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  1. officially hit 1000 sunkern eggs just now the real battle of exhaustion starts now
  2. We live in Alberta It is! The winter has been 'unseasonably warm' according to everyone that's from here and imo, quite tolerable until the past few days lol I've been holed up at home with (luckily) nowhere to go, but my spouse came home yesterday from work and their glasses were literally almost entirely frozen over lmao
  3. day 4 of Extremely Annoying Real Winter Hours
  4. azumanga daioh is one of the first manga and anime i watched, and i distinctly remember my first experience w yotsuba bought issue 1 at a school book fair in middle school and recognized his art style immediately lol, i was so excited i watched azumanga so much i can still recite a LOT of the english dub from memory even now and its the only anime i have a full box set of, good times
  5. Oh, I've never actually made a 3x3 before....I made 2 separate ones, one for anime and one for manga, and I took a couple liberties considering some of them are still currently publishing/not completed airing in entirety i put on single seasons, but in reality im counting the entire series as a whole i didn't actually finish watching 3gatsu (i watched the first season while it was airing, then had to wait once it was done), but something about it really hit home w me enough to make the list. and tho technically fruits basket is still 'ongoing', based on the quality of the remake and how i know the story will go, i can already assume its going to be an all time favorite based on my reaction to the first season of it (IE: crying every time i think about it) hq!! is a bit of an outlier for me; i don't even really know what possessed me to watch a sports anime since i genuinely just don't care about any of them, but holy shit, what a keeper. everything else is pretty straightforward. if i had to pick a single favorite anime ever, it would be anohana. 4/9 are technically still publishing, but they're important enough to me to put em on there so fuck it the last spot (that made in abyss has taken) was actually more of a free space tbh, it was a toss-up between that and the promised neverland, so honorary mention to that too i guess lol. if anyone is into very relaxing and beautiful manga, i cannot highly enough recommend tenju no kuni (Blissful Land). its art style is absolutely beautiful, the story is slow paced and enjoyable, and it has a very interesting setting of Tibet as for current stuff, i'm currently watching hq!! s4, somali and the forest spirit, and asteroid in love i plan on watching magia record too, but haven't gotten around to the first ep yet thanks for the new thread, pichi!
  6. was feeling confident and decided to try using a lighter for the first time to light a candle n burned my thumb a bit instead :'[
  7. absolutely tired of pornsick dudes posting hentai underneath nintendo tweets as if they're the funniest god damn thing to ever hit the internet disgusting disgusting disgusting
  8. 20 minutes just for pokemon?! call me nuts but that seems like a lot since SWSH just released i imagine Home will be the focus and probably some swsh shit about raids and whatnot
  9. happy sunday gamers today's agenda is lolling around, being lazy, and drinking coffee.
  10. no browser is valid except opera, i will die on this hill
  11. lmfao what the fuck that's so funny, i had no idea chrome did that u just gotta guess bro, we aint showin you
  12. okay now its january HAPPY NEW YEAR GAMERS
  13. rum chata confirmed delicious on the rocks ty hates it so more for me not new years yet for me but happy new year folks!! been an honor to be around and meet so many of you in this decade...here's to another 10 years of good friends and good times together!
  14. new years eve!! wahhh....this year has been kinda hard but filled with so many changes and to be finally married is a dream come true next year i want to start working again (though i suppose im not really in charge of when that happens) and start saving for my next big time dream of building a tiny home