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  1. yea unfortunately this tactic works the way you'd expect it to almost never unless the people in question are already supportive
  2. here are some sweet sleepy sisters just for you
  3. the most frustrating part of politics in this country is that it feels like social politics are the only real dividing point dems and reps are very aligned in protecting capital and foreign interests at all costs so the rest just feels like theater but the reality is that living as queer and being a target of all that means i'm voting out of fear
  4. paying per cable seems like it would get out of hand very fast unless you only needed one
  5. honestly still wanna play sun and moon cause the characters are all so cute but i didn't have my 3ds any more when it came out none of the others have interested me too much really. felt like i got everything i wanted out of the first 5 though otherwise
  6. i witnessed a moment like this irl where some v georgia lookin' dudes were hangin out outside my apt entrance at night when i was trying to get in. i was thinking about waiting them out but when i got close i heard one of them ranting about "that rich fuck jeff bezos" lol. blessed comrade
  7. the site policies and all aside, it's mostly the fact that you're always two clicks from the worst garbage you've ever seen, and the site seems to be determined to make sure that's the case, since it always throws you back onto the home page where you see everybody's random likes, suggested tweets, and so on. and even if you use external tools or w/e you have to be extremely prudent with who you follow bc so many ppl get caught up in the drama and you see it through QRTs even after all your avoidance efforts
  8. "but have you considered if they've quietly returned a small portion of the wealth they amassed through exploitation?" is not a very convincing argument lol
  9. twitter has been the online equivalent of rolling in shit for years now. there really isn't anything that can make it worse lol
  10. my whole life is just playing games from gen 6 or older that i missed out on or can't give up cause of nostalgia
  11. yea, you were actually. chrom snapped after one too many phallus references. the downtime is for damage control.
  12. i know a way to look ~10 years younger in less than a year everybody constantly thinks i'm like 18-22 now it's really weird sometimes
  13. i'm sorry to tell you like this but ppl might consider you old either way
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