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  1. it's pride month again y'all. keep your wits about you and avoid contact w any stray allies and we'll make it through rainbow capitalism month in one piece lotta good things happening in the next couple of months my partner's top surgery went well and they're past the worst part of recovery, and we'll be moving in together in about 6 more weeks c: once that happens, we're gonna finally get started on a lot of documentation and other stuff i've been putting off for uh. way too long also going in to do paperwork for a new job tomorrow. although actually i'll be doing the same thing anyway, because i'm going from starbucks to a grocery store. with a starbucks in it lol. i'm supposed to be moving to the bakery at some point, so i'm hoping it doesn't take too long. though it is nice to already know what i'm doing for a change lol i've also been incredibly obsessed w chess lately so u nerds should hit me up if you like to play at all thus concludes the june april update
  2. it actually ended up being pretty solid and not far from the area we were looking at anyway! and we got approved for it over the weekend
  3. it's probably cause there's so much sugar and milk you can't taste the coffee lol and the coffee that goes in them is powdered instant coffee and smells exactly like dog food wish i was kidding
  4. if i'm away from a game for a long time i have to start a new file idk how ppl just jump back in like that lol it always feels like i'm playing somebody else's game entirely at that point
  5. on the apt hunt with my partner and we missed the chance to stay in probably the only affordable place in a really nice, walkable area in the center of the city by 1 whole hour. somebody saw it just before us and took it right before we could it would have been really wonderful to not need a car around here for a change. but we're seeing another place on monday that's not too far off. it's hard to find much we can comfortably afford, so hoping this one is good enough to settle for
  6. in other news i've been taking the opportunity to replay botw with the linkle mod, which i was super fucking excited about when it was first being developed way back, but 6 years later i'm only just now remembering it and getting around to it but oh my god it's everything i wanted back then and more! totally redone animation, cute redesigned outfits, completely new voice acting the redesigns look so good!! and i'm dying over how freaking gay everything becomes as a result
  7. https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12555-teary-kingdom-n4a-chat-thread-may-2023/
  8. ecstatic to watch trump fizzle out in court cases and follow the assuredly gripping contest between Ron "Watch 'Em Hurl" DeSantis and whoever else thinks abortion and dealing with the Tranny Question are the most pressing government issues lol
  9. absolutely the best way to do it
  10. it's really interesting cause everything is so vibrant and expressive but lots of things seem rushed. like the intro screen has no animation or music but then most of the game is really detailed. i think there were difficulties with the way the text worked that stopped ppl from translating in the past, so it'd have to wait til somebody really motivated comes around
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