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  1. hapyp birdthday my dude ...not fixing typos for authenticity
  2. felt like absolute trash the first day after but was mostly fine after that
  3. this vaccine kickin my ass this mornin real hard could barely get outta bed
  4. got the 1 dose vaccine so i booked my first nice trip tf outta here in 2 weeks haha, also 28 and my brief first stint in college involved exactly this too
  5. i'm actually closer to NZ timezone schedule than my own right now
  6. what exciting stuff? this place is basically like an animal crossing village. topic might change and occasionally there are events, but you more or less always know what to expect
  7. yahoo is basically still alive entirely by virtue of japan lol
  8. i mean, have you or anybody else used it for anything other than laughing at answers from 10 years ago
  9. but now how will i find out the systoms of being pregarnt??
  10. i caught a flea off nikoban in e+ and he accused me of kidnapping his friend lmao
  11. my friends who bought it are all gushing about it fwiw
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