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  1. i think the matter of coffins and such is a relatively modern thing. natural burial means decomposition.
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/coronavirus-checks-direct-deposits-are-coming-here-s-everything-you-n1168936
  3. they probably just don't think getting licensing again is worth it, but i don't know why. a "pro" plan for the online service that gave access to a ton of them or something would make fucking bank.
  4. you said collection or remaster i don't think remasters are necessary most of the time so i was going on the collection part i was talking about expanding the VC services to Wii size library, at least
  5. been out in the rain fishing for ages but still no coelacanth. rarest has only been a bunch of football fish. i've assembled a nice rain outfit purely from balloons though
  6. how about all of them? you know, on the switch. where they only have a few dozen right now
  7. i feel so surprised by some of the animal crossing dialogue lol. it's always had great localization but this time it straight up feels like it was written natively in english, even if they've always localized the puns
  8. yeah, i think it would have played out identically most likely, but just a couple weeks difference could have drastically reduced the number of cases/deaths even if people were stupidly ignoring advice at the same rate.
  9. yeah, i just mean we could have gone through this whole ordeal of people ignoring advice until forced to a couple weeks earlier and it would have made a huge difference
  10. if only a certain somebody hadn't downplayed it for weeks we might have started isolating before it was a serious problem
  11. i haven't slept all night after a second update from ryujinx, animal crossing is now relatively playable on emulator so i can finally play it. i posted a bit more about that in the game thread. idk why i'm still up though since i closed it hours ago...
  12. new horizons works on ryujinx so i can finally play 😭😭 it's quite buggy still and my system can't run it at full speed while around the island, but it's fast enough to be playable unfortunately it crashes on new file startup currently (and when actually taking a picture lol) so you have to use a prebuilt save i just got the mirror though so i can at least make a character now i just need a real outfit