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  1. i always thought the love for colo and xd was pretty normal, tho i guess you could consider the games 'underrated gems' in the pokemon series i never played them but i had a crush on wes from seeing his picture in nintendo power when i was a kid
  2. though im bursting with creativity again since im not working, its all being funneled into different ideas instead of writing i might try to do some short stories though, since i like writing those
  3. oh that sounds fun! i haven't played alttp in years, i should go back to it ever since i finished botw i've been in the mood for more zeldo
  4. despite seeing that pokemon comic in every ylyl thread we (collectively) have ever had, it still makes me fuckin laugh happy november folks! anyone have any big plans for the month? november is annoyingly empty in canada...but it still feels like fall so i'll take it as it is
  5. the spouse brought me home a cinnamon bun flavored hot chocolate....im love.... big tasty
  6. its snowing!....but only a little surprised that winter is taking so long to hit here, my friend said it already snowed a bunch in colorado and my mom said it did in virginia too and they all thought i'd be getting the early winter B)
  7. 100 points is too many pikmin collection super mario sunshine idk why i would possibly want any of the others why does TTYD get its own game but MM and OOT and pikmin all have its predecessors?? AND SMG??? and metroid??? tho w my leftover points id go for TTYD + PM if that was a collection
  8. i'm applying for permanent residency; a passport is only good for 6 months and considering i'm married now i'd prefer to not be thrown out of the country for overstaying my welcome, so its necessary to get it done sooner rather than later especially since i'd like to start working again rather than be an illegal unemployed alien
  9. my visa application to live and work in canada is finally in the mail aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ninfora please send me the strongest vibes you have so that i can stay here
  10. i will absolutely not ignore the mess, you really live like this????
  11. Ahhh, the more I read about this game, the more I want it. The battle system looks really fun and the graphics are exactly up my alley. Great review, Eliwood! I want this to be one of the first Switch games I get, I think!
  12. bout to be eating poverty meals for the next month after paying all the fees for my visa ice soup and a single piece of toast here we come
  13. thanksgiving is so soon, i'm very excited... i'm so glad it hasn't properly snowed here yet, i'm not ready to break out the boots and coat happy tuesday everyone!!
  14. ehhh, that many? i think that's why you're feeling overwhelmed lol but within those, there's probably something you'll look at and say 'oh, i want to watch that right now!' and then...just watch it right then i feel like if i can at least start reading/watching whatever is in my queue, its easier to keep it up, especially if its something i'm really drawn to right then good luck
  15. i still hate hate hate reading on my phone and will always prefer physical copies, but reading online definitely helps me find more and read more
  16. are you trying to work through your backlog? starting with completed series definitely seems the smart way to go, if so i've been watching a ton ton TON of anime since i moved here since i can't work...but now i'm burned out, so i've taken up manga again instead lol its nice to cut down on the backlog, but now i find myself adding even more things to it than before x_x
  17. not to be a total dweeb but i really love brain age, so i hope it comes here too! i played the first one every single day for ages, dunno why it spoke so much to me but it was very fun
  18. oh, is LM3 coming out next month? having a name for that would be nice...and its october, so fitting
  19. sheena ringo! the albums are all fixed, but for what its worth i have 3 of her full albums (Sanmon Gossip, Shoso Strip, and Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana) i think its near impossible to fix the other, single random songs i have, but at least i have them in some form lol
  20. trying to slowly update my music folders n rearrange shit correctly and its been going swimmingly but i have this one artist that reinvents her own music like every album and some of her stuff i have ripped straight from youtube from wayyyy back when and its impossible to know which version is from which album and some are just live versions and some i just have no idea and i have 3 versions of the exact same song performed different ways and they all have the same name and i dont speak japanese and neither did my old computer apparently because all the tags are fucked up and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i managed to fix the 3 full albums i do have tho so at least they all play in order now lmfao
  21. i watched a tiny bit of blasphemous being played n it was INCREDIBLY pretty i dont have anything to add other than that, that part just really stuck out to me
  22. what game is that pichi-chan nevermind, been drinking that dumb bitch juice today apparently, its literally at the top of the screenshot skdlfjsflkds