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  1. @Bowser81889 @DLurkster @purple_beard y'all... honestly... why are you using ancient horrible hosting services photobucket's been shit for like a decade. don't you even have to pay for it now? lol you can even just upload your tags directly here
  2. they been payin you for all these ads lately?
  3. i feel like this one is particularly useless cause i'm pretty sure Sega was doing this years before anybody else to begin with. ppl are gonna buy it anyway though lol
  4. why you playin old arcade fighters for the 1P mode lol. go play against some actual people
  5. Finally finished DQ3 myself. Phenomenal game, loved every bit of it other than the random encounter slog when trying to figure out what to do next. Took 37 hours and 55 minutes. The speedrun is under 3 hours lol. I might give it a go myself, but I left my next games in my stream viewers hands so it'll depend on that
  6. Sorry to hear you're going through that. I think not letting her ruin your life by enabling her is definitely the right choice. On a side note, $400 a month on rideshares seems like a crazy waste. Does Nashville not have public transportation at all? I know the south sucks for it, but I figure it's a big enough city. A reliable bike would also cost less than one month of that if you happen to move under 10 miles from your work. Though that depends on the availability of bike infrastructure or like side-roads at least.
  7. What AI? They get stuck on everything lol. Seemed like the only way to play was to control all three manually when I played it.
  8. would love to see Zappa and ABA again personally
  9. kamawanai nogusa-chan idk why i played it on emulator when i have the cart but yeah
  10. finally beat this thing like 16 years after playing it for the first time. i got Erdrick's Armor at 14 and cheesed the sword by going into Charlock Castle at level 14 and just running away from everything to make the grind to 19 easier lol meanwhile i'm 25 hours into Dragon Quest 3 but still a bit to go
  11. nice. i went every year from '12-'17 (with one exception) but haven't had the funds to go lately. it's really great
  12. nice mag sticker I've done that before just by using random.org. I can't remember if MAL numbers your plan-to-watch, but you can copy-paste them into this to add numbers https://gillmeister-software.com/online-tools/text/numbering-lines.aspx i would just pick out a few that i'm genuinely interested in at that point, though. 4k is absurd lol