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  1. you're missing the memes the magfest directly after Undertale's release, there was a panel that was just called "lie on the ground and feel like garbage" and it was lit despite having absolutely no purpose the memes bro
  2. bepis was originally a joke way to say penis and then became associated with the fake soda logos in anime that you see a lot like "bepsi"
  4. cool game. still wish it didn't have so many autoscrollers
  5. @Kirbymeister2 Steyer's miraculously a good candidate, even though everybody was against him generally for doing the same thing as Bloomberg (single-handedly trying to buy relevance in the election). He's probably the only candidate besides Bernie to run a no-compromise, hard progressive platform. The only problem is he's polling at nothing. But he pretty much aligns with Bernie on public healthcare, climate change, student debt forgiveness, wealth tax, paid family leave, immigration reform, free college-level education, criminal justice reform. He's a good candidate policy-wise, but he's not likely to keep in the race much longer. Try comparing for yourself! They're really similar. https://www.tomsteyer.com/policies/ https://berniesanders.com/issues/
  6. nothing has ever made me as irrationally angry as computers have, though.
  7. gum disease is linked to a ton of different health issues in later years. not good to act flippant about. https://www.perio.org/consumer/gum-disease-and-other-diseases it's been ages for me too and i know i have at least one tooth with definite cavities. loads of spots in other places. either my wisdom teeth or something caused my molars (well everything past my canines) to angle inwards sometimes in the last 5 years. shit's scary
  8. i mean i'm glad to reconsider this opinion if you show me counterexamples
  9. what kinda god awful shoes would be green and grey tf
  10. Yeah everybody gets dragged into our shitshows. It probably helps that Bernie specifically aims to make the US less meddlesome in every other country lol
  11. In the spirit of ditching dead threads with lots of baggage, I feel like it's time to make a new political thread too. Especially since the primaries are starting, so I imagine at least some discussion is bound to happen. Also I just wanted to talk about how Berno is the blatant frontrunner y'all. It's wild to have some actual hope this time around.