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  1. Far as Superman goes, I came across this earlier which hampered my confidence in WB again, at least in regards to him. It's funny too, because the current Arrowverse crossover has at least like three decent versions of the man of steel. I feel with the current times as well, Superman would be more relevant than ever if given the chance, yet they don't know what to do with him.
  2. Looks good. The James Bond I’ll have to consider as well.
  3. Frozen 2 was certainly magical, arguably more so than the first one. I guess Into the Unknown/Show Yourself is the new Let it Go, though not as over the top, but the better story and character development over the first one is 2’s strength really imo. Elsa’s transformation toward the end was really nice too.
  4. Heard the current Charlie's Angels was kinda boring and as one who loved the early 2000's films, was disappointed to hear. Might see it at some point though, but for now, gonna see Frozen 2 soon...
  5. LeakyPandy (the source of the rumor) doesn’t really have a good track record from the sounds of it, so I’m not buying it atm. Then there’s this one that just sprung up earlier but not believing it either.
  6. The fan/public voting only counts for 10%? Oh my.
  7. Corviknight’s one of the few gen 8 designs I like, so am fine with this, though it could’ve just as well gone to black alt Falco.
  8. That part I'm not entirely sure about, though I would think some more pieces would eventually be added. And yeah, I already know that with season 2, I'll just get who I like in particular instead of the whole pass, like I did with season 1. Nonetheless, it's fortunate that this game got more longterm support from fans than Namco expected, thus warranting another season.
  9. So like, Death Stranding or something, which I can see winning just off the star power alone it has behind it.
  10. ^ That's fair, though I don't blame them for playing it safe, but still, I hear ya. So as far as the dates, guess I'll be getting Hilde next week. Looking forward to the other content that comes with the update too, like the new moves everyone got.
  11. Having gone through it around the start of the year, can say the RE2make is pretty good, but out of the fighting game nominations, SSBU deserves a vote the most, easily.
  12. Definitely not a byproduct of being rushed to hell and back. Be safe and turn off auto-save, fam. edit: Seems to be more a thing if it’s digital version of the game I guess, regardless of your save settings, but still.
  13. Given the lack of female newcomers this time around, especially on the DLC side of things, would be unfortunate if Mai wasn't the only victim and there were some others we just weren't told about. Compared to some of whom people want the most as DLC, the female icons are just kinda slept on. Jill Valentine, Lara Croft, etc... But I'd be open to any one.
  14. Find it kinda obnoxious how some see Mai as “the new Ridley” or the next Ridley. He was just previously unrealizable for technical reasons, whereas Mai’s main design is all about being hyper sexualized, and so not hard to understand why she didn’t make the cut even as a cameo, with the CERO ratings board in Japan and all. That said, Mai could’ve gotten by in one of her less revealing alternate costumes, but I guess they maybe felt that toning her down in any way to include her wouldn’t do her justice. A fix patch came recently by the way, that fixes the Terry and Ice Climbers bug. I mainly got Terry for the stage at first, but he’s pretty fun himself.