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  1. you sound like you're lacking a huge amount of empathy, as well as a viewpoint of the bigger picture but what else is new, i suppose
  2. what people have a 'right' to do with themselves becomes incredibly skewed when they are not presented the choice within a vacuum chamber of which society, advertising, and full truths don't exist, i think
  3. happy fruits basket friday everyone lately im watching so much anime, i find myself forgetting what i watched within weeks because the queue is just always rotating tho its nice to finally watch stuff i've had on the backburner for months too i suppose
  4. of the 3 mobile games i play regularly, one i paid for the full version without ads, one ONLY has ads on a if-you-want-to basis, and the other only has 1 ad when you open it and that's it the last two are incredibly valid imo, esp the one that has ads only if you want to, considering the amount of content and care put into it i only bought the full version of my word game bc it has 3500 levels n i only bought it after the first 1000 levels lmao. at this point i refuse to play games that have longform ads i don't choose to watch or a terrible ad system in general. i don't mind supporting a creator that cares about their product, but most of the time the setup is just terrible and absolutely not worth the trouble for me.
  5. it really shoulda been koholint tho, we really got ahead of ourselves in april
  6. thank u oscar-chan ive actually been playing more mobile games lately, believe it or not! we have a wii u but i use it intermittently, and pc games....but in my down time from those, i have a word game i play every day and an adventure clicker game ive been really into lately. i miss handheld systems being more popular, though. i don't have phone service here, so even when i'm out i find myself playing games sometimes just to fill time if we're on the bus or something.
  7. okay but seriously we need a new chat thread name
  8. did we really time means nothing to me anymore
  9. steins;gate 0 i watched the first 6 eps last night then binged the rest today v good, tho i don't think it surpassed the original by a smidge
  10. uggghhhh i binge watched an entire anime today and now i feel like garbo remember to get up and stretch every so often, kids
  11. jenna marbles is great, her content is consistently funny and she's REALLY passionate about her dogs wellbeing which is really nice to see her and her boyfriend seem like a great couple its nice to see someone so popular actually be a decent person tbh
  12. is raocow still making videos?! i used to watch his shit YEARS ago and i still have catplanet downloaded today bc i watched him play it and there was a remix song of his playing it to video game music
  13. the only man on youtube i trust is northernlion who loves his wife, the binding of isaac, and his two cats
  14. you know what, i had a huge post typed up in an attempt to reveal why the scumbag is, indeed, a scumbag still but if you're gonna be swayed by an incredibly obvious act of pushing blame elsewhere and attempt at salvaging a career he burned to the ground himself then maybe its not worth my time after all
  15. men will really know a man abused his wife and his audience and keep supporting him anyway huh.
  16. bully your magikarp to level 20 and kick her ass with your unruly dragon? alternatively just catch something else; spinarak isn't gonna learn anything grass without a TM and you don't have any water types :[ i got whiplash scrolling to the bottom of that pic and seeing it played on a psp
  17. Minecraft - ah, minecraft. I finally got my server back up and running after months of port forwarding issues. Feels good to be back. Pikmin 3 - now that I finally have a TV, I felt compelled to finally start this! I'm not very far, but its very pretty so far and I'm so incredibly glad it has a classic controls option, even though its not exactly how I remember it. Slay the Spire - I go to this game consistently when listening to youtube stuff or music, I'm very bad but its easy and fun to zone out to without trying too hard. Age of Mythology (Extended edition) - not sure why I got such a sudden itch to replay this, but replay it I did! I finished the main campaign (on easy because I'm baby) and next I think I'll dive into the Titans expansion. I love this game! Very nostalgic for me.
  18. id assume bc there arent many other options for some ppl i will never shop at amazon again and at least GS has a real selection rather than a picked over walmart or target
  19. aw fug 3 hrs late sry pichi-chan :'[ - today i made homemade potato chips w the spouse, n they're very tasty! it took a lot more effort than just buying a bag but considering how small the batches are, maybe i'll just switch to making my own and start eating less lmfao
  20. hell yeah! i haven't been to boulder but everyone raves about it so i'm sure its as nice as they say lol the first time my mom and i saw the rockies while visiting we were like WHOA, virginia's mountains are molehills comparatively lol the spouse is big on train rides too and has a bunch of pictures from coming to visit me, they loved traveling through cali and the desert states the most
  21. wahhh those pics make me miss denver! beautiful pics
  22. could you grab a screenshot of this? im on mobile a lot but this hasnt happened to me; what browser are you using? what part of the post is meant to be in the spoiler? I've done this before and my only solution was to just start the post over on desktop but thats a huge pain and idk how it works for you we can't really help with that but in more detail we could at least parse out whats fixable and whats not
  23. immigration is expensiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  24. thamk u!! i saw it on twitter n told the SO so they might get it or we might just wait til a winter sale lol 10 bucks is p cheap tho