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  1. peach looks so cute in that outfit i love her ;_;
  2. ahh that's really cool! i hope i can get to more concerts soon, the vibe is always so fun its my first time going through botw!! its been very fun! i'm near the end but there's still a shitton to do so i'm in between wanting to see the ending and wanting to do all this other shit lol seeing the sequel trailer and looking for clues in it was so much fun i think i'm probably gonna finish it soon just so i can talk more about the ending lol
  3. i don't know half of those words but i know porter robinson and i know anamanguchi and that sounds really rad i kinda wanna start getting into more madeon, i've only heard like 3 songs but i love em today is a day for animal crossing, botw, and laundry, v boring and chill as always
  4. i played the gamemode where you switch heroes after you die which seems like wonderful fun except i was terrible so it was wonderful fun for the 1 minute i played as a character i liked before being ass blasted back to spawn and rolling out as hanzo and then lather rinse repeat lmfao i don't usually fuck around w custom shit like that in games, i like to stick to the official shit the game has to offer for the most part, but i like it when games offer player-made changes and such
  5. i just posted that i thought i was gonna start playing, i didn't really ask for advice but you sure felt the need to give it anyway. its a chat thread though, so i'll excuse that as just making conversation, so its not like, a big deal, but you're still being kinda condescending (not mean - you're not being unkind or unfriendly, and that's not what i meant when i said condescending) i'm not attacking your character or your experiences in playing the game, i'm sure they're very relevant. my point was that your warning was unneeded because much like yourself, i'm sure, this isn't my first rodeo and in fact, i've been playing video games for a long time now and been a woman even longer, so i'm well aware of the toxicity that can come when you combine the two, that's all! no hard feelings bubby
  6. no offense but that's kinda condescending and i don't really care ahhhaha that sounds like the good kind of slope! we were playing on ps4 but i'm not a console gamer, so playing with a controller is really foreign to me for something like an fps. i think i'll probably have better luck with m+kb, but from the little i played over the weekend it is a game where you just wanna keep going. i played a few rounds as lucio and ashe
  7. ive been watching ty play some overwatch this weekend n i think i wanna start playing
  8. i don't really agree that most of the things you mentioned are real problems, and though i do think the series has been on a VERY straight and narrow path (especially for the past few years/gens), i'd hardly call it 'troubling' by any means 'hardcore' fans do not all want the same things, as like oscar said, if people continue to buy the games, they have no reason to change anything, and its not nintendo's business to step in (i'm not even sure where you got the idea that that's something they would do at all in the first place) while it certainly isn't evolving by the looks of sword/shield, it certainly isn't failing either. so like....buy it, or don't, if you feel you've outgrown the series. your complaints are valid, but let's not get a big head here. you and the other keyboard warriors of twitter and youtube are not the driving force behind a pokemon game selling well, and imo, you won't be ever again now that you're outside the main demographic that pokemon has ALWAYS been aimed at - children, and genwunners.
  9. its only ever men that i see complain about color differences and i can only assume its because most of you have been cursed to not see them all well i took one of those color shades tests years ago and i remember getting a super high score in telling colors apart but i had a non-color blind friend take it and he bombed it oh i hit 5k posts
  10. i might just be going crazy here but im like 99% sure that these didn't say this before the update, the one on the left had the board name and the right one said the actual next thread not a huge deal tho esp if its always been like that and i am actually crazy
  11. ohoho i get it mystery solved....
  12. noooooo on mobile im still purple but a different purple....chrom and kodi are still red mysterious......
  13. lol except me SUCKERSSSSS PURPLE 4 LYFE
  14. now we are all one color....just as the gaming gods intended
  15. this game looks like everything a switch ac game should be so far, i'm so incredibly excited (obviously) and honestly not surprised about the delay at all the seamlessness between moving things indoors to outdoors, the small changes such as villagers having sleeves or just sitting on the ground, the wind in your hair and the trees, the wreaths on doors, it all adds up to what looks like an incredibly charming game and i can't wait and 8 player coop? EIGHT???? THATS SO MANY!!!! the only thing that im still out of my MIND hoping for is that closer to the release date there might be a cool colored bundle set switch :[ my hopes aren't high....but they're there
  16. ye but rse were good :[ it was a bad decision then, just because we got over it with time because the games were good doesn't mean its any better of a decision now, especially when what we can do in games is so much more advanced
  17. gf isnt terrible n delaying ac isnt a bad decision sword n shield dont look great tho, which is rly surprising considering its the first of its kind and what should be an important stepping stone for the series
  18. its a great day to be a nintendo fan
  19. gamers.......................rise up
  20. if it is a mix of two, no skin off my teeth either way. i find random encounters both annoying and very fitting in some ways, so even if they took them out entirely i wouldn't be bothered tbh.
  21. i talked about this on twitter earlier, but as what i would consider a lifelong pokemon fan, that direct left me feeling pretty bummed, because none of it sparked any kind of hype for me while the general pokemon designs are great so far (genuinely, i love them and they look awesome which is a good sign), everything else instilled this feeling of 'so thats it, huh.' the legendaries are (and i hestitate to say this) uninspired and the sword one....barely even looks like a pokemon. why is it holding a sword. we just don't know. mega evos (something i already had a big distaste for) have been replaced for an objectively worse counterpart with a worse coat of paint. the raid battles could be interesting, but given how they pushed how important coordination would be, i wonder if these are actually going to be difficult battles, if playing with your real friends online will actually be possible, and if COMMUNICATING with them somehow via the GAME is even on their list of priorities. we all know how much nintendo hates us talking to each other, after all. either way, 'a pokemon, but big!' doesn't really interest me as i'm not 10 years old anymore. while the open world part seems like it could be good a la botw, i don't really have high hopes for it yet. so far we've just seen pokemon roaming around, no other people or places in between, just a big ol' expanse with you and a fuckton of wild pokemon walking around like its all they have to do. speaking of the wild pokemon, i see we're likely ditching random encounters. i never played lets go, so i can't really say whether this is a good thing or a bad thing so we'll just file that one under 'thing', but the thing that REALLY stood out to me was seeing wild pokemon out there just hanging out...wild pokemon that in the past, would have been somewhat of a challenge to get. milotic, tyranitar, a STEELIX?? just out there, huh? even if those kinds of pokemon are incredibly rare, does that not just defeat the point of me 'working' hard for them if i can just find them and toss a ball and be done with it? the graphics look alright, but overall i feel like we've been looking at the exact same pokemon game for 3 games now and i gotta say, i'm bored. the second our character got real legs its like game freak forgot how to make anything else look interesting and are still riding on the hype of 'look, you can dress them up now!' its so interesting to me how zelda (ignoring remakes, like the new LA) plays around so frequently with what it looks like in MAINLINE GAMES, but pokemon won't try a different art style until they can promise you without a doubt, no hesitation, don't worry folks this isn't the REAL game you've been waiting for! for the first of its kind on a groundbreaking console, we sure don't really look like we enjoy taking risks here. anyway, those are just my opening thoughts. as we're all familiar, pokemon is owed my firstborn and my soul when i pass on from this world, so like....whatever, i guess, i'm gonna buy it anyway.
  22. happy tuesday night, fellow gamers
  23. Sarah approved i watched the SO play this (just beat it a couple days ago actually) n its so cute we say 'oh no oh no!!' to each other a lot now
  24. my hope is that it forces devs to make good games that aren't lined with sinister intentions but my logical brain says that loopholes will be found and exploited because that's what greedy people do