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  1. it's not that it won't arrive, it's that they keep making a big stink about it since they have to manually enter it into the weird package room system they have if they don't have the name on file @Chrom could i maybe request only a digital gift for this reason?
  2. all these new games and meanwhile i just got myself fixated on oldschool runescape again
  3. i actually have funds to participate this year but the apt complex gets mad if i don't deadname myself on my mail
  4. welcome back. it's a bit dusty in here but we aren't going anywhere any time soon
  5. it's so terrible it preemptively killed Watanabe just so he could roll in his grave jk i haven't seen it
  6. Even though the GBA translation actually bothers to write lyrics that actually time well with the music like in Japanese? granted you can't really blame Woolsey for this because i'm pretty sure he had to do everything w/o much context also I'm looking at the translations again and at one point he translates おまえ... こんなにきれいだったっけ (were you always this pretty?) to "aye yai yai, izzat... you?" lmao
  7. the GBA translation is definitely better for accuracy, especially considering how much of the script had to be condensed and paraphrased to even fit on a SNES cartridge fun fact, the jail scene also got changed in japan, removing the assault scene in order to preserve the age rating for the japanese gba release but it was still intact in the SNES version so i think you're mixing versions up a bit (i don't know what the text said though because i've only played in japanese) while the 90s censorship is def really unfortunate, i feel like you do your own argument a disservice by putting holy→pearl at the same level as writing out a suicide lol
  8. have they even been changing the translations again? i imagine they're still just using the GBA retranslation for VI
  9. i remember there used to be one beside the twitter link i'm pretty sure. idk what happened to it but i haven't been there in a long time
  10. please don't link to garbage outside the political thread where it's easy to ignore
  11. how do you do this with online play? was trying to figure it out the other day and couldn't
  12. the time, like you said. a ton of cut in animations and stuff doubled the time of games for no reason was pretty underwhelmed by super mario party minigames the boards were super uninspired no real online play for years and the unique dice thing was a neat but horrible idea in practice because mario party shouldn't have freakin character tiers
  13. played it and everything's pretty great 5 boards when there's no original content is shit though but man does the quality difference stand out compared to Super Mario Party
  14. i looked up community pom and it looks amazing lol
  15. i'm just playin a regular ol pokemon white nuzlocke also new mario party when i can buy it probably
  16. i found a very witchy dress at the thrift store last week so that's actually the plan! maybe do a kiki costume because i don't have time for much at this point
  17. how come you don't like it? i've always been pretty indifferent myself tbh, but i might actually throw together a costume just for fun i've gotten to the point where i don't feel gross in fem clothes so it's actually an appealing idea for a change
  18. october's almost over y'all. did everybody have a decent month? any cool plans for spooky night?
  19. honestly the controls in Prime are just ass. that's the biggest issue. it's the retro studios dilemma
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