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  1. aaaaaaaa i'm so impatient for the vaccine now that it's on the horizon i wanna see people again so bad. i haven't seen anybody but my roommates since march and i try to not interact with them too much either since they have work and other such contact with ppl too
  2. truly pillow guy will be there for trump even when all others have abandoned him
  3. oh i didn't realize they had already been sworn in but you need 2/3rds to impeach don't you? i guess that's enough for "remotely slim" lol
  4. is there even a remotely slim chance this doesn't immediately die in the senate like last time
  5. mean spirited and petty? satisfaction due to a tiny bit of resolution to justified anger for all the problems and suffering he's caused is more accurate
  6. oh come on the new season just started how are they showing reruns already i've seen this episode like 10 times by now
  7. i didn't care for it much at first but stuck with it cause it's the only replacement that has similar nutritional value. grew on me a ton
  8. do u know how sick it'd be if soy actually worked that way? like damn
  9. hey now soy milk is top tier tho
  10. what will the reply guys who live in trump's responses do now
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