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  1. The movie’s… okay. Enjoyed the main show more though.
  2. When I first saw the obscure shit they put on NES/SNES online in earlier updates my first thought was "Oh it’s cool of them to highlight some underrated titles”, but it seems to be more about them just grabbing things they can easily license than it is them trying to put more decent games on the service. And I don't even care about Earthbound or Super Mario RPG. Just it would be nice if some more recognizable 3rd parties were added to the service, but I get why some are not.
  3. Oof… Had noticed NoJ and such tweeted about it, but not NoA, and probably for the reasons mentioned. Unless the intern running the NoA account is just late on posting about it for some reason.
  4. Had seen others bring up that possibility, but don’t care too much either way at this point. Plus there’s so many versions of Goku, not one incarnation would satisfy everyone. You know what else aired on Nick but isn’t a Nick property? Power Rangers, but people don’t think of things like that, just the big things like Dragon Ball.
  5. Not sure if you saw this part earlier, but
  6. Oh, Switch isn’t the platform I have SoR4 on, so I can’t say as far as that. But yeah, it’s something they’ll working to get fixed.
  7. So the DLC for this came out yesterday. Didn’t see the new achievements at first but they’re there, and the new characters (Estel and SoR4 Max & Shiva) and survival mode is pretty good. Update also gave a new training tutorial mode which is good for learning combos, as well as color alts for the main characters now. Estel’s gameplay is brutal and fire, Max racks up damage pretty quick especially with the power slide, and of course Shiva and those air combos. After you get the DLC, you can also unlock Roo the kangaroo (SoR 3 version) as a hidden character by highlighting Story o
  8. Gaming reminding you that it's largely a copycat industry.
  9. Yeah, rollback is for the few NES/SNES games that have 2 player online from what’s been said. Before I learned it, had noticed when playing some of them with a friend that there was seemingly no input lag or anything like with actual Switch games, but figured it was because those were just older games. Could be part of the reason though, in that they were easier to implement rollback for because those games are ancient in comparison. So if like Nintendo’s biggest online Switch games never get rollback, I’ll understand, but would at least like there to be an attempt, ya know? Especial
  10. A video that briefly explains rollback better than I can put it into words. And yeah, I use a wired lan adapter for Switch, which definitely helps circumvent the otherwise bad online. The only downside is that the slower of the routers connected in a session determines the bandwidth speed since it's still peer-to-peer, but better than dealing with the other issues you would have while playing wireless. Some other fighting games got rollback in a later update. For what it's worth too, SNES games on Switch online apparently have rollback, so it's n
  11. So with another Smash esque rival that is Nickelodeon All Stars and it boasting rollback netcode, it begs the question, should Sakurai try again with it or step up their online game somehow? Even if it’s bare minimum improvements like an invite feature added which was later given to Super Mario Party. Rollback is something most current fighting games don’t still have either to be fair, and it took a pandemic for devs to begin to realize how important good netcode is, but I don’t know. Feel they could still win more people over with some quality of life touches after the last chara
  12. They also could've revealed the last two characters of FP2 at E3 like how they've done a double reveal at other E3's (Hero and Banjo), but here we are. They wanted to stretch it out as long as possible till the end. Even if the last character wasn't as ready or finished to be out as Kazuya, they still could've shown a little bit of it; the bare minimum amount, but I guess they figure nothing keeps discussion for a game going like speculation, though am ready for this to be over. And we still got four characters last year despite covid (though Byleth was before the world went to shi
  13. From what I've seen, the people who haven't reached the acceptance phase do mental gymnastics with “Sakurai’s been flippant on things before, so nothing he says can be true or taken at face value!”, but it's been long enough. By standards of how long fighting games are supported with DLC, Ultimate had a pretty good run, and I hope that's how it is with any Smash going forward despite how the base roster is; DLC is to be expected with any such game now regardless. I like how in this, Ultimate's among the middle; not too long, not too short, but just right.
  14. That observation is hardly exclusive to /v/. Smash always ends on a whimper after getting its most hype reveals out of the way first. With 1st parties, it's usually only hype for me if it's ones people asked and begged for for awhile, and those kind remaining are lost in the shuffle now. It's just obligatory 1st party advertising for current games at this point, which is why I tend to prefer the 3rd party spam now. I largely prefer Ultimate's 3rd parties to Smash 4's too; even the 3rd parties Sakurai likes that I don't particularly care for I take over flavor of the month 1st party
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