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  1. https://twitter.com/shigatsunoraion although i almost never open it any more not horny here or anywhere else online
  2. shame twitter shows everybody your likes by default anyway lol
  3. so like, there's a surprising amount of gender fuckery in japanese media, right? but it's all pretty tropey and bad most of the time. like the butt of a joke or fetishistic or whatever else. there are a few standout gems like Hourou Musuko that deal with gender dysphoria and things like that seriously,but there's basically zero transmasc manga. at best you get like "cis girl has to crossdress to do Thing and develops Male Persona and has to reconcile the two blah blah blah" a bunch i found a really neat seeming one yesterday though called Boys Run the Riot that's genuinely a transmasc manga literally page one the MC is like "yea i'm trans this girl shit sucks" i haven't read more than a few chapters cause not much is translated and i haven't decided on buying the raws but it seems cool and i'm really happy it exists
  4. azula's maybe my fav villain in anything ever what characters aren't good in this show though honestly there was a cute family that was like dad + 3 like elementary aged daughters in the bakery the other day while i was working and one of them was wearing an avatar shirt. they were all really talkative and they kept trying to demand the dad get a birthday cake they liked even though he kept brushing them off cause it was for their granddad. it was super cute. i went to mention that i liked the one girl's shirt and she called my trans pin beautiful and i was just ;w; internally but when i did compliment it and tell her it was my fav cartoon after that she just said "oh..." like she didn't know how to react lol
  5. i love iroh of course but it's always been toph for me haha
  6. hell yea let's go who's your fav character??
  7. sigh i'll pass on typing out translations but the first line is porn search tags, presumably the second sounds like a pornbot invitation just use deepl if you need to autotranslate in the future. it doesn't get thrown off by slang so often
  8. welcome back. it's the same as always here
  9. i haven't looked up a single thing about metroid dread but i love how the title makes it sound like a horror b movie
  10. i am in more control of my life nowadays but only a little
  11. yea i've already seen plenty of estradiol molecular pins and tattoos so i'm sure somebody has it on a shirt seen a couple for t as well
  12. i never thought it came from lies. i think the loudest antivax drivel comes from people of certain political proclivities using it as the latest propaganda vehicle. that tyranogre mentioned political disagreements makes me suspect as such, disclaimer notwithstanding. arguments like the angle of reasonable distrust of US government fall apart easily when every country is having the same problems. but they don't care because reaching a solid conclusion is never their goal. what i meant by statistically is that given his age he is much more likely to catch it and hold up, but spread it to many more vulnerable people, than he is to die over it. and anything short of crippling illness is gonna 'confirm' it for him as being a hoax, "no worse than the flu," etc.
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