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  1. I gave ZeRo the benefit of a doubt too at first when he came out with his convincing defensive story for himself and with what looked like evidence, but it was just that, a story. I fear Twitlonger posts at this point will eventually become the kayfabes of the Smash community or the guilty and accused in general. If there's any issues, I want them to take legal action, yes, but Twitter isn't your police. With him finally outed though on top of everyone else recently, I'm hoping he's the last of the old guard of filth within the community, but will have to see. I think the competitive Smash scene will come back eventually, but it's gonna be a slow recovering process. Sucks that all this happened just within the week of Min Min's release too. I hope everyone else at least is enjoying her and the game/update to the max, and not letting shit people ruin Smash for them.
  2. So... EVO as a whole has been collectively cancelled as of today. It was basically a domino effect of entities dropping out after one of the guys who runs EVO getting exposed for sexual misconduct, and that was just after some big names in the Smash community were exposed and admitted to doing the same. The fighting game community is affected all around, but the competitive Smash community is in shambles right now. It sucks for the innocent non-problematic people who just want to play Smash or whatever fighting game at events, but I hope this all is the start of a real community reform.
  3. I guess they didn't really do my boy that bad as I initially feared. -sigh of relief- Now I can continue otherwise enjoying the game like usual. The loss of down throw > skewer was kinda hard to swallow at first, but I get it.
  4. This better be a bug... Became a late adopter of Byleth, and then went ahead and just got the fighter 2 pass. Min Min and the other content is pretty fun as expected, but I hope there's a fix patch soon for that and other similar stuff.
  5. Yeah, came across that earlier which admittedly I did not know before. Apparently too Samus's missiles can kill and finish off the frozen Metroid, but in Smash there's no way she herself can ice someone with her moveset, so hope she has Lucas or someone as a teammate. I would take some of her beams like the ice beam as switchable things with her neutral special, while giving the charge shot a bit less kill power to balance it out. Same deal if you were to give her the ice missiles as a missile alternate. Shame something like that likely won't ever happen with her though. Character movesets pretty much got more and more creative with each Smash entry, so if Samus debuted in one of the later titles she'd definitely have some of that, but because she's a Smash 64 debuted character, she's pretty basic/limited out of her moveset potential and just gets the little touches/adjustments as time goes on. She's been in a good spot in the meta again at least as of the last update. I get the feeling there'll be some notable buffs for a number of characters in the update with Min Min's launch. Has usually been the case with each character release patch. Some may need buffs too with Min Min's attack range expectedly being what it is which makes even the Belmonts feel outclassed in that department.
  6. Welcome back! Hadn’t seen ya around in awhile. Was afraid you were one of the ones that had just left quietly or something. Nintendo related news could still be better, but hyped for Min Min whose coming out for Smash tomorrow, and piqued for the new Pokemon Snap (despite other disappointing news like the Pokemon MOBA); still can’t believe that’s actually a thing now. Other than that, have gotten back into art and drawing, which has helped with mental health and constructiveness, especially with the current times.
  7. Fair point I guess DLurkster. But yeah, moving on to the Tencent thing, that's the biggest red flag, no pun intended.
  8. Would've preferred if the new Snap's reveal had been saved for last now, because that was weak in comparison to build up to and end off on.
  9. That's fair, but she has a fair shot too still unlike Shovel Knight who remains an assist trophy. I don't dislike Leon, but the other characters are definitely popular too and kinda appeal to me a bit more. The ones I mentioned have also been playable in a Marvel vs Capcom title or two unlike him, not to mention Nemesis. RE has plenty fan favorites besides Leon. The best case scenario would be to have most of the protagonists as different skins a la Hero, if you ask me. Wesker would have one of the most fun moveset material to work with though, but if you was to have heroes first, then I would go with that method.
  10. What, no Shantae? I would have Jill, Chris, or Wesker over Leon personally, not that I think an RE character is happening still at this point.
  11. Over the weekend prior, I decided to look a bit more into ARMS, including seeing each of the characters for the most part beyond the few or couple I was already familiar with as well as trying out the free demo, and Min Min had become one of my top wants after I became more familiarized, along with Dr Coyle. Twintelle I would've liked too but always had a felling she wasn't gonna be chosen on account of not using her arms to fight but her hair. The only one I really didn't want was Spring Man, which would've been a worst case scenario for me and I think many. Even if he was still considered a main character/hero or posterboy, his design was more generic than the rest, and the Assist Trophy rule being broken would've opened another can of worms. But yeah, happy with Min Min and especially happy for those who had her as their most wanted or 2nd most wanted. In hindsight, it would've helped if we were told some months ahead of time that fighter 5 was gonna be an FE Three Houses character, and then Byleth would've been mostly well received from the offset like Min Min here after having quite a bit of time for expectations to sink in. Was also refreshing not really having a credible leak on who the ARMS character was gonna be, so everyone went in about equally blind. Nintendo did right and well on marketing fighter 6 and the beginning of fighter pass 2 this way.
  12. While a Pokemon Stadium 3 or Colosseum 3 someday would be a nice bonus out of what remaining spinoff ideas I can think of off the top of the head, this new Snap alone I can die happily with knowing it happened, in spite of everything. GameFreak could keep making titles that dissatisfy me and I wouldn't care (as I'm over the mainline Pokemon series at this point) if we kept getting spinoffs of this quality from Namco or someone. Regardless, Snap 2 will keep me satisfied for a long time coming.
  13. GameXplain is tl;dw for me, but I'm curious as to what all Pokemon this will have. The original Snap didn't have all original 151 of the time, but long as this sequel has a good amount of Pokemon from each gen to take beautiful pictures of all kinds of, I'll be sold. The stunning visuals putting the people who still seriously defended SwSh's graphics to rest is also a nice bonus, albeit an afterthought at this point. This is nothing short of how a Pokemon title for the Switch should look though.
  14. What a thing to wake up to, and even now I'm still processing it. Holy shit.