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  1. exclusively at target is a huge shit on canadians guess I'll see if my buddies still in the states can grab me a pack T_T
  2. bit of a shit week but today's my birthday and my best friend is recovering and not expected to have any lasting effects from covid and my AC town looks nice and my dresser is getting delivered on wednesday :o) yay!
  3. my best friend has covid aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i hate this hell world
  4. real answer: don't get up and eat in the middle of the night and you won't have to but pichi is right: at least drink a lil bit of water afterwards....i don't even know any adults who still drink milk, tho, honestly
  5. fruits basket is my favorite manga of all time, i'm glad you're enjoying it :o) the 2019 anime is rly good so far and very faithful to the story i can't wait for the 3rd season ;_;
  6. first workout of the new year completed
  7. happy new year everyone! i will make 2021 good by my own two hands and determination
  8. does anyone have any new years resolutions? im going to do my best to workout more regularly and finally get a job again i think...i want us to move to a new place once our lease it up
  9. we're just normal people dude, none of us here even have the opportunity to change any of that shit other than continuing to do our best and encourage others to do the same we all know its going to be slow and arduous and painstaking and exhausting, we get it there's no need to be a downer about it just because some of us would like to look on the bright side of things for new years
  10. @Tyranogre nobody asked. i can't believe i have to tell you this but since you insist on deliberately being an idiot, do not use slurs. ever. - the miku thing is cringe (which is fine) but i find it pretty juvenile...people you hate or disagree with will continue to make things you love and it seems really childish to 'reclaim' it from artists. normal well adjusted adults can just say 'yikes' and move on with their lives. i do kind of agree it absolves them a bit of whatever crime you think they've committed, whether that's the intention or not i've become
  11. wasn't it actually illegal in the uk to write gay characters in books when harry potter came out
  12. is that how much the card came out to? extremely weird lol happy holidays!! glad it came during a sale! i hope u enjoy cuphead....its very good and fun, even tho i'm very bad at it
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