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  1. https://www.eurogamer.net/multiversus-to-shut-down-until-2024-with-no-refunds-for-paying-players Glad I didn’t really get invested in this. Imagine paying for nonrefundable skins and stuff for a fucking beta. WB is a special kind of unethical business at times, who relies on their customers being stupid.
  2. I understand Shazam fights two old ladies and some CGI dragon instead of what the end credits scene of the first film was setting up with Sivana. This is the only place on the internet I’ve actually seen positive reception for Shazam 2 which even then is more than I expected. Any finalized thoughts I might give once I see it on HBO Max at some point, but it’s just DCEU leftovers in the grand scheme of things. James Gunn’s DCU is the plan moving forward.
  3. It was nice to find out earlier that the Zyuranger sentai that Mighty Morphin was based on is on Tubi. There was some sentai before Zyuranger in the 80’s that they tried to Americanize, but wasn’t really a success. In the 90’s though it was a big success. Can thank the dinosaur theme of Zyuranger/MMPR for that I guess. The Once And Always trailer threw me for a surprise with Rita. Her VA’s still got it, along with Alpha Five’s. I guess it figures they would give some in-universe reason for Trini being gone because of her actress while still paying homage to her, but it’s going to be an emotional ride regardless. I heard earlier that JDF turned down being in this before he passed away (by some that knew him), so will take what I can get with whoever this other green ranger is. Amy Jo Johnson did the same. Would’ve preferred Jason too, but a mix between the old (Zack and Billy) and new (Rocky and Kat) of Mighty Morphin is reasonable, considering.
  4. I didn’t care much for seeing the other kids turned into Shazam. With the first film it was tolerable to have one adult acting like a kid for most of it, but the sequel having a bunch of them I'd probably rather listen to keys scratching car doors. The old 70’s TV version of Billy Batson making a cameo from what I heard was nice at least, similar to the old TV Wonder Woman making a cameo at the end of WW 1984.
  5. Based on how I saw Shazam 2 is being received, decided to just wait till I get a month of HBO Max again sometime to see it. Between Wonder Woman 1984, Aquaman 2 not looking so good, and now this, the DCEU couldn't have a good sequel to save its life. That universe is on its way out now anyway, and things like Shazam 2 being released is merely a formality since they were already completed earlier. People are just waiting for the James Gunn train to come along, while whatever remains that gets released will just be filled with mostly empty theater seats on day 1.
  6. I still got it. The Fusion ending artworks is still the best look for suitless Samus by far imo; out of the 2D stuff. Didn’t quite get the under 2 hours 100% ending, but that’s my favorite Fusion ending Samus pose anyway. Oh, and my 1% runthrough. Realized I didn’t post it earlier, but to also keep it Prime related, this was my initial hard mode playthrough.
  7. The 2nd wave of Prime icons are out. Aside from more backgrounds, decided to get the Space Pirate icon, though not sure if I’ll use it. Been replaying Metroid Fusion since it got added to GBA NSO last night, and what a ride it's been. Thought I would've forgotten more of it with how long it's been, but still remember everything for the most part. Aside from Ridley-X whose fight was a disappointment compared to most other iterations of the character, I still think Fusion had some of the best bosses for 2D until MercurySteam got involved in the series. Restarted after my initial playthrough to go for a 100% speedrun to see if I still got it there, and then will see how I do again on a 1% playthrough. Between this and my Prime Remastered runs, it really has been 2002 all over again, not to mention another golden age for the series with all this after having Dread.
  8. Another L for Wii U fans/defenders. I already had buyer’s remorse with the system as it was, but am kinda afraid now to hook mine back up and see if it still works, with how long it’s been since I last touched it.
  9. I guess the original tweet of that clip by someone else that I posted earlier got deleted. But yes, I did exactly that on my 2nd playthrough, saving me the trouble of coming back for that artifact later. Surprisingly not that hard with a little practice. Also saw a clip by someone else where they got that one Chozo Ruins artifact without the gravity suit. It’s possible to get through the water and reach that room with just any suit, but takes a certain timing and positioning with jumps. Since I usually backtrack for everything in the Ruins in one fell swoop after getting the plasma beam though, waiting until I had the gravity suit for that one artifact was not an inconvenience or anything. The aforementioned Phendrana Drifts one you have to go pretty out of your way for when backtracking though, if you don’t do the trick in the posted clip. Prior knowledge of how to get the other artifacts makes getting them just a muscle memory thing like with any other item. At least for me, but I know they can be annoying to get for people new to the game with their first playthrough. On the flipside to being a veteran of the game, some of the basic early bosses like Flaahgra are kinda boring now (on any difficulty) since you already know what to do with years of experience. Prime 1 has still maintained its magic for me otherwise though apart from that and some of the padding.
  10. Huh. Wasn’t cancelled after all.
  11. Metroid Fusion will be available sooner than I thought at least.
  12. So… These icons and borders & backgrounds for them are available for a limited time, like a week or so. This was what I first came up with. Once again I’ve been spoiled with Ridley content, but after feeling underwhelmed by the NSO icon selection after a certain point, I guess it was about time that I got options that were much more to my liking.
  13. https://www.thegamer.com/pokemon-stadium-best-rental/ Moveset wise I prefer the rental Kadabra to the Alakazam, but otherwise a solid list of the best rentals from what I remember. There may also be some other hidden rental gems not listed. Reminder too that if you unlock R2 difficulty, there’ll be a rental Mew and Celebi; the latter only in Stadium 2 of course, but still a nice bonus.
  14. Indie emulation people already managed to separate Prime 3 from motion controls awhile ago. Between that, Skyward Sword, and Mario Galaxy, I never saw the motion controls as much a hurdle in porting MP3 as people made it out to be. I know at least one person elsewhere who was unable to experience Prime 3 like the first two due to their Wii motion sensor bar becoming broken at some point, so making Corruption more accessible would be a service to anyone in that disposition. If the rumors about Prime Remastered was already finished in 2021 is to believed (and Nintendo being Nintendo just decided to wait to release it this year), then Prime 2 and 3 may already be well under way. If the experience in somewhat remaking the whole previous trilogy is what the new Retro needed to become experienced enough in doing Prime 4, then so be it. Will take whatever we get though with how content I already am from the Prime 1 remaster alone. I may not have as much spare time later to go all the way through 2 and 3 again anyway.
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