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  1. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    Looks like Luke Cage got put on the chopping block as well. https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2459819/luke-cage-cancelled-after-two-seasons-on-netflix Given how LC season 2 ended, it's not as painful as Iron Fist's cancellation was for me in hindsight, the latter of which actually ended on an awesome cliffhanger, but still sucks. Jessica Jones had a solid first season, but season 2 I hated through and through, so if she still gets a season 3 while those other two don't, it's gonna be a bittersweet experience for me. At least an eventual Punisher season 2 will remedy that though. edit: According to the reasons for Luke Cage being cancelled, So, it's definitely an issue between Marvel and Netflix. Could still end up with IF, LC, and such once Disney gets their streaming stuff sorted, but I don't see Disney going all dark and gritty like with Daredevil. Shame, as I appreciated the more mature tone done right that was prevalent with Netflix's Marvel.
  2. Ridley Prime

    Top scary movies for Halloween 2018?

    Aside from what I said for a new film... Bruce Campbell in the classics like Evil Dead 1, 2, and Army of Darkness. Can’t go wrong there.
  3. Ridley Prime

    Top scary movies for Halloween 2018?

    The new Halloween, return of a classic.
  4. Ridley Prime

    Soul Calibur 6

    Well, time to start playing some till I have work later. Also, this came with my copy.~
  5. Ridley Prime

    WTF of the day

    The result of Ridley snapping his neck in his Ultimate reveal trailer, followed by Villager taking his axe to the corpse’ head. Mario: It’s a me still! Sorry to disappoint!
  6. Ridley Prime

    Rank the Metroid Games

    MercurySteam used the engine of their Castlevania LoS: Mirror of Fate game (also debuted on 3DS) for Samus Returns, which is fine, but it shows. The Aeion abilities I definitely wouldn't mind being a staple for future 2.5D sidescrollers, assuming there's some new ones that either add on to or replace one or two of the ones introduced in MSR. Maybe make the counter system not as pivotal though, I don't know. Referring to the drilling robot (Diggernaut) ? .... Didn't do this at first since the original post didn't say or specify to do so, but since enough others have added a certain description or explanation to their ranking list for each game, guess I'll do the same here. Metroid Prime - Super Metroid: Although I feel Prime had aged better, realized after thinking more that I can't unanimously put it above Super, when both had a similar strength impact on me shortly following their debut. Super Metroid was what first introduced me to the series when I got my SNES as a youngin' (the game was packaged with said system), and while I wasn't expecting there to be another game at the time (for good reason apparently when Super Metroid was originally intended to be the last one, as a trilogy), it left its mark on me throughout the rest of the SNES lifecycle and even during the N64 when Metroid was nowhere to be seen outside of Samus in the original Smash Bros. Then Prime came along and solidified me as a fan for life in addition to Fusion. A Prime or 3D/1st person game on the 64 in general wouldn't of aged too well, so am fine Metroid missed out during gaming's first 3D era. I consider Prime as fortunate to have debuted on the Gamecube, and later had its controls improved on the Wii port. I've acknowledged Prime's flaws time and again, but Metroid's successful jump to 3D has still made it stick with me ever since, while Super represented the pinnacle of innovation with the sidescrollers. Even if Prime's legacy never tops the original for me, that's okay. I'm sure I'll still love Prime 4 and whatever comes after for their own merits. Metroid Fusion- Apart from what was already said about my speedruns and such which made it one of my most replayed games (linearity gripes be damned), have a soft spot for Fusion for all the horror elements it had, complemented by the X having the most freakish mutations of anything they devoured, not to mention giving us a sleeker new Samus who fans would still like to see more of. Fusion sequel when? Metroid Prime Hunters- While I wasn't really into online at the time and thus didn't experience its online multiplayer, the more random nature of the single player with enemy spawns and different paths you can take with the order of which you collect the Octoliths, made it more replayable for me long run than I original thought it would. Also have to give it credit for expanding the lore in ways the other games did not, not to mention meeting a lot of Metroid fans who were first drawn to the series by that game, @IU included. The hunter affinity weapons were to put it simply, unique, and a welcome deviation from Samus' standard powerup kit which doesn't happen often enough. You can only have so many flavors of the wave beam, plasma beam, etc in games before it starts to get stale. Have plenty to thank this game for, all things considered, and if MPH ever got some kind of port that had its online return, I'd definitely try it out. Zero Mission- One of the other very sequence breakable games of the series, with multiple different endings, on top of being a solid remake of the original game with a memorable new epilogue. Metroid Pinball- As good as one could expect from Metroid Prime being recreated as a pinball game, which I had a solid number of hours with. I defended it during the pre-release skepticism just on how fun it looked which it quite well turned out to be. Seems it wasn't that successful but glad this got to be Metroid's first actual spinoff (especially for the soundtrack). Shame there wasn't any pinball sequel games as a result though. Samus Returns- Everything I've already said about it in this thread aside, feel it deserves to be ranked at least this high (or maybe a little lower depending on how much more I end up enjoying AM2R after completing it) for bringing goodwill and faith back to the series after 2016's poorly timed & marketed spinoff. Props to the game also for making Gamma Metroids more engaging than I remember them being in the original, and the Omega Metroids being a definite improvement over any previous appearance as tough bruisers who keep you on your toes. Prime 3- Repetitive grapple beam/lasso and overpowered Phazon mechanics made this less remarkable for me as time went on, but I still give it credit for things like making more use of the gunship than other games, which I hope to see expanded on more in the future, after MP3 gave us the ship grapple and ship missiles. The three hunters were pretty likable characters, but wasted potential, and had a rushed ending to Dark Samus to top it off, though have had plenty time to move on, and be ready for a mainline sequel without Phazon. Prime 2- The Ing were interesting, but not as compelling for me as the X were for a possessive parasitic species, but I enjoyed the Luminoth and their technology/creations. Nothing to really say about the beam ammo system or portal hopping/light & dark world that hasn't already been said. Just convoluted to progress through and thus not that replayable for me, but still a solid game. Metroid Blast- This game made me excited for the potential of Metroid on the Wii U, even if said potential was never met since the system was a dud (Nintendo's biggest failure out of any system of theirs I had gotten) that was too risky to have something more niche like Metroid on, but I don't regret experiencing it still. Loved every level it had for the most part. Just wish the co-op had online too, but y'know. I would say I'd welcome a spiritual successor of sorts for Metroid Blast, but I suppose we already got that in the form of Federation Force. Other M- Initially this used to be among my top 5 at least, but the main thing that made it drop down the list for me over time was the controls. Particularly, the jarring way in which you have to switch between 1st and 3rd person mid battle (and not being able to move at all while in 1st person, only look around and aim), which made some parts more a hassle than they needed to be because of the odd design, or more difficult in the case of hard mode where you had no energy tanks/expansions... Things like the health regen/concentration and Sense Move I could adapt to and let slide, but the mixture between 1st and 3rd person for combat and exploration was suffice to say, too ambitious, at least under the control layout we were given. Maybe if there had been Nunchuck functionality for the game with the Wiimote, some of the ideas for the controls could've worked better, but I think the game should've just been fully 3rd person if nothing else, taking away the unnecessary pixel hunts in the process. Then there's the lack of music in comparison to the other games but when it didn't have Metroid's usual composer, was to be expected I suppose. The story and characterization I can't even be bothered to touch on or give some retrospect view at this point. Other than that, it's been difficult to look back on the game as fondly (even when playing) from the hiatus it put Metroid in along with the years and years of in-fighting there was over it. The more I talked about the game elsewhere in general, the more glad I was to eventually just treat it as a taboo subject under normal circumstances when it came to Metroid, saving me from future potential arguments with people. It's unfortunate because as flawed as Other M is I don't hate it with a passion or anything. Underneath all the flaws is a decent game in there somewhere, but the good ideas and concepts it had frankly would've been better saved for another game, probably one far earlier in the timeline. I don't think Samus speaking for instance is inherently bad, but because of the monotone choice in direction she was given for the voice acting (no disrespect to Samus' english VA whose been better talented in other things), it didn't really work out far as Other M. The fanservice like Phantoon, or having like the Speed Booster in a 3D game for the first time could only do so much, although I still appreciate the game for parts like those. Metroid II- Despite how poorly it aged, the Zeta and to some extent the Omega Metroids remain intense encounters. Wouldn't of had it any other way with this game being the first to introduce us the Spider Ball among some other power-ups. Metroid I- Despite being ranked bottom as feeling the least playable in hindsight, even this game I wouldn't go as far as to call unplayable (unplayable I often find to be a hyperbole term saved for the most extreme cases). With the password system and if you were normally patient enough to grind for health before moving on, you could usually go a long way before possibly dying... Felt there was enough compensation at least compared to other brutal NES/8-bit games of the time.
  7. Ridley Prime

    The Bowsette/Super Crown trend

    I may have spoken a little too soon... She's still got a spark left! Smash modding was only a matter of time, but Mario Kart 8 and BotW took me by surprise a little there, the latter more so. At least none look as odd as the playable Super Mario 64 mod.
  8. Ridley Prime

    Rank the Metroid Games

    Guess it helped that I was already well versed in tank controls even before Prime, which didn’t really hinder my platforming. The limitations in movement and aiming reach was initially annoying at times, but not enough to say it was unplayable. Can confirm the Wiimote controls made it better, in any case. Regarding how the games look in the case of AM2R vs MSR, I get preferring the sprites over the 3D models since it makes AM2R feel closer in appearance to the other sidescrollers, but I feel some (not here but in general) were kinda harsh on MSR aesthetically. It looks fine; good as can be for a 3DS game, and 2.5D seemed kind of inevitable regardless for an official II remake or any future non-1st/3rd person game.
  9. Ridley Prime

    General movie discussion

    I hate that, and disagree that his show was the worst. S2 was a definite improvement though, yeah. Shame it’s getting cancelled. Anywho, really looking forward to the new Halloween coming out this Friday based on trailers, reviews, and everything so far, though will probably go see the week after because of work. Michael Myers is my favorite slasher icon, and glad to see he’s back in his former glory.
  10. Ridley Prime

    Rank the Metroid Games

    Despite our opinions on Samus Returns lowering over time once the novelty wore off (during the hype of Metroid officially being back from its 2nd hiatus I considered it to be one of the best 2D's/sidescrollers up there with Super Metroid, but now it just falls somewhere in the middle among them) and the competition it had from fans with AM2R, I would still like for MercurySteam to be able to do another Metroid in the future, whether in the form of a Fusion remake like they were initially wanting (would be somewhat appropriate given the X-Parasite cliffhanger that Returns ended on) or a Fusion sequel. I think they would be able to improve upon the mechanics they had in Samus Returns and have an overall much less repetitive game when they're not going off the Metroid II formula.
  11. Ridley Prime

    Rank the Metroid Games

    It's funny yet true to think that, if they had at least announced either Samus Returns or Prime 4 on the E3 that they showed the initial trailer for Federation Force (just the name logo like they did with MP4 in E3 2017), I wouldn't of really had any hard feelings toward Federation Force as a whole, and would've even leaned more toward getting it which I had already considered for awhile. I think I would've eventually lost interest in the game either way based on how like the Blast Ball demo failed to grab me, but just knowing from the beginning that FF was a harmless spinoff and not some abomination that was threatening to kill or change what was left of Metroid as I knew it (with the 2010 drama still prevalent from years of nothing after Other M), would've given me a much needed peace of mind... even if I'd have still been disappointed that Next Levels' attempt at a Metroid on 3DS got cancelled while FF remained greenlit. Seems you forgot to include Metroid Blast, but I guess I'll just rank all the other spinoffs similarly on how I enjoyed them individually in order to be fair to them, but suppose now my rankings would go something like Metroid Prime Super Metroid Metroid Fusion Metroid Prime Hunters Zero Mission Metroid Pinball Samus Returns Prime 3 Prime 2 Metroid Blast (Nintendo Land) Other M Metroid II Metroid I Not counting Metroid Blast where I was stuck on the level with the Ridley and Ice Ridley robots, every game I've 100%'ed at least once, partly to help see where I stand on them. List is a mix between number of hours played on said game, how replayable I found them to be (100% speedruns and low % runs in the case of Fusion for instance), or just how playable they were in general or how they aged; the first two original games being ranked bottom in that they were the least playable for me, but were redeemed by their remakes. Regrettably, I never got around to finishing AM2R, which got lost in the shuffle when other games and things on the horizon started getting my attention more, but it's on my backlog of things to finish someday at least. From what I had seen and experienced though, I get why some would consider it the better II remake than Samus Returns. Apart from not finishing AM2R yet, honestly don't know which side I fall on as far as that, when there's things exclusive to Samus Returns I still like too, even if I don't find it that replayable now (hence its placement). The commotion that had surfaced from Nintendo doing their C&D takedown on AM2R like they do with any popular fangame that gets on their radar which led to the fanbase schism between AM2R and MSR, also made me hesitant to pick a side there, but whenever I do finish AM2R, my choice will have nothing to do with the whole Nintendo vs Fans fiasco.
  12. This probably deserves its own thread, but... https://www.vg247.com/2018/10/13/ps4-message-exploit-bricking-consoles/ Changed my message settings after seeing that.
  13. Is too bad custom avatars like on XBL/Steam probably won't ever be a thing since avatar pics along with dashboard themes on the PS store has been one of their little moneymakers, but I'll take this feature even if I don't end up using it much (certain know some others who could use it more too). Took them long enough.
  14. Ridley Prime

    The Bowsette/Super Crown trend

    The meme kinda started dying on its own volition. Game Theory isn't my cup of tea. Think there'll always be some good new art of Bowsette and the like here and there though, just won't be as common now.
  15. Ridley Prime

    Remember Outsider?

    Was kinda part of Outsider until prior to when the original Nsider closed down in September 2007, though wasn’t that active and just lost touch after that. I asked some what became of it afterward but didn’t really hear much, so this is all news to me. I definitely remember Phydeaux due to some of the youtube hilarity with other Nsiders at the time, but didn’t know he was a pedo. Shame. I guess when he pulled the plug on gtfoutsider was when I ended up losing touch with that community.