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  1. That reminds me, one last thing on Leto... Karma came full circle I guess.
  2. Probably being the biggest crossover game series of all time, if not arguably the biggest crossover ever (move aside MCU), so it makes people that much more loud and passionate about wanting to see a dream character of theirs included. Individual devs are guilty of trying to bother Sakurai or whoever to put their character in Smash too, since it'd be free marketing for them, though lets not pretend Marvel vs Capcom didn't get a lot of drama with like Infinite and stuff.
  3. Yeah. Looking at that scene again, it sucks for the Smash character support accounts who were innocent and didn’t tag developers or anything but were still called out like that. Can understand the Harada fans taking joy at seeing that though.
  4. Great improvement for the movie Sonic design if this is legit.
  5. Has been awhile since I’ve been hyped at a movie being this successful. Guess it helps that it’s not something under the Disney banner, so is refreshing in that sense.
  6. So I hear that for the next Blizzcon, Blizzard plans to try and fan the flames by revealing most of the things they had hidden, like the rumored/leaked Overwatch 2 that I posted about earlier, maybe another Starcraft or port of some kind; that kind of anticipated stuff... Still, no matter what, don't let them live down the China situation. Resist the hype culture if you have to.
  7. Kind of a troll move, but fans made Mei a symbol of the resistance, knowing full well that her VA is pro China.
  8. It is unfortunate after how long people wanted the game on the Switch, but now it'll probably fail as a port due to the timing.
  9. https://www.nme.com/news/film/joaquin-phoenix-says-hes-open-potential-joker-sequel-2555233 Yes please. Whether it’s connected to the DCCU or is its own separate universe, I don’t care. Make it happen!
  10. Shield seems like the better version for me if I was to pick my poison.
  11. So... Anyone caught wind of the whole Blizzard and China/Hong Kong thing recently? This needs to be talked about if anything.
  12. Sorry Leto... You just didn't work out, so you're being recalled.
  13. I wonder how a certain Nsider I used to know, Rapidash321, would've felt about all this... The Galar Rapidash is interesting too if nothing else. Not sure if its type was already revealed, but the Pontya being revealed to be a full psychic type felt kinda off to me. I'm partial to psychic/fire as a dual type, but suppose that would've been a bit much to hope for, despite Ponyta's original type.
  14. Fair point. It’s just assuming this is a standalone film and separate from the rest of the DCCU (no way can I relate this Joker to the Suicide Squad one or anything), the Bruce cameo/tie-in wouldn’t feel the most necessary, but I won’t complain how they made the connection which was still clever.