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  1. agreeeeed. i'm doing infinitely better than i ever have, and it's not only bc of coming out
  2. @EH_STEVE did you mean to post this in the chat thread originally lol
  3. i was gonna agree but things have been kinda wild on my end internally honestly. feels a little too private and not very interesting to blab about here though idk
  4. i have barely been present here because i'm so busy lately but personally am very grateful for the wednesday shitposts bc they still help me remember my shot sometimes
  5. あなたなんか、私じゃない! [shadow tyranogre begins chaotically laughing and turns into a giant penis kaijuu]
  6. all the other paper mario games suck bc u cant be a twirly princess QED
  7. paper mario's easy to run through but i love soaking up everything when i do replay it, all the NPCs, all the shit goombario talks about, all of that, so i usually go through it very slowly. i am incredibly biased though
  8. nvm i lied i started off pride month strong by confessing to a girl i've been hitting it off with real hard lately and she said it was mutual
  9. just the usual being a slave to rainbow capitalist companies to afford transitioning costs u kno ooo the gamecube one is my fav because of my how snappy it feels but this sounds interestingg
  10. happy pride to all my queers out there
  11. i tried dune when i was in high school and read a lot and it was just so unapproachable for me. iirc i was having to flip back to the end of the book all the time to try to understand shit with the glossary and it was just not for me at allll
  12. first interesting post here in a while and this is what it amounted to
  13. one of my fav NES games is milon's secret castle so
  14. i haven't seen anything yet, but just in advance, if y'all talk about anything plotwise with P4 can you please spoiler it? c: i'm just playing through it now for the first time and it's really slow progression wise cause i'm playing in japanese usually everybody here is good about doing that to begin with but i wanna be sure cause i keep panicking and scrolling down whenever i start to read posts about it lol i always like chunk sentences all at once so it's always been really hard for me to avoid spoilers. like when ppl would say something like "WARNING SPOILERS" and immediately continue the sentence back in the day, or on twitter or whatever, i would already have peeked at the end of the sentence before my brain catches up with me lmao
  15. yea unfortunately this tactic works the way you'd expect it to almost never unless the people in question are already supportive
  16. here are some sweet sleepy sisters just for you
  17. the most frustrating part of politics in this country is that it feels like social politics are the only real dividing point dems and reps are very aligned in protecting capital and foreign interests at all costs so the rest just feels like theater but the reality is that living as queer and being a target of all that means i'm voting out of fear
  18. paying per cable seems like it would get out of hand very fast unless you only needed one
  19. honestly still wanna play sun and moon cause the characters are all so cute but i didn't have my 3ds any more when it came out none of the others have interested me too much really. felt like i got everything i wanted out of the first 5 though otherwise
  20. i witnessed a moment like this irl where some v georgia lookin' dudes were hangin out outside my apt entrance at night when i was trying to get in. i was thinking about waiting them out but when i got close i heard one of them ranting about "that rich fuck jeff bezos" lol. blessed comrade
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