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  1. thanks, yeah! its really awful, i feel bad for the areas north of the city because its apparently pretty bad that really sucks, i remember those fires. looks all clear today tho, so i'm counting my blessings! my SO had to go out to work yesterday and had to wear a scarf despite it being really warm just to block out the smoke and came home smelling like a burnt tree lol
  2. pretty good! yesterday sucked because there's a fuckton of wildfires north of here, and the smoke got blown down here our apartment smelled like a campfire all day, and the entire city was coated in orange , very heavy smoke thankfully its mostly gone today tho
  3. happy last day of may, chat thread how did the month treat everybody?
  4. Hey, I'm so glad to hear you're doing okay, and I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Very happy to see you come back to see us
  5. gonna be in the low 80s today!! v glad i left NM when i did
  6. its so beautiful out today! this city is covered in dandelions, so there's an abundance of white fluff flying around everywhere, and i kept getting distracted just looking outside while we were out having lunch 11/10 day
  7. national park is one of my favorite video game tracks of all time its the town tune i use in every acnl town i start
  8. johto is perfect we've been over this before
  9. getting defensive over state lines is dumb making fun of entire states is equally dumb
  10. i did NOT like glitz pit....the aesthetic sucked, the battles sucked, end of story i also hated tubba blubba's chapter because stealth stresses me out and i'm a child who is afraid of him shy guy's toybox was great...i don't remember enough about twilight town to comment, really, but it had vivian so like, couldn't have been that bad
  11. anyone who hates flower fields is on my shit list, because you obviously missed the entire point of the chapter which is all the flowers are my GIRLFRIENDS and i LOVE THEM
  12. oh god no lmao those aren't what i meant i am enjoying saga i have also only picked it up 3 times since we bought it despite literally having nothing else better to be doing all day l m a o
  13. u really tryna tell me u don't think superstar saga has a story
  14. i feel you on that, something about adulthood really hit my attention span for stories in games in particular unless there's something giving me a push to continue i have no problem spending HOURS playing games that are lacking in story, like risk of rain or slay the spire, but the second i even think about picking up the gamepad to play the mario game i'm actually excited to play i suddenly would rather make the bed or do the dishes than sit down and read for .5 seconds gamer life is suffering
  15. oh, i never finished bowsers inside story either! i'm not sure how far i got into it, but i definitely gave it a fair shake and some part of the way through i was like 'why am i playing this? i'm not even having fun' lmao i was trying to enjoy it for too long i think....i've kinda gotten over that in recent years; its a lot easier for me to put down games and be like 'this isn't really for me' or 'this isn't jiving with me right now' life's too short to play games that don't spark joy!! that's why i have 1500 hours in animal crossing!!
  16. its very charming, i love how cute and funny it is! i never played smrpg, but i think paper mario is my favorite mario rpg game....something about the gameplay of them all is so easy to pick up and enjoy idk if i'm gonna replay partners in time though....i distinctly remember being annoyed with that game the first time i played it haha
  17. i recently started replaying superstar saga on the wii u bc after watching my SO play paper mario and smrpg, i was really in the mood to play a mario rpg again i only played through it once as a kid...but even so, i barely remember anything about it; i have much stronger memories of partners in time, i dunno why so far im loving going through it again, even tho im not that good at it
  18. i actually entirely agree with you you gotta really truly curate your online experience at this point to have it be anything other than a black hole and most social medias don't really encourage that, but once i put my mind to it and learned to cut things out that didn't need to be there, i was able to actually embrace what i was using and why it is incredibly calming and nostalgic to have an area like this that despite my issues with certain people, remains staunchly the same and comfortably small
  19. my biggest satisfaction in not working currently is being able to have a midday coffee with no regrets towards my sleeping schedule truly this is the way god intended us to live
  20. im so in the mood for a new farming game why didnt fantasy life have farming why isn't minecraft farming better why isn't rf5 out yet why isn't stardew valley better
  21. im gonna give you a pass on a real warning this time since this is old and i understand we were all different people 4 years ago, but i am going to publicly chastise you for using that title and that picture because i feel like, in general, you need a public chastising sometimes and using those was back then and is still now in bad taste do not push my buttons by doing anything else degenerate in the near future, thank you
  22. ive literally been following the jared shit all day since last night and talking to people about it and i am LIVING im so happy heidi is free of him and fuck him and holly, their careers can rot for all i care
  23. cody how do you feel about donairs i had one the other day and now i can't stop thinking about it if i had known they tasted like that i would have moved up here sooner
  24. i hadn't really considered any alternatives, since i don't really care about detective pikachu to begin with, but now that you bring it up, i think that would be really cool! i mean the acting for the actors would basically be the same i'd imagine, since they're just talking to thin air or a person in full green suit, and with how far animation has come, i feel like it would look really good without really sacrificing the look and feel of the pokemon everyone knows and loves i'd much prefer that since i feel it would follow closer to the original looks than the weird 3d hair/scales/fur thing we have going on now even better, i feel like that kind of animation would work wonders for the sonic movie as well