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  1. I believe the rights to Godzilla revert back to Toho after this film, so not holding my breath for sequel bait. Hopefully there's that sense of finality to it if that's the case.
  2. Not bad. Guess I'll use a first month of HBO Max for this and the Mortal Kombat reboot, though not expecting much of it. Was gonna do so at first for WW 1984, but with the mixed things I heard about it, decided to wait and see it later another way.
  3. This felt like them testing the waters, albeit a really weird way of doing so. I figured the price change wasn’t gonna stick though, but still maddening it was even proposed by someone over there to begin with. People aren’t gonna forget this too even as MS continues doing right like they otherwise had been. They’ll have shade thrown at them again for awhile because of January 22nd which could’ve been avoided. Not that I fully trust any of the big 3 (them, Sony, Nintendo) like that anyway, but I’m glad the competition pretty much keeps each other in check. MS would’ve been laughed
  4. It's no doubt to get more people to get the Game Pass which on its own is great, but this is the wrong way to do it. Bad MS decisions have been reversed before after enough backlash & loss of support, so am hoping the same happens here (however unlikely), but still disappointing that it's comes to this when they were in good graces again for awhile. It also makes their Bethesda/Zenimax acquisition earlier feel even worse now in hindsight...
  5. Yes, but we also just had our democracy challenged in ways I never thought it would on top of that. They're all bad examples, but it's no contest for me as to who was the worst. Was just stressing my "Good riddance Trump" take, not so much trying to make those presidents look better than they were. Sorry if it came off that way.
  6. Yeah. Who knows if that’ll ever change, but am just glad our society can begin returning to some semblance of normalcy after everything that’s happened. It was kinda contested for awhile, but can honestly say we had the worst previous president bar none. Worse than Bush, worse than Nixon... Worse than anyone. They were snowballs being thrown, while Trump was the avalanche that came crashing down on everyone.
  7. lol. People also had the classic slippery slope take when Alex Jones got deplatformed, so ya know. Didn't realize though that Twitter's like the only way the president's supposed to communicate with the people now, based on how some of them are reacting anyway.
  8. A round 2 of yesterday's madness is possible. Be prepared on the 19th.
  9. I still would've taken the cancelled Metroid game by them judging from the concept art screenshots over what we got from Federation Force which Next Level also did. A mainline game with Samus being canned while a mistimed spinoff was greenlit (despite FF being in development hell awhile prior) is a most puzzling example of Nintendo's out of touchness for me. I'm sure NLG will continue to do good but don't really have expectations for what Nintendo IPs they'll do next regardless, and again, is a shame that Alpha Dream didn't get acquired like this before going bankrupt. If Nintendo
  10. Eh? I like Sephiroth too. It was just a lighthearted joke on him by me pointing out that Ridley did it first (or at least that was the intention). He's still cool, I just found it to be a funny deja vu. Hell, I like all the fan art Ridley and Sephiroth have together, doing similar shit as with the Pichu example. I didn't know you liked Pichu like that, but okay. Again, it's nothing that serious. I didn't make it about who was a bigger name, you did. Seems I just forgot what era it was, not being able to make a joke anymore without someone getting on my case. Or maybe I just didn't
  11. Getting needlessly defensive over a little jab comment like that wouldn’t you say? It’s not that serious. lol But yeah.
  12. Ridley did the whole adopting Pichu thing first. Seph’s just a copycat. The edgy Isabelle shit is old.
  13. Not to be that guy, but would still say hype responsibly. It may not be 2020 anymore, but we’re still in the heat of a pandemic, and who knows how long it’ll be till vaccines are distributed enough for everyone. That said, I still expect a little more than what we had last year, though things like the DKC trilogy getting put on NSO was a nice consolation prize, especially if we actually get a new DK game soon which the stars seem to be aligning for, among other things.
  14. Forgot to post earlier, but interesting development... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/dec/22/hollywood-giant-mgm-puts-itself-up-for-sale-at-5bn Btw, aside from youtube which seems to be missing the Daniel Craig films (last I had checked anyway), the free Pluto TV app has pretty much all the Bond movies.
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