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  1. Post your Mandela effects. I'll start: I could've sworn the chorus to Sexyback was, "Go hit me, go," not, "Go ahead, be gone with it."
  2. I'm not into Power Rangers, but I've been watching a lot of Super Sentai on Pluto TV lol.
  3. I've been keeping up with the Japanese version of the anime... Maybe if they'd start having one episode a week instead of these multiple Netflix batches every few months I'd be willing to consider the dub again too... But even after all of this time, it's still not the same without the 4Kids cast.
  4. I miss the old G4, and watching all of the big 3's conferences on the channel...
  5. You know, I've barely even played Pokemon Scarlet... Maybe I'm getting tired of all of these Nintendo games...
  6. I remember during the early days of Agents of Shield waiting to see each new movie before I would watch the episode that took place immediately after it... I miss how interconnected that show was with the wider MCU.
  7. Why do Wii Mode Virtual Console games on Wii U look better than any other remaster I've seen of anything?
  8. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/06/atari-50-the-anniversary-celebration-features-over-90-titles-including-jaguar-and-lynx-games "Atari has unveiled a new collection coming to Switch and other consoles in celebration of the company's 50th anniversary. The appropriately-titled Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration will include over 90 games spanning the Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, ST, Jaguar and Lynx, and it's coming this year. As reported by Game Informer in an exclusive first-look feature, that's six platforms and the collection also represents the first time Jaguar and Lynx games will be officially available to play on modern consoles. There's no word on exactly which games will be included just yet, but we'll update this post when we hear more. It will apparently feature "six new titles inspired by the classics", though. Anyone who's played an Atari compilation in the past and is wary of another one might have their minds put at ease to know that Digital Eclipse is handling the emulation and overall package this time. This is the developer responsible for some of the best retro-focused collections going, including such sparkling packages as the Mega Man Legacy Collection, the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection. So, it appears that we're in pretty safe hands with this one — a relief for anyone who feels that Atari's treatment of its back catalogue has been somewhat lacking over the years." They're even making a new chapter of Swordquest!
  9. I mainly only cared about E3 because I got to watch the big three's press conferences on G4 back in the day, but since they just have their own online events these days, as long as they're still doing them I don't care about missing E3 much.
  10. Any old Star Wars release can be easily found on eBay, but there was never any purely unedited release. The only official home release where the original movie just says, "STAR WARS," (without, "Episode IV: A New Hope,") were the 2006 bonus discs, and those use the later sound mix cuz they just took the 1993 masters of the trilogy and spliced a 1977 opening crawl film reel to the beginning of episode 4. And, besides, as someone who owns and is trying to get rid of that set, it's awful. It's so zoomed out that you can barely see it. I bought a Blu-Ray set of the despecialized trilogy that I'm a thousand times happier with, not just is the quality amazing, but it's far more accurate than any home release there's ever been of the trilogy ever, including the 2006 set.
  11. I doubt anyone's actually rich enough to end world hunger, at the very least without bankrupting themselves. I believe in charity, but not making yourself poor for it. I also don't believe in demonizing rich people, because you don't know if they give charity anonymously or not, which is more honorable than non-anonymous charity anyways. At least, that's the values I was taught.
  12. It was the pet project of one Tommy Tallarico, known for some lesser known show on G4 and supposedly making the music in Earthworm Jim and Terminator for the Sega CD. He turned out to be a complete narcissist who, if you gave him even the slightest bit of criticism, would call you a, "gaming racist," or a, "gaming communist," and sic this cult of YouTubers he created on you. It was announced in 2018, scheduled for a release in October 2020. Then it was delayed to April 2021. Then it was delayed to October 2021. Then it was delayed to, "never, but please still give us money." They've been selling RFID cards that would download non existent games on a non existent store on a non existent console, calling them physical games, and only in packs of four for $80, and there were idiots who actually bought and received them! Pat the NES Punk on YouTube has been covering this scam beautifully. Also check out https://amicogames.com and https://amicoage.com for humor. At least the Atari VCS came out. EDIT: BTW, Tommy basically said as a reason to buy his console and not the Switch, "If you like games with rape and child porn, than by all means buy a Switch." (Exaggerating the fact that Sony censored an anime game and Nintendo didn't.) Also, Earthworm Jim 4 was actually supposed to come out on the Amico, and Tommy's been good friends with EWJ's creator, who's a bigot, and followed all of the right wing people on Twitter.
  13. Boy, this post sure aged like spoiled milk.
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