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  1. ur absolutely right there were two dudebros in front of us who literally didnt do anything the entire concert and im like...ya'll paid 70 bucks each to be here for this?? no singing? no dancing? not even gonna bob ya head?? ya gonna SIT for most of it???????????????????????????????????
  2. went to go see our favorite band last night w my best friend and it was RAD but now my throat hurts from screaming
  3. i do believe they actually worked on half life 3 but im not convinced we'll actually get it ever not that it matters to me, I've never played em
  4. oscar can't help you now, you earned your punishment now wallow in it
  5. happy february, everyone! wishing you all a productive and easygoing month! last night my tax return came in and i was able to finally afford tickets for my best friend and i to go see our favorite band before i skip town, so im very happy
  6. a veto is in effect for any FE related title use your brain for once and give us the only ounce of creativity you have or perish
  7. unless, god forbid, that's what they're planning on and then it'll just be as shitty as the emoji movie or something
  8. how many of those characters can they even get the rights to using? its not like any of the funko pops are Original Characters, Do Not Steal
  9. im not even joking when i say this: i love mr game and watch and would happily pay real american dollars to play as a baby one
  10. please play nice and don't make me do work on my day off
  11. wanted to get my best friend and i tickets to go see one of our favorite bands in concert again for our bdays but i just dont have the money for it rn and im really sad about it!! im moving away soon so its not like we're likely to have another chance any time soon but oh well think ill end up getting her a switch game instead since all she has is odyssey and she already beat it
  12. i really wanna play persona 5!! hopefully i get a chance once i move to get it... ive heard its hella long but im planning to be unemployed for a bit so i guess that works out
  13. malkon holy shit what a blast from da past
  14. nothin like seeing 4 digits in my bank account prior to my rent coming out truly livin large here in new mexico
  15. i work for goodwill in the back warehouse sorting donated clothes that we send out to all the stores in the state to sell. occasionally we'll go to those other stores to help them out if they're understaffed or their warehouse has gone to shit; we're kind of like the A-team bc we know what we're doing. no customers for 99% of the job, we're generally just back in our warehouse doing our thing. it pays peanuts and my boss is abusive, so despite liking the type of work, its hell on earth. i don't have any formal education past high school (which is how i like it, honestly), so most of my work experience comes from retail in some form or another. a dream job for me...would be something i can be passionate about again. but for now i'd settle for something that at least allows me to afford my rent AND food in exchange for how hard i work.
  16. im fuckin.....sick...............again.................................thank u dayquil for my life
  17. company didnt even bother telling anyone they weren't opening til 12 today so my boss was like 'just stay home honestly, everyone else had to drive and i'm not making them drive back here when the roads are this shit' so i guess its another snow day for lil ol' me
  18. cant believe i got to work this morning only to find NO ONE fucking there because it snowed too much, stood out in 12 degree coldness and waited for 30 minutes just for my boss to text and be like 'yeah i prob wont be in for an hour, but you can go home and ill call you when im in since i dont want you to stand in the cold' like ya'll really deciding to just show up whenever the fuck while im out here losing out on hours bc ya'll never seen snow in your lives, guess ill just stop eating for this month or whatever!!
  19. merry christmas oscar u wild fire emblem man
  20. happy new year guys ty you were too slow
  21. my only resolution to this year is to get married and finally live with my love
  22. tired of living like this!! ready to live in a communal home w 5 other ppl i love n cherish and support and be supported by all of them w chickens and gardens and where we dont all have to work full time only to give remnants of our personality to our loved ones at the end of 40 hours a week that barely feeds you!! this country sucks ass and if i have to go to work one more time while dying of a sickness i incur because im stressed down to my soul about things forced upon me i might just go apeshit
  23. the combo of the note and not knowing who gave it to you makes this particularly hilarious to me