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  1. Whatever helps you sleep a night I guess
  2. hey homos I got my own house to rent with some friends Sarah I'm still gonna eat your AC cart
  3. all of your villager are hussies. lavender is pure and kind.
  4. I had to bring it public to show everyone how wrong you are. I haven't even told winder and about it because I know I'm right. SQUARE UP
  5. I think I've been on another NSider spinoff forum for 8 years, and they've been around 10 years total. Forums are still used!
  6. wow we both know I wore that better
  7. Hey guys, let's all talk about how BAD Animal Crossing is. It's so LAME and BAD unlike lavender.
  8. lmao in 2013 I used to go to bed at 5 am and wake up at 2pm I hated everything