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  1. i have nothing to add to this other than yeah, that is really weird oh, thank you! it was a lowkey affair and making proper statements on life events still feels strange to me, so don't feel bad haha
  2. i go on vacation tomorrow w my spouse's family and i'm v excited apparently it's called 'the dinosaur capital of the world' so i'm expecting a lot of museum trips and cheesy dinosaur souvenirs
  3. thank you guys! its been a v long road so i'm very excited and happy!!
  4. whats a tag OH do u mean my sig, thamk u its v old but im feeling v romantic bc im getting married tomorrow i figured i'd had miku long enough...gotta switch it up every once in a while
  5. twewy is my favorite DS game tbh, i replay it every few years and it still holds all the charm and fun it did back then i still remember the dislike/like ratio on youtube after they did that whole website w the countdown timer just to tell us it wasnt a sequel
  6. still holding onto a lot of bitterness that we have no The World Ends With Two
  7. YEAH it would start w like, a scene of someone random just doing something in their everyday life n then by the end of the scene they fall down the stairs or have a heart attack or some shit, it was so stressful bc it would always start normal and sometimes id be like 'what show is this' and 2 minutes later im like ITS HOUSE AND ALSO ITS LUPUS
  8. also i gotchu on the poll homie thanks for taking the initiative
  9. o hell yeah i loved house, i would come back after the intro lmfao
  10. my mom and i used to watch house, like, religiously and despite that i remember literally nothing about it except the feeling of anxiety every episode would give me in its intro scene where someone has something happen to them like i used to straight up just leave the room whenever the show started bc i didnt wanna see someone get hurt alkfjdfjdslk
  11. u will just have to wait and see jk its gonna be just lil gaming questions like whats ur favorite mario character or something, i just like polls
  12. gonna start adding polls to the chat threads to spice things up i think i will concede a FE title as it is relevant but dont get used to it
  13. worm i feel u i never woulda tried it in America tbh
  14. went to a nearby park w the SO and fucked around on the swingset for like 30 minutes while they did pull ups on monkey bars 11/10 would recommend nighttime park excursion, v fun and no children
  15. big yikes on the new twitter, feels like im using one of those phones specifically for the elderly w the huge ass buttons n stripped down aesthetics
  16. hey congrats, that must have been hard to muster don't feel bad about trying to bring some good news in, an overabundance of bad is difficult to be submerged in all the time; its good to remember the good things and reflect on how hard you've worked as well i've kinda been toying with the idea to go back to school once i get my permanent residency, but i'm not really sure what for...it'd be fun to just be able to take classes for free lol...i just wanna learn things!!
  17. ahhh, my SO showed me the trailer for this during the steam sale bc they were thinking of getting it. I am into those kind games...something about this one kinda turned me off tho. Maybe the fact that its live action? still seems like a very cool game, I think my SO would like it more than me haha
  18. i started watching a longplay of this cool danganronpa-esque game called Your Turn To Die, but i don't think its finished yet, so i think i'm gonna get real blue-balled by the time i reach the end of this
  19. i think i'm probably gonna be skipping Sword n Shield; at this point i'm kinda fatigued with the series at least it gives me a lot of time to catch up on switch games i've missed so far and the new stuff coming out
  20. im okay w master mode being dlc....im mostly just bummed that the extra cutscenes and the remaining shrines are locked behind dlc, i feel pretty strongly they should have just been in the base game :[ ho hum our wii u doesn't have any space bc botw was downloaded lol so no dlc for me!
  21. dlc is outta the question, but even if it wasn't i dont really want it unless you mean self-enforced difficulty, but i don't love the game in that kinda way lol ah, i played it on wii u and it was fine n dandy tbh the system certainly lags in areas but for the most part it played perfectly fine...though playing on the gamepad was a useless sentiment, the game looked terrible on that small of a screen definitely meant to be played in hd lol
  22. now that i beat botw and spent 3 hours theory crafting and watching youtube videos i don't know what to do with my time
  23. >me, learning anything at all, ever surely you jest but i beat botw finally!! what a charming and lovely game, rly made me feel like a hero