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  1. speaking of bonus content, i'm finally getting around to playing through DQ4 via the PS1 version. it's something i've been putting off for a long time because the only way to get the party dialogue, which compromises almost half the script of the versions, is to either play in japanese or play the damn mobile version. they just completely deleted that part of the script from the DS version for the overseas release.
  2. wii skyward sword forced 16:9 even though the wii can't handle flatscreens without delay??
  3. hi sarah. i have several questions
  4. i wouldn't wish the hell that is PC ports of japanese games on anybody
  5. don't ask about the guilty gear lore unless you're truly ready for it
  6. twewy was great. bought it used in high school w absolutely no idea what it was and loved the hell out of it. gave it to a friend a while later though so i haven't played it since then. well, recently i actually tried on emulator for a nostalgia trip actually but mouse for touch input worked even worse than i thought it would so i gave up lol
  7. oh yeah i'm 29 as of last week or whatever oops my birthday trip was chill everybody at work thinks i'm like 20 years old hrt is busted lol once again if you play chess hmu that's like all i'm doing aside from work rn cause i'm too ded for anything else ty this concludes april update 1. chicken, spinach, and parmesan asiago on garlic sauce pizza. if i go somewhere nice i just mix it up depending on the day 2. i usually pick something that has egg, bacon, mus
  8. there's a mod for the PC version of FFX that fixes that, so you can have japanese dub with eng text otherwise
  9. god damn i hate this shit so much. working off bad dumps and testing against bad emus is stupid 2000s nonsense. there is seriously no excuse any more.
  10. NA games switch entirely to japanese just from changing your region settings. i can't imagine it would be any different for theirs.
  11. oh dang i missed our yearly ns2 nostalgia refugee. welcome, on the off chance you come back!
  12. let us not forget and Breath of the Wild alone accounts for like 20% of those sales
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