, but the original trilogy was mature enough to at least be enjoyed for all ages. Then come The Phantom Menace, you have Jar-Jar who was a little too kid-focused. At least the Ewoks weren't all over the place and constantly in your face. I was nearing my teens when TPM came out and even then, Jar-Jar just came off as a dumb annoying character, though I didn't have some hate obsession with him and got why the younger kids liked him. Nowadays though he's mostly used as a meme online to troll those who didn't like him. Helps too I guess that the hate for the prequels dwindled down over time with revisionism and nostalgia. That said, I think time will eventually make even the sequels more accepted, especially if episode 9 blows the previous two out of the water like I've been predicting. Star Wars is such a big universe and thus has a majorly vast fanbase of all ages. Depends on what part you're referring to when you say they'll never be happy. ... Star Wars and Marvel aside, I get where people are coming from on feeling like Disney is creatively bankrupt with all the live action remakes of their original properties which have often been poor imitations of the animated classics, but, they still make money, as nostalgia sells. I'm curious enough to at least check out The Lion King but have already lowered my expectations from the last trailer, particularly with Scar. Toy Story 4 I'm sure will be successful too even as a "sequel that didn't need to happen", which doesn't feel all that inspired from the trailers, though can tell there's enough parts I'll enjoy. Frozen 2 I'm really excited for though far as Pixar, especially as one whose tired of seeing all the Frozen hate or hype backlash from how successful it was. The Last Jedi may have sucked, but I urge you not to let it ruin Star Wars for you, especially if episode 9 turns out to be good. Helps at least that J.J. Abrams consulted with George Lucas on the script for ep 9. I think that should be enough to make up for Rian Johnson's mess and have the trilogy end on a high note, like Revenge of the Sith did for the prequels.
  4. Not that I’m excusing or defending it, but these things happen sometimes, and not just with Nintendo servers. Helps that I’m kinda used to or densensitized to these kind of setbacks now, and have plenty else to do or catch up on after being home from work. Waiting till the next day for shit to get fixed isn’t gonna ruin my week.
  5. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    Now that I think about it, seeing a force ghost vs force ghost encounter between Luke and Palpatine would be epic, though doubt they'll go there. And remembering how Darth Plagueis or rather Sidious made such a big deal about the idea of trying to cheat death in episode III, maybe this return of his is what it builds up to. In the old EU, the Sith apparently found a different way from the Jedi to return as spirits, so perhaps Palpatine learned how to do so in the Disney canon as well. Stranger things have happened, but again, I doubt we would be here with him if not for TLJ wasting Snoke's character.
  6. Voice acting being added? That was unexpected, but I look forward to hearing JDF's evil laughter as Tommy/Lord Drakkon, among other things, even if some of it's just recordings of older lines. Trini as a tank kind of fighter is nice as well, in addition to the Dragon Zord looking skin. Also like that they added Billy from the Mighty Morphin reboot movie as one of the free added characters. There will also be a story mode added it seems.
  7. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    Lando was pretty much a given. Fans wanted him back since they brought back the other OT heroes. It wouldn't of been right for people to make him an exception and leave him out of the sequel trilogy entirely, especially while the original actor's still alive, not to mention Lando was well received in/one of the better parts of the Han Solo film. Palpatine on the other hand though I can agree was desperation, but lumping Lando with him doesn't make sense to me. Well since here we are with Palps, I hope they don't copy the EU (expanded universe) with a Palpatine clone, but rather a force ghost made from a Sith ritual or something. They already retconned previous lore stuff for TLJ to happen, like ghost Yoda having lightning, so why not? He could also be just a hologram from a holocron recording or something, but that would be a little too deceptive with the way they teased him... I get why they went with Sidious after Rian Johnson wasted Snoke, as they were in a desperate state after TLJ universally disappointed people, not to mention Kylo alone isn't enough to carry the film as a villain, but still, the idea of Sidious being back in any form kinda takes away from Anakin/Vader's sacrifice and the idea of the whole chosen one prophecy which is my main problem here. The worst part about this trilogy overall is how they made things up as they went along (different directors and conflicting ideas involved) instead of having one coherent vision for a trilogy, like George Lucas had, even though he dropped the ball in other aspects. That said, I'm still curious enough to see episode 9 and how it all ends, though I don't blame anyone still skeptical despite how well put together the trailer was. I thought Rey dodging the ship and jumping over it was pretty meta. Hopefully that's buildup to a lightsaber duel.
  8. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    Knew a trailer was coming today, though wasn’t sure what to expect after TLJ, but this actually looks like a good exciting conclusion. So the hopers were kinda right that the 3rd one would blow the previous two out of the water like with the prequel trilogy.
  9. Ridley Prime

    Disney+ streaming service coming to Switch

    Netflix revolutionized how people watch TV in the modern age, and as a happy user of it for years, I hope its success doesn’t dwindle too badly because of Disney + and the like. Hopefully you’re right though that it’ll be fine. Is clear it won’t be the juggernaut it once was, but competition will surely try and get them to do better, like maybe lower the monthly price back down a bit at a certain point. They could get away with it before but when Disney + boasts a monthly price that’s nearly half of what theirs now, they better watch out. Of course, can see Disney eventually increasing the price once they’ve reeled enough people in and the service has been successful long enough.
  10. Ridley Prime

    Disney+ streaming service coming to Switch

    I'm sure the competition will get the likes of Netflix and Crunchyroll to act sooner than later now far as putting apps out for the Switch. Might try out Disney + sometime just on the price alone, though will also be interesting to see how Netflix holds up and tries to compensate its losses and maintain subscribers, as I don't think it'll go down without a fight. Begun the streaming war has.
  11. Indeed. Symphonia introduced me to the series as well, but like others have said elsewhere, it aged poorly, especially compared to the later Tales games, even if Symphonia is more iconic...
  12. I think the only online aspect Pinball would get in a re-release is leaderboards. FF I could bite just for the aspect of co-op on the Switch, but Blast Ball or slow-mo Rocket League I still don't think I'd gravitate toward. The MPH multiplayer revitalized would be in a league of its own though, and with the age of patches, things that originally existed in the game like Weavel glitching through walls in online multiplayer and other bugs could be fixed and patched in an update. I'd be all over that. As for the Prime Trilogy Switch release, I think Labo VR support would be a strong selling point for it, more-so than other games like Odyssey and BotW just for the 1st person aspect. MP4 could benefit from Labo VR too, if they decide to go there. Otherwise, I think MPT's level of staying power (whether for people newer to Metroid or veterans like us) will be mostly determined by the controls and how they're received. The idea of playing like MP3 with joycons instead of the Wiimote will be a breath of fresh air at least. Will mostly be invested for the new modes and potential character balance changes (not so much Joker), but I do really hope the Smash 3.0 update comes sooner this month as opposed to near the end with other things I have my radar too, but knowing my luck with timing, I can see them waiting that long to put it out. Either way, a Nintendo direct this month would help at least for clarity.
  13. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    Got back from Shazam... Pretty good, though not sure where I rank it among the other DC films yet, but it was fun. Makes me look forward to Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam more now. That'll be something.
  14. Huh, the first game update will give three free characters to make up for initial lack of content. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/04/nway_adding_three_free_characters_to_power_rangers_battle_for_the_grid
  15. Continuing from the Best Buy "leak"... I want to bulieeeeve!