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  1. yeah, it's usually very quiet. I mostly study. but it gets lonely sometimes. lol
  2. o heck ye. i get up ideally around 4am to begin my day as well, but lately i've been really messed up and waking up more around 10 to midnight love waking up at dark-thirty, though. i feel like my mind is the most clear around that time, but if i wake up at that time instead of staying up super late, i feel good during the day too. whereas waking up like noon or later, i feel like ass for half the day
  3. Ninfora needs more ppl up at 4am man it gets lonely out here
  4. i love them so much as;dfasdjlkf;a i'm watching streams of the game and it actually looks great help
  5. I didn't really play with mods. I just hadn't played for more than short periods in the last few years.
  6. been into minecraft again after a friend made a local server and it's been hella fun there's so much shit in vanilla now. it's really nice to actually be surprised playing the game again and he spawned a neat seed with a ton of islands in a big ocean surrounded by coral. after getting through the typical early game stuff, i got a silktouch pick and decided to use some for myself This actually isn't in the ocean, so if anything here isn't directly touching water in some way, it'll die in a few seconds. So it was really difficult to set up. It's lit by (mostly) hidden sea pickles, too, so the room is 100% from the ocean. Also, Kapp'n showed up in case I need to go back to the mainland
  7. well, it looks better... i also feel as though i suffered through the whole thing in that three minutes alone
  8. lol just that it was emotional and purposely stirring the pot even though it's sincere also seriously i'll never get over how the pokemon first season 4kids shit was all such a jam when they messed up everything else so bad lol
  9. speaking of ateliers y'all should read this it's fkn fantastic thread on it: