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  1. I'm glad I remembered my password. I just wanted to say thank you to both @winterberry and @Pichi.
  2. If anything could convince me to check here more often it is seeing that I missed this. I feel rude now. Congratulations! I hope it went well. I am happy for you!
  3. I mostly watch speedrunners, but I have legitimately thought about practicing A Hat In Time as a total casual to see how good I could get my times through no serious commitment or study. It is a pretty fun game to stream too.
  4. I do not often stop in but I love the choice for thread title. A Hat In Time is one of my favorite games to be released recently. I find it hard to set down. I even find it fun to just practice the first level repeatedly to see how I can improve minor things with that.
  5. Being choosy can definitely be important in how you spend your time online. I don't check here very often but occasionally I look around at it. I think that will remain my extent of activity for here though. Really I spend more time as a moderator for my friends' youtube channels and discord anyways. I've enjoyed seeing your art personally. I didn't always comment, but I didn't think I had much to add other than liking your paintings.
  6. I've always appreciated Joey's dedication.
  7. I like this title. I look forward to playing this game for the first time when the remake releases. And no I do not. That sounds hilarious and insecure though. I guess at least that makes them human.
  8. I'm glad you're feeling better. It is important to discuss the risks and benefits of changing the use of your prescriptions, or adding anything else supplemental to make sure there isn't any problems. Your friend probably meant well, and for a lot of people it can help. However for a lot of others it will do the opposite too. It's safe to say I have been... Busy. Especially in the last couple months I have had a lot developing.
  9. I will bite. A Hat In Time RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Celeste Donkey Kong 64 (finished 101% even) Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight Freedom Planet Most games I have completed are listed elsewhere so it is pretty easy. I don't really care about points though, so I am not going to keep track of that. I also haven't really saved screenshots of most of these completions, and most games are not beat 100%.
  10. I honestly don't remember enough about Shinnon asides from him being unlikable. I could have easily placed Takumi in the center square as well. Or Rebecca's FEH art. I remember her FEH art gettinga lot of hate. Also Lyn probably doesn't belong here at all.
  11. This meme immediately came to my mind upon seeing this thread. Not that I'm actually familiar enough with the Fire Emblem series to do it great justice, and certain choices were thrown in there for humor.
  12. There comes a point where it just makes less sense to replace broken parts or upgrade things, and more sense to just replace the whole thing. Usually if you hit the point you're thinking about upgrading either the CPU or motherboard you're 100% there. If you hit the point you're replacing 50% of the components total you're most likely there. Really depends on if you think you have a use or can keep using this thing for years to come. I have one PC that is still chugging along just fine 10 years later. Sure it mostly functions as a web and file server now, but it can still play games if I spin in my chair and sit at it instead of my main PC.
  13. Jealousy intensifies. If only the U.S. was colorful and free. I pay Comcast more than 30 more dollars than that. I get a third the speed (at best), port 25 is blocked, and an IP address that is not static to boot. My dumb HOA has a contract with Comcast so no other providers are even allowed here.
  14. Actually I think part of this is I am thinking of the wrong terminology. What I am thinking of is fostering children. Fostering when an original parent can influence things, and that is what I was thinking of. You're also right. Younger children are in fact favored.
  15. If you can't handle kiddos at just being loud and obnoxious you might have issues with them at their identity crisis stages. Adopting children is much harder than raising your own. There is a whole new dynamic to raising children that you didn't conceive yourself. Lucky for me I don't have to worry about either case; I hope. I haven't even seen much of my family outside parents over the last several months, and a bit of my niece but to be quite frank... That's for the better. To be honest I feel like I don't really have a family at this point.