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  1. Comments disabled predictably, but the main thing that stood out to me was rollback, though NASB had that too. Bigger corporations don't care about robust internet/netcode, while smaller companies and indies do because it's one of their main selling points. Took me awhile, but slowly but surely added Slingshot and some of its variations to my gameplay and applied to some real matches. While it's basically a fancier if not easier way of turning around or doing turnaround attacks, as an advanced nuanced tech it did feel as meta changing as it was initially hyped up to be. Basically, wavedashing is to Melee as slingshot is to Ultimate. Mostly every Smash game has had some kind of defining thing though when you think about it... Smash 64: Jank, lots of it Melee: Wavedashing Brawl: Tripping Smash 4: Perfect Pivot Ultimate: Slingshot Oh, and I'm glad Smash is actually getting consistent competition, with the platform fighter genre it started expanding now. Also means with any future game, Smash can't just rest on its laurels and will have to keep up somehow. Thankfully a mechanic like tripping should never happen again with any such game. It certainly wouldn't fly now, but it was bad even back then with Brawl, designed only to screw you over and allow the opponent to randomly get a free shot in, or vice-versa but a momentary win that didn't feel earned.
  2. Shows that most unfortunately just mindlessly consume things even if the value of what they’re getting isn’t worth the price. Not surprised though.
  3. Yep, one of the guards Rey was maneuvering around, their weapon just conveniently disappeared mid fight. From what I just looked up of said episode of Visions, I can believe it was done better there. Also, while I normally don't care much for lego games, I have to say the recent Lego Star Wars game that covers all three trilogies did The Last Jedi much better than the film did. Just looking at a video of the gameplay, you get to even play as Luke while fighting off Kylo Ren during their encounter on Crait. I think that was my favorite planet aesthetically out of the sequel trilogy, despite the disappointing climax TLJ had. Anyway, they actually have a duel there where Luke can take damage and deals damage to Ren, which was how it should've been in the film. Battlefront 2's story did Luke and pretty much everyone better than TLJ as well. Despite the initial controversy that game had at launch in 2017, it easily became one of my favorite Star Wars games as it got better over time with the updates, especially after its final update in 2020. Kylo Ren was probably my most played dark side character in the game aside from Grievous and Vader. Ren and all the sequel characters had good gameplay and unique abilities like everyone else, which gave me more attachment to them than I would've gotten from the films alone. To be honest, I was already having dwindling interest in mainline Pokemon games as time went on, and definitely not $60 interested for one now. Things that happened like Dexit only made me feel I jumped ship at the right time. I'm sure I could play Pokemon Sword/Shield or any mainline game after (the Diamond/Pearl remake, etc) and enjoy some aspects of them, but why would I when there's other games and stuff out there I know I'd enjoy and come back to much more during my free time? With Pokemon games though, you know what you're getting at least. I wouldn't of saw The Last Jedi in theaters if I had known it would be as bad as it was, though I think I still would've been curious enough to see it sometime after on TV. TLJ was one of the only times I had a regretful theater investment, and came out happy from TROS in comparison.
  4. Pretty much. Is unfortunate that the fierce criticism the prequels got led to a disheartened George Lucas selling the IP before he did the sequel trilogy himself. There were a lot of problems between him and fans besides the prequels though that led to him leaving. In fact he fought fans every step of the way; making the original unedited trilogy unavailable for re-release which is nigh impossible to find now, giving The Phantom Menace another theatrical release but in 3D which no one cared for, etc. While there's hindsight appreciation for the prequels now because nostalgia, the criticism for them when they first came out was more or less as fierce as what the sequels got. It's easier to find hate for the sequels now because of social media, but how the prequels were treated by fans when forums were still mainstream was just as severe. I remember both the original Nsider & NS2 and other forum sties often getting heated when it came to discussing the quality of the prequels, and those who even remotely liked them were usually flamed. Is also unfortunate how most of the cast of the prequels and sequels ended up having a downhill career after or just took a lease from acting altogether, whether because of fans or movie critics. Star Wars is kind of a cursed movie series beyond the original trilogy, despite the other material & spinoffs it got as shows and other media to more or less make up for the disappointment of the prequel and sequel trilogies. The sequels definitely did more damage though. Lucas had written of a script for that trilogy which he handed to Disney, but they only used certain details from it for the films while the rest was their own doing, which lacked a roadmap itself. This trilogy had been waited on for like 40 years too after Return of the Jedi, and with what we got from it, it makes sense to be more cynical or disheartened from it than with anything we had gotten from the series prior. The Force Awakens was liked alright enough as a start, but afterward it took a nosedive that it could never recover from. Oh, going back to a Pokemon comparison? Well TFA still mostly took from A New Hope, which isn't dissimilar to how Pokemon started endlessly pandering to gen 1 (giving most of the Pokemon from gen 1 various new forms, etc) which was when it started going downhill for fans. Appealing to nostalgia can only go so far before it gets tiresome.
  5. The Last Jedi still had the worst choreography by far. Even seeing the the film like a 2nd time some years ago, I was more annoyed at how bad the choreography and editing was with the fight scene against Snoke's guards than I was there not being an actual lightsaber duel itself. Outside of cinematography in some other scenes, TLJ just had no redeeming qualities. TROS's choreography, while not the best, still felt like a step up for me in comparison. Honestly though, Ray Park as Darth Maul gave probably the best lightsaber choreography by far out of any live action Star Wars fight scene. Suppose it's not saying much given how infamous he is for his fight work compared to the other Star Wars actors, but still. As far as the Pokemon and Star Wars comparison, I guess I have similar distaste towards Junichi Masuda and Kathleen Kennedy as the heads of modern Pokemon and Star Wars respectively. I feel the latter's improvement on Disney+ after the sequel trilogy wasn't really because of her, but in spite of her. We still got a mess of a trilogy because of her at the end of the day which won’t be so easily forgotten/forgiven even with current great shows… But it’s a start. Oh, I didn't have that much left to say from our current PM conversation, but after looking it up when you asked about it, found that the thing about Darth Vader killing Watto was clickbait that I had been tricked by with a youtube video thumbnail implying it. Watto's fate from what I looked up and could tell, was more ambiguous, although I don't doubt Vader would kill him if they had crossed paths again.
  6. So does that mean there’s going to be a Harley Barbie toyline?
  7. It occurred to me if the DS line was ever on the table for NSO, that they'd have to bring back the online play of said DS games for people to give a damn, which I think they'd do given the online play that the other multiplayer games of SNES/SNES, etc have had on NSO. Metroid Prime Hunters online being back would be much rejoiced. As far as GBA NSO is concerned, Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission (particularly Fusion) would get me to sign up day 1, depending on the price of the new service tier. Beyond my usual Metroid favoritism though, how the GB/GBA library overall looks from the start would determine how soon I'd invest in it if it was a reasonable price. The N64 library was pathetically small with the games it started out with, especially for the price it demanded. The emulation/online issues brought up didn't help either, but Game Boy games would be easier to emulate by nature. And yeah, potential pricing aside, my biggest concern is whether Nintendo ever ups the features or quality of their online. With Sony and Xbox you get what you pay for in terms of value, but Nintendo's still in the stone age in comparison when it comes to good & stable online, which is another reason I find the $50 for N64 online outrageous aside from the 64 and Genesis alone not matching the value of $50 for many people. If they become even bolder with the pricing while still giving very little in return, I'll continue giving them the middle finger.
  8. I think the reason older/retro games on the eshop aren't really a thing anymore is because of the diminishing returns Nintendo saw from people buying those games individually on their previous systems' stores, and saw that people now would sooner sign up for a subscription service where those games would be included. Plus, if those games were sold on the Switch eshop, it would make them being included with Switch Online far less enticing. Imagine too if Super Metroid for example wasn't included in the SNES library of NSO but you could only buy it on the eshop; people would be rightfully mad at that as well. It's an all or nothing kind of thing between buying or renting as it were. If Super Metroid (using it as an example again) were included on both the eshop and the NSO library, most would still just go with the NSO library option instead of paying for it individually. It would be nice to have the option of both buying or renting digitally for certain games though, but it's an economics thing, especially when it would still be a license and not physical copies of said games.
  9. If I was some big Splatoon fan, I would've gotten that $20 pass back in 2018. I'm finding it amusing how desperate they are to add artificial value to NSO EP. If it already had enough people subscribing to it like the original online plan, they wouldn't be adding these things to it as incentives. They'd probably put in Smash's two fighter passes at this rate. They really want more people to buy the EP, but I'm not budging as it currently is. At this point they're better off just lowering the price of the expansion pack or better yet, making it part of the original online pass. Obviously not gonna happen, I know, but the original by itself already wasn't that popular. Nothing short of the Game Boy/Advance rumors will earn back some goodwill for me, and even that's not guaranteed to get me to upgrade my online plan. Depends on how they do it.
  10. Wasn't sure whether to make a separate thread for this, but since this has pretty much become the Nintendo controversy thread, I guess it's whatever. The bullshit with the Joycon case aside, this has also been an interesting development. Along with the followups with people slowly coming out of the woodwork now that they're no longer under NDA. It does honestly make Nintendo's anti-union propaganda in Odyssey more telling in hindsight.
  11. Not taking it at face value, but if it’s real and becomes part of like the NSO expansion, it may make it worth getting for me, unlike the N64 and Genesis alone. Depends on certain factors though.
  12. Based on all the apparent strengths Federation Force has as a single player game, I know now I would've felt better about it to begin with had it been marketed that way; maybe have an option too where you're a solo Federation marine instead of part of a group of four, and as such would've been an easier decision on me getting the game (despite other things I was iffy on like the art style), compared to how conflicted I was on whether or not to buy at first with how it was presented; after waiting to see more of FF awhile, ended up not feeling interested enough to get it, but I genuinely wanted to like it despite everything. I try not to be insular about something I haven't fully experienced, but is good to know FF won't be losing nearly as much of the experience as I originally thought once the servers go. The hackers and exploiters of Hunters online did making losing it more bearable at the time, but there's still the bittersweet nostalgia of something gone that one can no longer experience, and it's not like Hunters online was hated from day 1. There were still good times to be had for people who played it before it got worse from those other things. Of course, point remains that if we got a Hunters kind of game now, patches would fix most if not all of that stuff... It's strange to look back on in hindsight, but I used to like the idea of co-op in Metroid, until I realized the series elements that would be lost with it. Back on the OG Nsider, I had made a thread talking about the idea of a spinoff game or mode involving co-op, and most of the replies I got were "Samus works alone", aside from me getting flamed for even suggesting the idea, which resulted in me being aggressive back. This ironically would foreshadow how Federation Force would end up being received and/or fought over amongst fans. That thread was before we had Prime 3 and Other M though that showed Samus can work with a group too even though she's more commonly proficient solo, but even with those two game examples, the isolation factor was lost to a not insignificant degree with her being part of a group. Even now, I find the idea of Samus working with a fellow hunter or something more interesting on paper for a co-op experience than a group of Federation marines to be honest, but that's just me. For a Samus-less Metroid gameplay experience though, I think it would've been more bold if Federation Force didn't have her at all. Would've preferred that to fighting her as a mind controlled end boss or just her being there as an overpowered NPC. Her presence feels like half-baked fanservice at best when you can’t play as her, and with any spinoff where you don’t play as her, it’s okay for said game to be completely independent of her. If co-op is ever attempted with Metroid again though, I think it should mainly just be for an extra PvE kind of mode where you fight waves of various enemies together on different maps with fellow players, as opposed to it being part of the main adventure mode for a game. For multiplayer versus, aside from Samus and other hunters, I also see some potential with different variants of Federation marines vs different kinds of Space Pirates, where one could play and choose either side. While I'm here and I guess to steer more back on topic, this was my first boss rush times. Not bad for not having played the game in months. Now that I know you can slide under a Chozo robot's charge shot and parry though, will shave some time off should I try the mode again sometime.
  13. Saw that the boss rush update released earlier. Practiced on it a bit while brushing off my rustiness, and then doing a full run under 25 minutes or so. The mode's alright. Not as repetitive as I thought despite having a couple of the Aurora Units for you to fight in between, but honestly, after seeing all the speedrun and sequence break tricks against the bosses in this game earlier on, the boss rush mode doesn't really enhance the experience with them at all. You have a set number of missiles & energy tanks and certain powerups for each fight, so no Screw Attack against Escue or anything sequence breaky like that, and if you're trying to get a good time record in your boss rush run, some like Drogyga and Escue will kill a lot of that time. Would've thought there would be a leaderboards for this kind of thing too, even though there's always taking a screenshot of your time. But I do give props to them for having a Dread mode difficulty of boss rush. Of course you have to beat Dread mode in the first place to be able to unlock it, so will be awhile before I get to try that if I ever do.
  14. That's fair. I know the issue I addressed is basically the same problem with all online multiplayer games in general (once the servers go), but it hurts more with Metroid since we only get a game every 5 years or so on average, and only two of those games out of the whole series had online multiplayer, since Metroid was born as a single player series. I just think if anymore Metroid games at all were to have multiplayer, it should be longer lasting. I would say leave multiplayer out of like the mainline Prime games (I know Prime 2 had a split screren multiplayer but it was an afterthought) but for another Hunters type of game, have at it. A Hunters esque game on Switch or any similarly successful system would be fairly successful on its own. With Dread having come out recently and Prime 4 still being in the works (far as we know), we shouldn't get a Federation Force situation again; a spinoff ought to be more welcome in that atmosphere than after Other M + a hiatus.
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