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  1. it's a class action lawsuit. if you say you were affected you can get a check for a few dollars in the mail. lol
  2. i have a microatx build right now and trying to get in there to fix shit is mad frustrating
  3. i have a really weird microatx case and it's covered in honeycomb-patterned holes when i first got it i accidentally stuck a headphone cord jack into the fan through those holes cause it was so close to where the ports were ...it happened twice so now the case vibrates because a fan with two missing blades is running lmao i used to weigh it down with old textbooks that my roommate had but i moved so now it's being weighed down by an original xbox
  4. i haven't played it yet so i have no stake in the matter. just offering a bit more defense for the older games than nintenyearold/genwunner syndrome lol also i'm obligated to post this now
  5. yeah, that's the obvious problem here. RPG battles aren't necessary, but mario RPG battles have always been really entertaining. even if pape has the least depth of any mario RPG series, replacing them with bland stuff for the sake of being different makes no sense. what always made the games stand out for me was its dives into fun characterization and care/detail put into the world. that's something completely separate from any genre trapping,s but since basically everything else good went out along with the battle system for sticker star, it's not really a surprise that people just clamor for a return to the old design. also i'm still kinda salty about the revelation that nintendo really has been preventing them from being creative with mario character design. in freakin Toad Town alone, PM64 has 23 different NPC designs, not counting recolors. they've always been so good at it. why would you throw that away?
  6. backtracking would've been a lot less annoying too if you still had the PM64 spin but nope
  7. PM64 is perfect begone with this heresy most people worship TTYD though and half that game is kind of a slog comparatively
  8. the only thing i personally had to look up was one of the orb locations, although i was very close to doing it with a few other things i also fought the not-japan dragon right after getting the ship lmao. refused to give up even though i knew i was probably doing it too early
  9. DQ3 US manual literally had an entire game guide in it lmao so yeah def don't feel bad looking anything up
  10. i would never take popuri from you oh also artist link
  11. first for elli OP double posts don't count
  12. damn this really is just somebody's perfectly preserved 2005 weeb shelf. beautiful time capsule lol the japanese game is Beatmania. a really technical rhythm game
  13. https://emojipedia.org/b-button-blood-type/ “Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter B”