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  1. Pichi

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    yeah i really wish kyoani had purged the pedobait shit completely the main trio and others are so much nicer. at least Riko coulda had a crush without it being the way it was
  2. Pichi

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    name 1 good thing that lucoa did
  3. Pichi

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    fafnir and coworker guy plot was really sweet. elma was... okay idk why they couldn't let lucoa be anything other than "the tits character" when KyoAni is usually so good at building on source material (see: k-on)
  4. Pichi

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    both of those characters could be deleted and nothing would be taken from the show lol although if you're into that nonsense then you ought to read the manga, which i hear is super degenerate
  5. Pichi

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    shatsu is shirt so not quite haha his name is TANPAN KOZOU GOROU
  6. Pichi

    Your experience with camping

    tfw never got into camp hyrule
  7. Pichi

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    @Youngster Joey showin up in my manga today never knew that the Youngster trainers were literally called "Shorts kid" in Japanese
  8. Pichi

    2008 vs. 2018

    2008: Still had terrible social anxiety, just starting to make friends in my area but still super alone Quite unhappy with my family situation Brawl was a big disappointment and I was already started to get tired of video game stuff. That just made it worse Unrequited crushes Floating through 10th/11th grade without being a part of anything that was happening around me. Parents were difficult the few times I got the chance to get out of the house Constant feeling of missing out on life 2018: No more social anxiety but still very much a shut-in Still recovering from depression that peaked in 2014 Super poor, quit my last job two years ago when i was suicidal, barely getting by with some help from roommates Sorta not entirely unrequited love lol but we talk nonstop and it's one of the few things keeping me afloat In a constant cycle of starting and failing to improve myself Unhappy with my life but lost how to change because I don't desire traditional success and being a zombie/cog for more basic comfort always destroys my mental health Also knowing I have to be a leech to some degree on my friends and family to survive and feeling as though I won't ever properly have the means to repay them, in kindness or in a proper friend/family relationship. Never seeing any growth with regards to online stuff because I'm the flakiest person on Earth Watching racists and cryptofascists rise in numbers rapidly in my country Having to cut out loads of people from my life due to all of the fallout from that, without really being able to replace them The impending stress of knowing global warming and capitalism will both be crises in my lifetime and most likely nothing will be done to fix/replace them Knowing I still have the privilege of not feeling many of these things in my life directly and not being able to do anything for those who don't Yet focusing on my small interests despite everything is the only way to retain any degree of mental health at all --- well, after reflecting on it for a while past and present both kinda sucked. life is shit, QED
  9. Pichi

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    click the icon on the top right silly
  10. Pichi

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    now if only it didn't butcher the physics
  11. Yeah, and there's far more nonsense than that old list if you have any knowledge of the speedrun lol
  12. "use your brain" you can't use your brain with the surge cans cause it doesn't even work the way it's described there's an always present chance that the second can is always the top left, so it's literally a guessing game even sillier in yellow
  13. Pichi

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    lost world in dank kank 2 has some of the coolest levels in the series it's also hard as hell tho source: literally 4000 hours between the 3 dkc snes games