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  1. o hell yeah i'm bout some pogo style breath of the wild
  2. Pichi

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    angery react now pls angery react or... angery text reactions instead
  3. Pichi

    Top scary movies for Halloween 2018?

    screw all that lame horror stuff and watch Over the Garden Wall instead
  4. Pichi

    Rank the Metroid Games

    nah man. Pokemon TCG had several 2-minute tracks that were all bangers. You can do crazy stuff with the Game Boy. They just tried to use a lot of silence and stuff like the NES game but they just didn't get it right. And I mean Lavender Town is the obvious example of creepy and foreboding done right. Exhibit A:
  5. Pichi

    WTF of the day

    see @wildflower this is why i need an angery react
  6. Pichi

    Site News, Feedback, and Help

    requesting the addition of wow and angery reaccs because i always hover over to the other options and then remember they don't exist here
  7. Pichi

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    you mean a giant mess of different excuses for a long-term harassment campaign against various women
  8. Capitalists killing business is a funny trend. Too parasitic even for a den of parasites
  9. Pichi

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Spent 30+ hours routing and practicing Boulder Dash on the NES this week only to choke super hard in a race. It was a challenge to learn and race a game in a week, and this one didn't even have any real RTA runs. It's super fun so i'm glad I put in the effort anyway, but damn the disappointment/salt was real. I'll probably keep running though since it's a crazy game and the experience of a fun, unexplored NES speedgame is really unique since most good, fast old games have long speedrun history. Especially Nintendo games.
  10. Pichi

    Rank the Metroid Games

    Okay here's my actual Metroid history. Super Metroid - Fnally played through it fully last year after ages of mostly appreciating it from afar. Really tough to get used to but really damn cool. Beautifully designed game. It's one of the best speedgames around and watching them after playing really helped me appreciate how much depth there is to the game that isn't spelled out at all. Extremely rewarding type of design, where there's always more to come back for. Metroid - Clunky as hell and I've never suffered through the whole game, but I appreciate it in weird ways. Also a cool speedrun; with door-related OoB glitches you can beat it in around 10 minutes, and the boss strats are seriously insane. Starting around early 2017, a runner called Metroid McFly came it and blew up the game. Just showed up and started running with a route that everybody thought was TAS only. A couple of the older runners (really good ones who I enjoy watching) tried to come back and catch up but McFly left everybody in the dust. Super inspiring. I def recommend checking out his stream to see it in action sometime https://twitch.tv/metroidmcfly Metroid Prime - 10/10 world and design but unplayable controls. I tried playing this several times but the tank controls when trying to playtform and inability to aim independently of movement kill it for me. Got seriously fed up with it in parts where you can't lock on to things above you because your aiming slows down the higher up you try to aim. Seriously, what the fuck was going on in their head when they implemented that? Second stick aiming was not a cosmic brain idea buuuut whatever. Y'all have probably already heard me ranting about Retro's hard-on for shit controls so I won't go on about it again. Wanna play the Wii version at some point to see if that's tolerable because at least I'll presumably be able to aim, though not looking forward to the remote shit either. Don't have a Wii any more Metroid 2 - Was the source of a lot of cool ideas in the series, but it aged like milk. Wanna play AM2R at some point. Nintendo official remake looks flashy but less interesting. I haven't played the others. Hear the GBA games are good.
  11. Pichi

    Youmacon Nov 1-4, 2018

    Mild disclaimer: cons are great but con tourneys tend to be bad You should def hit up your local scene though if you find it fun anyway
  12. Pichi

    Rank the Metroid Games

  13. Pichi

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    if you like DK or pokegirls probably. if you're talking about sheer value then idk i didn't really make mine for wide appeal rofl it's these + 1 I haven't made yet. that and the last one here are locked to a higher tier 'til i have another slot though.
  14. Pichi

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    in very unrelated news: https://nypost.com/2018/10/10/explosively-breeding-frogs-are-falling-from-the-sky-in-north-carolina/ this literally posted on a wednesday but I sadly didn't see it until today the froggos are taking over my state~ @Tyranogre
  15. Pichi

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Okay lemme speak as a former awkward as hell dude: You def read way too much into things but it's okay to get a little excited. The poison is in overvaluing people. That's how you end up all weird about shit cause you start obsessing. And you forget that whoever you're into is just a regular person. She was clearly receptive to a degree or you wouldn't have connected to begin with, but not enough to go out of her way to make plans. Like y'all just talked for a couple days. Your "ghoulish effect" is just you coming on way too strong. Imagine how you'd feel if you just made some casual acquaintance but then they hounded you for plans for a long time. Even if they were cool when you talked, it'd be a little weird. Add the trend of guys like that having a reputation for taking rejection very poorly and it's a major red flag. (even if you personally don't) The point, though, is that you most likely don't have some horrid inner vibe. If you're aware of these problems, you can work to fix them. The easiest thing you can do right away to make progress towards that is just match people's interest. Generally, if you put in effort to make plans and somebody is genuinely interested, they'll make time, or at least keep you updated if they're really that busy. If it's at her convenience, then it should be the same for you. That's not even a dating thing. It's just valuing yourself lol But seriously it's not some fuckin' weird chess game. You don't gotta play your cards right. Just treat women like the regular people they are and treat the situation like a regular social situation. If you find that hard to do, cause you're nervous around them or whatever it may be, just try honestly making friends with women when the opportunity arises. Don't worry about finding a date and all that pressure will disappear cause you're just looking for interesting people to befriend and not trying to impress anybody or making the "right moves." That helped me much more than anything.