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  1. I didn't think most of Fates was that special. Birthright was a huge slog, with boring maps. Even on lunatic i could just send red lobster to solo most maps. Revelations was weird and in the worst way possible. So many bad gimmick maps, like who looked at that one ice map and thought it was a good idea??? The story is bad overall, but Conquest is so laughably awful its almost fun watching it play out. That being said, I do think Conquest has some of the best gameplay in the series. I feel like actual care and thought went into every map rather than relying on mindless reinforcement spamming like the other Fates games. You actually need to think every move out, and if i failed it never felt like it was due to something cheap or bad luck. Its balanced and fair, even on lunatic(inevitable end is bullshit tho.) In the end I was honestly really impressed with Conquest. If only it had a good story, maybe one based entirely around Azama and Arthur.
  2. Exclusive bonus content if you order through Amazon. It's... unexpected, I'll give them that. I probably would have thought it was neat when i was around 10. I have a feeling this will be quickly forgotten about like many other peripherals of the past.
  3. It looks like Animal Crossing, it sounds like Animal Crossing, but it just doesn't feel like Animal Crossing. It was fun for the first day, but I stopped having fun very quickly when I noticed I was going the same repetitive actions over and over again. You need materials and money to build your camp, but to do this you need to complete the same quest over and over. With so few bugs and fish, hunting for them just doesn't have the same feel and mystery that traditional Animal crossing has. There are only so many ways to make money in this game, and no matter what it's always painfully slow. The important word there being painful. Animal crossing might always be slow, but you enjoy doing the activities in those games. There are like 5 or 6 animal personalities, and they repeat dialogue so often, so talking to them very quickly becomes annoying, only making the money making process even more tedious. Finally, even after you have all the materials you need, I just don't feel like I have much freedom. The rv is not as fun as decorating a house, and the campsite is so small. Not having most of the furniture sets to work with certainty doesn't help. The lovely set all made it in, but as much as I like it, it's just not enough. I get that it's a phone game, but regardless, it just isn't fun. To top it all off, there's no more fish puns. :c
  4. I could use a marshadow code. It's the only pokemon i need to really complete my dex so I'd really appreciate it~
  5. Florida really isn't as bad as people make it out to be. I like to make fun of this state a lot too, but central Florida is fairly normal. It's different from all the other southern states, and you have a lot of good beaches close by. That being said I still hate the heat and wanna move out because of it.
  6. I thought 3D World was good, I just didn't like the direction it took console Mario. It was the closest I've come to just feeling tired of Mario, and if the next Mario game was similar to it I probably wouldn't have bought it. Thankfully Odyssey is what I've been wanting for over a decade.
  7. Making your own stories like that is the best way to play games, and I still do it from time to time. You had a very alarming way of coping with loss.
  8. Pikmin getting stuck was never a big problem for me. Then again I'm an uncaring monster, and any pikmin who was stuck on the other side of the map was already dead to me.
  9. I'm so conflicted over Mario and Rabbids. The gameplay actually looks fun, but at the same time, I hate rabbids.
  10. Looks very satisfying for the most part, so I'm down for it.
  12. New Metroid Prime Switch Pokemon Kirby Switch New Mario game looks amazing Easily the best of E3, and apparently there's going to be more announcements.
  13. I'll only buy a spiderman game if it has a pizza delivery minigame accompanied by funiculi funicula.
  14. Nothing really got me excited, but they did show a lot. Monster Hunter World was the first thing to get me truly hyped so far, but I'll probably get it for PC. For Nintendo I expect a lot of info for games we already know about, some indie games, and at least one new game. Not much but it will probably still be my favorite showing this year.
  15. Time to stock up on fortified pumpkins. Or just tough it out, low defense makes the game better anyways.