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  1. lol, sorry i got lazy and didn't wanna type of detective pikachu again, it just doesnt roll off the proverbial tongue
  2. they can't change the design, since pokemon designs are implicitly important in recognizability or they could, and risk the sonic factor its a lose/lose once you start bringing shit into 3d that shouldn't be tho i guess i'd rather have nintendo/TPC at the helm rather than the sonic team/sega i'll never forgive the dumbass edgy 2011-esque charizard tho
  3. i mean, ur entitled to ur own tastes and whatever but if pokemon were real, they wouldn't look like they do in the DP movie they were created with a specific art style in mind, hence the cartoony nature, and turning that into 3d doesnt look good and cannot look good no matter how many textures they put on pikachu's fur
  4. imo all the pokemon look terrible in the detective pikachu movie, like, no exception but sonic looks especially, horrendously, unequivocally bad at least the pokemon look like the pokemon they're supposed to be, even though they look terrible.....sonic looks....like an abomination
  5. Florida man receives $980,000 tax refund after reporting $18,497 in wages damn florida man, share the wealth around, i'm out here strugglin like a bitch and florida man livin it up
  6. he has a shitty last name, billboards should be illegal, and based on that brief explanation above, he seems insufferable people can spend their money however they want, but it'd make the world a much nicer place if instead of wasting his money and time on something so useless and selfish, he put it towards even an inkling of understanding of how prevalent sexual assault and rape are, the kind of men attracted to that kind of sentiment without knowing its his last name and thus permeating sexual assault language into everyday life and the women that have to deal with it every day but haha funny license plate.
  7. still salty they did ludicolo dirty like that my precious water boy
  8. ty are you like, absurdly tall or something most of your pictures have this angle to them that implies you're towering over everyone else or maybe cosplayers are just short
  9. no problem, thanks for reading what i said at all i completely think that gaming as a whole needs to work on being more accessible, i can understand the frustration that must come with a hobby you love with sometimes huge barriers to entry i hope as the industry progresses we see more options available for all different kinds of people who game, without sacrificing artistic vision for it
  10. idk man i understand the ableism that comes with video games and the lack of real work towards making things more accessible but im also firmly on the boat of like...not everything needs to be fully accessible to everyone, and its not the artist's responsibility to ensure that it is, either the game is meant to be hard, its their schtick and it has been for years and it fills a niche and 'git gud' isn't a deliberate roadblock meant for disabled gamers if it isn't your thing, it isn't your thing, but the devs and creators shouldn't be flogged for not putting in an easy mode when that's not the kind of experience they're attempting to build
  11. nawwww thank u for ur worry, it is a good and happy move and life is nice so far my biggest complaint is a lack of grape jelly options at our grocery store and the fact that i have to pay with cash for everything because my debit card doesnt work which is DUMB
  12. i moved to canada, so unless i wanna work under the table, which is ill-advised as i'm attempting to immigrate uh, legally, i basically just have to take a big ass vacation until i get a visa
  13. i wanna post more but since i moved its been relatively calm on the homefront and since i can't work i don't even have any crazy stories anymore! i've turned into the ultimate boring adult
  14. we should honor some indie games w a title for once
  15. i rly dont see this being successful at all it needs WIFI to connect to a device? so not even bluetooth which would allow for actual on the go gaming?
  16. snowed a fuckton here yesterday we had a solid 2 feet or so at the end of the driveway >:[
  17. thats really sweet! i love hearing about how much parents love their kids and what kind of people they're growing up to be, even if i don't particularly enjoy being around young ones
  18. adopting children is not harder than raising your own, its parenting through and through and is difficult regardless of where your children came from most people adopt toddlers or infants anyway because they're scared of dealing with a more formed personality
  19. i love my family but jeepers am i ready to be in a household without children and almost constant loudness again very brave of me to assume i could handle 3 weeks of this
  20. its the momo challenge and its a hoax, there you go avoiding discussing things by name does not benefit you nor anyone else, you are only fueling curiousity while attempting to keep your own hands clean
  21. gotten back into playing astroneer now that its fully released out of early access and despite it still being abysmally optimized in some cases, its still super fun to play and a lot of things have improved since i first played it it did bluescreen my computer my first time playing it again but i think they already patched that up