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  1. every month i check to see if knuckle sandwich is out yet so i can finally make a chat thread again for that specific purpose for some reason it's like the main thing that keeps me thinking about the game and probably the only upcoming release i'm excited about at all nowadays
  2. i've been busy lately thanks to a wonderful new partner and have otherwise been addicted to osrs again i hope everything's been lovely for y'all
  3. interior decor always depresses me because approaching it feels overwhelming, so i usually hold fort in my barely-furnished room classic disaster gay shit u kno
  4. think i've mentioned it before but the only way i could ever fix my sleep schedule with my tendencies being so bad was to rotate. so stay up as late as possible, which for me would be like 6-10am, then the next day i would shoot for noon, then early afternoon, and so on. it usually took around a week bc i wouldn't always be able to make it through the night. but once i got to like evening it was easy to sleep around 8-10pm and then i'd be naturally tired around then for a good while and would be able to maintain (until something made me stay up late impulsively again )
  5. in my experience w queer ppl it already ends up looking gay whether you do it intentionally or not
  6. yea i wear it at work and big gatherings but small ones it seems pretty superfluous and silly
  7. pretending creators don't exist still not a great idea if they're still profiting off their work
  8. a friend and i have been looking locally for a wii and i can't believe they're kinda hard to find now but you try to buy that shit online and it's 50-100 dollars i swear ppl were selling them like candy, 20 bucks a pop or something, not that long ago
  9. i open the site every day still but have nothing interesting to say
  10. god this image gives me whiplash every time i see it. ancient history lol truly evil that you could just innocently walk up the bridge immediately after mt moon, get dunked on, and end up back on the other side
  11. ちんこ i've been getting back into the NC melee scene and way more ppl remember me from back then than i expected which has been super wholesome. and when my ride to a tournament today had to bail bc of car trouble, the person i was able to get a ride with instead ended up being my new coworker who had just gotten hired like last week. absolutely wild coincidence
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