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  1. 増える、増える、増える、増える
  2. there already is lol. several states trying to reopen have seen their highest ever amount of daily cases
  3. what do you mean optimize the game? that means lower the res or run it at 30fps right?
  4. zoasty the super metroid runner? i don't remember that stream but sounds comfy
  5. Streamer I started watching recently is 4k hours into an absolutely absurd challenge, playing every western-released console JRPG, that's probably gonna take about 30k hours total. It's a really comfy stream, too, so y'all should check it out https://twitch.tv/cracen I wanted to post it somewhere on Reddit but it seems like every subreddit quarantines advertisement to weekly threads that nobody actually looks at
  6. don't think anybody cares about that lol. even back in the day when forums were busy, double posting was more of a courtesy thing
  7. i think an arena shooter type game would be much nicer for the fact that overwatch like FPS are everywhere now and a revival of an old IP would be nice for a revival of old multiplayer styles as well
  8. Yeah, as cool as Iwata was, it was the consolidation of Nintendo's various R&D teams under the EAD name that seemed to have led to the neglect of many of their flagship series. Wario and Metroid in particular were the domain of R&D1, and the GBA Metroids were the last ones developed by them. Second party titles were overseen by the SPD team, although they also worked on a few smaller series internally there as well, like WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven. and with the current restructuring after Iwata's death, guess which other series was left out to dry Let's not fool anybody on the "capitalist" narrative, though, because Yamauchi was as brutal a businessman as there ever was lol. Lots of books written on their crazy pre-2000s history.
  9. Disagree that Metroid was ever an A-List franchise for Nintendo. As soon as Yamauchi retired, Nintendo basically dropped everything that wasn't a top seller and relegated them to other companies or to obscurity limbo. That's why Yoshi, Wario, Metroid, etc. haven't seen a normal game from Nintendo R&D/EAD since the early 2000s. F-Zero didn't even make it that far since GX was by Sega, although that's a bit different since they actually produced something on par with the series.
  10. alternatively if you wait until after the PS5 release, the 4 will probably drop significantly in price
  11. @skycandy https://blocktogether.org/show-blocks/osLnb8GZoFNOz09cUeXRTha6UFquerTqQ08HoJh1 subscribe to this thing and start blocking every brand account you see that makes it through and eventually ads will be pretty much nonexistent on twitter for you