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  1. Nintendo Labo's a creative product (even if I don't think it's really for me), so I feel a bit bad for laughing at its expense, but that story there's hilarious.
  2. Super Mario Odyssey

    Getting the timing and position (with the scooter under the rope) down right as you start is the tricky part, but once you get a start, it's simple af all the way to 100.
  3. Super Mario Odyssey

    I made the jumprope part easier for myself by grabbing that vehicle scooter or whatever and getting it into position under the rope before starting and hopping with it. It was kinda cheating in a way but eh, was in the game...
  4. Doom Review

    Cyberdemon pretty much always steals the show (though I prefer when there’s only one of him in a whole game/campaign, as having multiple cheapens his presence as a boss), but Spider Mastermind was overdue to return as a boss as well... Kinda see it as a Ridley and Mother Brain comparison, oddly enough. =p
  5. BlazBlue CTB announced for Switch!

    Hm... https://www.reddit.com/r/Blazblue/comments/7q510i/psa_regarding_bbtags_pricing_you_likely_have_to/?st=JCE48NWB&sh=a8e9e047 Well, more info in time should give a better idea on whether or when to get this. With the other upcoming games on my radar, I have no problem waiting for an extended/complete edition anyway (regardless of the platform I get it on) if it comes to that.
  6. BlazBlue CTB announced for Switch!

    Literally half the roster is DLC (far as RWBY, Blake is DLC, while Yang is nowhere to be seen yet)... Will be waiting awhile on getting this now, tbh.
  7. Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.18

    I’m glad Tropical Freeze got ported. Was waiting for that to happen, though still feel I’m good with my Wii U copy. Funky Kong being like another easy mode of sorts doesn’t really entice me to get it again. Now to wait for the Star Fox Zero port with fixed controls...
  8. Smash DLX / 5: what happens now?

    Mechanically, SSB4 is still robust which is why I’d be fine with an enhanced port, hopefully with some what could’ve been DLC additions. Not sure how much I’d play it in the long run though. After the 3DS and Wii U releases, the Smash fatigue is still kinda there for me. Of course, a new game could still interest me more depending on what it has to offer. I hate characters getting cut, especially when they tend to be ones that were my favorites in the previous game, but with new Smash entries I’ve kinda just had to accept that as a possibility, even though no one usually wants cuts to happen.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey

    With Luigi, even more glad I didn’t rush to 100% the game now. Look forward to any future content Odyssey gets, however much or little it is.
  10. General movie discussion

    At least this looks worth watching in comparison... May actually go see. The nostalgia is there for the Batman and Scooby gang teamup.
  11. General movie discussion

    ... This cartoon is getting a movie, at the cinemas. I'm sure it'll make money; TTG has to have a decent sized target audience for it to be around as long as it has, but as one who liked the original Teen Titans show (to a certain point), this still hurts.
  12. Nintendo files a trademark for 1080°

    The Wii brand was the death or graveyard for a lot of those niche IP's, even though some like Wave Race could've been taken advantage of with the hardware as pointed out... I played the hell out of the first Wave Race on the 64 but didn't really get to play Blue Storm for Gamecube. 1080 I didn't play that much either, but with it here now, maybe there is hope for some of Nintendo's old racing series (that isn't Mario Kart) after all...
  13. Super Mario Odyssey

    Fair critique. I love the game and have over 2/3 of the moons, enjoying what I experienced of the post-game thus far, but the overabundance of them doesn't make me feel that enticed to 100% it as other games would, even though I still plan to do so someday.
  14. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    Oh yeah, there was that... Sorry to hear. But yeah, spread that news wherever you can so that hopefully more senators get calls by others to save NN. This time we be taking the fight to them with our votes, not the corrupt FCC’s.
  15. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    Reminder that it's not over...