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  1. First Look at Nintendo Labo

    Nintendo is crazy in the best way. I'm worried about the amount of content to the software, but Nintendo has never really been one to skimp in that department. I'm also worried about finding room for all of these cardboard creations. Beyond that, I'm in. There's a chance that I won't get much value from any of it, but even then I'm happy to support such a new and good idea.
  2. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    I'd take that over having social obligations every day I don't work. It's so damn tiring.
  3. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    It seems I just can't escape drinking on the weekends. It's not the worst thing, but it's getting exhausting with all these different events and such.
  4. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Damn, waxing b-holes and peens just sounds universally painful. I prefer to keep them relatively trimmed. That Sounds great easier. Then again, I have been drunkenly discussing our heritage and passing it on and such with my one brother and father. It's been a weird night. How us everyone?
  5. So Mario has nipples. What's next Nintendo?

    I was expecting little mustaches instead of nipples.
  6. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    After the accident, he was always in penis mourning.
  7. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    At least it's a memory that will be hard to forget? lol
  8. Doom series thread

    I played A LOT of DOOM on XBLA several years ago. Had never played it until then but I really loved it. Now the 2016 reboot almost was my game of the year, it was just such solid fun gameplay. I'm glad it's coming to the switch, but I'm not sure yet if I'll pick it up again.
  9. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    I'm sorry, that sucks all the butts. Are you going to try to do cool things anyway?
  10. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Speaking of getting taken out of Rogue One: how about the guy who is definitelynotaJedi repeatedly doing things that even actual Jedi can't do? Infuriating.
  11. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    It's not my favorite, but I still enjoy it. There's only one song that I ever feel the need to skip when listening to it through. The handful of songs they played from it work really well live, lots of energy.
  12. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    So I went to a Mountain Goats concert tonight, just got back to our BNB. It was good, but no one in the crowd rallied for a second encode when I started shouting for Lovecraft in Brooklyn. Still love anything and everything about the Mountain Goats.
  13. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Unless I did so as a small child, I don't think I've ever actually written a to-do list. I'm not well organized.
  14. DuckTales (2017) Ep. 1 available on YouTube

    I never watched the old Ducktales, and have no nostalgia for it. Once I heard Alex Hirsch was involved with it though, I had to give it a try. It's great, and exactly what I expected of the people behind it. I'm very excited for more.
  15. So Yellow, you're trying to avoid being eaten. And Schmengland you're trying to take someone out with you. I think I'd rather be a potato, because my possibilities are nigh endless. I could become fries, or mashed potatoes, or just straight up baked, maybe some potato pancakes... I would have so much potential as a potato.