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  1. imagine adding a bunch of backtracking and removing the fast movement option
  2. lol, only nintendo would try to act like that's a big deal instead of just putting it up as a bonus on the fucking online play thing
  3. didn't we already get localized FE1 on the DS anyway?
  4. blows my mind that there are still people who haven't given up on it lol couple years back there was a guy running an earthbound page shaming people for playing it on emulator lol a game that came out in 2006 that nintendo has shown absolutely zero interest in localizing ever
  5. samus's controls in super feel stiff and hard to adjust to at first but are very satisfying to improve at
  6. just got a prescription for e and can get it this afternoon good lord. i didn't even know that page was a thing lol
  7. have we really gotten a bot flood? until just recently the latest join was from early 2019 lol
  8. i'm gonna try to sneak in sometime after the first few days of early voting here so it's (hopefully) not swamped. NC has a really solid chance to flip back blue. I'm cautiously hopeful.
  9. persona not just letting me be gay is a real fucking letdown i wonder if there's a mod for it out there somewhere like with harvest moon
  10. i had always thought my dad rescinded his canadian citizenship when he joined the US military but apparently not so i might have a way out i'm poor as hell though so i don't know if it really means much tbh why did i laugh
  11. somehow speedrunning/glitch hunting always manages to top itself lmao
  12. dawg how desperate can you be lmao
  13. you know there a ton of mafia-like games right
  14. they really just pretending covid doesn't usually have a second round lmao
  15. a captcha wtf? to load the site?? where
  16. it was used by punk culture for decades. that fact that anti-authoritarianism itself doesn't have a right/left slant doesn't mean leftists appropriated it lol