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  1. Pichi

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    yeah 1-2 is utterly forgettable at best lol
  2. Pichi

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    the springs? not sure what you mean. i would prefer to have better sturdiness, too, but there's no way they'd escape their usual image problem if they didn't design it to modern tastes this time.
  3. Pichi

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    I feel like the sticks on the Wii U and Switch are pretty similarly average. That said, it's no surprise that the Switch doesn't feel as durable considering the tablet form factor. I think it'd be hard to convince people it was super portable if it was the same width and equally toy-ish as the Wii U tablet.
  4. Pichi

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    i learned about it shortly after and i'm pretty sad i missed the great bothering of the beavers and whatnot
  5. Pichi

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    you can learn things on the internet far faster than you can taking a course for it. just... keep reading the book and messing around with it yourself lol
  6. Pichi

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    traillllls of collllld steelllll
  7. Pichi

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    did they really make a hashtag where you can't tell visibly if they're Is or ls lol
  8. Pichi

    Video Games Finished in 2019

    My first game of 2019 is Breath of the Wild! Spent 65h 24m on it according to the Wii U stats. It wasn't technically my very first play, but previously I had borrowed it from a friend and stopped partway through. Did 50-some shrines, the divine beasts and all memories before taking on Ganon. Did a few of the big shrine quests and side stuff. Streamed it all on Twitch, but will probably play the rest of it on my own.
  9. Pichi

    I hate trouble shooting my PC >:O

    you could always type "reset my pc" into windows 10 search bar lol
  10. 1 game for $5-10 that's still a digital download, or the library with online pay for $20 a year that's nice even if temporary. by the time you pay for a decent amount of VC titles you coulda bought yourself a flashcart lol
  11. Pichi

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    Summer pollen is even worse than spring pollen for me, so I only really get to be outside from October-February
  12. Pichi

    I hate trouble shooting my PC >:O

    First off, registry cleaners are a farce and only cause problems. Don't use CCleaner or anything like it. https://decentsecurity.com/#/registry-cleaners/ On that site is also a very in-depth guide to both cleaning and optimizing your computer, and setting it up for optimal security if you decide to wipe it and start from scratch. https://decentsecurity.com/ Here's the author of that site if you're unsure about it. It doesn't shill anything that you have to pay for ever https://twitter.com/SwiftOnSecurity Blocking ads with ublock origin (most malware comes from ads without you even clicking), turning UAC to max, and not clicking on random shit in email or going to sketch sites will solve 99% of your problems, but you can get something like malwarebytes if you're really concerned about having an anti-virus. There's not really anything that's going to be "better" than a paid subscription; those are really just useful for unaware users that fall for malware/phishing tricks all the time. Otherwise, you're wasting your money.
  13. Pichi

    Site News, Feedback, and Help

    this is still a problem in firefox
  14. Pichi

    Town Plaza - N4A Chat Thread - January 2019

    if you can find a way to play JSRF, it's a much, much smoother game. JSR is cool but god is it a clunky mess
  15. Pichi

    Political Containment Thread

    supporting the EU to own the libs! wait a minute