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  1. my friend has been shiny hunting sinistea in swsh and is at 1750~ eggs hatched so far with no luck on one hand, its hilarious to be so hated by RNG, but on the other... well, its still hilarious, but i feel bad for laughing
  2. currently 100 eggs into sunkern hunting and still haven't gotten not ONE timid one RNG hates me today
  3. ohh ive heard of people doing that but never actually tried it before; i usually use the grease to cook eggs in afterwards so i dont mind using the pan, but oven cooking sounds p easy we currently have 1 cookie sheet and its somehow, too big for the oven we have here im not even sure how they couls have possibly purchased a wrongly sized sheet but it makes oven cooking a huge pain lmfao
  4. im not dissing cooking, my whole family cooks REALY well; its a great art that i truly respect and admire and i also just hate doing it and i know i'm not good at it, thus making even preparing food for others not even really fun i have many, many other skills that i love honing and using for the benefit of other people...cooking doesn't need to be one of them lol. i can feed myself, and imo, that's all anyone really needs to be able to do at most, i could say i enjoy baking, if that counts for anything
  5. i dislike cooking, like, greatly its probably my least favorite 'chore', i'd sooner clean literally anything in the house than attempt to make a meal we made bacon! we'd made bacon yesterday and it stuck to the pan n pulled the strips all apart lmfao so today's pre-lunch bacon was truly a treat
  6. wahhh that's great!!! a christmas miracle!! i really hope they get it sorted out and its all good news from here
  7. reached peak adulthood today when me n my love bought a brand new frying pan and its all we can talk about our old one looks like it was hit by a bomb bc our roommate doesnt know how to fuckin cook
  9. finally hit 300 eggs today, overshooting my daily goal of 50 and hitting 85 instead, so i guess that's good enough for today
  10. in pokemon news, last night we hit 215 Maractus eggs, making this thus far the 2nd longest shiny hatching I've ever done....since this is only number 3 here's to another day of biking around this island, giving May legs of absolute diamond and hatching more eggs
  11. im convinced everyone goes out in weather thats terrible bc they all collectively think 'well this weather is shit, no one is crazy enough to drive in this, so its SAFER for me to be on the road since there will be no one else :D' and they're wrong they're all wrong, all the time, and customers don't deserve human rights
  12. thank u pichi-chan happy december gamers, here's hoping for a restful and easy december for us all as we slide into 2020
  13. wait nevermind its circhester, name it that instead
  14. snowpoint city in hopes that gf remakes sinnoh, but good swsh doesn't have any snow towns??
  15. u are truly a godsend, my maractus and i thank you from the bottom of our hearts