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  1. and basically everybody in the business cut ties with him the moment the news dropped
  2. it says mobile games, though, doesn't it? i don't play many, but i thought basically all of them have ads anyway
  3. I don't know if any of these shows are "so bad it's good" either. Definitely some scenes that are, but honestly thanks to YouTube, I feel like there's no reason to sit through the entirety of shows that you know aren't gonna be good from the start. Just let other people clip the bits that actually are funny. Stay away from the rest lol
  4. Pichi

    Archer Appreciation Day

    Jamke is godlike Rebecca in my last FE7 playthrough was RNG blessed and beefy as hell so did Florina who maxed out on strength several levels before promotion. so my archer was blessed and florina ate through units so fast i didn't have to care about enemy archers that was a great playthrough lmao
  5. holy shit lmao reminds me of this:
  6. Pichi

    Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast) Review

    Jet Set Radio Future is way more polished, pretty and smooth but Sega won't fucking release it again anywhere if you happen to have an original xbox, though, it's super cheap (it runs like crap on 360) the original is cool but jank as all fuck. god damn diarrhea controls. god I wish it had been a ps2 game cause you know it'd already be ported somewhere by now
  7. reminder that it's not unethical to download a game that nintendo refuses to make available
  8. Pichi

    Political Containment Thread

    use unfollow on facebook. mutes them on your feed without unfriending them or notifying them in any way. social media got to be too much of a distraction/problem for me a couple years ago and i muted all 100-whatever friends on FB and just check up on them manually or message them when i feel like actually socializing. Bernie has a long history of doing a great job making bipartisan allies and bills actually. He's been there for a long time after all. Staunchly progressive bills will require more of a democratic majority, but it's usually the case that the party out of power has a strong showing in that regard. Such as it was for republicans last election (and during midterms during Obama's presidencies)
  9. Pichi

    Political Containment Thread

    While I didn''t think it was particularly wise for him to run again, it's only a good thing that people are riled up about political things. If he's able to gather this much energy again, a second time around, on top of the desperation of those willing to vote for anybody against Trump, it's a really good sign. A Democratic candidate pool full of people who have adopted more progressive policies and don't have the baggage Clinton had is a really good sign. The best thing you can do for yourself is take a breath and tune out the noise. You can participate when the time comes, but the noise is a constant drip-feed of anxiety.
  10. please don't namedrop me in the title like that
  11. isn't that basically everybody though
  12. first things that come to mind are Yuri on Ice and Utena but you've most likely seen those lol Princess Jellyfish is het but really wholesome and the romance takes a backseat most of the time for the MC's absurd den of unapologetic girl otaku and fashion shows with the crossdressing male lead. I know that description rings multiple alarms but it's josei so it's really genuine instead The anime is only 12 eps long or so and ends without an ending basically, but it's almost 100% accurate to the manga so you can just continue with that if you enjoy it.
  13. in the end you're just wasting money on plastic anyway i think they're ugly too but like... why even acknowledge them?
  14. totally worth it you ain't havin fun unless you lose your voice