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  1. hey all. if you have steam, grab 100% orange juice. it is literally free right now.
  2. The game just *really* needed to reset your progress okay?
  3. nothing like getting the extra special unit on a free single roll. I'm such a luckshitter in granblue.
  4. I'm not surprised. Amy & my life sized furret plush was like $350 that Fire bought for us.
  5. really love the fomo they are shoving down ya'll's throats here.
  6. league of legends talk takes me back. I kind of only play aram and tft on that client now tho.
  7. to be fair, the units being upgraded are currently gen 1, and giving them that much stats is probably not going to break it. But that's if they don't actually give it to good units like hector or something so its still garbage. Last year went whole hog into p2w and now you have to pay every month for the good stuff on top of it. wonder how they'll make it even scummier next year.
  8. "Sewers" huh. What have you all done to these chatthreads while I've been away?
  9. 1 mixed banner and they're already back to fuck it we're only selling the women and notable males. Hubert and Hilda make sense but fuck Dedue right?