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  1. Huh... Still haven't seen Birds of Prey due to being busy with other things for awhile, but I lowkey still want to see it, though could go either way at this point as far as while it's still at the cinema. The Sonic film I have similar feelings on, but glad it's doing well. Surpassed Detective Pikachu in opening weekend sales even. Fans needn't make it a Pokemon/Nintendo vs Sonic/Sega thing though. I'd just be glad that we well killed the video game movie curse, for now at least.
  2. Weavel I'm used to thinking of as more cybernetic than robotic, and thus Ghor was the first that came to mind for me with Metroid, but I guess he fits that mold too. Like Weavel more anyway. Other than that, Metal Face easily. There's likely other examples from other series too that I'm not thinking of at the moment...
  3. This is the first time Nintendo's actually exposed a leaker publicly, to my memory. Not sure how to feel about it.
  4. Fair enough. I guess I speak more from experience when I have a friend whose a good competitive Zelda which is a tough matchup for any of my characters, as I don't main like one of the rushdowns that would normally destroy her. The zoners were already strong and rampant on wifi, and now this patch made them stronger. Eh, could be worse I suppose.
  5. Should be pointed out too I guess that Zelda now has a pretty much insta shield break setup with the phantom knight. I don't agree with her getting as much buffs as she had gotten this update; compared to other characters she hardly needed them. Her f-tilt can kill at like 80% now even.
  6. Wasn't really gonna comment on the Zelda ass thing initially, but thanks I hate it now. Ganondorf: First time, Ridley?
  7. Carmilla can get fucked, Hector deserves happiness.
  8. I can’t support this movie in good conscience.
  9. As far as what other ground-pounds can instantly break shields like that, I guess Bowser's obviously, but he's a heavy who you have more time to react to, so you should get shield broken if you allowed it to be hit by that. I don't know who else's can, but Yoshi's was eye opening. Maybe it's a sign the game is telling us to not sleep on doing parries. Hopefully it gets fixed either way. And sorry... but kinda laughed at this. Byleth just seems average as far as the meta, but I'll take another fair and balanced DLC character over the top tiers that was SSB4's DLC which people often retorted as pay to win and stuff.
  10. A New Hope was remade... In 1997. Fact remains, the X cliffhanger left plenty Fusion fans wanting more, and they’re as valid in what they want as the remake gatekeepers.
  11. Uh oh, that needs to be fixed. Unfortunate side effect with some of the shield changes.
  12. It holds weight coming from Tyranogre since he’s an FE fan. *shrug*
  13. https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/48674 Pretty mixed on the balance changes. On one hand, ZSS down B and Palutena nair nerfs are nice, but on the other hand, some of my worst matchups (namely with the zoners) just got even worse. Will have to play more patiently I guess.