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  1. You want to not merge eir because 2 eir with everyone blessed gives you the ratings boost to get into the higher tiers, running 2 and all light blessing team means you get more points than you lose each deay in aether raids allowing you to blow off a back line. As for all of Zora's advice I actually was able to get to tier 21 doing it failrly casually just having a slightly merged aversa, 2 eirs, a variable unit (usually the one on bonus but otherwise whoever) and a +10 fae with steady breath, distant def seal, and quick resposite. It might be harder to do that now with all the player phase units and counter units but you can probably still do it without it. It can get rough though since you may not climb every week and you only really climb on light blessing weeks.. you're aiming for 19 though which I believe is a heck of a lot easier than 21.
  2. I've moved on to granblue fantasy, letting me mostly put feh off. With that said, this new banner has me wanting the characters in it, so I'll probably gather the orbs I've got sitting around in quests for it.
  3. I say if it makes you happy to do it go ahead. At this point I'm getting to the point where I don't want to launch the game anymore.
  4. He's powercreeped by freaking cherche who's been in the game since launch. That's pretty damn insulting.
  5. Delayed response but I'm super happy Yune's in the game. I've just been playing a lot less feh lately. Its been good for me and I feel like my attitude to Feh's improved because of it. Except when I need to arena assault.
  6. I made it to tier 21. Barely. Like literally couldn't cut it closer, my lift score is 11,000 exactly and I was attacked for -60 today. My rank at this moment is 7,237.
  7. I'm okay with loki's art except for her damaged pose. Its distracting not 'sexy'.
  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Either of the people you brought up make me worried since I'd spend every one of the monthly orbs on getting them.
  9. This is a lance fighter of 'average ability' according to is. very average.
  10. Pretty sure Amy and my kids are bunnies at this point.
  11. Are you trying to kill your game is? Because removing all your free to play orbs is a real damn good start.
  12. Brave Hector's done that for me twice so far, making it 3 with the first time I got him. And before him it was 3 dorcas.
  13. daaaammmmit. Another pegasus. Maybe she'll be the demote. Edit: Actually she's probably almost 100% the demote looking at lugh's skills again. Sweet~