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  1. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Even the differences in Dark Samus' morph ball bombs and missiles I'm surprisingly impressed with, for an echo anyway. She does seem preferable to the OG Samus, who was made worse and worse after Melee, intentionally or not. This tidbit on SSB4 Samus spoke for itself... Other than that, the influx in fan art of Dark Samus (along with K. Rool) has been pretty refreshing, whom of course hasn't had some good/notable ones in years, though goes without saying that anyone who gets in Smash will become more on the radar for fan artists anywhere. Even for it having been over two months, the amount of fan art Ridley gets now compared to before still feels surreal. It makes celebrating whoever becomes a playable fighter that much more fun. Speaking of fan-made material, enjoying the codecs that this channel's been dishing out, which makes me even more hopeful that Smash will be back on top with them in Ultimate, whether it's the Snake/MGS or Palutena/KI-based codecs, or both. The channel has ones of Snake reacting to most of Ultimate's newcomers so far too of course, but those ones I found a bit more clever and original since they were less expected.
  2. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    If K. Rool had popularity in Japan (which he does), I’m pretty sure Banjo of all things would as well. Helps too that Phil Spencer at Microsoft is a cool guy whose on friendly terms with Nintendo that is totally open to like Banjo being in Smash, iirc. Never really had attachment to Banjo myself, but would be happy for the fans if he got in. Can certainly see him getting in over any other Western created character (including some Western 3rd parties I’d like/prefer to have) at this point, at the very least. After we got Ryu (with Ken now being speculated as an echo), Scorpion with Sub-Zero as an echo became my long shot 3rd party wish, but like that would happen. lol Doomguy I could fancy too if they had the appropriate means of toning him down, but he’s also a stretch. Geno I’m not as optimistic on as Banjo, but could see him happening as well. Sylux could still be DLC for Ultimate to coincide with Prime 4, but if he became an assist trophy like @IU suggested, it’d be just as well at this point I suppose. At least in the future he would have absolutely no competition for a Metroid newcomer spot, with Ridley and Dark Samus included and out of the way now.
  3. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    Came out last weekend but now that I finally got to see Christopher Robin, loved it. Was magical seeing not only Winnie the Pooh and friends successfully translated to live action in the current age, but as expected from the trailer, it was a sweet film about an innocent little bear kinda helping his childhood friend through the struggles of adulthood. Jim Cummings back at voicing Pooh was heartwarming all the way through, and Ewan McGregor was good for his role as the titular character too.
  4. Ridley Prime

    Doom series thread

    Silent protagonist badassery 101.
  5. Okay, I guess Let's Go was compensating for what was previously bad design. I honestly didn't have that much trouble with the Surge cans myself, but they were definitely worse designed than I remembered. Then again, I guess that was gen 1 in a nutshell, and to some extent, gen 2.
  6. Ridley Prime

    Doom series thread

    That didn't take long... Since the ship eventually kinda sailed far as me rebuying Doom 2016 for the Switch, I can definitely consider getting Doom Eternal on the system since it'll be new for me, tho with an amazing looking sequel like that, am not too picky as to what platform I get it on personally.
  7. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    While I don't think Dark Samus' status in Smash will change Tanabe's mind on being done with her in the Prime sub-series, it will at least be interesting to see what content her amiibo could provide for Prime 4 or anything in the future. I could see a Dark Samus amiibo unlocking a bonus harder mode, like what the Metroid amiibo unlocked for Samus Returns, but who knows. Not sure about anyone else, but me wanting Dark Samus in Smash again was mainly due to the initial distaste of Dark Pit's inclusion and how little effort I felt there was with him, and to prove that Dark Samus would be a better & more unique doppelganger from a moveset perspective, and sure enough, she turned out to be, despite some of the similarities she shares with Samus due to her echo fighter status, but gotta take what you can get. Now K. Rool, his resurgence to fame with Smash will cement a return for the next mainline DK games. Nintendo won't bury him again with the level of popularity that finally brought him back. Dark Samus will at least get to live on within Smash despite being dead canonically, which I like to think most fans of her would be happy enough with; still being around, but not overstaying her welcome. But ya know, if there's one character I wouldn't mind returning to Metroid or Prime 4 as a probably indirect result of appearing in Smash (again), it's Kraid. With the return of the Brainstar Depths stage, he looks as good as ever in HD. His model for Melee hadn't aged too well, but it was pretty much all he had aside from later appearing in Zero Mission and then... nothing, so this stage with him returning is a godsend for the underdog lizard boss. There's Mewtwo as well if you count him as a villain (well, Smash pretty much does). Regardless, that's pretty much the consensus for a Subspace successor, which I agree on, even if I don't quite see it happening again, but is fun to think of now.
  8. But don't worry, you don't have to use your brain to get to Lt Surge this time. We'll just color the puzzle for you...!
  9. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Plenty good villain bromance fan art there’s been after today and I guess will continue to be. Fitting for these two particularly in the sense they were both made into memes by the internet and where they are now.
  10. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    No more Pyrosphere is at least assured at this point. It will not be missed, tho yeah, PokeFloats is a loss, but plenty other things to make up for it.
  11. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Not just Belmont, but K. Rool, and more?! This game's gonna be legendary. On that note, Congrats fam. It took at least well over a decade for both our characters, but dreams do come true... And now you get to live with this! ... It's still surreal to think we're getting the roster that Nsider would've killed for back in the day...
  12. Ridley Prime

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    The way Smash 4 "died" at that EVO grand finale with the crowd booing and leaving makes me even more hopeful that Bayonetta will get the nerfs she needs for Ultimate, because if she's still as broken, then Ultimate I fear won't get too much of a chance to take off competitively, and it'll just be Melee or something in the future like usual. I don't know, but this was a sad end to a game (SSB4) if I ever saw one.
  13. Ridley Prime

    Disney-Fox, "a done deal."

    Looks about right I guess.
  14. Ridley Prime

    Disney-Fox, "a done deal."

    They're not wrong.
  15. Ridley Prime

    Disney-Fox, "a done deal."

    Yeah, forgive me if I’m still not crazy on the idea of paying for another streaming service. It’s fine as it is with Netflix, but they’re greedy fucks, yadayada.