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  1. Agree. Sticker star was a disappointment to me, and I’m hopeful we can get something akin to the original Paper Mario again. I just want solid turn based gameplay, with witty dialogue as always, and a unique twist.
  2. I personally have no desire to see a Zelda title use Zelda herself as a playable character. I know that’s probably more nostalgia talking than anything, but I’m sorry—I just see Zelda as a game wherein I play as Link.
  3. Honestly, a Mario Party game is needed on the Switch. The party genre is sort of lacking on the Switch, which creates an environment conducive to a Mario Party title succeeding right now. Additionally, the 3DS is, to most casual buyers, a recent bygone, and certainly not a system for which they're eager to buy games. The Switch makes too much sense.
  4. I hear you there. Unquestionably, the space issue is the biggest problem facing the Switch and, frankly, is inexcusable.
  5. Honestly, if Bethesda had decided to forego multiplayer completely as an option, then sell the game for $40.00, I'd be all over this. I own it on PS4 already, and the full price tag is just too much for me to double dip with a straight face.
  6. This will probably get patched out soon, but I agree--keeping stuff like this can add a bit of...character to a version of the game that will likely be played less than the others.
  7. I THOUGHT I might have a battery issue with my Switch and called Nintendo today about it. Last week I noticed it wouldn't turn on at all. I vacillated awhile before calling Nintendo on it, hoping it would miraculously just turn on one day. After finally calling them, it turns out the Switch sometimes has a small issue where the system gets stuck in sleep mode into perpetuity, and won't turn on. The Nintendo representative had me hold the power button for 15 seconds, then hit the power button once and *voila*--it turned on! Needless to say, I was quite relieved.
  8. I agree on the notice. This is much better than an impromptu warning. The Wii was the first VC, I believe, correct? For that reason alone, this is sad.
  9. Okay, I'll start incorporating it in a fuller fashion going forward. Thanks!
  10. Okay, so I'm roughly ten percent in at this point, and I have the spider ball, ice beam, missiles, and ball bombs. I am finding myself dying more than I care to admit, and it almost always springs from not wanting/not thinking to use the counter system. Is the counter system something that must be used extensively throughout the entirety of the game? I don't mind using it necessarily, but I suppose my preconceptions of what Metroid is has caused me to sort of resist it, I guess. The game is beautiful, and the exploration is actually challenging from my perspective, which is causing me to progress at a slower rate than most others seem to be. I love that Nintendo finally allowed another Metroid to come out, and I hope it continues to sell well.
  11. Nice! Sounds like you have it all lined up. Super Jelly!
  12. This game appears to be shaping up wonderfully. I think I may sell some internal organs so I'm able to get it on the 15th! Who's getting this?!
  13. This is friggin' awesome! Congrats on the re-taking of the record!
  14. Let's hope Nintendo releases this sooner rather than later if it is indeed a derivative version w/ some additional sheen.
  15. What up, guys and gals? I'm Linkamoto. I just got done logging into NS2 tonite and discovered its eternal slumber. Someone on one of the threads mentioned this site (bypassing some of the filters of the iron-fisted CG, it seems), so here I am. I wasn't very active on NS2, but I was very active on the original forums. In any event, I'm glad I found this site and hope I can ingratiate myself without incident. Long live Nintendo!