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  1. it's on play-asia for those who prefer not to give hell corporation more money
  2. I highly recommend the insanity that is 428: Shibuya Scramble if you need more of that kinda thing
  3. sure would be nice if people spent their time raising awareness about conspiracies on bad shit that actually happens instead
  4. shaliek doesn't think nintendo is kiddie lol it's just funny
  5. hyrule castle don't fuck around you better learn that parry lol
  6. Same, Castle of Cagliostro still holds up wonderfully. Watched it for the first time last year.
  7. I heard that fad died out because sadly the light exposure damages the electronics over time
  8. freakin nintendo. give us back our pink and spice orange consoles you cowards
  9. typical small city speeds here in NC the speeds with this ISP (before the rebrand) used to be 30-50% of this for the same price before google fiber moving into raleigh scared them into magically improving their service. almost like they had the infrastructure the whole time wow you can get up to a gig download now, though it's only 30mb up and the website straight up says "go get a fiber plan somewhere else if you need high upload" lmao only garbage net in the sticks here too though i'd imagine
  10. in retrospect it makes sense but idk if i've ever seen anything other than mario make a change from 2D to 3D this well lol