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  1. The Ring Fit dragon would be more interesting tbh if I had to choose.
  2. Okay, that's cool. Kinda just got into the series recently from getting and playin Half Genie Hero when it was free on XBL, though I understand Pirate's Curse was their best received so far. Seven Sirens I can definitely see myself getting into at some point as well when my backlog is more shortened again.
  3. Oh, what's Kirby gonna look like after using the inhale copy ability on an ARMS character? Will he get big arms or somethin? Funny thought, but I guess it'd mostly depend on what the neutral special animation is.
  4. After getting into Shantae Half Genie Hero when it was free on one of the services, can say I'd be down for her joining now. In any case, @IU, hope you're happy with whatever ARMS character they end up going for here. Suppose I would prefer Twintelle.
  5. ... And it still wasn't the direct that 1st party fans wanted, but I'm fine with this for now, given the circumstances.
  6. Damn. Well if you found out you ever did have COVID-19, I read that you should take some sips of water every 15 minutes, because even if the virus gets into your mouth, drinking water or other liquids will wash them down your throat and into the stomach. Once there, stomach acids kills the virus. There might be some more recent info I'm not including too, but tend to mostly just see tips on avoiding getting the virus rather than what to do if you already have it. As far as me, got to take a current leave of absence from work since I still live with my parents, who would be among the least likely to survive the virus if I somehow caught it and it was passed on to them. Just catching up on my game backlog which I would rarely have this much time for otherwise. My cat had recently passed away prior too at the worst possible time, so needed this kind of time spent for the time being. Once all is said and done with this outbreak and we're past it, I hope the Chinese government faces some kind of punishment for this and that most other countries go down hard on them for fucking the world, intentional on their part or not by not letting others know about the virus ahead of time.
  7. Well there ya go, not that there was really much doubt at this point. I'm mostly unphased by this with how much else there is for me to play at this time, but gotta stay safe.
  8. Like Lords of Shadow but bigger? I don't think Castlevania of all things needs to become some big budget blockbuster series. Those other franchises I'd be fine with Sony having, but Castlevania I hold too near and dear to want to become a potentially PS exclusive IP and no longer multi-plat. Plus have no doubt it'd make the Belmonts harder to secure in a future Smash since Sony isn't exactly chummy with Nintendo like Microsoft.
  9. With this, I guess a direct will probably not be their concern at this time.
  10. I get the issues people have with GameStop and have had with it for awhile, but I appreciate it on a local level, as well as the friendly employees I've come to know. The decisions from up top have usually sucked, but hopefully Reggie can change some of that. If anyone can make GameStop better again, might be him. GS's other merchandise is also nothing to sneeze at. The t-shirts, figures, toys, etc. I like the selection they've put out nowadays, especially with the somewhat decent amount of Metroid related stuff among it, which I would not see elsewhere locally.
  11. The selection of player icons I would also say is kinda lacking at this point, though it had a decent start. You would think they’d add some Smash Ultimate character render icons by this point at least.
  12. Miyamoto will kinda be supervising the Illumination Mario film iirc, so hopefully there will be at least some level of quality control there.
  13. Lenore made me realize that having a vampire caretaker would be kinda nice, but at what cost, not sure.
  14. This season definitely surpassed my expectations, with the last episodes knocking it out of the park like usual.